Seven Years Later & Celebrity is Religion - The Secret Teachings (10/11/17)

Seven Years Later & Celebrity is Religion – The Secret Teachings (10/11/17)

Host Ryan Gable will be celebrating seven years on air!

The final 15minutes there is no audio on the video but i have located it in this link, if you want to cue the video at 1:53min and 12 seconds and play

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The Secret Teachings is hosted by veteran radio host, researcher and writer, Ryan Gable. Named after the philosopher Manly P. Hall’s great work The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Ryan presents his own research and welcomes guests from around the world, including authors, investigators, activists and whistleblowers.

The show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health (including GMO & Organic), Alternative (ancient) History, the Paranormal, Astrotheology (Religion & Astronomy), Transhumanism, Alchemy, Artificial Intelligence, Science, the Occult, Magic(k), Politics, Symbolism, Philosophy, the Esoteric, and the Secret Doctrine.

No subject is off limits and because of this Ryan has been removed from two separate networks, including the Art Bell/Keith Rowland Dark Matter network and WPRK 91.5FM, for refusal to censor content relating to various subjects.

Ryan Gable is a film school graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in film and audio production. He is a five-year plus radio host, producer, manager, writer, editor, and promotions director for his radio show The Secret Teachings, and author of four books, The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception, False Profit & the Lovers of Children, The Persistent Illusion, and The Technological Elixir.

Ryan has also written for alternative health and paranormal magazines, although once the articles were complete the magazine publishers refused to publish the work because of its content. Some attempt censorship, but this fails due to his strict adherence to evidence or well controlled, patterned speculation. He also believes that tranquility is found when all sides to a situation are acknowledge.

hello anybody home today I want you to open your mind the following program contains material of an enlightening matter open-mindedness is advised sooner or later you have to bring in an element persuasion an element of getting people to consent to what is happening to you we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques to get people actually to love their search we face a hostile ideology global in scope atheistic in character ruthless in purpose and insidious in witness we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence to change the minds and the attitudes and the beliefs of the people of the world and especially the United States to bring about one world socialist totalitarian government if you can get people to consent to the state of affairs in which they are living then you have a much more easily controllable society than you would if you were relying only on clubs and firing squads and concentration camps the tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout there are weapons that are simplified attitude prejudices to be found only in the minds of the men on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of Elections on intimidation instead of free choice on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist as you connect the dots between different people organizations places religions history suddenly the picture starts to form you don't connect the dots it's just a mass of what's all this about the kingdom of God is within man not one man nor a group of men but in all men in you you the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful to make this life a wonderful adventure someone born in the United States is not more special than someone born in Mexico someone who is white is not more special than someone who is black they're just vehicles for the consciousness to experience brutes have risen to power but they lie they free themselves humans as a species are prone to elesia those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it it is thus imperative that these all-important matters be thoroughly explored and not left up to blind faith that time some of you got acquainted with the real hard what you are now experiencing is the vibration of air particles being transformed into electrical signals by your senses and DNA then sent to the brain where they are decoded into sounds I'm your host Ryan Gable and you are listening to the secret teachings radio broadcast seven years later and the celebrity is still religion our website is a want or need to know about this broadcast from social media Twitter Facebook and YouTube to my books ways to contact us our support page artwork music chat and listen and go into the chat room with us and talk at the secret teachings info or late night in the Midlands comm main Network website L&M or you can go and find our top news tab and look at some of the news that I have posted stories that come from both the mainstream and alternative stories that sometimes the headlines change and sometimes the links become broken when a story is shoved into an archive of some type but I try to link up interesting news much of which we discuss on this broadcast today is 24 hours removed from the first time roughly 24 hours removed from the first time at about 6:15 a.m. on October 10th of 2010 the show started at 6:00 I came in the studio about 6:15 to shoot a minor documentary 10 to 15 minute documentary I met a person who would become a friend of mine until his death named Dmitri Krane this all happened in Orlando Winter Park Florida near Rollins College and Full Sail University just a couple minutes down the road from Disney World and Universal Studios I walked into the radio station W PRK 91.5 the best in basement radio and I was reluctant to even go near a microphone let alone speak in the vicinity of one or speak in the direction of a microphone and Here I am seven years later talking about one of the first subjects the first thing I actually said on radio one of the first subjects that I ever talked about solely on radio that celebrity is religion and what I said seven years ago and I'm sure there's a recording of it somewhere because I catalogued and put into an archive all the old shows but I used to record them on the GarageBand app on my computer that computer crashed a couple of years ago so I might have lost some of those original shows I did with Dimitri but seven years later the first thing I said seven years ago on radio it is branded it is seared in my memory celebrity is the new religion and I said it under very very under my breath like celebrity is the new religion just very low very monotone and now I'm up on the mic and now I'm talking a little bit a little bit louder and a whole lot more I had to learn to host a radio show by myself nobody showed me how to do it what you should or shouldn't do and that's really the best way to learn so seven years later Here I am after seven years we've been through WP RK 91.5 FM which is in Winter Park Orlando Florida as I said not too far from Disneyworld was removed from that Radio Network because of an interview that was the trigger an interview I did with Richard gage from architects and engineers for 9/11 truth and Richard and I became friends and stayed in contact I haven't talked to him for maybe about a year now actually but he came on the show quite often and at one point the manager did not want me to have the interview with Richard gage aired on their radio station and so waited in his car presumably at four o'clock in the morning to come into the studio because I did a show before I did the secret teachings came into the studio and tell me that I was not allowed to go near the microphone or the mixing board you know before I didn't really want to go near it anyway and I had to started doing interviews and started knowing research and then I didn't want to do anything except go near the board and go near the microphone I was told don't go near that microphone don't touch that microphone if you come back to the studio literally I was told if you come back to the studio we will call the police and we will have you escorted off the property if not arrested all of this because of an interview that I had with Richard gage that was the trigger and because I had from what the manager told me I had broken FCC code which was funny because I have a copy of FCC code which is down in my my second desk drawer which I proceeded to read through about a hundred and fifty pages of skim through some of it and I proved to this manager if we can call him that that I did not break FCC violations and in fact he was breaking them by by attempting to cite regulations that were not actually regulations or laws so we moved past WP RK I went to wor s o which is in Orlando it is a 50 thousand I think it's fifty thousand or it's just under what WFLA is which is a huge affiliate on the East Coast the southeast covers most of Florida and that was CBS they had an affiliate with sports radio that was buying that they were buying them out at the time so I did that the first show I did on wrs so I did a show about vampires it was a Halloween special and I think the first show I ever did besides talking about celebrities are the new religion and this isn't just a background about me that this is going to take us into tonight's topics so stay with me if you were bored about the history of this broadcast because it's all very necessary to talk about tonight's main subject do you want to be famous because some people people are very willing to make you a star if you give them what they want and some of you might know what I'm talking about we'll get to that coming up here soon so I'm at WR so CBS radio they didn't necessarily kick me out but they did not like me and the sports guys that came in after me definitely did not like me because they had two hours of vampires and the paranormal coming into a Pop Warner football and I don't think that these these big gulp drinkers at 5:30 6 o'clock in the morning enjoyed that subject so I left there I was homeless for a bit and while I was homeless I actually did the radio still Mike D a good friend of mine who has not been on the show for quite a long time he used to co-host with me for years he was a listener at one point and Mike and I because of Mike's research he got us onto Dark Matter radio art bells Dark Matter radio and we did that for about what was it two years before we were told don't talk about pedophilia don't talk about the church don't talk about the TSA and I published all of those emails at one point in a book called false prophets and the lovers of children primarily because people that grew up with art bell including myself maybe not as much as others but including myself we thought art Bell was the go-to guy he was a God and it turns out that art Bell from my experience is not even a do my god art Bell to me has become a sellout just like a handful of others in this industry if I can call it an industry that I've had first-hand experience with and seven years later have realized many of the people I used to rely on for information are as inaccurate and misleading as the very mainstream source that so many of us are hesitant to to look at or to to go to for any type of information and so after dark matter we left L&M late night in the Midlands L&M picked us up as the premiere Network Michael Vera always have to give Michael a huge thanks for picking us up and telling us we can pretty much what we can do whatever we want and I always told Mike well if you tell me I can't talk about pedophilia I'd rather be I they're not do the show or archive a show somewhere not aired live then then be restricted and censored and for me it's not really about playing a game just to get information out if you tell me I can't do it then I'm not gonna do it and that means I'm not gonna do the show so I'm very happy and and pleased to be on Ellen and still and finally seven years later we finally had an affiliate I know that part of this is my fault but also I do so much here on the show and I'm going to show you some of this on video you can go to our YouTube page Facebook and Twitter and there's a link on Facebook right now there's a link on our YouTube page that's where we're live just type in the secret teachings and you're going to be able to see me in studio today it took seven years and a generous donation by one of our listeners who goes by crazy Cajun in the chatroom who sent us a video cam and I mean one of these things twenty dollars I just never went out and purchased one twenty dollars is a lot of money to me but we had a generous donation $20 $20 webcam looks like it's high-def and I don't know if you can see my hand there I'll move it here in just a moment kind of like the big reveal no one's ever essentially watched me do radio before so this is the first time for me seven years later first time being videoed doing radio and in this capacity but I'll show you some things on the webcam there's my hand again you can see you can see and see what we do here and how this operation works so after we did all of those radio networks now with the fringe FM also picking us up the fringe FM the fringe FM is linked up on our website as well at the secret teachings dot info that's pretty much where you're going to find everything we also have a I say a smaller affiliation because I don't always link things up but planet paranormal planet paranormal is another one and I really don't have any other affiliates because people are very reluctant to put this show on air apparently my personality is a personality in which is intimidating and off-putting to many but the people that enjoy my personality or enjoy the content that I bring to the radio to the airwaves like Michael Vera and Joseph rue they apparently appreciate it and enjoy it and of course Bob over their planet paranormal and so they are very generous and courteous and allowing me to do this show and not having to pay for it which you might be surprised it costs a lot of money to run a radio show when I did CBS I was doing it for free at first because I had a few connections but it was somewhere in the range and this was for a smaller studio we're talking a few hundred dollars an hour a few hundred dollars an hour no way I could afford that there were some lawyers and some sports affiliations and some doctors and that's really about real estate was big of course in Florida some real estate agents that did radio shows there other than that there really wasn't anything of of substance there wasn't really anything of well what I was talking about vampires on Halloween but when I say vampire you see vampires are not necessarily these these entities with the with the classical fangs like you can get those plastic vampire fangs they're not necessarily biting women in the neck and they don't have you know bare chests with sparkles on them they don't turn into I guess wolves or dogs or whatever they did in that movie Twilight they they operate on many different levels some some actually drink blood I mean by definition if you ever if you ever cut the inside of your mouth or you cut your finger and you put put it in your mouth and you taste a little bit of that blood that metallic taste that would technically make you a vampire wouldn't it if you if you were to you were to eat a steak that was not very well done and you drank some of the blood there I used to do that when I eat meat it's gross now to think about but I used to do that that wouldn't that make you a vampire you drank the blood see people just define vampire different so of course being on any radio network or even talking with your friends and your family and you bring up the subject of vampires we just have this symbol this image in our mind from from what primarily well from the entertainment industry from Holly would and Hollywood has portrayed vampires there now sexy with washboard abs and and glitter from Michael's that you have all over they have all over their chest and I guess they turn into animals and things like that I I actually saw one of those movies it was it was horrific I can't believe you get I guess you get funny for stuff like that because some people do like it fine but that's what a vampire has become and although that is another kind of vampire there are vampires who who suck like a succubus or an incubus they suck and they pull energy from other people now again that might not sound like a scientific explanation but if you're sitting in class or you're sitting in your cubicle at work and someone walks into the office or somebody walks into the classroom and you feel just you feel just this this really terrible or uncomfortable energy come over you or maybe somebody walks in who's the funny guy or the funny girl and they've got a lot of energy with him you could feel that energy some somebody that walks in though and they have a very very dark energy that feeling that kind of drags everybody down that's a form of vampirism as well and vampires are not just guys that walk around with their shirts off and have glitter on their chest vampires are in Hollywood vampires are most definitely in the entertainment industry and vampires go to upcoming actresses and they offer them money they offer them parts in movies TV shows they offer to make them famous