Tea With Famous Author Sarah Crossan | Tea Time #17

Tea With Famous Author Sarah Crossan | Tea Time #17

In this episode of Tea Time with Team Epic Reads, we have Sarah Crossan, author of BREATHE join us and we quiz her on tea, accents and boys. – Captured Live on Ustream at

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In this episode of Tea Time, we discussed…
– Pivot Point (book, 2013) – by Kasie West
– The Chaos of Stars (book, 2013) – by Kiersten White
– Blackout (book, 2013) – by Robison Wells
– Across a Star-Swept Sea (book, 2013) – by Diana Peterfreund
– Breathe (book, 2012) – by Sarah Crossan



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heat on y'all I hope you're all Harlem shake welcome hi hi happy t happy to time hey guys hey welcome to tea time with teen I've agreed we're just gonna log on here and make sure everything's working that you can see if we r we are four minutes early we are early this time more minutes because we were just super excited to get excited we've got a lot of stuff today yay cheers cheers to you let's start with it cheers to you choose yeah huh mar know what are you drinking I'm drinking Lady Grey tea out of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee mug Oh which will come back we'll get back to this subaru dealer and i'm drinking irish breakfast tea oh also we'll get back to stay tuned for special guest star on today's to die with Dave Evans I feel like Ellen yeah will we dance yeah she comes on at four clock yeah wiggly Ellen her book oh and we just are like the whole thing Ellen book Ellen look Alan Alan Alan I Mahlon okay that's my own so here's the deal if this is your first time joining tea time we drink tea we chat about why a books um and you can join in on Twitter tweeting the hashtag tea time this week is our hashtag and if you tweet at us using that hashtag you're entered to win our giveaway that we announced at the end oh sh 00 show it's a show i just made it a show it's a show so um let's just jump into it there's two new hardcover releases this week arcadia burns which is the sequel to arcadia awakened by kai meyer this apparently is very popular in Germany um sort of a retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story but I hear it's very good yeah in the Mafia Oh like a locking italian mafia twist no again that's just fitting for Romeo and Juliet yeah I just like the covers a lot this there's um snakes creep me out um yeah the covers are really cool and there's it's just like an hour crazier weakens is a green degree want to ride or a neck oh yeah Julian um Nick song book haha the second hardcover release is pivot point Casey wet Casey West you know shimmy for that Harlem shake shimmy shimmy um it's one girl two faiths one choice we gotta be characteristic to see into the pho you should read that sentence on the back of it he presses his lips into mind stopping not only my sentence but my breath and my throat so she can see into her future whenever she is a choice to make she can see the outcomes of her choice yeah so that's all but Sir parents are getting divorced and she decides to see into the future which direction which parents you should go with and they're extremely different tubes in a dystopian world and one is going outside of the confines normal is it just stupid or is more paranormal at once going outside and one staying in that one's like sky high you guys ever seen that movie were like the the teenagers all have like super normal or paranormal yes and nailing garden school for that like one holds like that and her abilities to detain the user / pivot point it's a good read you guys should pick it up if anybody out there has read it tweet at us tell us to be nice you guys check in we're gonna check in with twitter did you guys see that we did made HarperCollins do the Harlem shake with us that was an interesting day a lot of fun we come in on Monday were like hey guys have you heard about this Harlem shake thing and everybody's like no and they were like cool you're doing it so we did it we did it and it was a lot of fun and I put my boot on my access I wore the selection dress which we will debut in a couple of weeks anyway I'm checking in you you chat so about what's happening to cover that you had oh yeah this week oh I forgot about that um we revealed so far in our blog three we don't have printouts of them about three covers um they have to go to the blog I know you have to go to the blog go to epic exact home slash blog to see them we've done the chaos of stars by Kirsten white which is this really cool pretty oh it's really pretty cover um yes and swirl Weezy's NAR lose and then yeah boys our lighting is really horrible right now apologize um and then black out by Robeson wells and that one is really cool yeah that one's really striking um and then the last book was across a star swept c by diana peterfreund it's the companion to for darkness shows the stars and we also got a update on a series everyone is waiting for us what series could that be i don't