Stephen A Smith | Before They Were Famous

Stephen A Smith | Before They Were Famous

Stephen A Smith | Before They Were Famous

Before They Were Famous:

Before Stephen A Smith would tell a handful of players, mostly in the NFL to Stay Off The Weed. Before Stephen A Smith would be known for constantly debating his former co host Skip Bayless on pretty much everything. Before Stephen A Smith would become one of the most popular figures in the sports world, known for his on personality on both First Take and his own radio show, The Stephen A Smith show

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Before Stephen A Smith would tell a handful
of players, mostly in the NFL to Stay Off The Weed Before Stephen A Smith would be known for
constantly debating his former co host Skip Bayless on pretty much
everything Before Stephen A Smith would become one of
the most popular figures in the sports world, known for his on personality on both First
Take and his own radio show, The Stephen A Smith show Love him or hate him, Stephen A Smith has
become a polarizing figure in the sports world. From growing up in Queens, New York, to getting
a college basketball scholarship, and eventually becoming one of the most talked about sports
analysts out there, Stephen A has made quite a name for himself. Starting off writing for his college paper
calling for his coach to retire, before eventually working for the Philadelphia Inquirer and
becoming the most well known host of ESPN’s First Take, Smith is quite often talked about
for using the phrase Blasphemous to describe plays that, to Smith seem completely out of
whack, calling Aaron Rodgers a baaaaaad man and of course his hated for the Dallas Cowboys,
which I can easily get behind. They suck, go Eagles. In fact, someone even made a song about Smith’s
hatred for the cowboys. What's going on guys? My name is Jarred Bronstein and welcome back
to Before They Were Famous. In our last few videos we covered the 2k Goat
Chris Smoove as per your requests, so we figured you guys would want more coverage on the basketball
world. Keep sending in your requests in the comments
down below as always, and today’s trivia question is what soap opera did Smith make
his acting debut on? Let me know in the comments below, I’ll
answer the question at the end of the video, now let's got on with this show. Stephen Anthony Smith was born on October
14th, 1967 in The Bronx, New York. He is the youngest of 6 children, with four
older sisters and a younger brother, Basil, who passed away in a car accident in 1992. Smith also has a half brother from his father’s
side. Smith’s parents are from the St. Thomas
Virgin Islands, with his mother, Janet Smith, working 16 hour days, 7 days a week to provide
for the family. Smith’s dad, who’s name was unobtainable,
was believed to manage a hardware store, but was also known to be an outstanding baseball
and basketball star, who was drafted by the Giants back in the 1950’s according to Stephen
himself. Although Smith was born in the Bronx, he grew
up in Queens, more specifically, Hollis. Smith would attend Thomas Edison High School
in Queens, where he would graduate before going to the Fashion Institute of Technology
for a year. Growing up Smith would be an avid sports junkie,
watching football and baseball religiously, while playing basketball in the New York Streets. His childhood hobby of playing ball would
eventually lead to a scholarship at Winston Salem State University, which would be the
reason for his transfer after just 1 year at the Fashion Institute. Apparently Smith was actually a pretty good
basketball player. I meant if he got a scholarship he couldn’t
of been all that bad. I tried to find the man’s college stats
and couldn’t find anything. Granted, he played back in the 80’s but
still, his stats shouldn’t be that hard to find. Thankfully Skip Bayless, his former co-host
was able to find some stats on Stephen and apparently he actually wasn’t all that great
of a player. More specifically, at least according to Skip,
he shot to many 3’s, and missed a lot of them. However his college basketball career would
help be the birth of his journalism and sports broadcasting career. While playing for the team, Smith wrote one
article about his coach at the time, Clarance Big House Gaines, who Smith explains was not
only a coach, but a father figure and a huge inspiration to him. While still playing under coach Gaines, Smith
wrote an article calling for his coach to retire in the school’s newspaper. This would lead to a huge backlash for a young
Smith, who’s known for his controversial remarks. Smith however, didn’t care that the chancellor
of the school wanted him expelled and that a bunch of people we’re asking how he could
do that to his own coach. In an interview Smith explained how he told
the Coach he needed to retire and if he didn’t, he’d be writing an article about it. Coach told him to go right ahead. Speaking on the backlash of the situation,
Smith told The Oklahoman in a phone interview “Coach Gaines was the one that stepped up
and said, “Leave that boy alone. I told him it was OK for him to write.” And I didn’t get to tell them, because my
attitude was if you don’t know how close he and I were and how much I love that man,
then you don’t know me at all and it’s not even worth the time of day and I’m not
even going to try to explain it.” In a tribute to the late coach, Stephen A
only had kind things to say. Smith’s big break came from his professor