they offer to make them a star if they'll just open their legs a little bit or if they'll just give them a massage leading of course to something else well that's the very benign form of vampire that's the Harvey Weinstein vampire and Harvey Weinstein as I'm sure corrupt and disgusting and despicable as a man he is is nothing absolutely nothing compared to the literal stacks of stories and cases that I have setting physically on my desk I'll show them to you on YouTube right now about the abuse of not 25 35 year old actresses not even 18 19 year old aspiring actresses not even casting couch I'm talking about kids kids that are still under the guardianship of their parents being abused in Hollywood don't you think that the case of Harvey Weinstein if you've kept up with it in any capacity is merely that saying the tip of the iceberg it's not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg this makes us think that Hollywood and the elite in Hollywood those vampires if you will not the ones with the glittery chests but the ones with the in a lot of cases apparently the the golden star around their neck a lot of the vampires that portray the stereotype unfortunately for anyone who is Jewish Harvey Weinstein is not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg Harvey Weinstein is a as far as I'm concerned a disgusting individual with essentially no form of ethics but Harvey Weinstein along with many others believe that they can because they have gotten away with those types of actions and actresses in the industry even though many of them are disgusted I'm sure that there are many who are disgusted not with be Weinstein as much as they are disgusted with themselves for accepting the proposition that he offered them for a part in a movie and now other people are talking about the abuse that they received from Harvey Weinstein and they are feeling terrible about accepting those propositions and so now they are going to jump on to the bandwagon and I would like to address this subject this evening from a very unbiased although everybody is somewhat bias from a very unbiased point of view meaning that yes Harvey Weinstein is a snake in the grass but the women who sold out and took the proposition they offered they were offered Fame etc for sex or a massage or to watch him to watch him take a shower I guess was in some of the other cases and there were some some some other ones I read in the New York Times regardless of what they accepted and what was given or received in return or in exchange those women also have a responsibility to say no and the thing that I realized when I read through all of the lengthy articles about Harvey Weinstein is with the exception of the insinuation that your career might not even not be over but your career might not even start if you don't sleep with me or if you don't take a shower or watch me take a shower or give me a massage there weren't really from what I've read no this is from what I've read and I've read the two huge articles from the New York Times and there was another one New York was a New York poster the other one here I have to have to have a look here New York Times and the New York Post yes I got it right those women still have a responsibility they are not absorbed of responsibility and if there were no direct it wasn't like hey he put a gun to my head and said if you don't you don't give me a blowjob you don't get the job you don't get the job you want a job well you need to give me a blowjob first it wasn't really any of that it was more of the insinuation so those women equally have a responsibility to say no or kick the guy in the nuts and leave bottom line Ryan you don't understand it's a very difficult situation for a woman mean in that position yeah but you know what that kind of a thing happens to men too and we don't talk about that our society refuses not just neglects refuses to talk about the men who were put in that position refuses to talk about the men who are raped by women don't you love how there's there's a story like every month about a woman in a school who had sex with some of the students and even though that's not accepted granted that woman is never painted in the same way as a guy who has sex with one of the students the guy who has sex with the students is a predator he's a disgusting despicable piece of trash but the woman although it might be gross to some people and the fetish to others she's not a predator usually they portray her in a completely different way what I'm suggesting is that there is responsibility on both sides you have just as much of a responsibility not to accept those types of propositions well I'll never get a job then you don't get the job what's more important the job and some money and a life long a lifelong feeling of disgust or integrity and dignity and for me although I have trouble sleeping at night because I always have all these things on my mind and you can see here in studio I mean I have just got I've got so many books they're just you can see on the youtubes I've got books just books and papers that's why I can't sleep at night but you know the one thing when I'm done reading the book when I when I'm relaxed I don't think about selling out to dark matter or coast-to-coast I don't think about selling out to wpr K or WR s so CB s I don't think about the thousands and thousands of dollars and I'm sure Michael veyron L&M would have probably got a tremendous amount more money and Michael had integrity and he didn't do it either I didn't do it I didn't sellout I can go to bed at night knowing that I have integrity knowing that I didn't take the pay out I can go to bed at night knowing that the decisions that I made we're not for the betterment strictly of myself they were for the betterment of you as an audience so I don't have to talk as if I am restricted in what I say I know that I can say what I want and what needs to be said and tonight here on the secret teachings broadcast on YouTube as well I am going to say not only what I want to say but I am going to say what needs to be said and what needs to be said is that Harvey Weinstein is not the tip or the tip of the tip of the iceberg but they are going to focus attention on Harvey Weinstein to distract and to divert your attention away from the true pieces of trash and the true predators and those predators are not just preying on young actresses they're preying on young boys and girls it's still disgusting it's still quite despicable it's still gross but it goes a lot deeper and giving a woman a part in a movie for a blowjob or for a massage and we should really be focused on what the media is not focused on what the media is ignoring because when we do that we find what is covered up and what is hidden we find the secrets and this is the secret teachings we'll be right back stay tuned the secret teachings radio show is oriented towards bringing back virtue logic common sense and reason to our understanding of subjects from symbolism and the paranormal to health and philosophy for self-improvement there is no sensationalism on this broadcast and we have been removed from two radio networks including art bells dark matter for refusing to censor our content if you obtain something of substance from this show we ask you to support us in one of the following ways by visiting our website those books are found for reading on the website you may donate directly to support what we do or you may subscribe monthly or yearly to our show archive each subscription allows you to stream and download every episode of the show and all subscribers get access to an exclusive after-show which airs after the live broadcast ends so no matter if you can or cannot listen live subscribers have access to every interview and every analysis with timeless subjects and great guests if you have questions comments or cannot afford a subscription feel free to email me directly at rd gable at I grow every week alongside of each one of you please visit our website and support what we do at triple w dot the secret teachings dot info namaste I've been a researcher analyst and radio host for more than six years constantly experiencing the transformation that comes about by refining oneself through my immersion in the world of symbolism history technology comparative religion health and philosophy and my interviews with doctors authors psychics and more I have compiled several books with a combined analysis of these subjects from an objective point of view if you enjoy my radio show the secret teachings you will love these books each one different but also weaving together hundreds of subjects exposing topics that few will talk about from taking responsibility for your health or understanding the allegories and religious teachings or history to the paranormal massive child trafficking networks and even the ancient traditions of magic and alchemy these books will help you break the great evils and boundaries of ignorance superstition and fear by providing information for personal transformation titled the grand illusion false prophets the persistent illusion the technological elixir and food philosophy these books are available anywhere around the world including Amazon and Barnes & Noble to read reviews by researchers journalists and other authors and to see videos directly through the publisher visit Neely Productions Inc com that's in EE ly productions i NC com or visit my website at the information presented is you know you can take it as as as you will but like we said before to get into the positive aspect is to first be informed and to second so if you want to make changes start with yourself you're you you are Divine Being and you should realize that to make those baby steps and then if you're interested in a topic whatever it is life on Mars touch whatever big big trip and start reading don't watch TV on it because as we know from mike libecki that's distorted these TV shows of paranoia TV shows are distorted the lies but i without read off a lot of and books can contain misinformation too but if you read enough of them you'll get oh this guy said that the starts the dead the stag you'll get people that agreed I've done the real research and you'll start to connect the dots and then maybe you can you can grow up in there and by the way everyone listening I would encourage you to go get a copy of Ryan's book to persist an illusion okay it's lengthy but it's got all the ammunition you need to start figuring out what's really going on in the world this is Joe marsh and you're listening to the secret teachings this is Courtney brown director and founder of the Farsight Institute for remote viewing that is WWF our site org and you are listening to the secret teachings with Ryan gable this is David Icke from David Icke comm author of the fans himself and the perception deception and you are listening to the secret teachings with Ryan Gable reach into our children in music television books prey on children's innocence the FBI recently concluded a seven-year study and found little or no evidence of the existence of a call conspiracies and J Edgar Hoover never admitted to the existence of the Mafia look if the number of murders attributed to occult conspiracies were true it would mean thousands of people killing tens of thousands of people a year without evidence without being exposed it would be the greatest criminal conspiracy in the history of civilization finally you people understand what we're up against if you can see us on YouTube you can see some of the evidence here of that occult conspiracy I have a huge stack of documents from the Vatican to Hollywood about the abuse of children the trafficking of children even strange voodoo rituals that's an old report from Reuters news in fact that one that one didn't stay in the news too long that's Reuters you can see on the camera there UN warns Britain over child voodoo rituals pedophile sex tourists I don't know if I'd call it a cult conspiracy I don't know if I'd even call it a conspiracy in the higher echelons of power and government and entertainment in corporations there is a need-to-know basis there are si PS special access programs you'll also find that there is of course compartmentalization so the compartmentalization of the US government of corporations of even small businesses the entertainment industry which spills over into government of course because the pentagon reviews a handful maybe more of the major blockbuster film scripts that are written every year and of course that spills over into business because Hollywood is a business there is marketing there is production there is a product that is sold and advertised so Hollywood sort of encompasses and spills over into other areas again from government to being a business and then of course there's also that element of artistic expression that is that is apparently separate from the business world and from the world of government but a lot of the things that we see in movies and I went to film school so I studied this for at least two years institutionally of course my institutional education was a little bit different than what I was interested in and studying on the side but of course you find that in a lot of movies where they put these narratives it's no different than the food industry when you see Domino's or Pizza Hut with extra meat the double triple quadruple chicken meat double supreme pizza with extra meat that's subsidized by the federal government when you see the extra cheese with double triple quadruple extra cheese plus a side of cheese on the side and there's cheese in the breadsticks as well there's cheese in the crust that's a government subsidy it's no different than when you watch a movie or now I think it was the MTV were they were they what is in TV now it's not music television it's messed up television but I think it was an MTV Award where they're giving out awards for Best transgender act or actress for playing a transgender actor actress part it was something like that it was very very confusing for you know for a group of people that make up point two percent of the population we're talking about him about 700,000 official classified transgenders in the United States of America that that's according to two I guess official will call them official statistics whatever the hell official means like expert opinions but those are official statistics and so when you see that narrative pushed in films you might call it it's a liberal agenda now yell to to and agree but it's not really about being liberal or conservative just like when you look into the high high rankings in Hollywood we're not just talking about oh they're all Jews well most of them are Jews but in the Vatican most of them are Catholic or Satanist that doesn't necessarily imply something unless the Jew becomes a symbol of something else and in that sense Jews have become a symbol of a pervasive form of power that operates within government and within Hollywood now that's not of course the point my point is when you look at these high levels of power whether it's in government whether it's in entertainment whether it's in business and all of them kind of kind of come together and Hollywood you start to see narratives that politicians talk about conservative liberal doesn't matter pushed in movies though the wartime propaganda it's no different today than it was during the Second World War I mean Hollywood movies today in America are our American versions of linear I finished all it's it's the exact same thing it's just done under the cover of entertainment you see me do that on video I do the I do the quotations frickin laser beams on their frickin heads laser beams I do the quotations a lot I do a lot of hand gestures here it's like I'm signing but so if I do a sign and inverted Li that's that's not that's not good I didn't mean it all apologize if it's not politically correct I'm just joking of course I'm not going to apologize for something not being politically politically correct because you know what I'm offended when someone is politically correct so what kind of classification do we have for that now if I'm offended that you were politically correct that offends me I guess I'm white so I'm racist to suggest that I can be offended besides the point though here's the file here's one of my files it's it's big as you can see this is my research just in the last two years I mean you go through here you're gonna find some gems like Catholic priests investigated over stolen babies there's the London Guardian which this Jimmy Savile national treasure and life reviled sex abuser in death that's let's see it in well Ryan that's fake news okay it's fake news sure Jimmy Savile the cesspit revealed Bill Clinton Mick Jagger and Donald Trump no one ever believes me about this about Donald Trump look this is from the this is from the Daily Mail January 6 2015 seeing on the screen revealed Bill Clinton Mick Jagger and Donald Trump were in black book of Prince Andrew sex abuse ur friend Jeffrey Epstein I know having the name in the book doesn't necessarily mean anything but again when you get into the high levels of power and you start congregating with these people it's like a special access program and the government or in some black operations in some corporation it's a need-to-know it's a matter of plausible deniability and you are not going to congregate with these types of people like it like a prince andrew and jimmy