Studying for a PhD in English and Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London

Studying for a PhD in English and Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London

Interested in a PhD in English literature or cultural studies at Birkbeck, University of London?

The Department of English and Humanities offers committed, enthusiastic and dynamic research-based teaching, with a constantly evolving curriculum sensitive to developments in contemporary culture. We welcome applications for research in all areas of English, cultural studies and related areas, including: Old English, Old Norse, medieval literature and culture, the Renaissance and early modern periods, the Enlightenment, Romantic and Victorian studies, the modern and contemporary periods, literary and cultural theory, gender studies, theatre studies, poetics and creative writing (including practice-based research).

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I really love being a bet but it attracts loads of people who aren't working and who have lives so that that's why it suits me in the first year you meet with the other cohort who've joined at the same time as you and you all spend a lot of time discussing new readings and being exposed to theories and research that you probably wouldn't encounter otherwise on your own there's lots of opportunities for participating with the lively research culture that exists here and that could be anything from attending workshops giving conference papers it gives you a chance to meet other researchers and hear about what they're doing and also to develop a bit of a kind of support network so in a practice space PhD whilst your focus is on your practice and it's the dominant part of your PhD your research is also equally important because your research is the part that strengthens and deepens your creative practice part time research at Birkbeck is really kind of part and parcel of what what you get here the whole university is set up to accommodate students who are working so it means that if you're working you can maintain your job and still do something else on the side earthquake is the ideal location it's in Bloomsbury and once you're at berth picks you then you have access to all the top libraries in the UK in London my personal experience of applying for funding at Birkbeck came after I've done a bit of research into the person I wanted to work with as a PhD student and I got really great response and took it from there with regards to the actual funding application I got a great help from the support staff at the university as well I have a Bloomsbury studentship it's completely funded so I don't have to worry so much about taking another work and that has relieved a lot of pressure well I would say to somebody I'm thinking of applying for a PhD at Birkbeck is don't be afraid to contact people that you might have in mind contact people who are currently studying here contact potential supervisors come into one of the open days work back is a fantastic place to do a PhD it's full of really friendly people who will support you all the way you'll also be exposed to a huge diversity of ideas and people and approaches that you just wouldn't find anywhere else you

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