Stage Acting VS Voice Over [Ohayocon 2013]

Stage Acting VS Voice Over [Ohayocon 2013]

A lovely panel about the differences between stage acting and voice over from Ohayocon 2013.
I’m so so SO SORRY this video took so long to get posted. But here it is and NOT a year later. The internet at my house JUST got updated so now I have super fast speeds. WOO!

did you bring gum bring it up for everyone will be under wearing momentarily I'm just putting my phone back together strong we're supposed to have other actors I think this spike supposed to be here I don't think smite would be here I think spike the beer isn't great this stars Jamie MacDonald diria yo Amanda will leave yeah richard horgan nice bike adventure lies lies Ricky is supposed to be ready yeah but he will not be there everything is in the restroom break I got all emotionally excited for a second well it's after seven so I guess we should start something all right we'll start something welcome to something night and none of us know what is about do you know what it's about actually I do ok click when did you take out for God ok is stage acting horses book1 you're on a stage and then they're near the booth ok well yeah but you can also throw a TV in yes and right on stage and all that other stuff Lucas all kinds of stuff that I can tell you what Bo is better than on camera and on stage why is you don't have to memorize lines yeah your scripts always in front of you yeah doesn't matter what you look like yeah you're going to get cast on you know based on the range of voices and you're acting obviously the Pacific is acting not the fact that you can do doing voices there's a lot of us in the industry that don't have a gazillion voices but they make their said so that's the first the area that I'd like to showcase because just the fact that I've always wanted to be a voice actor and I love the fact that you there is anonymity to it you're in the you're in the booth and so if you ever struggled with self-confidence issues and addressing a big crowd that actually helped build my confidence working in radio that's where I came from I didn't come from the stage so I can't speak to being on stage these gentlemen I'm sure it can tell you exponential my name is are like they use expedient expectations show that's a big word at work it did you just learn that with today I did I think this google i would think work how you spell um and if you want ask questions feel free to your hand and we'll just enjoy eyes by i will throw my two cents in i started out as he started out as a 10 year old actor on camera I did that commercials I was a hand model for mattel toys and then around 13 I got into up yeah don't they don't pay attention the brown sauce now yes and tell I looked like I had like three year old lands to do Groban oh I grew up in la i did a musical theater I became an equity performer at 13 which was my first production which is nice and I fell in love with theater and I had to be honest with you um people always ask my google to your voiceover idols when you were a kid and be honest I really knew nothing about voice over acting you know it was there just were cartoon there's ago those the voices and hit it but I didn't separate the cartoon from the voice and didn't even occur to me it was relieved um and so basically I did TV and film and then around the 80s someone said you know you got a really interesting voice you should get an animation voiceover well how do I do that with that sound naive I was not grown up and Emily and so my commercial agent at the time shared an office with a voiceover agency called sandy Shigar talent and you know sandy Oh no ha sido you know sandy and I live in LA I know who she if I don't remember I heard oh god um so I am I shared an office in my commercial agent I went over and I said like to you the boys would like okay up demo my blood I'm sure why and so they sent me to a place to make a demo and it was a reel-to-reel remember all the Ohio that was ruled this was 1903 the phonograph just been effective in the medicine indisputable um and from there I am um I just started with her that's really like the Lynn doing now I understand this panel was about voiceover versus on camera and one degree or whatever anything ah i agree with kyle that it's great the voice over thing is because you can spend eight hours on a set or more for payment wise what we can make in a couple hours in a boot so that's fun I still do theater I still get TV and fulfill them and that i love that so I don't know what else to say goodnight everything what and what your name is try to speak is lovely um yes I'm David Vasquez I would just like to get a clearer understanding of the character development between a voice actor in a more theatre actor more like method Meisner where you're like getting deep into character versus a voice actor where those two paths crow cloud mistake getting deep into a character on stage film or TV is more deeply than we do that voice on yeah yeah I just want to know but you know I don't think they've given me the answers here yeah blades skinny dangerous nice what if so it says there's the answers I don't know why my name n doesn't help you nothing will yeah well you know i'll just be quickly about about that Mumbai I started on stage I grew up in LA as well the con big la I'm losing capital else my Louisiana and Louisiana on from the Cajun area so yah yah yah we grow Piero Louisiana yeah yeah I'm gonna pull you what I came in manly and so I did a lot of local theater and I you know I wanted to be an actor and the interesting thing with McCauley said something about like you know when you go into a booth you can no one has to see you it is kind of great which I was in love to he just gets in no one has to worry about that's like very but you know it's funny because when i started acting I was very shy and looking you know I didn't want you want to see me either but I felt like when I was in a character it wasn't me you know what I mean oh yeah i could go on stay and do these lines and do these things and put in my own real-life I was like okay what does but as long as it was like it's not me it's someone else I