Summer Book Haul 2017 // Me, Simone & I

Summer Book Haul 2017 // Me, Simone & I

Hey guys, I haven’t done a book haul that isn’t from the library for ages and in the last few months, I have accumulated 30+ books! Here they are in all their glory! Let’s chat!

TwoPaperGirls –
Non-fiction by Female Authors –
Peruseutopia Baby Doll Live Show –
Book Nook Tour Stack 2 –
Tyler Oakley –
Whitty Novels –
Zoella –


Detective Cross by James Patterson –
Private Gold by James Patterson –
The Verdict by James Patterson –
Geek Love by Katherine Dunn –
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell –
The Abortionist’s Daughter by Elisabeth Hyde –
Four Blind Mice by James Patterson –
I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb –
Heartless by Marissa Meyer –
The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff –
No Mercy by Colin Forbes –
The Host by Stephenie Meyer –
Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas –
Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas –
Pretties by Scott Westerfeld –
Specials by Scott Westerfeld –
The Witness by Simon Kernick –
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot –
I See You by Clare Mackintosh –
Don’t Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan –
Burn by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge –
Baby Doll by Hollie Overton –
Binge by Tyler Oakley –
Agent 21 by Chris Ryan –
Codebreaker by Chris Ryan –
Cell by Stephen King –
The Wicked and The Divine (Vol 1) by Gillen, McElvie, Wilson and Cowles –
A Killing Coast by Pauline Rowson –
Cross The Line by James Patterson –
Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi –
Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin –
Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg –


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hey guys welcome back to my channel Simone here so today I'm going to be doing a book haul and it's not a library one this is my first book called like proper book or in a really long time um I have actually accumulated a few books I think I've got about 32 I may have miscalculated but I think that's about how many this is gonna be a long video so go get a snack yeah beverage the alcoholic if you were any wish that has when you're watching this um and yeah I'm gonna get into them I won't be giving too much of an in-depth synopsis on each just because there is so many but um I'll give you a general gist so let's get started so the first three books are bookshop books from James Patterson who does some of my favorite series and basically he has book shops that go alongside their seriousl of the time which are really short like hundred page books that I'm kind of I guess I like novellas is that what they're called so the first one I have is detective cross which is from the Alex Cross series this is about a bomb hoax I believe then we have private gold which as you probably owners from the private series which I absolutely adore this is kind of a private investigation story I guess and then the last one I have is the verdict which is by is from John Ross sky series which I've never actually read so it'd be interesting I need to kind of I might read this and see what I think and if I like it I'll pick up the other ones in the series yeah let's see how it goes the next book I have is a really weird one and it's not the cover that I was expecting to get of it I saw this cover I'm putting up here I'm on Amazon and I was going to buy it while I bought it and then this cover came which was a little bit strange but anyway it's called geek love and it's by Katherine Dunn and this is about a woman who who works in it she kind of is part of a carnival and she her act is to bite the heads of chickens and then when she gets pregnant she decides that the way to kind of make money I suppose to entertain the carnival people is to essentially ply herself with drugs and barbiturates and she like poisons herself how else does she do oh she bounces herself with radiation and all these other things because she wants to create strange children so she creates a limbless megalomaniac musically gifted Siamese twins with a pond chante for prostitution and a strange telekinetic powers boy and then it says that it's all written is narrated by their sister who is a bold hunchbacked I'll be no dwarf which I think it's gonna be interesting um I've never really heard anyone talk about this book though which maybe it tells me something but I'm gonna read it and give it a go and tell me what I think then I have one I'm very excited about and that is attachment by Rainbow Rowell um as you probably know I read Eleanor & Park carry on and find their last year and really loved them and so I really want to tweet one of her adult novels and I believe this is this this is about main character named Lincoln who works in a place where basically he monitors the emails going on at the work on the web computers and so he meets or he kind of is monitoring the emails between Beth and Jennifer and then he falls in love with one of them without actually meeting them and this is supposed to be kind of love story before first sight which i think is really interesting I'm going to find out how this goes and yeah I love Rainbow Rowell so I really want to try them more of her books so the next book is one I'm not really I don't know too much about but I bought this in the charity shop cause it sounded interesting and this is the abortionists daughter by Elizabeth Hyde and basically this follows a girl whose mother is found dead in her swimming pool one day and her mother is basically works as an abortionist kind of um and it's kind of who did it and everything now I love a thriller anyway but I have an interesting kind of a thought about the whole abortion topic I I mean I'm not going to get into my opinion on this channel