Tales Of Panchatantra - The Talking Cave - Kids Stories

Tales Of Panchatantra – The Talking Cave – Kids Stories

Panchatantra Tales – The Talking Cave –
This is the story of a clever fox outwitting a ferocious lion using nothing but his sharp mind as a weapon..

Panchatantra tells about five ways that help the human being succeed in life. Pancha means five and tantra means ways or principles. Addressed to the kings children, the stories are primarily about statecraft and are popular throughout the world.

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once upon a time there lived a rather clever Fox in a cave deep in the jungle like every morning the Fox left his cave – yesterday was a bad day hopefully today I get something nice hmmm something delicious this job lives yeah let me wait for it to come back what is this I see bug marks must be careful something is lurking near the caves it's still fresh and they all go in one direction towards my cave and non-leading back which means a lion is in my cave is he still there I would have left how can I be sure ah I have an idea I will pretend to be talking to the cave a no cave how are you this evening ah there he is but I must remain quite here if I go out and try to nab him he will slip out of hand I must surprise him Enya let him come in I shall pounce on him oh I am so hungry although gave how are you this evening have you forgotten you ought to reply every time I call out to you so that I'm sure you are alone you haven't forgotten have you if you remain silent I take it someone is inside I will not come in then aha the cave talks to him if I remain silent he will think something is wrong here and will run away I mustn't let him do that I must reply hello box good you are back did you have a nice day the lion is still in my cave let me escape while I can oh no the Fox tricked me now I must go and find my dinner


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