savile like a Jeffrey Epstein or Epstein however you choose to pronounce it unless you are in that elite circle including Bill Clinton of course and Hillary Clinton who was who was a frequent visitor to the Epstein or Epstein Islands of course Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express which had a bed in the back where young girls were abused that's not just happening in Hollywood and that's part of the program tonight six years later of seven years later actually excuse me seven years later now seven years later on air seven years on air and I said celebrity is the new religion I said that in 2010 and seven years later celebrity is still religion what is a celebrity though a celebrity is a famous person so when I say celebrity I think actress I think actor but a celebrity is a politician a celebrity is somebody who is who is made famous and it could be for any reason unfortunately we have a tremendous number of YouTube celebrities that probably probably don't have more than a few brain cells and yet they're celebrities because they know how or they came into some form of luck being able to use the internet to become very popular good for them I guess that they did something with the technology but they've become celebrities now people become celebrities for harming themselves and harming others people become celebrities for filming in justices on airplanes or in public places where somebody's getting mugged and instead of helping or at least calling police calling the police I don't know whatever you would do in that situation just don't stand there and film it but people do that now because they can become a celebrity becoming famous because there's enough hits on their on their YouTube page on their YouTube channel this shows being broadcast to YouTube right now but I can almost guarantee you within a man of an hour to after it's up after the show's over it's going to be flagged for racism that's usually the the I guess because I'm white right it's racist it's going to be flagged for inappropriate commentary that's usually they get me on the racism because this shows actually about equality and not about creating a bigger divide between what we perceive as a superior class and an inferior class and then making the inferior class superior and making the superior class inferior are there men like Harvey Weinstein are there men who actually do what Harvey Weinstein has done yeah it's not a really a big surprise are there women who actually like it yeah there are women who actually like that you know I had someone tell me not not too long ago that it's it's offensive and obscene to suggest that some women have rape fantasies that's not obscene and offensive you know I'll tell you right right to your face every girl I've dated has had a rape fantasy so that's not and and that's something they were reluctant to bring up to me but it turns out yeah they had rape fantasies it's not some I mean why do you think they saw so many of those 50 shades of rape or what was it fifty shades of gray books I mean I even saw 50 shades of grey cookbook where they're like tying up the chicken or or the the bird they're tying up the bird with this guy who's got like the washboard abs no sparkles like the vampires but he's tying up a bird like he's tying up a woman it's supposed to be erotic you know III just why is it that yes we have people at Fox News and we have people in Hollywood and sometimes depending on what side of the aisle you stand you'll throw Donald Trump into the mix and I noticed that pattern you notice that pattern where it's it's just it's that it's that fat or almost fat old white guy that the almost fat old white guy is on the way out that they get rid of they get rid of Harvey Weinstein and I think part of the reason that he was or is under some form of investigation or that there are women claiming that he raped them and that he had offered you know parts and movies for you know for basically for sex I mean there were other things that were offered as well really wasn't as bad as it could have been really wasn't as bad as other stories which makes me think there hammering this story because he was either involved with the abuse or something dealing with children or someone else is is very close to being exposed for that for the abuse of children and therefore they're going to hammer Harvey Weinstein and and the propositions of the wealthy white old men in Hollywood and around pretty much anywhere else in the world or in the United States and they're going to they're going to drill and they're going to hammer and they're going to push those powerful men down as far as they possibly can why would you do that what why would you want to get rid of these people yes your Weinstein is is disgusting you don't think that one women don't do that and you don't think that it what is it only restricted and that's the thing about racism and sexism like for some people it's only restricted to whites but then when it comes to women's marches it's all women white women and black women latino women Asian women etc it's like all races are accepted if it's woman if it's woman and you can hear her roar with her megaphone and her hat that's acceptable but when it comes to race then apparently the black women are not allowed and the white women are not allowed to congregate they hate each other you notice that it's just kind of strange and that's what I'm noticing about the story of Harvey Weinstein it's just this old fat white guy and you know you can say yeah this guy's disgusting it's gross so what do we do about it get him out of there he's going like sex rehab or something it's not much more of a story there now there's a lot more there you know there's like this much more there because that story is again the tip we're not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg you know why well let me let me show you why here's what I pulled just for today's show I probably got 20 articles 20 articles here if you're just joining us you can go to the secret teachings dot info jump in our chat room or go to forward slash the secret teachings you can find our YouTube stream here on the YouTube for the first time seven years on radio first time a first time for everything I suppose right that's the sane first first person I ever interviewed was Shirley Andrews on atlantis and lemuria the first thing I said on radio was celebrity is the new religion and the first time I've done video is seven years after that and I am going to show on celebrity is still religion because the celebrity the famous person whether they're in Hollywood or they're a politician Harvey Weinstein was good friends with and through major fundraisers for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all of these people are celebrities and when I say celebrity is religion a religion is a belief in and the worship of a superhuman controlling power and so to bow to the authority into the power of Harvey Weinstein Hillary Clinton Barack Obama or even Donald Trump to bow to power in that way and to almost worship them as superhuman and having all of the authority to dictate all that needs to be done to make America great because you have hope and change whatever the case might be that is a form of religion by definition and these people that are famous are celebrities so that is why celebrity the famous people become authorities that's why the got milk mustache that's why they tell you to drink milk because you need strong bones right you don't want to bump your elbow or something and that's not very fun if you hit your funny bone you don't to break your bones right but if you drink a lot of milk it's going to acidify your it's going to acidify your body and of course your body's going to try to bring itself back into homeostasis so it's going to pull calcium from where the bones and then they're going to become more brittle their mainstream mainline scientific journals about that so these celebrities then promote it why why do we take the promotion of Amanda Bynes with a milk mustache as as evidence that we should drink milk because there are celebrity and it would be like Jesus promoting milk if Jesus told the bill that well how many billion Catholics in the world who just came and said look you better drink milk okay it's good for your bones it's good for your soul you know open and open your heart let me and I'll have a glass with you if Jesus did that you better believe that all the Catholics would be would be down in a couple gallons of milk a week because Jesus told you to do it no justification other than that no reason other than that it's just that's Jesus well hey this person play basketball this person played football this person played hockey they must know that drinking milk is good for you so I better listen to them and then I come come with evidence like look at these scientific reports it's not that good for you now come on LeBron James had a milk mustache I know it's good for me so we worship the celebrity the famous person as they are superhuman as if they are some superhuman controlling power and that religion that we form that hero which really we've turned villains into heroes and heroes and the villains the heroes that we worship which in a sense er again villains we turn them into gods that's why celebrity is religion so the stories that I pulled I know I just I divert course and start going in the other direction and and and it's I think listening to me is like watching a tennis match it's just like I'm just looking back and forth of the ball except it's really fast I go back and forth I know that so here are a few things we'll talk about these and you're not getting the full experience if you're not watching this on youtube I'm actually having a lot of fun this is fun having the video here Exce Republican Anthony Weiner Anthony Weiner his little slap on the Weiner 21 months in prison or jail for sexting with a minor Anthony Weiner got 21 months in prison for sexting with a minor Jeffery Sandusky that's Jerry Sandusky son Penn State pled guilty to 14 counts of child sex abuse I got to be honest I got this stack of files here Lee this stack of files it's unbelievable and I didn't know Jeffery was under investigation and he admitted the 14 counts of child sex abuse so obviously he was doing what his what his dad was doing I'll show you some of these because you know now that I got the video thanks to a generous donation by one of our listeners you can see this now and I'm sure that you could still suggest well Ryan you just wrote these articles well look I appreciate you you you complimenting me well the fact that I have taken the time to make up all of these articles and just set and write all of these stories on top of writing my books which I have here as well you know on top of writing all of these books these are all different books plus I just finished a sixth one or I'm getting close to it that's 300 pages or so in this form in the book form I appreciate the the kind words but I did not write these articles this is from this is from this is our T news I know they're fake news right but this is also Reuters CNN it's everywhere Anthony Weiner you know a slap on the Weiner 21 months in jail that's longer than the former Speaker of the House got for touching kids and admitting it and then paying them out which is the only reason he went to trial anyway in Chicago here's another one at least 11 mayor's accused of child sex related crimes since 2016 these are mayors okay I work with city commissioners and I have a city commissioner in Orlando tell me how horribly corrupt with bribes and extortion and blackmail and sex at the local municipality where you make like a few thousand dollars a year and your only power is to can't pain and to have have have a nice head of hair basically and there's all of that going on at the local level you think somebody who's movies have gotten 300 nominations for various different things you don't think someone like that with millions of dollars and all of that power in Hollywood you don't think they they don't think that they can get away with pretty much whatever they want because they've done it for decades I read somewhere in The New York Times the New York Post and I can't even believe that the New York Times the New York Post had to do the investigation because the authorities the police the experts the authority figures that they didn't do an investigation they logged I read something like 30 was it 30 years of cases against Weinstein and nobody thought to investigate I guess they thought well you know he's working on that movie I really want to see that finished we'll wait till wait till pulp fiction's out once pulp fiction's out we'll get him all right we'll get even and it's like now wait a minute he's got that other movie he's working on we'll just wait till well wait Torre retires and then we'll go after we don't want to ruin his reputation you don't want to ruin somebody's right that's what they said about Jimmy Savile we don't wanna ruin his reputation we waited till he died to say that he was he was banging kids and and performing strange rituals in the bowels of a hospital where he had a room you don't want to you don't want to I don't get that argument you don't want to mess with his his credibility I mean the fact that you're saying that as a journalist or as a police officer or as as any investigator that means that you're now colluding in the crime and you should be held responsible and you should be tried for some amount of time you know that's another thing like Jeffrey Epstein got what would he get he got less time than the guy who tried to extort the FBI for that little black book with all the names like Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton and Donald Trump etc he got like 18 months firfer for extorting the FBI this this Epstein guy was like shady girls to the floor and abusing them they were bringing in girls from all over the world very young girls and he gets less time than the guy who tried to the FBI Jared Fogle got more time the Jeffrey Epstein Anthony Weiner got more time than Epstein Ann Hastert I mean there's that there's a major problem with the judicial system and part of that is that you have law-enforcement officers you have government agencies and you have judges that are basically in the back pocket of these power brokers like like a like a Harvey Weinstein so there's your 11 mayor's I was just bringing this up since I thought I has I got the video I thought we would just we would look at some of these articles on the video and I already showed you showed you that we looked at Jeffrey Sandusky it was just a few that I pulled up and then I showed you this earlier this is huge United Nations warns Britain over child voodoo rituals child voodoo rituals that's right I guess I've made that up too yeah I wrote this article from Reuters and I got to publish on Reuters and I'm just I'm a successful writer I just can't seem to make any money with it you know they'll publish my stuff on Reuters but they won't publish it anywhere where I can actually make make a few dollars anyway I thought this was interesting here's my huge file here I mean this is one of my files I don't know if we want to move the camera you can see over here if you're looking on the YouTube there's another section of files I've got stuff all over my wall here too you know there's my Ouija board got that of the place in Orlando yes I have a bathroom a head but I can explain what it means and I don't just yell that it's the devil but there's my stack of files one of my stacks of files over there and then I have basically everything down here there's a classics 1972 Ouija board Karen Dolman sent that to me under these bags in my own zhanka hat you can see that Russian hat there on the video I have two huge white boxes of files and then a huge stack of files underneath of that so we have tons and tons of documentation everything I say I've always said that I've got documentation for what I what I talk about on the show and unfortunately when I asked questions about David Wilcock or Corey Goode or not as much Jimmy Church but I asked questions from these people and I'm told that I'm I'm a I'm a nuisance I am told that I am causing conflict because I'm asking questions come on I'm just I'm just asking for proof you know Ryan where did you hear that there's child sex food ooh rituals taking place I don't know the the United Nations writers you know what do you want I got I got tons of documents yeah I can that's my point I can back up what I say period and if any of you are interested in interested in that information well I'm showing it to you right now you can look up the look it up for yourself and after a while you start to realize I mean I've done this for seven years now you start to realize what's really going on which is why when I read this this headline here Harvey Weinstein paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades and from a New York Post from aggressive from aggressive overtures to sexual assault Harvey Weinstein's accusers tell their stories we're talking about not just propositions we're talking about downright aggressive sexual advances and rape whether or not he did it I don't know and furthermore for the point that I'm trying to make tonight it's irrelevant it doesn't really matter what he did on this level that is irrelevant my point tonight is that celebrity is still