was able to go out and do that stuff and then I went to LA and I went to American Academy of Dramatic Arts study a lot of when I say Shakespeare he's different a lot of teachers came from different methods like minor or no Hagen or even played with her yeah I thought ice cream huda logon guys and I but actually she's one of my favorites actually she has an incredible book of respect for acting yeah and so one of my teachers came from her and so she know sort of new stuff but um yummy is like he said you know I feel like to with when i'm doing the voice over stuff we may not have like the time that we do for stage or even some film is that we get to rehearse or my series apparently it's on the fly but i think you can have you know some of the training that you're able to do it quickly when you need to you know and able to recall the emotion yeah I always say that I approach every medium exactly the same I approach voiceover theatre stage film TV radio the same way I look at what the story is even in a commercial there's a story that we have they have one line like object for example I teach I teach sober for animation and one of the things i always do is I give a commercial piece of copy out and it's always the same it's the same piece of copy was with all the great things to do in New Mexico it just may be the greatest place on earth so most people go up and they just they try to sound the part you know like that either sound announcer or something but i would say you know one you have to be talking to someone and to why are you talking why do you say when you're saying so for me when I approached anything in any medium it's always about being informed it's like why am I say what I'm saying it's not just because it's written for me so like for that particular piece of copy what I teach is look you're you're trying to act like you really love New Mexico but that's really hard to do if something doesn't resonate that you feel fake but I do feel like you're you're pretending to be New Mexico but I always ask myself what is a case where I would actually say these things and I know if it is my wife wants to go to New Mexico I don't want to go to Mexico but I'm going to lose this battle so I go anyway and I discover I'm having a good time and because my thing that resonates for me is that I will never admit when I'm wrong I make it like it was my idea the right things and there are new mexico it might just be the greatest place on earth there's much like jackie gleason tick right now suddenly have a reason for talking and that is my take on it is it the same as these guys knows well a different person yeah won't you join us how is the restroom right Ricky ok that is my two cents while hasn't it say that as far as the the film acting and voice acting goes it's it's called voice acting so that's the one thing we always tell people that I'm teaching somebody or teaching liked on how to be a freaking genius voice actor panel right first thing I tell you is way to do you take acting classes that's right you have to train I in the closet of trained actor as well as you guys are as well watch you guys are not everyone is but that is the course we are actors and when we're in the booth we're doing the best we can to give an honest representation of what is happening then what ad and we do whatever the hell the director tells us exactly nothing gives us more of a pet peeve the people that say to us do you guys still act that tries it's a nice i doing what I got heavy look at / anymore you may be reelected Yeah right oh and there's nothing more offensive because it's hard to do voiceover a lot of the time that it is to look make a look with your face it shows like you're angry no well it's fun because a lot of times some of the roles that we get I mean every unlike for example of the Shinji Emma Kelly and that is an acting role because I mean that's a lot of heart wrenching gut bridging the vocal cord and exploding of action and I had really get into that now not a lot of them are going to go that way a lot of crazy character or just fun and silly and awesome to do but you could having that background makes it real when under the booth and when Shinji's crying and stuff usually on karai you know I mean that's just how we get into it and some people do some people don't but the name of the acting background will film really really helps immensely good question so I want to know is that if you're not if you're not safer sampling if you're not majoring in acting what is the alternative you can you can do work and I know you can take acting classes but what where is the best place to start is it New York is in LA or is it could it be in your home town are you in college is there an improv group at your college yeah that's the best place to start all right yeah thank you here's your luvin protoid you lots I do lots of improv snow so you know in how many sports so in different theatres ford's theater sports it's all about improbably we come further from different techniques i did a railing ceramics that's your best bet the literal Whelan scotch that's a workout this mobile where many knows right there here's something that about voiceover in particular is if you keep talking your vocal cords are okay it's when you stop talking that they swell and once they swell you can't the vocal cords won't vibrate against each other the more you can't get the sound out so that's kind of why when i'm recording i keep talking so that if I don't like I'll go to sleep tonight all waking up in the morning and online I'll be like this and it'll take me hours to get it back but I like to sing singing on the way to some jobs or anything auditions or anything I like the same because it not only gets you go and get you up ah midnight or the kid you do that metal other game tiles ears I don't have any methods yeah I do know that if I have a session first thing in the morning you have that morning voice you guys open your vocal cords there's different tricks like you know bro code you know some hot tea and I have some stuff right here some address so you're saving grace I'm saving grace saving grace fingers there is a voltage a nasty I swear