personally I'm pro-choice but that's just an opinion but I'm really interested to find out how they kind of put this into a murder mystery because I know that some people have really strong opinions to the point where they probably would kill someone for it so yeah I'm really interested and I can't wait to read this and I have another James Patterson book and this is for blind mice by James Patterson this is one of the Alex Cross novels Alex Cross is the one that is it Denzel Washington was it mom named Morgan Morgan Freeman I get confused between the two Morgan Freeman plays a lacrosse and I think it's a long game with spider and kiss the girls it's the two films um and this basically is one of the ones in the series I don't read a lot of the series yet I've Alex Cross and read a couple so I'm not going to go into this too much I'm gonna guess this is number four but I could be wrong of course actually I don't think it is number four I think that's just the type time let me see if I can find out this is number five actually which is quite a big yes but it says for the title but anyway yeah I'm excited to read this I'd let you know I think next up I have a massive book this is about 800 page yeah 900 pages actually and this is called I know this much is true by Wally Lamb I bought this because I'm I saw it on Pinterest and I was really interested it's that boy who's brought twin brother it's paranoid schizophrenic and it's about their lives together and some what the brother his brother does something that he then has to kind of deal with and I'm not sure about anything else about it but it sounds an interesting I've heard it's really really good and it's also a New York Times number-one bestseller so I mean it's got to be good right I've never actually heard of all alone before never read any of his books or have it because I've never assumed I shouldn't assume it's a man or man I'm not sure but I'm interested to read about this and I cannot wait the next book that I bought this month is heartless by Marissa Meyer and I read the first book in the lunar Chronicles to a cinder and haven't led the rest of the series but I absolutely loved it I really need to continue that series but this is Marissa Meyers next book and this is about the Queen of Hearts before she became the Queen of Hearts so it's about her lead-up to how she would like why she turned into the Queen of Hearts in the first place and I've heard really good things about this I love this cover as well it's absolutely gorgeous and even the back looks amazing and I really really like this and I just wanted it on my shelf to be honest and I really when you want to read it so um yeah and I have a book that my sister bought and I don't know much about it that's yeah so I'm going to read at some point and it's called the replacement by Brenner you're not I'm saying that correctly and this basically is about a creature now I'm not sure if it's a vampire it doesn't actually say on the back but I kind of get the feeling that it might be so I could be wrong basically it's about a creature who was left in the place of the in the crib of a hold or a human baby 16 years before this and then um the replacement basically is when they take the baby and they leave this creature behind and so this Macky Doyle is the replacement and now he's kind of struggling 16 years on to live in the worlds that he is living in and it sounds interesting it's um maybe not one or meet immediately but just sound quite dark and mysterious and it's also been blurbed by Maggie Stiefvater who's one of my favorite authors I loved her book Scorpio races so and I need to read the Raven cycle as well but yeah I'm interested to read this one and I have a book that my dad gave me and this is no mercy by Colin Forbes this is a murder mystery thing I believe and as far as I know it's got something to do of like boats and freighters and cargo ships and things and it's got something to do with murder and I don't know anything more than that I don't think I've read a column vlogs but before I'm trying to remember I recognize him but I don't know I've maybe just owned his books before I can't see anywhere but um yeah and this will be interesting um I always my dad always gives me the books he reads because we have quite similar take some time so I've been interested to see if we both agree on this one then I have a book that I'm really excited about I loved the Twilight series and I loved the chemist by Stephenie Meyer and then so I was like well there's any one book I haven't read from her I need to read it and that is the host by Stephenie Meyer now I'm gonna be honest with you I don't actually know what this is about I have little to no clue um but it's definitely mine and I love Stephanie Maya I think she's amazing author she's really good writing skills and I know people have complaints about the Twilight series and everything but I really love the chemist I thought that was amazing and I've heard good things about this so I'm going to read it and make up my own mind and I have the second and third books in the throne of glass series which is chrome of midnight and then they're a fire I haven't read friend blush yet in fact I'm planning on starting with assassin's blade fairly brief like scene I wanting and I heard from Laura from – pima girls who are linked below that reading the assassin's blade first is Beth – even though it's moo-velous I really really want to do that so and I owned the assassin's blade and I also have the throne of glass so I'm excited to read those these two were both one perfect to eat in the pan and the charity shop which I thought was amazing and then we really good like condition and I actually have this one which is era fire is actually signed by the author as well which I'm quite find it but you're quite