religion and that this goes far far deeper than one fat white guy in Hollywood that's where the media is directing your attention that's where Hollywood waving that magical wand that's what Hollywood's named after Hollywood the wood that was used by druidic magicians to make their wands to conjure up storms and cast illusions Hollywood like the mainstream media are experts actual experts not the quotation experts they are actual experts on casting illusions they are experts on creating illusions and diverting attention because of all the great things that could have happened in the world today of all of the people who were who maybe invented something save somebody's life whatever happy story you can think of it with the exception of winning the lottery because that's what they always tell you at the end of the news broadcast all the happy stories you can think of how many of those are going to be played on the nightly news no you're gonna hear about stabbings and shootings and slashings and carjackings and rapes and now Harvey Weinstein you're gonna hear about Harvey Weinstein because they want you to look at Harvey Weinstein they want you to look at Harvey Weinstein and Ty Weinstein to Donald Trump and Thai Donald Trump to what was the guy at Fox News I can't remember his name it was Roger haleyss they want you to tie those people together because they're all white they're all men they're all kind of overweight and they're just disgusting despicable creatures well look at me I'm kind of skinny you see me I'm kind of skinny I'm white I'm not a despicable disgusting creature all right and that means that there are other white men who are also not disgusting despicable creatures and in the same sense all the women that might have took these bribes from Weinstein that they might have may I'll be in the movie yeah I'll give you a blowjob and maybe they accepted it and then later regretted it or maybe they accepted it regretted it immediately regardless of what the reason is over the last 30 years the last three decades Plus that these accusations have piled up and reports of sexual aggressiveness regardless of any event are there women who are actual scumbags just like men absolutely do not suggest to me anybody that women are not doing the exact same thing maybe they're not doing it to the extent but are they women that are being led down this path not also responsible are they not responsible for their own actions like if we put everything let's all Weinstein it's all Y it's all his fault it's all his problem it's all Donald Trump no it's not all Donald Trump it's not all Harvey Weinstein and besides that let me just make the different let me differentiate between the two Harvey Weinstein offered girls get me a blowjob I'll put you in Pulp Fiction Donald Trump said when you are rich and powerful women will throw themselves at you that's a fact ok that's a fact I'd like my good buddy bill burr bill burr said and one of his most famous stand-up bits there is an epidemic of gold-digging horse and you know what weapon that gold-digging whores have in their arsenal now gold-digging whores can gold dig and they can goldmine the rich and the powerful and then later if they regret it or if someone who was actually abused and deserves to have their story told and deserves justice then these gold-digging whores come back to an already excavated mine and they start digging again and they say oh yeah he abused me too it's like no ok you ripped his pants off gave him a blowjob and said you're gonna put me in Pulp Fiction I'm not relating to anybody relating this to anybody in particular I'm just using pulp fiction because that's one of the movies I know that he that he managed there are women that do that too because there is an epidemic of gold-digging whores I'm just so tired of it always being one-sided like it's all Harvey Weinstein no there's a difference between offering a girl something and having that in return which is pretty much you know if you really want to break it down and I know so many people disagree with me on this you know they want to break it down that's pretty much what dating is anymore dating is basically prostitution you know you go out and it's pretty much the the insinuation of sex or some type of you know maybe you're just lonely you want to have a talk with somebody and in exchange somebody's buying coffee they're buying dessert they're buying something to eat isn't that what day is in that prostitution you know really prostitution isn't of itself it's probably cheaper than dating nowadays you probably actually have a better conversation with the prostitute than you can some of these girls but I digress let's have a look at these there's the Harvey Weinstein files I'm just going to go through these we'll take a break pedophile Jeffrey Jeffrey Epstein is accused of luring this is exactly what Weinstein did but why is there so little attention on Jeffrey Epstein this is an article from a couple of years ago pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is accused of luring an underage girl into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the guise of using his wealth and connections to get her into a prestigious in YC College see that isn't that exactly what Harvey Weinstein was doing but he was doing it in Hollywood and and they're not gonna deal with that in Hollywood they'll deal with it if it's a Republican but in Liberal Hollywood they won't touch Harvey when he's a Jew right so you can't you can't drop a hard J like that you know you're anti-semitic how about this Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had regular orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times and the reason that I show you this article was because what am I don't want to say favorite but one of the most damning lines and I'll show it to you right here if you if you can look at on the cam it's right there my index finger and if you can read it too well I'll read it to you over the air one of the one of the women Jane Doe 1:02 was forced to live as one of Epstein's underage sex slaves for years and was forced to have sex with I put this in my books forced to have sex with politicians businessmen royalty academia –nz etc that's not according to the Daily Mail or Reuters at the New York Times that's according to the actual lawsuit or lawsuits that were filed against Jeffrey Epstein yep right there again that is so key that is so key right there you can see it in the camera right there forced to have sex with politicians businessmen royalty academia pnes etc we're not talking about hollywood elite it's not like hey you know give me a blowjob and i'll put you in a movie we're talking about forcing people to have sex forcing them to be sex slaves or slaves of any type trafficking children traffic keen young girls and trafficking young boys and I'll read it again for politicians businessman royalty and academia which is almost somewhat surprising to me I mean politicians yes businessman yes royalty Prince Andrew yes and even Jimmy Savile for that matter academics like professors like what are these people don't we already know that companies pay professors they have the ghostwritten material under the propeller yeah sure I'll take I'll put my name on it you know then they can as soon as this check clears I'll put my name on it you know fifty thousand dollars whatever the case might be that came out in San Francisco court Monsanto was doing that pretty much every company does that Google is doing that Google in the New York Times admitted yeah we pay professors at Harvard to push the narrative that we want pushed yeah so they these st. with a straight face like yeah yeah we did it what do you can do about it come on what do you can do about it so this right here is again I'm just I'm looking at the stack of papers I had I've spent the morning pulling this out and so I could show you on air live and politicians businessmen royalty and academia it's that means that this is more than just Hollywood this is more than just the business world this is more than just the political world this is more this is academia in universities that's what's happening I better save that that's a huge story here's the here's the Roger Ale ælis how do you pronounce this guy's name you know everybody's got their own the owner idea of how to pronounce his name Roger Ailes you know groping somebody is different than having a woman throw herself at you to grope alright just make the difference I don't like Donald Trump you all know that but I need to make that difference very very clear because gold-digging whores that's an epidemic there's also an epidemic of fat white black yellow green purple and red skinny medium obese doesn't matter men who do something very very similar so we need to make that distinction otherwise we just you know like Bill Hicks said our emotions are running wild and we've stopped thinking that's what ends up happening our emotions are running so wild we just stop we stop thinking here's what it's really all about here's what it's really all about top Hollywood bosses including former Fox head top BBC executive and Disney TV president accused alongside x-men director Bryan Singer of abusing young boys uh-oh you mean the BBC where Jimmy Savile work you mean Disney I'm sure many of you can combine you mean Fox Fox head a former Fox head all of them that means again like academia royalty businessmen celebrities entertainers but it whatever you whatever you'll have they're all involved in this it's it's not just oh it's Harvey Weinstein here you give me a blowjob I'll put you in a movie that is so minor so I mean yes the women that went through that not a great experience that's so minor compared to the people that might actually be in a position where it's much more difficult to say no thank you no I mean I read about Fred about Weinstein and there were cases where the woman the woman just said look no I'm not doing that nope nope I want to leave nope not gonna do it I want to leave nope and guess what she left he didn't grab her by the throat and slam her into the wall she just left that's completely different completely different than women going up to men because they have money or power and saying yeah let me touch you and you put me in a movie completely different it's also completely different than children being brought in we're not talking about just casting couch we're talking about children being brought in by pseudo caring parents who want success for their child brought into the industry and left with semi-famous two famous producers who there's no way that they would ever do something like that and there it is top Hollywood bosses top Hollywood bosses sorry if you can't see that too well in the video I'm trying my best their Hollywood bosses at least you can pause the video and have a look at it you can look at yourself and then here's Bryan Singer child sex-abuse accusers sues three more Hollywood power players are there people I already mentioned this are there people that just jump on board with the gravy train and they say hey look I was raped I was abused come on what's the money absolutely how many of those Bill Cosby accusers did something like that I'm sure a huge number of them 20 25 percent I'm sure it's a huge number Harvey Weinstein's same exact thing I'm sure there's a huge number of these of these women that are going to claim that he did something to him that he didn't and and that's unfortunately how justice works because if you claim it when we already have proof that he's done it to other people then of course it's going to be just assumed on good faith that of course why would you lie about that well you're gonna get some money that's why you're gonna get famous that's why that's what people want they want money they want to get famous and and they're gonna sell themselves out to a story about women who sold themselves out to some scumbag who is then held responsible for all of the selling out no those women also have a responsibility no they do have an opportunity to say no like many of the women did and then they left bottom line they left so I don't know what the big issue is it's not like he tied them down I mean if that comes out later it's not gonna be hard to believe but I think that the attention is focused on the benign dhis the seeming benign this of this matter with Harvey Weinstein because because of this because of this right here top Hollywood bosses Disney Fox News BBC Bryan Singer Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood this is from The Hollywood Reporter much more tabloid as you can get there Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood Hollywood pedophile controversy I would love to name names well just why don't you name the names really just name the names name the names that's how it should always be and I'm sure that whether or not Harvey Weinstein's named in that conversation there would be a handful of others whose names you would know I mean maybe some people didn't know Weinstein you know Merrimack Sand Weinstein you know the the production houses but I'm sure that some other big big power players are involved but we're going to not talk about them we're gonna talk about Harvey Weinstein because that's really the problem just old white guys and they're hurting women you know what women should be equal you know if I say women are equal then that's gonna get this show tonight banned from YouTube because they don't want equal what equality really is nowadays is inequality it's a flipping of the script you know people that want equality unfortunately are being exploited by people who don't know don't ever want equality that what they want is inequality any way they can get it that means men are superior women are inferior that's not right you're right it's not right so why don't you climb to the top you be superior then what happens then you have women's superior and men inferior and what does that solve that creates the same problems well no Ryan it's time for a change it is but we need to focus on what we mean by it's time for a change equality is not granted by laws you can't you can't pass a law to say okay now everybody's equal that's not how it works it's not through demanding equality through through reparations or by accepting superiority in exchange for inferiority you know what actually eradicate it actually eradicate sin equality just like pretty much any of the other problems we have in the world is education that's what eradicate spaw Verde that's what eradicate racism and sexism education when you have someone who is educated it's really hard to be racist it's really hard to be sexist it's really hard to be any ism it's really hard to hold a steadfast belief in any type of dogma because once you're educated and you think all of those things kind of kind of evaporate and if I fight I'd have to jump off the mic you can see over there behind my computer I showed you those files earlier I've got files in there from the United Nations maybe I'll pull it up at Break files from the United Nations and from UNESCO that actually say quote this is in my brain I remember in this education is a threat to sustainable development although it's widely known that when you're educated you have less children so if you're educated you have less children why is there an issue with education they're saying that if you're educated you're gonna spend more money no if you're educated you're probably not going to spend a ton of money you're probably not going to have as many kids so it's backwards it's reversed again just like looking at Harvey Weinstein oh it's all it's just this big fat white guys they're powerful they think that they can do whatever they want to women it was a lot of different sides to that one some women throw themselves at men there are there are and has been for a long time there are many many many many many women an epidemic as bill burr says of gold-digging whores absolutely and then they come back for a second helping and they jump on board of the bandwagon when someone who actually has been abused is trying to bring the story to light and then this gold digger who openly just you know gave it away comes out and says oh yeah I was abused too I knew this guy he did some stuff to me Bill Cosby and Harvey whites it's gonna happen it's how it always happens you know you can't you can't make this about one group being more responsible than another and you can't make if you really want to understand it you can't do that otherwise you're just subjected to the the obvious subjectivity you're subjected to the biasness you're subjected to the politics and that doesn't solve any problem before we go to break here here are two more stories that I pulled there it is right there former Glee star Mark Salling indicted for child pornography so in this case he wasn't being abused maybe he was maybe he wasn't but he was indicted on child pornography charges former Glee star former host of children's TV show mister wonder mr. wonder indicted on rape charges after spending 36 years on the run I wonder Tony wonder I wonder as a Arrested Development reference I'll probably get flagged for saying Arrested Development note to former host of children's TV show mr. wonder I wonder how many how many kids he raped you know he went by the name Frank seals in the San Diego area was his real name Frank Celes elas mr. wonder mr. wonder you know people that deal with