by my hair it's swear by it he's absolutely right based on it kalica yes sir you did but it works and please break under it that is my shame he's no contest okay everybody I know one thing is my name is on the way to the students develop a one morning or something and I'm always do a lot of you know I just shrink everything dump everything up and down and just go high logo o people like wow he's insane he like your voice actor I don't have any low you know I also I stick a cork in my mouth let's do it if you get a cork because that helps with your diction like I'd be in Shakespeare a lot of times before flight stick a fork in my mouth and you say lines with the court between your teeth and that helps your diction so I hire someone to do that really the morning if I drink the bottle of wine you gotta go away ring them up well I don't even oh it's uh hot sauce is that good hot sauce is just awesome I love oh I'm cream I love spicy food yeah yeah yeahs go near there I don't know that up to that apple vinegar yes that's those great oh no I'm trying to use a ginger these things called this little ginger thing you suck on this there some Kenya get our starting ya go there there's a golden throat go through it all there's something else I could try to cash all I can add a picture of it I'll 70 yo there's something really crazy and interesting crack no I would be Ricky scale Ricky the best boys factor in the span of oxen the old man why is it always like this I i have like everyone everything i do i have just a quiet moment lasts for like 7 hours before i can do anything like I'm Zim they would they didn't think I would I'm had any life than me what I would ever ever come in in the morning like ah ok what sessions it's all right i was wondering i know i heard musical theatre thrown around its vocal music training has that been helpful to any of you t recommended you got hates me I haven't had any of it I can't see what the crap goodbye I you know what I think it's good for its good for knowing your instrument I know that sounds you know it sounds a little heavier a little pretentious right little bit nicer I don't her do it a kid again I refer to my throat but you know it's knowing where to would know looks like some people like I happen to be a throat talker so I know that that's where most of my voice has come from look legging the one to sell my cuddle this is as close as I'm ever going to get my voice is going to blow out because I can't lower into my chest I know that I have a limitation Mike Mike my ranges from an ear to hear some popping my voice so yeah it helps to know what you can do with your voice and local train does that also stretches your vocal cords in range shooting yeah I think for most of us where we probably are always experimenting with new voices I mean something will happen where's go on you walk along and something else from a que hora that's not the room you know she can a catalog that and do that your mind thinks just for the longest time that kind of voice with the you guys would probably all do it that the phone salter girl that's the girl remember yes or the god thing but it is so many people can do that I never do that until like two years ago and I just play around what do I oh yeah yeah that's that's that's a good one it was good to know you try these things in other words there are people in our business like up there are people in our business like dee bradley baker and frank welker who spend their time finding the places in their voice that create monsters and crickets and all sorts of things and they're like that they're what I refer to as real sound effects actors because of the things they can do I'm like I eat you no he is not he has he not healing easy he is an atomic on okay um um I guess this is it behind me you're here thank you oh okay yay um I'm classically trained I guess you could say I'm good here's the like theater acting and stage acting stuff like that before I got sick and was forced into the hospital which is when I discovered voice acting and was fascinated by the idea and I like the idea but I was curious since I'm stuck here in Ohio and not in theatre manger because of my physical limitations um would you suggest things like getting an agent or something to help move the process along since some of us are stuck in the Midwest and not in like the acting capitals there are regional lack of agencies everywhere yeah well I just voiceover yeah well I mean there's there's tons of work and voiceover that doesn't you know you don't have to be in LA or New York for a lot of that mean for what we do you need to be in these places but there's radio here you know I mean there's a loss of radio yes you got to have an agent obviously but we don't always have to have an agent that's not the in front of everything but being professional giving good product make sure you have a good demo and a web presence and then network your ass off and the one thing I was cautioning the backs though is to not not go to demo before you're ready you don't you make a demo what would you put on come on voices oh sure yeah but you know also it depends what you want to do it for because they're they're separate demos for like commercials daftar separate demos work for animation yeah narration books on tape is completely different than G yeah that's what I was more curious about because I've listened to separate them though some people were kind of math there here's the trims of the demo when you ask what should I put on it you shouldn't have to answer that for yourself if you hire a good producer which is what you want to do they will help they will pick copy and you'll rehearse it before you ever go to demo I always warned people that that if you're going to go do a demo never trust a person that just gives you copy on this on the spot and says I can come back on Thursday and will record it you can't do it you're not going to get a good demo no matter how good you are you've got to spend time rehearsing it with that person that's producing the demo ideally the best thing you can have is actual work that has been on the air that has been good professional quality stuff get copies of