know but i've heard something about October 22nd 2013 ah divergent number three oh yeah it's coming oh it exists it's for real and it's gonna come on october twenty second I mean shut up we don't know the name we are we are trying we've got start goals in every corner he's on it he will find us trying to figure out the name for us and the cover I want to know what the cover looks like do you think they had that image that image with the orange do you think it'll be that color tonight what do you guys think tweet at us about the covers that you've seen this week and if you're excited for membership three I mean can we get a book shimmy for a virgin yeah um the ending of insurgent like jaw dropped and i was just like please let there be I just want five more pages to sustain me how can you introduce this I know speaking of other awesome books um the delirium if you guys haven't heard delirium is being made into a TV show well they're shooting a pilot for the TV show and to casting announcements were made this week first and our Roberts who is roberts nice husband tats to play Lena um which is I really like I thumbs up for that I thumbs up I think she's cute she looks like Lena sure she's a good actress yeah um yeah I'm really excited about she was in Nancy Drew yes that's the only one I can think I mean I don't know much about of her acting chops cuz i havent she Julia rod Roberts nice I mean maybe it's an it's gotta be in the bullet in the blood but she looks it for me I know there are a lot of people that think that she doesn't look it but like that's what I got hair and makeup and lighting and all that confess here I think she'd got it she's got and then we have who babe she's good sorry yes and then Julien's dad has been cast I'm Billy Campbell which the youngins who are watching us are probably like who is that but us that grew up children of the 90s he's The Rocketeer Rocketeer who remembers that awesome Disney movie that no one saw I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking to see if anybody knows the rocketeer most awesome I see ever i see jessica jackson said delirium should be a movie not a TV show it was there's confusion it was optioned by Fox to be a movie and then they decided they wanted to keep the I'm okay the story so I'm okay with it being a TV show because then that means I don't just one movie and then it's done I'm looking forward to like week after week plus i think there's so there's a lot of sub characters the characters but there's also they could do a lot to do with like the deliria like that whole like a governmental side of things which i really hope they excited yeah I think it'll be really good i'm also TV i love tea i love to yeah it's cheaper than movies yes sure okay so I'm gonna check in what are you guys reading um alyssa says I like her for Lena yeah it's good from Dana it says I'm super excited for the pilot we chew katie is still unsure about Emma but you're gonna give her a chance right Katie Katie at kazna 24 um janitor Sierra Spiegel says the rocket to your OMG best movie ever okay finally high-five somebody knows high five I put up a billy campbell appreciation post and pitch dark and apparently nobody knows who I'm talking about so uh oh but Jennifer Connelly's in the rocketeer um lock Alun Long Island are things in the rocket alan arkin and it's really cool like Art Deco 1940 style also if you watch it girl they just so many trailers like that and they just tell me movies like that yeah um anyway it's awesome go rent the rocketeer and get familiar with Julian's dad alright so let's get to the real sauce of today's tea time we've been teasing it out a little bit but we have a special guest we do have a special Marco's gonna Marco's gonna just our thing while I grab our special dust all right ready do you like our music I'm having a baby that's it everybody this is Sarah cralfsen let's say when we get you poverty yeah okay great are we always there we go we're in we're all in here welcome welcome welcome this is Sarah cross an author of breathe everybody books should be 43 and related book shimmy yeah oh my gosh you're a purse all the miles donating time oh um breathe is that cover that we spend an entire tea time just stroking the cover oh yes someone with really like like um and it is one of my favorite dystopian books y'all everyone say hi to sarah i would say my check to see your tweets you guys have any questions for sarah tweet at us will be checking as much as twitter les's such a wide so uh Sarah do you want to give your one sentence description of breathe and why people should get your elevator pitch yeah yeah it's tough be the planet is dying and I think we need more like eco books that it's about gusto Pia's that are about the real world I think it's possible I think this world is plausible yes and that's why I wrote it because I love trees and they've been cut down yeah and I read today that like the Arctic ice is melting even more than they thought it was idea fifty percent since different I think