kids people that are there to protect you people that are there to to do what's right and it just never seems like anybody has any integrity there's no ethics there's no there's no even agreement on an owner on a set of morals morality there's there's no agreement on just hey you know if someone needs help help them where's the dignity where's the respect you know we'll have dignity respect and honor and valor etc etc but we'll only have it in a symbolic sense in the same way we only seem to have justice in a symbolic sense it's like you know that Harvey Weinstein those fat white men they're the problem those are why those guys are why women are abused that's why the industry is so corrupt sure that's a very minor fragment of it you know you're looking at something jammed into the the cogs of a machine and like a hammer and you're just you just you're taking the top off and leaving the handle in there there's there there are other problems it's not just those rich white men they do whatever they want know it goes a lot deeper like producers and directors and even actors and actresses themselves involved in child pornography I've involved in the abuse of children have a look at the Franklin scandal have a look at Jimmy Savile Jeffrey Epstein Jerry Sandusky Jeffrey Sandusky have a look at Jared Fogle subway spokesman I mean he was doctor the fake doctor Phil dr. Phil so dr. Phil this woman's all in there they had the FBI recordings he's like yeah get the children before they're 8 that's the save get there before they're a turrets too late but get the children from the broken home they're easier I mean it's pretty much right out there in the open with what Elijah Wood said with what Corey Haines said it's it's it's very obvious but see the magicians in Hollywood in the media they wave their magic wand and they recite their spell and they cast an illusion with the Hollywood that makes the wands of the druidic magicians to conjure up storms and they conjure up a storm it's all Harvey Weinstein watch this hand watch this hand but don't watch this hand just watch this hand don't watch this hand that's that's what the situation is that's what we're talking about tonight seven years later I said it seven years ago celebrity is the new religion and seven years later celebrity is still religion when we come back I'll go through my promotional page tonight I have a few points I wanted to make everything you need to know about this show it's a triple w dot the secret teachings dot INF o that includes our social media pages my books I'll show those to you real quick first time I've been able to do this on air this is the first book that I wrote it's called the grand illusion it is a big book there's the grand illusion it's a pretty thick book so you can read it or you can put it on your tarp if you have a hole in your roof or you want to keep that tarp on your vehicle that's a really good tool for that here's the third book I wrote a sequel to the grand illusion this is the persistent illusion it's also quite large you could set on these in lieu of a couch actually then they can be comfy here's the second book I wrote false prophets and in fact in this book if you flip to the back there is the email from art Bell right there you can see it right my finger come over the book right there there's the email from art Bell himself we can't have you on air Ryan because you're talking about things that are offensive okay it's just like the technical you had to be in the video to see what I just did the technological elixir I'm very proud of this book for the content going more into the occult sciences there's the black goo you just saw on the screen excellent book Jim Marrs is actually there on the back the bottom wrote me a great little review he wrote me a review for another book too and this is my new book I haven't really I mean I promoted it but I'm just not a Salesman so here's my new book food philosophy it's not just about Monsanto and genetically modified foods it's in fact it's there's hardly anything in this book about that subject this is the philosophy of taking care of yourself of eating healthy of being empowered and only through from from from my personal view only through a proper philosophy on life and I don't mean self-help but through a proper philosophy own life a food philosophy we become empowered we become through information empowered and independent individuals so that we can look at art bell and say look are bell if you're going to tell me what I can and can't talk about goodbye and yeah I would have stayed but they kicked me off so goodbye you know if you don't want me to air my show because I talked about something that was offensive you know how many things have I showed you this evening just on the YouTube stream that I've got backed up and documented and you start to put these pieces together and if I show you this on YouTube one more time this is one of my many files just on the pedophilia that ladies and gentlemen that might have been a microaggression that snowflakes right there is not a single bad apple that is a bundle a basket a grove of bad apples and Harvey Weinstein is just one of those bad apples in that mixture when we come back from break we are going to continue our conversation seven years yesterday seven years yesterday tober 10th of 2010 I started radio I said in 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pages no matter where you go you'll find a link you can email me at our D GA ble Rd gable at that's gable like Clark Gable surprised how many people don't know who Clark Gable is Rd Gable if I said gable like Snooki then that they would know Snooki or Lady gaga but gable I guess famous film star don't don't know who that is tonight we're talking about film talking about the movie industry we're talking about how celebrity in general is a religion what is a celebrity what is religion well religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power it is also by definition and through symbolism through a symbol or symbolic means the worship or the veneration for the powerful we find these men and women in politics we find them in media we find them in various other forms of entertainment I say other forms because I consider media as in the mainstream alternative media I consider media to be a form of entertainment and so whether it's in government and politics to media and entertainment the news per se we're going to find men and women who are very famous and those people that are very famous are relied on like Walter Cronkite Walter Cronkite is in this sense no different than LeBron James in a magazine ad with a milk mustache saying drink more milk we take the authority of the celebrity of the famous person as having the the the quality and the essence of truth and as an intricate part of the symbolism that that actor that TV personality that sports athlete all of these people are authoritative and they can tell us what we should and shouldn't do just like the politician who's famous and we bow down and veneration of the powerful we find these women and we find these men from politics to entertainment some are more well-known than others of course they are celebrities they are famous people some use their wealth and influence to market products many of those products they know nothing about and others to take advantage of the weak and vulnerable Hollywood is ripe today as it always has been as the government is as any government agency is is any multinational or even smaller not a multinational but even a smaller corporation or company or business even local government as I said earlier is ripe with the abuses of power and celebrity and the casting couch is not some new revelation we act like we're surprised when we hear about Harvey Weinstein offering parts in a movie for a blowjob or for massage he should really be surprised when you don't hear about stuff like that you should really be surprised why nobody in the media is even using this abuse of power in Hollywood to bring up the stories that I showed you on the YouTube stream on the live video of Coryell Minh and Elijah would nobody is one teen apparently to talk there it is on the video stream corey feldman and elijah wood hollywood pedophile controversy nobody apparently is wanting to talk about bryan singer member brian singer x-men director how about top hollywood bosses fox news top Fox News executive Disney TV president BBC executive why are these stories somehow less relevant when they include not only younger victims and more vulnerable victims they include children they include they include people who are arguably as if not more powerful than Harvey Weinstein why are these stories not being discussed well part of that is because that this is ongoing today as is the casting out type situation and this goes far beyond Hollywood far beyond the government far beyond business this is like an intricate web it's like a it's like a a complex maze and if you walk into the maze if you're just given one of these stories if I just give you one story like hey the United Nations says that in Britain there is child voodoo rituals and there are pedophile sex tourists that's from the United Nations that's Reuters reporting on that all Ryan that's just one bad apple okay well how about this top Hollywood bosses Fox News head or Fox head BBC executive Disney president Bryan Singer all of them ah those are a couple more bad apples it's nothing more than that and then I pull off this huge stack of documents just in the last few years it's like how about this is that a bad apple you know is that a bad apple right here no that's that's a whole Grove it's a whole grove of bad apples the whole crop is infested and rotting that's from the Vatican to Miramax it's from the Vatican and Miramax to the Congress into the Senate is Anthony Weiner with a slap on the Weiner 21 months in jail for sexting for sexting 21 months in jail for sexting what what a ridiculous ridiculous sentence but you see what we'll see what this is this is the this is the Justice this is the Justice that our society calls for because we know we know you can't really do anything about the people that are actually abusing the children apparently can't really do anything about about the actual pedophiles and the actual child traffickers how are you going to Hillary Clinton has broken how many laws and committed how many acts of treason and it's still it's still an argument it's like pulling her compete to try to even get one of her supporters because she is the celebrity and it is a religion to worship and honor her it's like pulling freaking teeth and that might actually I could pull teeth with my fingers and it would be easier than trying to get one of her supporters to acknowledge that she might have committed a crime but those are the kinds of people that are not going to go to jail they'll get Anthony Weiner they'll stick Weiner in jail they'll get Dennis Hastert after the fact for a completely different reason than abusing kids they'll get a subway spokesman they'll get a few other people round them up and that's the social justice it's like yeah we we know it's happening especially Catholics we know there's pedophilia in the Vatican and in the Catholic Church but look okay look Jared Fogle went to prison Dennis Hastert went to prison Anthony Weiner with the prison what more do you want I mean what more can the justice system deliver you I don't know how about Hillary Clinton in prison how about how about we put Harvey Weinstein in prison as an example of what's going to happen to the rest of these people that continue to abuse power like this and compromise themselves and force others to compromise remember of course the women that are involved in the Harvey Weinstein scandal or the Harvey Weinstein harassment cases some of them have just as much responsibility insane no I'm not going to give you a blowjob for a part in that movie and if you do give into it that's that's your fault that's your fault you know just because somebody offers it doesn't mean you have to take it now I'm walking down the street somebody says hey would you like to hear about the good word of Christ today well so now would you like to hear about the good word of Horace today you know I don't have to take the flyer from them and sometimes they'll just kind of shove it in my hand I'll say look you know I've read the Bible I don't need this paper but maybe you should take this I'll give him one of the secret teaching cards I've only done that a couple of times but mostly I just state you know III don't want it and and really in the cases of what I read in the New York Times it's all you had to do for Weinstein mostly I mean he was intimidating and aggressive but he still said okay you don't want to bang me that's fine you know you just don't get the part in the movie and a few women I think it was Ashley Judd she still got the part in the movie she said you're not gonna touch me until I win an Oscar and and she didn't get a parent Lee she didn't get touched so I don't know what the big hoopla is about Harvey Weinstein because I've got like stacks and stacks of documents here literally piles court documents arrest warrants legal forms I've got news reports all these other things happening in Hollywood and we're concerned about one fat Jewish guy see a problem there I see a problem there but that's because the celebrity is a religion celebrity is still religion seven years later after I started radio many of the people those that are forced to perform sex acts on a producer a director et cetera may be terrified to say no but career or not they become responsible for their actions you know let me just be frank I stayed in a hotel one time and was with somebody who was my friend at the time we were working on a political campaign for taxes in the state of Florida we were given a stipend we could go around and pretty much stay wherever we wanted within budget we were both very simple so we had a tremendous amount of money left over Souths government works too they do you just blow it on whatever because you have to spend it or you don't get that much money next time so we had to blow like six hundred dollars a week on hotels so we go to this hotel and we're staying there it was like the second floor and that's important it was like the second floor right in the dead dead center stayed there for a couple nights had to spend the money we left wasn't our money it was the campaign money which had to be spent and we left in a couple days later we saw this report in one of the local newspapers that some prostitute had literally bitten a guy's penis off in the room we stayed in I I didn't know to laugh or to feel bad for the guy or whatever the situation was but you know if you're like if you're an actress and you're you're scared and intimidated by this big fat Jewish guy let me just make a suggestion and he's forcing you to give him a blowjob or if it's not even forced it's like insinuated I'm going to hurt you if you don't you know if you don't suck it bite it off how about that bite it off even if even if you bite down hard do you think he's going to have the wherewithal in that moment to actually like grab you by the hair and throw you across the room or something bite his dick off end of discussion okay and then we wouldn't have this problem okay then we could actually go after the people that Elijah Wood talked about we can actually go after the scumbags at the BBC and at Disney and at Fox and all of the other outlets of media and the purveyors of entertainment then we could go after them and stop worrying about some guy who was who was who was rubbing one out to an actress it's a horrible horrible thing get out of here there's kids being raped and you're worried about some fat guy who's doing something that he's done for 50 60 years because 50 60 years ago it was it was more acceptable than it is today unbelievable I digress sometimes I get you know again it's like a tennis match listening to this show it's just back and forth sounds more like a clock I can't do a tennis ball but it's back and forth back and forth back and forth these women can't become responsible and in fact are responsible for some of their actions many may have easily given in and then later they've regretted their actions so then they're gonna call for charges of sexual misconduct because we know as bill burr said there is an epidemic of gold-digging whores some groups have even called for remember hearing these stories that if a woman is raped that raping of the woman can actually be the woman having consensual sex with the man like I'll give you a blowjob for the part in the movie and then like a year later deciding you know what I probably shouldn't have sucked that fat Jewish guy off I think that was a bad idea I'm gonna go to the police and say that he raped me and guess what apparently that's right now if you change your mind on consensual sex so guys watch out the discussed over offering a movie role for sexual favor or massage as in the case the producer Harvey Weinstein seems a little bit delayed to me you know the reactions seem slightly misplaced our priorities and acquiring justice and it's only slightly justified of course it's wrong by most decent standards to extort sex or related activities from anyone by promise of money or I'll boost your career and make no mistake women are also guilty of luring men into these confines as well arguments