excited about okay she has signed it which is really exciting I'm and for 150 which I thought was really good and these covers are absolutely gorgeous as well and then I absolutely cannot wait to start this series everybody is talking about these and I feel really behind on it so I'm trying to catch up and I have the next – so I can do that and then I have books two and three in the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld so I have pretties and then specials again I haven't read up but again I found these in the charity shop these were one pound each and I thought well and I actually have the same one from the set as well of the Uglies it's a green one and so I thought well I can't really pass up on this I've heard really good things I'm quite excited to read it and yeah then I have a book and it also got from my dad and this is the witness by Simon connect I've read some Simon comic books before I really liked them he kind of just like murder stories this is about a woman named Jing Kenya who seized her lover being murdered and then is taken to his safe house to be kind of kept a secret and then the killer finds out where she is and is planning to kill her too so I'm interested I'm excited and yeah I can't wait for this they don't have a book I'm super super excited for and this is The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and I read this so I talked about this book on my blog post about nonfiction by female authors I believe and this basically is about the woman she's a black lady and her cancer cells were taken without her knowledge and used in kind of cancer research and things and now 20 years after her death there is and her family learn about the fact that her cells were kind of taken and this is about kind of who owns the stuff from like our bodies are made of and it's really interesting I really can't wait to read this I feel like this is gonna be quite an important read and I really love this copper tube so I'm quite excited listen this again isn't New York Times bestseller so I can't wait to find out more about her then I have the second Claire Macintosh book value own and this one is ICU I also own I let you go I think it's called and I've had lots and lots of things about things and this is about a woman who finds her photo in the classified section of the newspaper and along with a telephone number but no other information and she doesn't know why her photos in the paper she doesn't know kind of what in why it's connected with and so kind of investigating to find out what like while she's in the paper what it's about and this again sounds interesting I've heard the twist in this is really great and I'm quite excited I can't write I let you go yeah eat this oh I need to do that because I've had that both brilliant then I have two more James up some books I have don't blink by James person and Howard Ruffin and then burn by James Patterson and Michael Edwards now I don't really know anything about the two of the use of slimes or talking about them together I generally know there's probably a murder involved because James Hudson likes to write about that but other than that I really don't know anything else and I'm either way I'm excited to read both of them then I have a book that I think unless I'm mistaken but it was the peruse utopia book of the month for like a little quite a long time ago but I remember hearing about it and I'm really loving it so if I can find that the videos that they talked about it I'm actually it below but basically this is a baby dog by Holly Overton it's about a girl who's been kept captive in this one room for eight years and then one day she realizes the door is unlocked and so she essentially runs away and it's about her freedom and kind of how she deals with that I'm guessing he tries to find her but I'm not entirely sure but this sounds really interesting I really love my compelling thrillers so I can't wait to read this and again this was a charity shop find it was only 2 pounds so I feel like I won then I have another youtuber book now I know in my bookshelf tour the second stack I talked about Joey Graceffa but and I wasn't very complimentary about him which I feel bit bad but anyway this one is by Tyler Oakley and this is his book binge now I love Tyler Oakley let's be honest I don't watch his videos very very often only because they seem to get lost a lot in my sort of feed because I don't watch them very often so they don't kind of recommend them to me but I do really enjoy tiny things videos when I do watch them I feel like he's very important in the LGBT kind of community and he kind of brings a lot of attention to that so and also discover there's something about always just makes me really smile and the back is even funnier so I love it and I can't like to read this because um I think he's quite personable so interested to see what his writing style is like then I have to agent 21 books by Chris Ryan I have engine 21 mature blames first one and then agent 21 Code Breaker this is about a boy named Zach dark who is the 21st agent now he doesn't know about what happened to the first 20 basically he is highly trained in the government agency yeah I believe the first one is about him actually becoming the agent and kind of finding out about it and then the second one is he is trying to defuse a bomb but time is running out so yeah I'm interested again these are quite exciting and I've never where'd a Chris Ryan book about this type of thing I've read his books about sort of military things but I've never read in one of the ancient books so I'm quite excited to start a new series then I've been on a bit of a Stephen King binge recently I've read five of his books now and this is the next one I plan on reading and this is set by Stephen King and I found this for two pounds in a