that's why i love the book so much is like this steak it's are so high in a lot of dystopian world it's hard to feel sometimes the urgency but then when you think about not being able to breathe and you're completely controlled by somebody else providing you air yeah you're like whoa i think it had like a lot of like ish is real like you know everybody the environment is like a very hot topic in politics and it just like we can't tonight they're going down so i get you come tree hugger yeah pretty well like i'll go to send your pocket i like a tree hasn't he might not be here news um it is definitely a scary world that you've created there is a world in with in a pod where we meet the doom the is that what's the name of the the center that there is that I've don't the pot on um and we meet be and Quinn and Elena yeah and they they're very different the very different be is your your classic she's an auxiliary and she is having to her family have to pay for oxygen but they come aboard the oxygen so she can't dance or get Rudy pootie's with anybody because what about dancing i remarried yeah that was really like people saving up for their anniversary to be able to dance yeah that's my like having to tie the children two cribs because they don't want him to move oh yeah can't like the roof too much and oh um there's i will say that there's one scene in here that I was like on vacation I was telling people to do I see that movie where there's a like a woman an old lady in a house and you get a fight with the kids or an oxygen tank and they're like no like oh that was a book is so real and that there was definitely my favorite scene in the book that I love more debt of all the characters I think she's feisty and I love her I and she's not based on anyone but she's us yeah I like um so you guys breathe if you've read it tweet at us um tell us what you think send us your questions for Sarah crosses and in the meantime we're going to play some fun games well somebody Kelly tweeted a love your accent Sarah so yeah i'm tryna have an office me yes oh I'll have to talk a little bit like that I don't know how I can't you all know that we're really bad at brutally honest no not going to show you have enough oh that's good shine you sleep please how can I have some more they're good no good what do you have a good American accent yes talk like this if you want me to feel like the rest of the interview be really bad I know like hearing British go American versus American because your voice is king your voice changes very drastically like even the tone of your voice changed it's very twangy Myrick and twine I know what's your favorite and the non biased what's your favorite accent to hear in your ears in the whole of the world yeah yeah South African Oh said that second I think they took like that okay I think I enjoy thank you no but it's the face my thing I do accents really what other ones can you do them I can do French accent if you were me I can't do any other item that you I get lazy does most of like basically I can do like a lot of british accents and i completely talk like that which is a bit no than in England and they talk it's like kind of do this sure to be really good at one of our games because i find it really hard because we can't tell ok it's very well are we still doing that game why the accent game no the where though yeah you're gonna be able to knock it real of what accent do you guys want Sarah to do please it's going to be really difficult I can't can you do a cockney oh yeah um Jamie Oliver kind of you can't imagine I mean yes ah then it might be East End more if it's an old kind of cockney East End Mary Poppins I don't think I can do that no like no sure they said that she's South African oh wow so sorry that was for South African accent who is it okay um so last puter is saying you could sarah do a scottish accent mmm i need to be in Missouri ok ok what about Irish cuz you're actually i right I'm actually are and I'd always had lots of different regions my dad is from Donegal so that's a very harsh acts but not hard it's a nice accent but it's like well for example so i went to see some relatives and one of them said to me if he goes or in your voice mr sorry i don't know because our neighbors anymore if he goes over there when you go over there can you send him over here so it's like PETA's are in your gross anymore and you talked like that it's very quick and it's like you know like I don't know like I can't do I'm my husband I did we did a two week tour yeah and we went to in ish more inishmore oh I love it I got lost in the normal tourism is and we ended up in like hardcore farmland I speak Irish that I don't see ya and that was just like I tried to ask the quiz we do I go and it was like he spoke and I was like yeah I looked at Colin I was like I don't know it's beautiful it's gorgeous yeah so we have some teas for you so the disa little background you are Irish but you lived in England for 20 years 20 years yeah and you've been stateside 466 maja yeah