that piece all that together that's beautiful demo there's nothing but professional I was just told people trained first and then invest a demo because while the technology exists to make a good sounding demo a technical level that doesn't mean you're going to showcase the best you have to offer as a trained actor you trained first and then you pay good money and it is good money not cheap not cheap you know you go to medical school for 12 years you've got to pay money to learn the craft and the pay your dues as they always say but yeah you don't just skip all that and say I can record it Frank's place on is on this key C and put something together in in two hours yes you can but I came from radio and without any training or anything I kept putting together technically competent demos that got absolutely nowhere and then once I started taking classes then suddenly my investment demo had a voice acting coach that helped and suddenly had a competent la quality commercial tech demo it's just very unfortunate to be trapped and yes Ohio but you have to stop thinking that way yeah you have to stop thinking trapped in Ohio first of all you're young and second of all yeah she trusts us compared to us you're young at least at least Ricky I remember we're gonna sound beyond our audiences so the fact the matter is is that you know it's a law of nature the greater the determination the greater the obstacles that's true and so it's how you confront those obstacles okay while in the Midwest what can I do on here and then don't argue for your limitations it's a big thing that I that's true yeah I should go on getting Ricky's idea fast hello about agencies and such I have about six different agents across the country so I have some I get auditions from North Carolina from Georgia from Denver stuff that we're never going to see in LA and local regional things that we don't even get over there but I've got a consult over so I get these things so you can do that once you get a good demo you can have a representation anywhere all your auditions go over email you attach them off the oh and then if you get booked you just booked a studio i'll check your own home studio which I kind of do so it's like it works pretty well that might but there's a lot of you know 20 Gertie's where the patterns and demos go to voice and just hit on any random psycho get your female just listen to pick some ladies and it was either commercial blow it up saying it would make sense to listen to do you know you need to listen to your competition what these excerpts are about what eight to ten seconds of peace and the average length of a demo is whittled down to about 60 seconds now in days not three minutes and all that stuff and it starts with the signature sound you know nothing in a movie the climax is the best part of the movie the biggest thing yourself lawyer was the beginning you almost want to put it all over again because a short attention span no pebbles or later they're going to show your demo off after 10 seconds if they don't like what they hear so you almost have to put your like I'm awesome right now and then they gonna go well they're kind of awesome of looky-loos 15 animation right now agents want your natural voice as the first thing on your animation demo old school was like DNA and then in that sort of crap um and now they want just your voice beforehand because we cast animation the same way as we cap cast on Kim on camera based on the breakdown we're looking for this kind of personality someone funnies amana so give me spyker you know something like that it's not just how many different voices you look at the boys like an adventure kind of those your electric was on extra places then I'll swim cartoon network stuff everyone should sounds normal well so the Disney's every time a petition they're all just rain down rain down right now break it down yeah well be yeah cartoon stuff I'm ready for now is now start saying is like not cartoony that's not off you want real which lets me out okay my kind of pertains to request like being trapped in the Midwest like I kind of research this per year and I have not started a demo yet since I haven't contacted anyone but in this area like to gain a more a portfolio basically you can go to see CAG your online and ask any students if they gain any voice actors like sometimes yeah I'm sorry for automated narrator for commercials are making for class and CCAD for animation and then I'm fw mci the major station is pretty big on great on voice actors and agency once you're ready is its film hey man one word Amen agencies so there's not too you know thank you so much very good you guys have my public access public access or no meeting my dad in clovis you know did you know they may be people for that as well well one thing also gave a view like these colleges and stuff you're talking about a lot of times outside of the acting areas though the head of a pin on board where people put all kinds of different things go there another thing that says I will narrate whatever on a voice talent I'm going to expand my repertoire or whatever and you know give me a call and I'll about portrayed if you were to be like filming an accent studio or something like that or at least it's something greater friend told in my car I had this point at home stereo is in the college budget there you go I can tell you the cheapest fastest thing this is what i have in my house okay i got a really nice microphone that's that you got a good microphone here but you got to have a space that is quiet and so foam is like the thing you want to have all around you know that that really need sound phone yeah well here's what I did I went to walmart and I got the bed toppers it's about that thing you know it's got all the different riches and everything and I cut that stuff up and put it all over the walls worse perfectly I've been time doing professional gigs in my little closet studio I really but if you had professional oh it's like 300 ologist for that is ridiculous yeah it cost me thirty-five bucks oh you know there's a great one audacity is free online that's what i've been using for just the technical part of it because