charity shop in Wales when we went to Wales beginning of July and this is how long ago this video should have gone up this these are 30 books I've had but this does not mean I Baltimore in the last month I've had them like probably some of them three months like it's what kind of ridiculous I haven't made this video before now and basically this is about a virus that starts to go through mobile phones that basically turns people into like zombies I guess and it's about that no this is the thing in my life that scares me the most in the whole world that made my veins Wilson learn like or like technology will essentially wipe us out I'm just kind of terrified me a little bit so I mean you should again this is a beautiful cover I really aren't sleeping king books and I'm very excited to have another one in my collection then I have a very exciting purchase I have my first ever graphic novel purchase which I'm very excited about I've heard about graphic novels on so many people's channels that I felt like I needed to read one because I've never read a graphic novel and I just wanted to read them and so I picked the wicked and the divine by Gillen Mattel and Wilson cowls I think I've sent them right basically this is about the gods every 90 years 12 gods return as young people they are loved they are hated in two years they are dead it's happening now it's happening again and I am so excited to read this again like I'll just split for a minute like some of the things in here are just gorgeous and I was like I said I've never read a graphic novel I'm really interested to see if this is something I like or something I really don't because I might hate this experience of reading so I was recommended to this particular graphic novel so I thought you know what I'm gonna give it a go and see what I think of it and if i like reading graphic novels because if I do then obviously I will continue reading them if not no harm dunks this wasn't rare expensive but I got this from Amazon so I'm excited to read it and see what I think of graphic novels then I have a killing Coast by Pauline Rosen which is from the DI and the Horton series now this is about a murder when they find a body floating down in the ec and then originally they think it's like an accidental death it turns out it's not and then the Horton has to essentially prove himself because he's being kind of downplayed in quite a big way so again this is one I'm quite excited about it's not very long in that this is about 200 pages so I feel like I'm going to be able to read this fairly quickly and I never read appointing Rosenberg so I'm quite interested to find out if I found a new author that I really enjoy then the last students pass them back at this hall and I promise I'm very very sorry if you're bored and you've seen all the you know read all the Jim Patterson books and you don't hear about them ever again but this one is cross the line again this is a Alex Cross book again I don't know anything about it and yeah that's all I've got really I can't wait to read it the next book I have is pure leap down to witty novels I will link her channel below she is like obsessed with this book and I was like I really need to read this because I've heard about it so many times to the point right now I don't even know what's about I've heard about everyone in it again this is shocked to me by it Sahara mathy and I believe this about girl who basically has a poisonous touch like if she touches somebody they die I'm not sure I'm not sure how I feel about this I'm quite excited to read it I love the cover and I feel like I will finally be able to appreciate where Ritchie is coming from wait the next one is probably the one I'm most excited about from this hole and this is wolf by wolf by ryan graudin now this is basically a world war two kind of novel it's about a world and what it's like ten years after the Second World War and it's about a world where the Nazis won the war and basically the main character can I remember her name yeah yeah yeah hell yeah yeah I'm not sure I said that but basically she is entered a motorcycle race but basically if you win it you get the chance to meet Hitler and she wants to win so that she can kill him and this just sounds like all kinds of yes on my scale like I have tick boxes and this has took them all I'm so excited I've never read a Brian Brown and book but I feel like if I love this which I'm almost 100% and I will um I will be continuing and reading pretty much everything she's written so I'll wait and then the final book of this whole is one again I'm quite excited about this is girl on line going solo by Zoe sugg AKA zoella one of my favorite youtubers and this is the third book in her online series I've owned the first year already so you have gone online and done online almost the second one called on talk girl online on tour and this is the third one like I said I don't really want to read the back so I haven't actually read the second one yet so I thought like it will spoil the second one for me but I'm very excited and the covers and I just it's a hardback which I don't normally get but again this was one power fifty in the charity shop and I just couldn't pass it up so still like I've got quite a lot of books there and I'm gonna have to try and pick them up in a minute to do a thumbnail on my after do that in two halves there was no way I'm picking all of those up together anyway I hope that you really liked this video guys and let me know in the comments below which books you think I should read first and which books you bought this month I'm always really interested to find out what people are reading so let me know and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'll see you in my next one bye guys [Applause]


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