Sydney, Australia Shakespeare Insult Generator with Sport for Jove Theatre Co.

Sydney, Australia Shakespeare Insult Generator with Sport for Jove Theatre Co.

Global Hamlet: Episode 9, Part 3 | Sydney, Australia with Christopher Tomkinson at Sport for Jove Theatre Co. (

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12 months 14 countries 18 cities and over 100 kids this is one shakespeare directors journey around the world to unearth the most innovative ways of introducing young people to the Bard I'm on D Kenzi founder and director of a province Shakespeare if you like the sound of our projects please subscribe for more the first Shakespeare I started I hated it but then we studied Henry the fourth part 1 and Hamlet and my mind was blown I would read these passages from Hamlet and and they seemed to be about me the thing that hasn't changed in over 400 years is human beings we are still scared and vulnerable and frightened and loving and generous and magnanimous and venal and ambitious and you know full of the complexities of wonder and the banality and insecurity of existence our politics is exactly the same Shakespeare describes everything that is happening today in Australia in America in Europe in China he talked about all of these things because human interactions are the same because humans haven't changed we've got iPhones and cars and airplanes and you know we can wear fancy clothes and stick gel in our hair but what we want what we need what we do to each other and what we do for each other that hasn't changed at all the more you understand Shakespeare the more you understand about your own future you know you'll be looking at the fights with parents making up with loved ones what means to get old to be ambitious to fail to succeed all of these are experiences that you are gonna have in your life and you will go through these things and if you understand if you know Shakespeare's work you will you'll have an insight into who you're you're you are in that moment and and and what you can do the choices you can have the possible consequences and and you'll feel not alone you know you'll feel connected that that four hundred plus years ago there was a guy who wrote down stuff in beautiful for words that say people felt exactly what you are feeling now and they survived so doesn't matter how bad your life is how sad it is it helps you understand that other people have been here before and they have endured they have overcome they have thrived after going through the same experiences you're going through so Shakespeare can save your life I think one of the keys to introducing people to Shakespeare is introducing it to them in bite-sized chunks if you will an exercise that I use a lot is just the Shakespearean insults generator you familiar with that it's classic everyone loves it and and you just give people three or four words and you can introduce concepts like thou being an informal way of addressing someone and you being a formal way of addressing someone you say thou art Abba slobbering beef-witted barnacle and you can then explore the expressive language of the text and play with the vowel sounds BER slobbering and then you can you know use those kind of consonants for the punch and the power and the stabbing and the tearing of the aggressive attack of the language even in that meaning and bite so its thou art what you know you play and you play stupid games with it and then you make it interactive and you start making it a theatrical event so you're introducing people to the idea that the words are not words they are acts they are action they are attempts to insult to destroy to diminish to bully for other people and that becomes fun who doesn't like insulting people and so you explore the expressive quality of the words and the expressive quality of your body when bringing those words to life suiting the word to the action that's that's what brings it to life and would have a section where I'm saying deliver the insult moving towards someone then deliver the insult moving away from someone and deliver the insult circling around them and those three basic movements are a starting point for any text does this line make me want to drive towards the person does this line make me want to move away from the person whether I'm saying it or they're saying it does this line make me want to circle around the person and if you can get them you know if you and then you give them a piece of text perfectly half a dozen lines in title no more and you say okay which one is moving towards which one is moving away which one is circling around it might not be you might not have a circling around in there they might all be moving away or it might be moving towards and then you know and then the person moves away and then you move towards them again but just if you give them simple concrete structures to explore and you have fun with it and then you know maybe you introduce them to a couple of lines in the context of a story and you give them the good lines not the boring ones and everyone goes wow that was exciting and then you build on it and build on it then you give them a small scene and then a larger scene and it's small steps small steps and then by the end you're running a hundred yet rice in the Olympics and going yes I hadn't the king and having a sword fight and singing a song and dancing a jig and slaughtering your enemies and climbing up balconies to kiss the most beautiful person in the world that's not a bad way to live your life I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up keep the conversation going by leaving a comment below and while you're here don't forget to check out the next video


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