Sudhama | Great Indian Epic Stories for Kids | Watch more Fairy Tales and Moral Stories in MagicBox

Sudhama | Great Indian Epic Stories for Kids | Watch more Fairy Tales and Moral Stories in MagicBox

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In “India Mythological Stories”, Myths and legends are an integral part of human existence. They have been around us all the time. Though their validity is susceptible, nobody seems to mind as they stand as a proof of the human belief in divine powers. Here we bring to you a collection of popular mythological stories that will take you to times of yore when gods co-habited with humans, divine voices could be heard and visions seen.

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Sudama was krishna's friend and devotee he was married to a Brahmin girl and had many children they did not get enough food to eat mother please I'm so hungry I need more food mmm okay take this for now my child I will ask your father to get you more sudama's wife consoled her children and made them sleep and waited for her husband once her husband reached home from his daily visit from Temple My dear aren't you and Krishna the Lord of Dwaraka friends and Krishna's married to the goddess of prosperity look money it doesn't matter that we are hungry but we should at least be able to feed the children enough an entire what can I do I'm working as hard as I can for my earning but we can't ask for favours from anybody my lord I beg you for the sake of our children at least please meet Lord Krishna how can I ask my close friend I'm not just asking for food or prosperity in life just for his humble blessings which will make my children happy forever as you say dear tell me this he is a lot of Dwaraka do you think the gods will let me in or what will I give to Krishna when I see him after a long time oh dear you always told me that Krishna still love for what right just wait I will be back in a minute sudama's wife ran to her neighbor's house and returned with a handful of Bava which she bundled in a small piece of cloth and requested Sudama to go at once my lord here it is these are not wealthy goods but krishna's most favorite foods so please don't hesitate meet your friend immediately at least for the sake of our children and much of a mix it thought Sudama walked towards Dwarka that the only hope of seeing his close friend with the tone ragged cloth and a tiny bundle at the end of a stick Sudama entered Dwarka as Sudama reached christmas palace he was stopped by the gatekeepers hey yo who the hell are you sir I want to meet my dear friend Krishna can you please tell that Sudama has come to meet him ha ha do we look like fools to you look at your tone dress and how dare you call our master by his name just go away or else we might put you in jail sir I beg you to let me in I came from a far distant place to see my dearest friend Fred how can a poor man like you be a friend to a lord sir at least let him know that Sudama is here for him to meet hey beggar can't you understand if you want to meet our Lord meet him on the royal court and not here Krishna who identified his best friend from the balcony ran towards him my dear friend it's a great fortune that you have come here krishna made Sudama to sit on a cushioned chair he then washed and floured his friends feet this behavior of Krishna towards his friend shocked the attendants of the palace even Sudama was shell-shocked and couldn't utter a single word my dear friend who are most intelligent and know very well the principles of religious laughs I know very well that from the very beginning you were never attached to the materialist way of life how dear how can I ask him for a favor I think you may remember our activities during the days when we were living as triplets both of us may have parted but with a masters blessing I hope you're living a happy life Oh Krishna if I say I'm in poor state then our masters blessing will prove wrong no I don't want anything from you Krishna I only want your blessings and I asked so my dear friend what have you brought for me has a wife given you some nice eatables how can I offer such an insignificant thing Sudama hesitated out of shyness Krishna understood his friend's heart and snatched the bundle of chipped rice what is this you have brought me such nice chip drive so saying krishna ate a morsel of the rise but when he attempted to eat a second marcin Rukmini the goddess of fortune stopped her Lord by taking hold of his hand My dear Lord by taking one piece of rice Sudama will become wealthy not only in this life but in the next Krishna just smiled and then they talked and talked as old friends to their heart's content Sudama could not ask anything from Krishna at last Sudama bed Krishna and Rukmini Pavin the long road back home did not seem to be that hard as he thought of Krishna when he reached home he was amazed to see that a huge mansion was standing in the place of his poor Hut his wife and children wearing new clothes came to receive him Sudama felt the touch of the all-knowing Krishna who had rewarded Sudama for his gift of love if you liked this story give thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more videos see you soon


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