the recording anything but my microphone i use a bluebird yeah love it it's really good for her voice you guys like the Yeti I do like the Yeti I don't know the I like the addy the blue Yeti I'm fun of the levels from apple it's very good it's the next generation of the original which was the snowball right let's go is not much no one guys know I had that for a while it's on us yeah but the blue Yeti is a good one you know what I did you want to go really on a budget this what I did for like five years last month's by area I was using the snowball for a little while am ia joke like this does not work it's just kind of its 10 e it's not organized a yeah and I said you know one day I recording through like World of Warcraft and world combat auditions I think 13 and 13 i'm going to i just tear them up and i listen to sounds great everything and I go to get ready to detach everything I look down and I hadn't attacked a damn thing you know what happened it sounded great I sent it in and I said tell me what you think of these shows these are much better it's a microphone on my imac my macbook oh you acted disabled if i didn't know no yeah i had i had not connected the mic so yet this was the height on and I post connected didn't connect snow so he was the mic on my macbook didn't know it wasn't nothing is just opening it up and hit a record and it was on that and I did that for years here's what's not right but I've got a friend that books jobs off of his ipad got with a with a blue yeti might because they have an interface and go right into your ipad and it's amazing I'm like are you serious if we travel you know somewhere around the country or something and he gets an audition he's very doesn't like a flowery fun of all set up here i just did a live game today and it's you know we do you do the the hotel bedroom studio action three pillows and put your stuff right here and you take the blanket and you're in a little tent and that's your studio like we're not professional works wait in the back way in the back you sir oh yes sir I was wondering what you prefer as it like for example in stage you have done we need to play off noise so you do provide all the fly or do you prefer the back to in studio we have that out of investment income but free cuz it takes but I mean for me because I've done a lot of stages with you but um I love having that that feeling from the audience because it's Yetta and because it's different each night when you do a play and you know it's just we I don't know how to explain it it's just weird did you feel the audience you you know you're responding to the activator a key really yeah you're listening to doing this full story and but you know it's like like Richard said that you know each thing that we do is I look at them edit all the same you know even those different mediums so the Lang pretend yeah and like the response i get let's say for doing when I'm anime in a booth by myself you know sometimes I don't get here anyone in English at all speak back to me I'm just hearing the Japanese and yet but then that's when I have to also use my instincts listen to the director play off of even the Japanese and what I've seen that I've heard you know that's maybe what kind of keeps us fresh of it for me video games are tough for me because the way we record video games is not the same as the way we usually record our animation which isn't what it's called a radio Radio radio Radio record in which we're all in the room hopefully if we're available we're all acting off each other video games are tough for me because most of the time we don't know what level they're working on so they'll just give you like this thing of a script of line after line after line after line after line of game commands and you won't really know what's going on to try to explain it to you but you don't have like a broader understanding a lot of the time of the overall game so we're doing that one line three times in a row and often we do um efforts over and over and over again so say you know give us a short attack yeah he was a longer attack ah that just like drives me nuts yeah it drives us all nuts heavy attack wide attack medium attack and three different three different ones yeah all at once you got to think three different ones to do right then in there yeah and you're screaming from and you're screaming or our times um so that that is not something I'll take stage over that I should with one thing since we really don't get a chance to see each other in the booth this is the chance we get to actually see each other because even when you do work on a project together a lot of unique know who's in the name right you don't know what you're working on that I'm but one thing is great is every now and then you do get to be in the room together which is I find so much fun Kyle we've been in the room to give me socially and but it's great though everyone time is me an original car and the producer of this one gang we're doing it was vandal hearts something long time ago and it's the three years three grown men and a booth and we're screaming different ways we're dying it's like okay now you're being pummeled by rocks I'll go to God black ok now i don't know there's a wall of water look around ago this is cool I was on it I was on a world of warcraft session the other like two months ago and it was that big one where it's like the Navy are such when they brought in all the voices of it and there was a warning group an afternoon group in the morning group but were just like oh my god and then the afternoon group kind of crossed over with them and the afternoon grouper are energetic now they got great ideas and we're just like this the morning group were just like oh my god I have no boyfriend and one of the people on the room after we get this long pass went hey I have an idea what if we all scream while oh I could see me just gotten there and all of us in the morning boothwyn what did you do that that drove me nuts you got the job already yes women do you yes you are you money into something I a lot of people in here you know even to people in Tel oh you should be voice acting years a great it's basically system