at Winston Salem State, who also worked as an editorial page editor for the Winston Salem
Journal. John Gates approached Smith one day after
class, claiming after reading his essay he thinks Smith was born a sports writer. This would lead to Gates setting up an appointment
with Terry Oberle, who at the time was the sports editor of the newspaper. After a brief 5 minute meeting, Smith was
hired as a clerk in the sports department. About 3 weeks into his gig with the Winston
Salem Journal, Smith was given the assignment to do a story on the Wake Forrest soccer team,
who at the time were the third ranked team in the country. Without any knowledge on soccer, Smith went
to the team’s coach, Walt Chyzowych, and told him honestly, he didnt know much about
soccer but he’s trying to be a sportswriter and this is incredibly important to him. The coach invited him back the next day, giving
him access to him and his team, to ask whatever questions he wanted to needed over the span
of the next three days. With all of this information, the paper was
able to write a two page story on the school’s soccer program. According to Smith, “After I wrote the piece,
Terry Oberle called me into his office the next day and said, “Congratulations, you
are now the beat writer for Wake Forest soccer.” From there, my career took off.” Smith would also write for the New York Daily
News, covering high school sports before he would eventually be hired by the Philadelphia
Inquirer in 1994 as a writer. He claims in his first 13 years there, he
would be promoted a total of nine times. He told The Oklahoman “ I ultimately went
from general assignment, to beats on St. Joe’s and Temple, to backup writer, to NBA writer
to NBA columnist to ultimately, in 2003, to general sports columns. That was my ultimate dream, to be a columnist,
because I always knew that I wanted to have the license to express myself, my opinion
as opposed to be restricted to just reporting. I wanted to express my thoughts, my feelings,
my opinions. At the time, that was my greatest achievement,
becoming a columnist.” In that same year Smith would join ESPN as
an analyst for the network’s pre game show to featured NBA Games. In 2005, Smith would get his big break with
the sports channel, getting both his own radio show, The Stephen A Smith show, from 2005-2008
and hosting the Quite Frankly with Stephen A Smith show, from 05-07. In 2007, Smith would be demoted from his position
at the Philadelphia Inquirer, going back to the position of General Sports Columnist. Less than a year later, Smith would be fired
from his job, but rehired in 2010 after winning an arbitrators ruling that he should be reinstated,
so long as he removed his political views from his cable shows. While all this was going down, he would also
announce he’d be leaving ESPN in May of 2009, just a few years after his show Quite
Frankly would be cancelled. But it wouldn’t be long before Smith would
join Fox Sports Radio in November of 2009, as an on air contributor. On January 4th, 2010 Smith would become a
Fox Sports morning show host, replacing Steve Czaban. To his credit, Smith predicted the big 3,
Lebron, Dwayne Wade and Bosh would link up in Miami during the 2010 free agency. But just over a year later, on February 1st,
2011, it was announced Smith would be retting to ESPN as a columnist for their website and
host for one of their local New York radio shows. On April 30th, 2012 Smith would join First
Take commentator Skip Bayless for a daily segment called Embrace Debate. This is what would really put Smith on the
map, for his argumentative and hilarious ways, when debating Bayless. Following his return ESPN, he would once again
leave their radio programming while still appearing on First Takes. He’d join the Mad Dog Sports Channel on
serious Radio in September 2014, just a few months after he made controversial comments
about the Ray Rice situation on First Takes, which would lead to a 1 week suspension for
the outspoken host. But Smith would once again return to ESPN’s
on air show after leaving Mad Dog back in January of 2017. As many of you know, Smith is still a host
on the popular EPSN show, First Takes, who he hosts with Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim,
since Skip Bayless left the show in 2016. Although it seems Smith and Bayless had their
fair share of bad blood, the two loved working together and although they might not always
see eye to eye, it seems they would always have each others back. As for the rest of the story, well we’re
gonna have to wait to find out because this is before they were famous. I’m sure there will be plenty more headlines
throughout Stephen’s career, because he says what he wants, when he wants, and will
always stand by it. Now to answer our trivia question, Smith guest
stared on the popular soap opera, General Hospital, with his debut back on February
2 of 2007. It’s believed his character, Brick, might
even be making a comeback sometime soon, but until that happens we just have to enjoy this clip. I'm wrapping up this video here, My name is
Jarred Bronstein. If you haven't Subscribed to our channel be
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  1. I would like to know how he got a Basketball Scholarship. I went to Bayside High with him. I NEVER EVER EVER EVER saw him play ball. If HE got a ride, but Tony Richburg did not, I call FOUL!!!

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