against the latter of course are going to be made made obsolete by the remarks of it's rare for women to do that well it doesn't matter if it's rare it still happens so why is one more important than the other one they have to just like children being abused one has to be at least at least equal in nature to the other one but they're gonna focus your attention with the Hollywood magic wands that's what the magic wand is made from the juridic magicians they used Hollywood to cast an illusion to say don't look over here look over here don't look over here look over here don't look over here look over there look over there look at Harvey Weinstein look what he's doing but wait a minute you got you got kids in there no no no don't look at us look at the guy over there Lee's that guy over there he's he's trying he's just an old guy trying trying to get off don't look at the kids in here don't you know don't pay attention to that that's what's happening they're diverting and and directing our attention in another way arguments arguments that's that this is only men i men are raped why is it when a and when a woman has sex with a student it's like oh well she's not a great teacher but you know I guess I guess you know there had to be some way to make up the homework or extra credit and you know she'll be suspended for a while maybe she'll go to jail and when a guy does it it's like he's a predator he should register as a sex offender and plus you know then you say things like a teacher had sex with a student how old's that student like some 18 year old girl in high school and the teacher had sex what about the fourteen-year-old boy that was raped by the 35 year old teacher why is that somehow less significant than the eighteen-year-old girl who's just going down a checklist in the yearbook bang bang bang bang bang now we're on to faculty and staff bang bang bang bang bang you know seen how many notches she can get and then that's just acceptable for her to do that but it's not acceptable for the teacher to partake outside of the school and that's another thing it's like sometimes the guy and and and then the student they're having sex somewhere else and and the women teachers are like banging kids on their school desks it's like pencils flying everywhere and paper you know it looks looks like looks like you know a tornado hit the room that's fine because it's a woman doing it you know isn't that as sexist you have an equality isn't that a sexist I don't know I guess I don't know what I'm talking about while the exploitation and abuse of children in Hollywood among other places has gotten only minimal exposure and I've shown you some of the actual stories like Elijah Wood Corey Feldman and other cases it's got minimal exposure it's known to be it's known to be an occurrence it's like an open secret in Hollywood and so is the casting couch it appears groping women is somehow more inappropriate than molesting actors and actresses often thrust into that degree of Fame by parents and left with trust worthy and successful Hollywood fat cats there a lot of them are fat well fat cat a lot of them are Jewish either Weinstein was also abusing kids I would suggest he was either abusing kids and he is accused of raping at least three women at this point or the story is fresh blood and opportunity for sharks looking to acquire social justice against men for their advances on women yet the abuse of children in the same industry seems to remain uninteresting and seemingly unexposed beyond that of being an open secret likewise in the case of mass shootings all attention is focused on the horrific acts of violence resulting in the deaths of a few dozen people 58 in Las Vegas instead on any given day of course thousands of people die from heart disease alone and there are no reports on mainstream media or nighttime vigils for the dead when's the last time that you saw a nighttime vigil in your local community for the thousand well most days it's about two to three thousand people a day in the United States die of heart disease where are those vigils taking place with the candles and the you know newspaper clippings and the flowers I don't see any vigils for that for the sufferers of heart disease why because being empowered and understanding what's good and not good for you just having that basic sense of right and wrong again the morality some version of it some version of ethics integrity you know that it's not good for you know that you're making yourself sick you know that you're killing yourself so when you do that you end up getting diabetes or you be you're obese or you die of heart disease whatever whatever the case might be those are things that our society doesn't want to address why because we can put all of the blame and all the abuse of women and children it's all Harvey Weinstein's fault you know all the horrible things that happened in society the misunderstandings the aggression the violence I you know that's all Steven paddock in Las Vegas that's all him he just got upset he opened fire people I can make the society unsafe you know what people like him do make the society unsafe but you have to realize that when there's an act of terrorism that act of terrorism is not unprovoked it's not like some guy just woke up he's right it's a beautiful morning you know he's like he's like singing the what's that spongebob song it's the best day I'm not gonna sing but best day ever it's the best day ever I don't think Stephen panic woke up unless he was excited about shooting those those people he was where he was working on the math equations actually I have a story here about that this guy was like caught in the numbers guy which I thought was interesting because the show I did after the shooting was called a numbers game just my intuition I guess it's not like somebody getting up they've got a nice job nice kids nice wife you know it's a beautiful morning and the birds are chirping or tweeting whatever birds do now I get I want to start a thing called chirp you know you hashtag chirp or quack I like quack I've got ducks in fact probably see one I have I have pictures of my ducks on the wall here somewhere but my point is you wake up and it's not like this guy singing singing the spongebob song it's the best day ever and then and then you're just walking down the stairs and you just snap it's like okay I'm gonna get a gun and kill somebody you know maybe people say that in passing that's not why these people do those things there are reasons why that go deeper then then the mere motivations that law enforcement look for and now law enforcement are saying well we got no motivation we don't know why this guy did this which again reinforces the narrative that is being painted the picture that's being painted what I said immediately after this attack old white guy grandpa anybody can commit one of these acts at anytime night or day any place a music festival a school a mall a movie theater and it can happen anytime anywhere any place by any person and it can happen for any reason maybe the guy was upset he was fired maybe the guy was upset he wasn't winning and winning on the slot machines maybe he was upset about something else they're saying now no motivation so now this could just happen anywhere at any time anybody for any reason I said that on the last two shows now you can listen to what the police are telling you I think I'm ahead of the curve because I've done this for so long remember this is just the file of pedophilia for the last like three years I've got bigger ones down but the camera this is why you know after a while you just start to pick up the pieces and you start to see these patterns and you realize it's more than Harvey Weinstein it's more than you know a bad apple it's a hole it's a whole grove of bad apples but all the hatred and anger is directed it's Harvey Weinstein spawn is all Donald Trump's fault it's anyway it's all Stephen paddocks fault you know that all these people dying and the women being abused wait a minute what about the people that die every day from heart disease do they not count to those lives not matter because their black lives their white lives in fact probably a larger proportion black minority neighborhoods seemed to suffer more from those types of diseases so you would think that black lives matter would be concerned about mm well probably not mm but a couple hundred black men black women dying every day from heart disease where are those signs that black lives matter black lives matter black hearts matter right I guess it doesn't I guess it doesn't matter you know get inside the body it's it's all the same it's all the same and mostly inside the brain or of the brain it's all the same it's it's not any different and see even stating something like this this show it would get flagged on YouTube because it's considered racist for not making an inferior group which to me was never inferior superior and making myself which I never thought I was superior inferior it's not about reversing the trend it's about creating a new one actual leveled equality who would have thought that equality could work but few people stop and think about the daily mass mass deaths due to car fatalities degenerative diseases perhaps the reason is that in each of these cases it's it's preventable and that means responsibility lies on the individual it can't be placed on an evil shooter it can't be placed on the foreign policy of countries it can't be placed on some obscure enemy it can't be placed on Harvey Weinstein placed on us it's placement it's our responsibility it's not anybody else's response it's our responsibility that's why we're not concerned as much about the about the degenerative diseases about the car crash is about anything in our lives that we can directly control lacking any sense of worth or responsibility and neglecting empowerment we tend to make heroes out of villains and villains from heroes therefore celebrities that arguably are wealthy because of reasons that do not relate to their contribution to society for the better as if wealth signifies success and less power in influence this elevates these celebrities these famous people to superhuman entities able to act in any deplorable way and to have their actions only question if political motivations become apparent which is what we have in the case of Harvey Weinstein we have political motivations looking to exploit those women who have already been exploited and a man who thought hey this is probably normal because I've been doing it for so long and I have not gotten in trouble because the police have like 30 years of records and they are not doing anything you know if you were stealing from your you know your job and you were just taking like 30 40 50 dollars out of the cash register every day and the manager knew and they just looked at you and said yeah we know you're doing it it's cool just give me 10 bucks when you leave it's cool you know I don't get directly in trouble isn't that kind of kind of kind of the same thing and and you didn't even if you get caught they're like yeah you can keep doing just give me a little bit of it and you do it over and over and you do it for like 30 years and then and then you get caught you like what did I do wrong I've been told this for so long and became normal you know when I've been given $10 to the manager I don't know anything about that there's no video footage of you given any money the manager it's just you you've been stealing from the cash register that's what it's like with Harvey Weinstein it's like I can touch women and grab a breast grab a I can do whatever I want but look now that I've been caught I don't really understand what the big deal is I've been doing this for 30 40 years I got a lot of money it was big movies yeah you think you think Harvey whines he's like sitting there with the prosecutors like yeah you see Pulp Fiction did you like that movie yeah you like scream what do you like you like the popcorn flicks it's unbelievable to me that we put so much weight it's all the men it's all the the mass shooter it's all the president it's all the congressman's all thus it's always it's always somebody else it's never us notice that it's never us never us and that's the case with the criticizing of President Trump for comments made years ago about how women throw themselves at successful and powerful men and a current that does happen just as often as the question of Weinstein who was invariably given a pass by most of Hollywood for groping and extorting women for favors because that same Hollywood elite went after Donald Trump said oh you can't say you're gonna grab a woman about but if our guy does it because he's liberal he funded uh or he helped to fund a fundraiser set up a fundraiser for Clinton and Obama so he's not sexist and he's not racist right cuz he likes Clinton and Obama wow this was a great guy and also this guy he's a great guy because he's a Jew you know God's chosen people that you know you get that self-righteous imperialist egocentric self entitlement going that a lot of Jewish people have a lot of blacks have it and a lot of whites have it like you get Jewish superiority white superiority blacks it's everywhere here every group has some people that think they're superior and you know growing up for me I was kind of raised with the idea I always had it in my head then I was kind of inferior I always felt depressed and below everybody else that was white still white probably a little bit wider now because I moved from Florida but I'm still white right you classify this as like white or tan a little tan I mean I guess you can see on the video my hand is very very white well at what point does my skin get darker and then I become I become brown or black at what point can I can do I not become racist anymore because it's at some point on that Crayola color scale it's like racist racist racist racist racist racist not as racist not as racist kind of not racist not race not racist not racist not racist not racist it's like at some point when those little Crayola caller will or the collar tab they have on the box you just don't become racist anymore and it's the same way with drinking and and doing drugs or cigarettes it's like okay it's illegal it's illegal it's illegal it's illegal it's kind of illegal you probably shouldn't do it but you should get aware of it when you do get old enough and then a 21 of them yeah you drink drink drink drink drink and at no point no point is there education that would prevent racism education that would prevent sexism so you don't have barbarians on both sides and all sides of every aisle going back and forth and and treating each other like crap treating each other like trash like refuse you wouldn't have if you have an educated population you wouldn't have if there is an issue with population you wouldn't have the issue of people having too many kids because the educated tend to not have as many children I mean that's not a a exception to the rule that that's pretty much the rule there are exceptions to it but that's pretty much the room I am just launching that tennis ball again just back and forth back and forth let's take a break and when we come back we'll finish up this subject and I I took a few notes here little notepad I had posted a an anniversary reminder on the secret teachings Facebook page and on my personal Facebook page and I had listeners comment about what they would like to hear I had Lee Warner Alma Adamson Bob Theon and Daniel Shaw and Mary do Cena I hope I pronounced all of those names correctly who suggested a few topics to talk about some of them I'm gonna be honest 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there's my secret teachings Cup and then there's all my files etc etc so without spending too much time on that I thought it was cool it'll always be there in the YouTube archive you can kind of check that out and of course I got my Ground Zero shirt on because I love Clyde Louis's show he used to listen to it when I first got started in radio seven years ago and now I'm good friends with Clyde he's been on the show many many times when we come back we'll continue our conversation celebrity is still religion seven years later remember ioan gave all this is the secret teachings and when we come back we'll get into more details and a few listener requests stay tuned information is not morbid ignorance is morbid ignorant is depressing learning this information should be liberating and free you should have a sense of empowerment knowing the fact that you are no longer going to be screwed over by lies the secret teachings radio show is oriented towards bringing back virtue logic common 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gable at I grow every week alongside of each one of you please visit our website and support what we do at triple w dot the secret teachings dot info namaste available now troll spray do you have problems with trolls do you constantly find yourself turning on the light of truth and finally come out of the woodwork after you give your trolls a quick squirt of troll spray and you'll be amazed at how quickly they flee troll spray has been tested on all of the different types of trolls shield false prophets doomsayers sockpuppets and of course those ever fearsome hostile radio hosts it works on the now get troll spray today available only at L&M Radio Network Spray the trolls away with true spray