prescience we're doing like we copy others like I think you said listen to others and to a minute what they do but you know that's great it's going to be an impressionist I think oh it's not like if you weren't even a voice that can you have to have your own voices so you have to slam like mimicking others and like this right here this isn't my natural voice because I'm a transgender I had to construct this but took me four years to do this so I'm wondering like do you have tips to do this because I really have no idea what I did to get this but beautiful like sort ideas tips and swim speed up the process somewhat when you need to come up with a voice fast Oh freaking real certainly I had no idea in line that you were dead as a fantastic voice special in uh well one thing that I I was doing in any voice I see I can go from the visuals if I can I live in two characters at all this characters know about this voice he's going to be deepen he's going to be this but I do a layer where I just say okay is it a high or a low voice so it's a high which okay it's like to hike when somebody like this and I see is it Bradley breathy or gravely I mean this is very very simple I know guys with layered like 11 12 different ways genius I'm not that smart yeah the doors at Disney way and it's really you know that you add to the high was he got a high voice add to it with the gravity of ready to go breathy it's gonna be really get you loathe growling it's wonderful Tracy you know you can start playing with your voice that way and you will find all kinds of different combinations and then throw in a couple of the accents if you can do them and you're going to come up with really great characters that way if you want to do it that way or like you said impersonations go off of an impersonation and take it away a different different angle like I've done different characters that are basically Cardinal lots of booting yourself dance miss against everybody green onion alien that was me and it was basically Cartman if you believe you break it down you listen ollie oh it's that kind of thing so you play with it go go with what you have them to you no fear all yeah what I was saying earlier was like listen to the demos for the idea of what sort of material is on a demo I never said you know you should do impressions if you do impression that's great for parties but I said oh no mom yeah I mean there is a niche of voiceover over called voice matching and that's where it comes into play when the celebrities won't come in for whatever reason that they call it we need someone to voice match so and so for the TV edit of this r-rated movie all right whatever passed away and oftentimes you may think you're doing a great imitation and you're not and you got to create a new character I mean I got lots of characters like in Damon beavers I started out with Lou Costello been several more like Tyne Daly and then by the end of it we were all it was Jack Lemmon in glengarry glen ross and in my mind instead of like the l-shaped nuh would you give me though she leads but did and that was I end up doing that Yorker in my head that's I'm sticking to it was correct your holes but one thing if you just listened a lot of impersonations they don't sound at all like the real person but we all know as we go down we all know that's almost worse something on the list names like really everybody doesn't walk and everyone does their and I said why it's never sounds just like them usually it's always a caricature you know but they kind of Bureau it's a caricatures academic waiver you mean in the same show oftentimes a report of in one pass it there if it's just the Truman or thrown like I'm Billy Mandy I was often Billy static hey yeah how's it going Billy it's time for Mogar no yard and just talk back and forth but if it's like multiple things different passes yeah I mean you kind of have to me I do it video game one time where I didn't if I didn't know I was going in to do multiple voices and I think I did like 16 voices are one thing and I didn't know I was me doing that yeah there was four I do like four gonna make it meant remaining romancing saga minstrel song you know that when I'm stroller I don't know that's the other game yes but you know and then you sort of have to remember because it's kind of like categorizing your brain while you're doing it okay I did that voice of that one so now I have to do this but you know and I'm going to expect joining kind of visual like so if I get sort of a visual idea of what the character is going to look like that really helps me a lot you know in terms of knowing the county's kind of sound again in the end we just do what the director tells us so how exactly it is so explain them you're a whore hundred-year-old demon via smokes and then I need to go because all we're looking at as an excel spread with son your son go on I think doesn't search when they go like oh you need to do it faster with an S feel bit slower oh god yes massage it'll give me give me ten percent less yeah k smear nobody's going slow yeah that's reliable flunky that's not a frustration anime that we have a lot of the times if we're dubbing is that we may have this great characterization but we don't have the time because we're matching with flaps and it gets us frustrated a lot of times we want to do more with it you said with flaps yeah yes and it gets really frustrating for us sometimes because we have this great ideas like yeah you woulda business it doesn't fit it just doesn't fit in that time man so we kill people that's not mean really is i think of you probably agree with me I me matching lip flaps and stuff is the hardest job in voiceover it's so hard to do and it pays the least it will eat us what the matching the flaps is my favorite pump man missing minstrel song acoustic you were there so how do you balance staying active within your character as to matching the lip flaps or whatever it may be staying within these refined you know yes parameters between staying active within what you've set for your character and what they believe to be true Wesley yeah you matter we didn't want them don't need the money the intensity of