and you're going back to England yes so she knows a lot about a particular variety of teas and we're going to test her knowledge in this without being labeled I'm a pure there's no sugar no sugar you only have your tips tips all right there's an irish breakfast tea Earl Grey a lady grey and an English my mom actually stunning a victorian tea right yes well these are especially really ashamed of my cactus by our way to drink to you just black liked it like straight or is it Dylan am a little milk and bhakti and it should be steep right two minutes and then you take a tip out and then you must drink it within like I think 15 minutes otherwise I temperatures not optimal okay my gosh its temperature can you do know a blog post to say the best way to drink this is how you're supposed to do drink tea I'll be that if i mate with a median yeah all right in yo nation ok ok just start anywhere yeah and take a sip and tell us what you think it is I think I'm gonna have to taste all of them ok you can do that water yes my father I think that's like English breakfast phone not sure okay no peeking yet that's like either Ohio Lady Grey I'm not sure I think it's all right he'll know the difference I don't know the different either okay I look babe but I'm not against connoisseur don't you that's not an option it's not an option okay know the options it's English breakfast irish breakfast Earl Grey Lady Grey oh okay that might be many great then why a book near lover says she'll be so impressed if you can name these I will be impressed I love tea but i'm not a kind of this like the CEO ok so this English breakfast our terms I don't know if English is stronger I'd say that's Irish that's English that's Lady Grey now celebrate I don't know right Irish out uh she said that one for english english oh my god Michael my taste them again yeah yeah hi kids over to make she just told the difference between two types of breakfast tease ok I think that's a lady okay lady please I delivered Reuters wit which one you just want Earl that's lady yeah Earl Grey Lady Grey girl hold on Earl Grey oh my god press with myself lady great oh my gosh wanna dance would you like to teach an ID grind still it was doing this in the bag something better I have to bow down to the T ghana yes mr. um awesome everybody says wow you are brilliant I am bringing imma lay by my brilliant would you like to introduce with that T we have two biscuits um whoops we lost a biscuit so these are weak biscuits that the to digest oh the delicious the digest is a really typical in England why are they called digestives first time I saw that I was like yeah they're really playing but they're made with a lot of brushes I think I'd be silly you're a Mallory too heavy yeah you did I don't know it's classy but i don't know if i did my doughnuts and coffee so um so all these are good they are really good at sweet sometimes i baited up in like cracker platters mm-hmm and then I grab it i'm like this has a little sweet isn't it just me I'm you always ruin all right let's move on to our next game well I have a question yeah what time I know though I say tea time is there a specific time in England that's like tea time like in America the only time drinking times like happy hour no I don't know I've done think i'm gonna thora Tunip I know that in Ireland when we were kids you'd have dinner at 12 or one hmm and then you'd have tea at kind of four or five and you'd have kind of sandwiches and cakes and tea so you have your big meal at 1201 and then you try but maybe that came from farming where you had your big meal right you know in the middle of the day when you're on the farm and then you have just tea and suffer than you go to that I then maybe that's what that's all I but I don't know writing then I think high tea is that five and in this something of tea that's an alien what's when I squeeze somebody's turning the Queen for us I'm sure she's on Twitter well they will they are on Twitter all right I think so you've got the Queen here the Queen Mum who's your favorite royal Harry I'd say oh yeah I was rehired no all right so do you have another game we have boys guess the boys across the pond you have to guess which country their front man it's either the UK or Ireland okay so countries in the UK or Ireland oh you wanna grace our first one up is Killian Murphy also going to apply in Brooklyn and he was also an artist Irish Irish oh I wish I could remember the name of the one-man show yes I went there too so good it was really good as amazing so that Irish tardy re not super I saw him in a play when I was in Ireland all right Andrew Lincoln from the walking dead he is English correct yeah I mean you know he's very good friends with um what's new from Coldplay Chris Martin I think they're like really good friends hey you know that are you there friend no I would like to me but now I think that I think he's like The Godfather 210 Chris month not really yeah I don't know I know that Colin Farrell I really I think it looks like every man that