Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (ft. Maverick Sabre, Nolay, Eyez, Nego True, Mic Righteous)

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (ft. Maverick Sabre, Nolay, Eyez, Nego True, Mic Righteous)

Maverick Sabre, Nolay, Eyez, Nego True and Mic Righteous collaborate in this piece inspired by ‘Twelfth Night’ for Shakespeare Lives in 2016.

Find out what’s on offer during the Bard’s anniversary:

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music is my therapy but we feeling like chicks there when I speak these words carefully over melodies positive energy every time I hear the beat you know I feel the chemistry it's uplifting take your mind to another place you feel your soul just in while you're listening with your eyes closed like lovers tongue here silly we need love to express yourself freely you know it takes guts rejection keep you straight in the gut and internal is that heart you console that shit up when love the shallow it won't you like the shuttle but everybody walking around scared to trust in peril it's quite in our roll what is the treat must be MV the salt flats a journey just briefly take it slow why this is very midsummer madness mid-autumn madness midwinter magnets seasons of sadness decades of garbage where we shall flourish unlock the planet so returns to the poetry music is a way of life when I only know it's me Shakespeare in the demons warm words rage leave this dead body for is some lifting take your mind to another place you feel your souls with it while you listen with your eyes are close like lovers Gibson that's my opinion that's how I feel and it's hard to do anything else but keep your room that's my opinion that's how I feel and it's hard to do anything else but keeping love is thicker got me picking petals this your lovely not music is the only thing that sounds the pain I've got stuck on what is nothing how can it be love this only ones in them is something away maybe this is just a crush I want to tell her how I feel about a heartache rejection I don't want to face unhappiness how do I face depression music is the only feeling process is thoroughness or the only medication that can stop me going overboard I love her she likes someone but not man does a lover that man was woman disguised as her but the she likes me but I don't know she's undercover she coulda torn out for the plate it's cool this fellow wise enough to break the rules this fellow's wise enough played at school fellas we're better for weak food then I'm foolish quit education is the key I'm trying to school the kids on Hamlet the fourth night Romeo and Julia I hereby make clear that Shakespeare's coolest shit let me alone Foursquare me how can I show uncaring people always judge you by your looks and by the clothes you wear and love his people but I can taste the flavors lacking sucker skills I send my messenger with a riddle huh and he said that odd he was but so enthused to be the food of love play on let the song people gonna let the music play off said music be the food of love play on slut beans were still love when the feeling isn't mutual the other person has the door the same as that is fuchsia love's truthful and the truth is I love my music excuse-excuse it's kind of hard being race type in another life feed a lot by order I just want my brother back I wrote lyrics in my room because it was safe Friday my headphones and really trying to drown outfit I married Olivia but she's too much of a queen so I'm writing lyrics just to show the – for me ah my my door is it a dream trying to be the generation I'll take care to see it I sweat cause poor Journeys End in lovers me and then Netflix and chill is what I want this evening the gears trying to lock off the end me I had a pile I'm not gonna pretend anyone else around me I'm sorry for them try some problem anytime fuck fuck with my pen I should have read more books by others at home with a Julia trying to get to Romeo's I swear I might I swear this niggas kind of hard to remember chillin in the park reminiscence we two slots now hold on cause memories pictures and comfort was on seven we were legends I had trying to laugh cause I swear my social worker wouldn't give me a chance hello DJ we never play my part all that rejection and I did at the part and now I'm getting focused just to speak from my heart I sweat that was feeding my brother a pleasure paid one time or another so give me some music and let's go Morrow my friends and I will give you enough to take over their ends before that I was just to provide to you but really I was broke and trying to dress like a motherfuck went to all these jokers but the king is that made by as closed so somewhat a viola that Sebastian's home imagine and you will soon as we believe a lie to read that Apple on the trees consciously in your mind apostasy and then every lie that we eat is a branch in that tree eventually a whole belief system is like a heartburn of be like a carbonyl seats like a sharpen your teeth I got marching on leaf now get ready for the market of beasts every store we can now read nor where it's hard to believe because a structure with your man the human forms written in lies that's where the truth is so hard to perceive the truth existed before the word fit that's why I can't be explained but you starting to see the how dark is a shape you can stand done that that you bastard would change – its thinking reaction is paying jealousy hey love ride it through one in the same Google can't be controlled we start passing the blame go as a particle plate hey it's an emotional part of your day there we no problem to responding to the abuses you take that should we take we're reacting like a fuse to the plate rule the same you ain't the blame act in that way and you can always put forth to the cause of the pain is that voice in your brain you call it thinking but I think it leaves the poisonous taste I think it leaves a poisonous taste yeah I grew up with none so I need papers I got up like this clean trainers I love the st. scene paint my knees pagans but someone's ball breaks what others achieve greatness yet he does it with grace but I do it more naturally what I lack in capital I make up ingratitude the bridge will drag you into pictures appearing on the latitude but I won't rest I'll be revenged and I don't think we know I don't think you fat and they don't seem to see my painting of the talks is the instrument the same way namely in my past in the rhythm as its when things they in the path of duty especially our first night she was talking forties Lord she Shakespeare and only on the third night I was intertwined and no vestige of my mind with a message now 106 lat we were like Romeo and Juliet my life we will listen in the shower they say Picard a seaman on the twelve life I wish I have later my best you're my queen I'm your king you



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