Studying Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol

Studying Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol

If you are creative, enjoy design and aspire to improve the built environment we live in, then civil engineering is for you. Hear from some of our Civil Engineering students on why they chose to study at the University of Bristol and what they enjoy about their course. Find out more about studying Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol by visiting

I always thought that there wasn't a mess it can't be saved not by something that I do I can't help by recycling a piece of plastics a major aspect of civil engineering is helping reduce waste and making stuff more sustainable in general it gives people an opportunity to work on real-life problems and solve issues that are important to society at the time what better way to do it than through designing unique buildings that are both sustainable fit for the purpose of use and beautiful the University of Bristol offers the main areas of civil and structural engineering people can choose our structure a specific unit or they can choose a geotechnical specified unit depending upon their interests it's the great thing about civil engineering can literally pick and choose what kind of career you want to go into the course at Bristol is quite design based which was one of the reasons I chose to do the course in the first place you can be working on three different projects at the same time and I'll be completely different we saw a dam that protects communities of people and that related highly with their water resources project that we're doing you have the opportunity really to go to a lot of labs and really apply what you're learning in the classroom which schools got a weird history and earthquake engineering it's home to the UK's biggest shaking table it moves in six directions so it shakes clean into the ocean upwards and it rotates getting an opportunity to work on such high-cost equipment is not something that is provided at many universities around the world getting this hands-on experience is definitely something that comes in handy later on in the industry the fact that the lecturers have generally worked previously in industry or their researchers it really makes you realise of just how true everything they're saying is it's great because every day they're learning new things and they bring that with them into the lectures what to date with the latest developments in civil engineering the university has to punish it with companies and it's a lot of hands-on knowledge from people in industry it's very hard to get forward of what you're doing there's always something new it gives you confidence to go into the industry and make a real life impact


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