I'm Clyde Lewis from ground zero radio you're listening to the secret teachings with Ryan Gable this is Linda Godfrey author of monsters among us my website is Linda Godfrey comm and you are listening to the secret teachings with Ryan Gable this is John D'Souza author of the extra dimensionals and you are listening to the secret teachings with Ryan Gable wonderful show it was one of the best I've had in a long time I really appreciate everything the opportunity to be on your show but also the confidence of you as a interviewer that really helped me this is Steven Myers author of lost technologies of the Great Pyramid and the Great Pyramid prosperity machine and you are listening to the secret teachings hosted by Ryan Gable Thank You Ryan and by the way everyone listening I would encourage you to go get a copy of Ryan's book to persistent illusion okay it's lengthy but it's got all the ammunition you need to start figuring out what's really going on in the world this is John Mars and you're listening to the secret teachings welcome back to the secret teachings radio broadcast our website triple w dot the secret teachings dot info airing on several networks our main network L in M the show started tonight I went through a history of the broadcast tonight is our seven year anniversary October 10th about 6:15 a.m. in the morning of 2010 I went into a radio studio in Orlando Florida Winter Park W PRK 91.5 FM the best in basement radio I don't know it was the best in basement radio but it was one of the oldest radio stations and one of the oldest basement radio stations in Florida and the country and I did a radio show the first thing I said on air very very monotone as I sort of still him today and very very quietly I said celebrity is the new religion and celebrity is indeed a religion it is still religion seven years later and now we are on the Allan M radio network you can also catch us on planet paranormal and the fringe F M that's the fringe FM everything you need to know is on our website including social media forward slash the secret teachings that's where you're going to be able to keep up with upcoming shows guests and topics I do in fact I will check my email live on air I've had several listeners request this guest and I'm going to just confirm that I got the email back just so I don't give you any inaccurate information Marty leads Marty Leeds is going to be coming on the show very soon to talk about numbers and mathematics he was very excited to do so got back to me very quick so Marty Leeds will be coming on the broadcast we've interviewed so many great guests you can have a look at our guest page on the website as well top news tab is there tonight's main subject seven years later celebrity is still religion and I also have a few listener requests about some topics that you wanted to hear about before we go any further let me go ahead and have a look here at these notes all right I have Lee Lee Warner Lee Warner wrote me on Facebook and asked me about Billy Meyer the abductee expert and all I can tell you Lee is that I've actually emailed if this is the same guy I've emailed this guy and they got back to me I emailed the begin and then there was an issue with the email they emailed me and I never heard back from them so I did send them an email about that Alma Adamson I know she's a big fan of the show I I do I tried to look tried to look I do not know again I'm not gonna pull the Wilcock I'm not gonna pull a Slick Willy here I'm going to just tell you what I know and in terms of Spain and Catalina I don't know anything besides two or three news articles from CNN that a friend of mine from high school sent me and that's all that I know and I've tried to do research I do not understand what's happening I do not know what's happening I unfortunately can't can't give you any information so I'm kind of Owen – so far for these these listening requests however Bob Bob Dion on Facebook he said I hope everyone's okay with me using the name I mean it was there if it's on Facebook Bob Theon said he asked the question about an Illuminati story Germanic tribes migrating to the coast after a vision of a white buffalo turned into an angel I looked up anything relating to those keywords and I do a tremendous amount of research I found absolutely nothing all I know in terms of the white bull is that the white bull is sacred is a symbol of abundance is a symbol of hope and it represents a form of rebirth and regeneration and it was believed due to the fact that it was a symbol of hope or the fact that it was actually considered a symbol of Hope was because the white buffalo it was believed would be able to survive if that if the conditions were right and if the correct prayers were recited at least in some of the Native American tribes that the white buffalo would survive and this was a very positive and good omen others I've read that the white buffalo is actually a very very ominous symbol an ominous sign I mean white is purity and you don't only have the four horses of the Apocalypse but you have Jesus who rides the white horse kind of like Apollo the Greek and well primarily Greek Sun gods multiple Sun gods who rode the white horse you have in classical mythology you have the white horse that was ridden by Buddha the Buddha a Buddha rode the white horse and if I'm remembering this correctly I know that it was a horse I'm trying to recall if it was white that Muhammad also ascended on a white horse I believe that is accurate if if you know anything about Islam maybe you could correct me but Muhammad supposedly it's its symbolism it's allegory metaphor wrote a white horse or at least a horse in Ascension so that's all that I know about the White Buffalo I mean I would think I don't I wouldn't call it an Illuminati story I don't like that word I have put a lot of information about the Illuminati in my books but the Illuminati as I see it as is is a different the Illuminati is a symbol the Illuminati is is a is a concept the Illuminati although they were a secret society that existed in 1776 formed by the Bavarian law professor Adam vice hop and yes they were written about by George Washington and were mentioned in historical historical documents nevertheless the Illuminati as a sect today they embody so many different concepts like if you join a Facebook group that's called the Illuminati well you're part of the Illuminati right if you joined a meetup group that's called the Illuminati you joined the Illuminati I mean is that the same Illuminati that infiltrated Freemasonry not necessarily and that's why that number 33 in any mass shooting or any current event is always seen as ominous because when I first started radio seven years ago you really really really had to dig deep and find information on the numerology on the numbers you had to really put put together news stories and and look for patterns nowadays it's much more in-your-face like in the case of Las Vegas it was Steven paddock 33 people that were killed were from California he had 23 guns he purchased these 23 guns in the last 12 months so you've got the constant numbers of 3 of 6 7 of 12 13 of 23 and of 32 33 and you see that go back and forth the death toll the amount of people injured it's 32 33 32 33 32 33 six seven six seven six seven 12 13 12 13 in the case of James Holmes and even though those numbers weren't used in the case of Steven paddock the number of 58 5 plus 8 is in Fibonacci 5 + 8 is 13 so 5 + 8 is 13 there's the number 13 again and of course that number changed because it was 59 58 59 58 59 58 59 58 it's the same pattern over and over and over again I explain that in my books I was I was flipping through the book here to try to find and I just did there it is these are scans of the actual letters written by George Washington it's in my book the grand illusion written by the George Washington referencing the Illuminati you can actually look these up in the National Archives they have they have it online the letters are dated September 25th 1798 and October 24th 1789 those are in the Library of Congress those those are the actual letters written by George Washington mentioning the Illuminati so the Illuminati does did exist jacob ism is what George Washington refers to as well in the one of the one of the letters but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're this all it's a symbol of this all pervasive omnipresent force in the world that controls everything you know is there a League of Shadows from Batman yeah to a degree but it's not necessarily this all-encompassing conspiracy if you will I don't even like to associate in loominatee with conspiracy anyway but of the white buffalo and that when the angel there's a tremendous amount of symbolism with the white buffalo again sacred the sacredness of life abundance hope and others it was as an ominous sign to some it was a it was a positive sign Jesus Mohammed Buddha they all wrote some version of a white horse behold a pale horse bill Cooper I've got that book somewhere on my shelf there I think it's falling apart because I've read it so many times that book was one of the first books I read that that got me as well educated about this subject and as interested maybe more so than educated interested in the subjects that we talk about in this show so unfortunately Lee I can't help you with the Billy Meyer thing because I sent them an email they got back to me then we had some issues I sent him another email they never got back I could try it again Alma I don't know anything about Catalunya and Spain nothing a Bob I just gave you an idea of what I do know about the white bull and then we have Daniel Shaw said something about the vortex detective I guess this is I'm guessing this is a guest to have on the show he didn't give any more details but vortex I used to talk about vortexes a lot when I first started radio I was fascinated and as I still am today fascinated with that idea that even depending on where you put the put the pin on the timeline today hundreds thousands of years later military bases are still being constructed on vortexes of vortices we're still seeing the energy grid of the earth being utilized by by by the military by the government by churches that this didn't all go away we act like today we are superior we're not superstitious superstition comes from a latin word that basically means the remnants of what is left over so superstitions are the remnants of old beliefs opinions and knowledge and the fact that today were even questioning in the Las Vegas shooting that is there a 13th floor in the Mandalay Bay Hotel some say there is some say there aren't you know there isn't one well regardless if there is or not shooting from the 32nd or the 33rd floor which is what it would be if there was no 13th floor all those numbers mixed in nicely together really is is is is irrelevant as per the actual event and I mean it was the difference between 31 and 32 that would be different but it's 32 and 33 23 guns in the room 23 verse 232 obviously there's a significance with the number 32 but the fact that we can even ask that today is is incredible because there are buildings that are built and are not labeled with a 13th floor it goes 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 because the number 13 for lots of different reasons the 1307 purge against the templars is one of the reasons Friday the 13th is such a superstitious day the number 13 is equally superstitious but it's like the profaning of the secret teachings and the mystery schools the number 13 is seen as evil it represents death in certain forms of Judique Judaic mysticism but the number 13 is also regeneration it is the starting of a new cycle so the number 13 12 signs of the zodiac secession or procession rather of the equinoxes 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 11 12 and this cool restarts again which sound numerology works you count one two three four five six seven eight nine and instead of ten being ten it's one two three four five six seventy-nine 110 is 111 is 2 12 is 3 13 is 4 14 is 5 and 15 is 6 in numerology 15 is 6 and so when you have the magic square of Saturn each vertical and horizontal square adds up to the number 15 and so you have 15 15 15 you do the simple math there and that gives you 6 6 6 and also one of the magical squares of the Sun also comes out to be 6 6 6 when multiplied all of this stuff isn't is in my book so we've talked about in other broadcasts before I was just trying to look up in this book the persistent illusion is if I could find that cube real fast I can show it to you on the only you to but I won't take too much time just have a quick glance through here yeah I don't see it anyway though those are two of the big books and all of that information is in there so in terms of what Daniel Shaw requested that the vortices are absolutely utilized today then you have people that take it to to another level I've heard that some say well at some point in man's past there were cataclysms sure and that the vortecies vortices that opened up they pulled an alien life-form I mean and then we're getting in like David Wilcock Corey good as far as I'm concerned mostly nonsense and and and you lose me you lose me energy vortex is real I mean you walk into a room somebody's there with a negative terrible personality and when I say negative I mean the people that don't want to talk about these kinds of things that just every time everything's a party everything's not right now it's not the good time not a good time to talk about it I just don't talk about it I'll be quiet don't talk about something good thing you know we got grandma's here mom's here dad's here my brother's here it's not a good that's to me that's negative yep there's a time in place but to me that's negative to shut down actual conversation and not just this mundane how's the weather too you watch the game last night as more in life there's more in life than than just those basic interactions this is that's my personal bias Stephen Meyers who's been a guest on the show you heard his little promotional clip there he suggested that I talk about the Great Pyramid water pump which we've done on the show we've done on the show before the Great Pyramid water pump he's been on the show and I'll have him back if he wants to talk about it Steven if you're listening I'd be happy to have you back on the secret teachings you go back and listen to that show it should be in the archive now if it's not I'll have it up for free because we have our archive with our drop down menu in fact I can I can show you that on the video this is an excellent excellent feature of the secret teachings now I can actually go to the video feed and I can show you on the screen so when you go to the secret teachings website you see the archive it drops down we have all the years when most the year 7 2017 16 15 14 13 and then down here at the bottom there is a free archive and you just click that and then you have some free shows that you can you can download and stream in fact actually it is on there it's the very top one Steven Myers and the Great Pyramid water pump so you can listen or download that I got John D'Souza on there him Don shorn my Fukushima show I got Harold counts transhumanism one thing I got dr. cold well those are all free shows if you'd like though to access the whole archive you subscribe that gives you a 12 month subscription or a monthly subscription and you can work it out any way that you'd like if you have trouble paying for that you know I get it email me Rd gable at we'll try to work something out because I don't like that these shows have to be locked up some of them but people steal them and they put them on YouTube and they make thousands of dollars and then when I do a live broadcast all I have to say is everybody is equal and then they take it down for racism so I don't know what I'm supposed to do the last one this is this is a fascinating one in fact I talked about this in my first book the grand illusion here you can see and I'm going to it's a huge book so I'm gonna pull it up real fast to get the reference I believe it was in Pakistan Merida Cena says colors and healing and I think it was in Pakistan Yasu azeemi and the mall seen lhasa from pakistan wrote in a physics research journal evidence-based complementary alternative medicine that colors generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents on fields of energy that reprime activators of biochemical and hormonal processes in the body and that's a really fancy scientific way of saying if you're in a room and the walls are all blue it's much more likely that you're going to feel calm and if you're in a room and the walls are red and orange it's likely that you're going to feel a bit more agitated and aggressive so that's a very simple way of stating with these scientists suggested in the evidence-based complementary alternative medicine journal but but but as an alternative form of healing you could use different forms of lights so there's a study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal showing that a reduction in the blue light or the blue portion of artificial lighting could actually protect against sleep disturbances for people who work really late night hours or they work the graveyard shift there's even a therapy I don't know many years ago it came out a therapy from so I wrote this book in 2012 so two years after I started radio and then