is not and not really nigga hey belen maybe i might have the green eyes is that stereotypical alright so we had Eddie Redmayne he strongly miss I was shown you have you seemed I I didn't like oh he's a musical theatre and no then I guess he must be English she looks English she's playing you look freckly Englishman i Goti 343 you re 43 banging it out ok here's a wild card Christian Bale AK Batman english news of cockney wrong guesses do you guys know with you tweet at us tweet risley don't similarly out yeah unless he's yelling at people on that videos would you be one somewhere else raise just a different possible from somewhere I think he's born and I maybe his accents just been watered down over the years but he is Welsh yeah people said the same about me so little fun fast Batman is Welsh alright our next one this is my husband's guy crush Michael Fassbender you are correct you know you're irish onion prove it all right james mcavoy talk to ya I just booked tickets to go see him in a play in London tweet us a photo isuzu Macbeth is gonna be back you can you work or late for me yes thank you are you guys guessing along with us can you do get it oh Emily at the lady Reed says Michaels everyone's crushed seriously um ok we have spider-man I did not know he was from the UK well you just told us well you don't know what oh ok there you go um see the guy that was in facebook but yes young any spider-man spammy he was a you watch your spidey oh yes easy I don't know England to village does he have a American accent she lived here for he was born in California but was raised in England so perhaps his parents are American he's big hair and not just her there any skinny speaking of big hair Daniel day-lewis another wild card Daniel day-lewis I always I never know I I think he lives in our buddies in LED do you have evening he's Irish and English oh I port do pocket okay but he lives in it but he lives in um Italy now he has a cobbler gonna sign this cobbler yeah I love it cool with this old moon eyes a scarf I just want to be as cool as his scarf is I don't know I'm not gonna come Daniel day-lewis does ever and finally ewan mcgregor he's gotta say you only obi-wan is Scottish missed one you are a talented I'm talented yeah yeah I'll get the right thing yeah take this show on the road you're talented you can spend people at ease hey babies guess the right to use for money um all right so you want to tell us we've got it this is breathe as a series yes it's gonna see home yes yeah and what is the name of the second book have revealed the name I think the name is Abbot and I knees resist oh yeah Johnny you don't want to goes on sale October October mmm lots of good books coming out october i'm so excited again actually I'm for the Rio should meet yet you again you guys wanted to meet reason editor you love her oh my god a Martha raise the idol I said I'm going over too much you to take my spot Oh welcome you guys can tell us a little bit about resist well Sarah can tell you about I'll tell her what she's not allowed yeah don't ask questions that would be easier than exact on smack okay okay um you can look at our car but where is it so that breathe drops off at a pretty like critical things just happen I'm where it is resist pick up what's funny is that I thought free was kind of stand alone yeah Martha said really now no I think there's more to it yeah I said I'm dying to know it so it takes off sorry it just it carries on it carries out you don't like that moment it carries on the cast yeah um trail with some questions so if anybody has questions for Martha or Sarah for either Martha's not gonna hang around long cuz she's not we had to coax her out I told them I editor stay behind the scenes to me um can you give us any juicy insight about um the biggest thing the biggest difference is that we have another character speaking so we have four perspectives in this book which was difficult to jad that's a lot of manage oh yeah it was really difficult my name is I don't keep her on track with like four different character night for Josh she has a width brianna goes right cross the river pencils hahaha that's really not like wrangler some people who haven't read breathe oh I've questioned why book nerd lover asks what was your favorite part of writing this book everybody agrees riding breathe I think it was the three perspectives and being able to move into different voices and not having to kind of stick with one voice and also working working out the logistics how one person could speak and then you get rid of one person and bring them back and my favorite thing creating Lord smart is good duh do you get really self-conscious about your own breathing while you're writing ya know I really do I I I mean I don't know did I suffer from panic attacks Paul maybe I had one or two I really like your writing and when you're writing the scenes where they're running out of there it's kind of an open window don't know whether reading it yeah that way when your eyes yeah yeah I the first time