Tales Of Panchatantra - Crane And Crab - Short Stories for Kids - Animated/Cartoon Stories

Tales Of Panchatantra – Crane And Crab – Short Stories for Kids – Animated/Cartoon Stories

The story of how a brave crab with his wife, saves the inhabitants of the pond from the evil crane…

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once upon a time there lived a crane by the side of a tank for the fish he ate the fish in the tank and lived a happy life as years passed by the Train grew old and weak and he found it difficult to catch all the fish he wanted for his food he was afraid that he would soon die of starvation then the crane told of a plan he stood sadly by the tank and did not try to catch even the fish that swam close by him the fish frogs and crabs in the tank noticed how unhappy he was why do you look so sad uncle yes why are you not catching fish as usual I have got terrible news the people are going to fill up the tank with mud and grow plants in it and there would not be any fish for me to eat anymore you are our friend and only you can save us please take us to the water tank I am too old and will need to make many trips I would also need rest between trip the fish agreed with a sigh of relief the crane started making the trips he took a few fish first and instead of taking them to the other tank he took them to a rock he ate them leaving their bones on the rock he rested until he felt hungry again and went back to the tank to take a few more fish he then proceeded to eat them kept visiting the tank as often as he was hungry now am an official left in the tank there was a big crab he too went to the crane for help Oh uncle save me also from death ah I would like to try crab meat for a day of course my young friend come I shall take you to the big tank you as the crane spread his wings and flew with the crab the tram looked down but he could not see the bigger deeper tank he could not see water anywhere uncle where is the big tank do it you are taking me ha ha ha I am going to eat you up just like I have eaten up all the other fish the frightened crab looked down and he could see heaps of fish bones on a rock he dug his sharp claws into the cranes neck he dug them so deep that soon the crane was dead the crab went back to his own tank and told the other fish what had happened thank you you have saved us from that evil crane and from that day they lived happily ever


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