the scene and animate dubbing you know we watch it once in Japanese we zoom out loud or soft can we deliver this line what's the context of its would see that and base it off of that if it's animated really big and obviously doesn't make sense correct you know whole but you know I think to what you're getting to is that not only is it that we're napping but it's also technical because we also have to be on time on time we're thinking about okay here's my script I'm looking in this line to the very first time I have to bring everything about my acting to it and I'm watching a timecode and one on that Jenny all right there's the beeps we go off the fourth be i'm watching the timecode i'm watching the lid flaps and i'm looking at the script so you have to have three eyes and we're hungry yes and you're hungry or you have a headache I had a migraine one time in a booth all having to do a character I mean literally I got hit with a minor in the last 30 minutes of a character and my character was a screaming character oh so and I wanted to throw up so guys so horrible and just I can't exploit him out yeah but you know what i mean like so you're you know you may not feel good that day you know how much you're going in and you have to bring everything to it so i was even trying to psych myself out like i do not have a migraine you're right yeah and something inherent insane don't add my rate is like you do you didn't have a much saught into yeah i mean and the thing is when i was doing it I didn't feel it as much however when they they're like messing with it and trying to make it work and I'm like waiting for the next line that's when is it will just come on let me just say the line let me get over this and of course they have pizza like that after you know that smell defeats on guys and I was just pretending like oh I'm doing great course I can contrary to get up it's not a video there's all that stuff you don't think about you know that how you feel you know that day you know there's so much that goes on you know it really is if you look at the technical aspect of this is really a very well more name dance between the directors the actors the the people who translated everything the sound engineer the producers everybody it's like a Hollywood movie on a smaller scale but how Hollywood movie ever gets made I have no freakin clue it's crazy if you look at all of anything that goes into making this film it's pretty nuts so it's hard I'm to theta phi by fun yeah okay pleasure gentlemen I have to leave this panel I'm sorry I would love I must say I have a panel I do too right now I'm doing don't kill you late and other cooking tips right now so you guys have a fantastic panel it was a pleasure and an honor to be up there with these amazing people in my when you're done here that weighed upon by don't get your deed yeah that'll be great tips over the land delaware a bee come on over they'll be PI phi not including you know I just want to say they're really great about also a good way of practicing is I was burning brewco playwright six and what they did is it was a visitor playwright seems like it was it was for playwrights but they had actors come in in the evening and they would present their few works so they were big actors from the group and they would say oh you read knows he's going to be but for voice acting because we see the script for the very first time when we go in we don't get it ahead of time so cold reading just is invaluable because if you're not used to you know having a line just given to you and we're not talk about one line we talk about you know 70 some-odd lines or they are going to rewrite and rewrite them in on the fly so you have to be like that and so cold reading helped me a lot any Martin a group like I had a question about probably mostly going to kind of Richard but you guys talking earlier about like the voice acting ursus stage acting in the audience reactions well technically most of us are audiences in the dreamers were fandom which is a lot different how do you guys typically feel when you find out what happens to your characters and fanned out meaning like fan fiction fan fiction fan art we don't we don't really pay attention ease they don't really don't mean or I'd be interested yeah we just you know live our life yeah we know there's this thing called rule 34 you know the world the internet is what it is Roger doesn't to be scarred for life that's all right I've already been scarred for life have you met me okay I think for me the hardest part about voice acting is whether or not know what you sound like it's kind of hard yeah that's the biggest problem people are listening to themselves that's yes I know you're saying is you're listening to yourself and if you're listening to yourself then you're not entering what I call the secondary reality and playing in that world but you did it as a kid when you were a kid did you play a big league game okay what did you play did you play house which play Star Wars play some make-believe game you're a dragon and what did you say is a dragon he's a dragon say you play view I'm a dragon and he plays it's like a plane at the end of that make-believe time when your mom says it's time for your friends to go home come any clean up for dinner or whatever did you ever save your friends let me ask you something when I said I am a dragon did you believe me or should have gone I'm a dragon or Chevonne I have a try again I'm a drunk he didn't you just played you're listening to something suddenly you get older and you put so much on it like making a career becoming famous getting money getting an agent not losing an agent all those things that stop you from playing pretend that's the key those of us that continue to do this on a regular basis would just play pretend over and over again the listening to ourselves a specter that goes away but in the beginning you're going to be your precious judge so you gotta learn not to do that you got to remember what it was like to play that's all I do and yellow Ricky don't feel like everything um so like on something like a code reading where do you find like greatest ease unlike a jump-off point where