I read it I was on a plane and I'm a tube Seattle or Oregon I camera brich and I finished it and I got a plane and yellow like the air smells really seen there yeah get you and I was like and I was like I really need to buy yeah yeah I mean definitely in this book there it's a super you've written it so well that it's a very visceral that every pager like what would it be like to not have well my dad has double pneumonia yeah and she I was on oxygen and so I did see that what it was like when you don't have air and I was thinking that what what it would be like if you just didn't have any oxygen yeah it's so fundamentally don't even think about today and but it's nice to just appreciate your breath because sometimes we just stressed out you can't make appreciate what I'm breathing we have another question for you Theresa need new space asks are you a plotter or a planner or do you write by the seat of your pants um I had to plot the sequel but I don't know what I did remember i think i just went by the seat of my pants and then had to do a lot of work to ever see afterwards I think that was how it worked but with with resist i did a little cotton Hannah Taylor at inky reads asks can you tell us if the fourth point of view is in resist is a male or female or should we reveal with that well and reveal it okay right all right sorry oh yeah you can anyone a party pooper versus the party I think although we love rocks by who who's speaking I think that you is it someone we've met before yes yes okay Oh No well now I'm sick in your hesitation and reveals many things hmm we're practically our poker um princess Deb said I think I'll have to pick up a copy of please oh okay um let's see uh uh Hillary at Hill reads to called you a party pooper okay um Taylor at little tail 15 says what what character was the most fun to write mode yeah but I think that writing resist I'd have to say that the up sorry real-time yeah yeah okay and so the other three characters are in breathe are still speaking in business I just want to make sure you had to say that and and I think writing resist I really enjoyed Alina this time round and Elena was tough in this book she was like a tough character and so I like her I got the sense of some readers were hesitant like her she she's got a lot of she's gonna lay out yeah you got to kind of dig you know beneath the sudden I think that I really enjoyed writing high perspective the resist because she goes through a lot of change week we only really get to see her and resist and yeah move to the right we were able to see fear in them and Quinn Indian brief but a leading Elliott to see a lot more variation that's exciting she can you give out like a one sentence description of alina just for people who haven't read do you wanna take up oh I Molina is the tough as he said revolutionary she is the one who is really angry and breathe about the way government has controlled everybody and believes that they can in fact breathe on their own if they just try she's like–she's she wants everything that she she's a biter um so Hillary at Hill reads to said would Sarah like her books to become a movie you want to talk about like casting we love dream casting I love books I do love movies yeah but I just I love books and it would be fun but um casting one thing about it is an election my god oh there we go yo ya hice an autism as more blue oh yes yes Eddie Redmayne would be a good Quinn yeah he's young and you know I couldn't think about what i think of Quinn is a little bit I shouldn't admit but Harry Styles one direction I know acted like he didn't always been a yeah one direction is a huge part of I know yeah I listen to a lot of one Direction's not that I could admit that in those places but we're on a friend sighs um Emily just tweeted the more I hear about breathe the more I want to read it need to get it soon no all right um is there anything else about was this yeah you know what else feel about maybe we could say they're on the way to sequoia at the end of breathe yeah and um okay maybe get there and resist and it's not only needs to be yeah yes can't wait october's get here now so let's in the idea of breathe let's go out with a contest and see you can hold their breath the longest ready oh maybe the timer yeah yeah anyone one you guys can take all your breaths that you want ready how is good i don't reckon ready ready yeah you went UA know how do you like your face sara is the master of all things that we have that's what we've done is ago we've learned I'll teach our joining us thank you so much my favorite havells back to the UK yeah and thank you martha for being game thank you we will see you guys next week we will be doing tea time next week live from lauren oliver surprise wow so you guys will be tweeting about it but only about what you have to do we have a present for you it's diva don't you breathe it's the Fifty all right we'll see you guys next week you from going all of our selves next week


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