all this book was was just a compilation of everything I talked about in the first two years pretty much still seems to be one of the one of the most popular books that I've got out but a new type of therapy came out in like 2011 2012 called photodynamic therapy which is basically the injecting of a patient with light-sensitive solutions and then you shine a laser usually like a blue light you Laser on tumors internally in the body and light emitting diodes LEDs put those on tumors that exist on the surface of the skin and and you can actually I guess they're suggesting in that Journal break apart tumors blue is the color of the Sun also you'll see that in and this is my Bible if you haven't see this is the book that named the show this is my copy of the secret teachings of all ages and in this book I remember reading years ago about how and I didn't highlight I've read this book three times the first time I read it I remember reading about the color blue and about how blue was the color of the Sun you know you see those NASA photos from Soho and Cassini you know all the other Hubble and they're like green or they're red or they're yellow or you know it's orange like we might perceive that we see the Sun different different frequencies different wavelengths different filters nASA has different filters different cameras infrared as an example in a cult science the Sun which has there's an intellectual son a spiritual son and a material son and blue is the color of the actual Sun and blue is also the color of those Indian gods right because they are wise blue which I believe is the throat chakra and I actually have I have some I love having this video this is fantastic I have a lap lapis lazuli so how you pronounce it a little blue stone that's my throat chakra I've got some other stones there too but I used this as an example because this blue which was in mythology I just get so excited to mythology this is the stone that was used to embroider the coffin of Osiris when Osiris has put in the coffin it's symbolic of man being submerged as the Gnostics say into material into matter some Gnostics say he was in prison or the soul was in prison others say the soul was just lost and it's man's job to free the soul for one reason or another whether lost are trapped and this stone which embroidered the the coffin that Osiris was laid in which fit to his body like a love as you'll read in some of the mythology is basically the sole fitting it as this body we're fitting into it like a glove and then he was floated down the Nile River which was a prototype later for Moses who has floated down the river king sargon of akkad was floated down the river and in the Hindu occult sciences of India more so than Hindu that's more of a religion the occult sciences of India some of the initiative laced a baby would be placed into a basket and floated down a river and if they landed in a certain place they'd be raised as royalty Osiris was royalty and he was actually raised as a pillar because this tamarisk tree grew the roots around the the coffin and then the king of Syria saw it's a great tree let's put that up in a pillar and so the wisdom of the trees the gods are in the pillars the Boaz and Jachin the two pillars of Solomon's Temple you'll see those Masonic lodges today of course and you'll see in the mythology how Cyrus has the pillar he is raised raised as a pillar in the in the palace of the Syrian King in his coffin embroidered with this lapis lazuli and then you have Moses and you have King Sargon and you have you have the initiative in the other you'd have the same process all of them weapons Moses raised as royalty Osiris is raised the pillar is raised as royalty the child and the occult sciences in India would be raised as royalty if the basket land at a certain place Moses was raised as royalty in the Egyptian house so it's the same story over and over again that's actually what my six books about all about the occult science it's right right now I have a working title I'm not gonna even say because I'm not sure what the subject is gonna be I know the subject is with the title and what the tile is gonna be subject is the occult science but back to blue all of that was just my side thought that was a sticky note palapas lazuli the blue stone so blue is considered the real color of the Sun and the orange yellow shade is the result of its submersion in the illusion illusion Airy world which is Maya Maya is the illusion or what I would call the grand illusion right the grand illusion that's what cultists call and in fact my friend Brad Olson whose books I have here to believe it's in this book this book he mentions the grand illusion at the very very beginning of that book put that away later so blue light is soothing and red light is agitating and just like when you walk into a room and you can feel the energy and the presence of its that's not right or hey this is a good place to be um I'm happy to be here it's fun you know you can get people that would walk into this radio studio and feel uncomfortable maybe because they're not really aware of what you know what's going on here oh my god he's got a he's got a goat head he's got what is it what's that that's a 911 examine the evidence sticker what is that is it whoa wait a minute was that's a Ouija board no no this guy's crazy other people are walking to think oh my goodness this is fantastic I've been looking for somebody like this so it's all a matter of perspective but you can still feel the energy I would suggest that comes from from the intention behind those that are that are in the room but anyway as for what Mary asked colors and healing yes colors can have a have an incredible healing effect on the body in fact if your I always I wouldn't say despised maybe at one point of despise but I don't really like celebrations and you know Christmas lights and pumpkins and things like that I have a different appreciation for them now because I understand where they came from like the jack-o'-lantern the story of Jack or stingy Jack and of course the lights Christmas lights are the Fallas which are like the witch's balls which are your ornaments on Christmas they scare away the witch is or like the jack-o'-lanterns you put the light inside of it it scares away the the the entities the the beans that come across when the lines between the spirit and physical world are blurred the bonfires of Samhain in bulk burning the fire the light is almost is almost coming back fully which we recognized in the spring when the light is resurrected which is why Jesus is resurrect ADIS of Frigga was resurrected I believe on March 23rd that's the date mythologically that was given again all of this is in my new book that's not coming out for a while but I'm just it's right there so I'm I'm just just expressing it so that's Daniel Mary that's Lee that's Alma and that's Bob those are the requests for the anniversary show now it looks like we have at least one call on the line I only gave the number out a few times tonight 2 0 8 6 5 0 41 60 so I have to keep this call very short we're almost out of time in the and of course if you're listening on the Alan M radio network Brad Olson Brad Olsen the author of well that book I just showed you modern esoteric and futuristic he'll be coming up next right here on L&M if you're listening elsewhere on the fringe fm I was informed that the secret teachings is going to air every night at midnight on the fringe fm so just go to their website fringe fm type that in and you'll find it and of course on L&M the secret teachings air seven nights a week 4 p.m. Eastern 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time alright I do have I do have 2 calls on the line so we're gonna try to keep this at about 5 minutes tops the first number so please mute please mute the first number is a 5 0 1 5 0 1 area code you are on the secret teachings radio show go ahead well hey there Joe I was just mentioning the fringe I'm doing good how are you yeah we by the way we do play your live shows too we just do your replays at midnight rain rain breaking here either but I just want to let you know man then I'm just gonna let you know everybody loves you over here because I know you're new on the network but they're all bragging about you keep up the good work man keep telling us the truth no matter how hard it is we love it I appreciate it brother thank you for calling into taking some time to provide me with some kind words that's the kind of support that just just really does make make so much easier and thank you for having me on the fringe I'm you know it's been seven years as I said and your other than Michael and Ellen M you're like one of the first people that have come up to me and said hey do you want to put the show on the network so thank you a lot for that well I appreciate the call you have a very very good evening and everyone listening Joseph Roop lighting the void and that's on the fringe FM where you can also hear the secret teachings the fringe FM nine eight five area code go ahead you're on the secret teachings I have no clue how that song goes I haven't sang even hang that saying the Happy Birthday song in years I don't know if I could even sing that how's it going it's fantastic isn't it it's hi-def now I can be spied on even when I'm off air it's fantastic well I think it can still be activated I'm gonna I'm gonna turn it downward when the show's over make me feel better yeah exactly exactly so what's on your mind we've only got a couple minutes here but what's on your mind there's that upgraded board there on the youtubes that's a nice-looking board a couple of ports left when you get the other computers and then you can you can plug plug in Skype and all that stuff so at least you have audio on the mixer yes yes I still have some adjustments to do I think I'm going to redo this whole studio pretty soon and just adjust everything around but I I appreciate the call and I appreciate the support thank you so much for the anniversary greeting my buddy seven years on air if anybody else wants to call in two zero eight six five zero 4160 that's two zero eight six five zero 4160 so let me look it's funny because you're watching me on youtube today if you are and today's show in terms of organization is completely different than it normally is I don't usually have you know five books and a grove of bad apples sitting here on my desk it's it's usually a lot more organized not that it's too disorganized anyway but I'm just looking through my papers here very quickly all right we've got a whole pile of stuff here all right well first off before we go any further I'd like to thank everybody sincerely who has supported this show over the years who has followed us from the beginning followed us from w PR k WR s so followed us from dark matter I don't like to just thank you thank you thank you if I wouldn't be for you I'm not that kind of person but but sincerely thank you all for listening and supporting this show the emails the calls the kind words because if it wasn't literally for people listening to the show then there would really be unless it was for therapeutic reasons and I could use blue light and my my lapis lazuli I could use that for for therapy I suppose it's very therapeutic but I know when I get emails from people telling me look I stopped eating sugar I lost weight I feel better I'm healthier I stopped drinking soda I lost weight I feel better I'm healthier or I stopped eating this I didn't necessarily lose weight but I'm feeling a lot better I feel empowered knowing this information is empowering you know ignorant is depressing and and that clip that I play all of the time that is from the the the Dmitry Crane the man that got me started in radio my friend until he died a few years the information it's not morbid ignorance is morbid ignorant says morbid information is not more but information is actually neutral it's how you use information that determines the dimensional characteristics like I could have this stone and I could meditate with it I could leave it you know if here on my my radio stand and I could just let it set there if it doesn't fall and or I could take it and I could wallowing and choke and die it's just a stone yeah you know this is just a mouse I have books here this is just a book I could drop it on your head and probably crush your skull because it's so big but it's just a book you can read it and become informed or you can take it and just like smash your head with it and this is a big book so it probably heard if you do with the spine information is just neutral it's how you use it that determines the dimensional characteristics of whether it's negative or it's positive and that's why I love this this one clip I found I don't how many years ago from from the me tree talking after he had died not after he had died but after he had died I found the clip and I played all the time information is not morbid ignorance is morbid ignorance is depressing learning this information should be liberating and free you should have a sense of empowerment knowing the fact that you are no longer going to be screwed over by lies empowerment a sense of empowerment knowing that you are no longer going to be screwed over by lies I'm Ryan gable and this is the secret teachings radio broadcast seven years on air and celebrity is still religion I'm going to pull up a few clips here just for fun a few things that we used to talk about on the show this is probably one of the more famous clips if you've listened to this show for a long time this was myself Mike D and Nick Nick used to host a show with us on wpr came when we first started and this is a story that I even put in my book food philosophy because it's been in the mainstream press since then this is the cast or iam this is the infamous beaver anal glands this is a segment we did all right this one here really kind of gets me going here we go ready for this what number is that this is number I don't have number okay this is ten in the room you can hear my voice a little bit different you know glands okay if you're eating vanilla strawberry or raspberry ice cream you may just be eating beavers anal and urine secretions castoreum my pronouncing that criteria which comes from the castor sacs of male and female beavers is an FDA approved food additive popular in ice creams and allowed to be called natural flavoring nice beaver that's amazing I mean there's nothing wrong with a good piece of beaver but not in this aspect here meaning you probably don't know that you were eating it yes that's just Mike any comments on the piece of Beaver okay I gotta say this is the one that makes me really sick because the fact that they label it natural flavor yeah people fall into that trap yeah it's natural in it does that try natural nature natural things going on in my house too but I'm not gonna stick it in your food yeah I wouldn't stick it in your oh my goodness I love that one beavers anal glands you're cracking jokes having fun I used to play music behind some of the shows and then I stopped that so much has changed over the years but one thing that has stayed the same 7 years later is that celebrity is still religion that is the first thing I said on radio 7 years ago celebrity is still religion I'm Ryan Gable this is the secret teachings I'm going to play a song going out of the live stream today I'll bring the volume down on YouTube maybe they won't say that this was a racist show today but if I play this they'll definitely flag it this is the song for wins by bright eyes and the reason I play this song there was one line in it the Bible's blind the torah's deaf the Quran is mute if you burnt them all together you'd get close to the truth or if you mesh them all together you'd get close to the truth the Bible's blind the Torah's deaf the Quran is mute if you burnt them all together you'd get close to the truth I always loved that and I used to play that we had to play seven songs here's that number seven again and seven years ago seven years ago I had to play seven songs during the live broadcast so I get him out of the way real quick and I'd always play this song as a bumper it's called four wins of course the four wins the four cardinal directions the or elements the four quadrants of the zodiac the four parts of the Cross the four parts of the square the four parts of the pentagram the fifth be in the human intelligence consciousness rising forth like Osiris rising his head out of the mummy linen wrappings were wrappings where his body is all tied up by the way Osiris being wrapped in that linen was the first mummy in mythology in Egypt and there is a picture of me standing next to the John F Kennedy Memorial and Daley Plaza that obelisk is cut into 14 pieces that's just it's not a coincidence not a coincidence triple w dot the secret teachings dot info that's that gives you access to every single show you can download it and stream it take it with you listen whenever you'd like however you'd like you can listen to the volume up down whatever you'd like to do you can listen to it whenever you want however you want it's in the archive but the secret teachings dot info my email you can email me Ryan Gable personally there's no other assistance here you know look around there's no other assistance nothing else nothing else just me here at the secret teachings Rd gable at you


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