you know maybe it's the thing that hooks you the most or something that you had a deep emotional connection to where do you usually work from well your first point keep coming social connection to and we really don't have a deep emotional connection to it right off the bat yeah yeah the reebok point is knowing what's going on in the story you gotta read it like a good book so you know I always say to myself what situation do I find myself in in this story and then I picked out one one sentence there's a sentence I can pick out that I can hang my hat on that if that's what I go after like at Nancy inflection of those rewards in in reading and that's what I do the fact that mattress is just because we audition it and we get a call back or we get the job the works not done we probably didn't have a deep emotional connection to it at that point we just had fun doing it the other the more we play the character the more it becomes part of our are make-believe world yeah I mean I think that that's the thing because you're playing especially an anime because even playing this character in so many episodes you know you grow into it more and more and more as you get to know the character even more and you start identify I mean for me you know I look at a face of a character that I'm doing and I just start identifying with it like oh that's I feel like well that's me you know I mean it's funny because even when I'm walking walking around the con I see something like Mikado you know you are up you know in some of the battery or bags or plush or whatever like oh that's me you know I mean and it's not me right but it's where do you start connecting yourself to it even though absolutely I when I teach my lessons at the very first step by teaches the I am and and simply what I am the woodland creature I am the alien I am it's happening to me right now but a lot of actors would say will he or when he is when he is or what it is but unless you say it's happening to mean right now it's you're never going to connect to it so so yeah we do say oh that's me oh there I am I was in you know I am Sam I'm like I am also Billy yes nope Oh mostly then what good what would you say gets more frustrating on stage or voice acting well it's hard to blow and take when it's uh you know I mean we blow takes all the time recorded but it's not the end of the play and what I mean there's not a live audience and like oh crap he forgot his lines or anything we can just start over but you know to rehearsing for a play is really ruling because I mean you're doing what is usually five or six days sometimes sometimes eight yes si but you know even just the beginning of rehearsal when you're starting from nothing and you're like with these new actors and you don't even know what your characters going to be wearing or feel like or how they relating to this character and you know you're slowly building it little by little by little you know and never fails for me like the last performance or my account yeah yeah I'm the guy that's what it means yeah you're right now or you think of something new like the light closing guy that drives me crazy frustrations abound both but there's it you know to get a regular voiceover gig is sometimes harder than getting a theater job especially in la there's tons of theaters at that place they would kill to have you in it because they don't pay you and you know they want you to work till midnight or one in the morning and so frustrations career-wise you know voiceover can be frustrating every every day we have more and more people coming into voice because they discovering when i started in voiceover um like in domestic animation I know they always say this there will in like 10 or 12 people doing all the voices it was true but we also came in at a time when cable exploded so they couldn't do all the jobs and that's how we all got in the door so so that can be frustrating she's had her hand up yeah each other I will imitate I will imitate a boy oops I only material I factors I think of Elaine Stritch it sounds like Louie Armstrong no duh are you sure okay sheriff is anyone who share is out there hey Jim seems trivial things i did a show I didn't know with the convention of this comedian Judy Tenuta okay I was on this thing called Ricky's into the night oh hell yeah a long time / place I was on a skip on that show but she was the guest is she went out she wears this big sellers angel broking turn back turn oh my god yeah she was crazy I said judy to noon if you don't know she isn't look her up on YouTube oh she might lose to take you know Phillips crazy lady fun i love you go close not lucky yeah what are the characters you guys have played Oh Scott be playing re human Street Fighter the narrator go on dragon ball z isin mm-hmm currently Mikado really about a and rubber ah beautiful Joey marvel vs capcom 3 lay on Final Fantasy crystal chronicles info bearers am I mine in blue exorcist Rico Dora in your eyes of the yokai clan be something other things when they cry you know you're bashing me some are shampoo salmon invader zim billion the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy Daggett in the angry beavers out of 5 and the Power Rangers um kick buttowski I mouth passes LG Graham dr. Joe a nice view Rasputin psychonauts orthop hawks in destroy humans and the Sony and ratchet clank and the fell firing in world of warcraft the new one yes you're sad you're also cigs in League of Legends I'm not not everyone thinks I am I'm not it sounds like me but it's not I promise you girl I'm cami like a summer party would you accept the part I was a girl run invader zim and the bloody the pig hunt invaders in run before I did the Zim I was background painter in animation and also background actor in relief so I went back to end and wrote comics and books and I actually went back to doing that afterwards mostly but I I was revised was in the movie Argo of a dependency the top of my head for days of filming because the top of my head what your hair looked at it's really good at all 17 soon little bit epic is like nine foot to thank you everyone for coming out


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