The 11 Plus (11+) Exam: How to Write the Creative Writing Essay

The 11 Plus (11+) Exam: How to Write the Creative Writing Essay

Creative writing is a core component of so many 11 Plus exams. Over the years, I noticed that many children don’t know how to write properly – in. structural sense. So many of them don’t read as much as they would have before the emergence of technology. Gadgets, it seems, has taken over the free time of many children!

If this sounds like your child, and you want a creative writing course that will help them craft the high standard essays that independent schools and grammar schools are looking for, this is the perfect solution.

The Geek School Online Creative Writing Course can be done from the comfort of their own home, working around the busiest of schedules. And it’s affordable, too. In fat, it’s a lot cheaper than using a tutor – I should know, I run a tuition business!

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You won’t be disappointed!

hi there my name's Joycelyn akuto i'm the managing director of geek school tutoring so I developed this website to help children with their creative writing over the years of running gig school we have many many children who come to us needing desperately needing help with their writing and part of the issue is that these days because of technology lots and lots of children are just not reading enough and so many of them find it quite difficult to come up with creative ideas their ideas onto paper you know it seems to be a bit of a struggle and so over the years I've developed a structure a technique a system if you will that helps children just ease out their creative ability enough to pass the eleven plus exams and in many ways to transform the way that they see the written word so the eleven plus exams expects children to produce writing that demonstrates their maturity of understanding using similes metaphors being able to understand how to use things like alliteration in a way that's not robotic you don't want to seem as if you have been tutored so within an inch of your writing and it's also about being able to demonstrate use of dialogue you know not writing things like and then sarah said okay then and so I said all right then which is what tends to happen when children are not reading enough or they've not been given the time the tools the techniques to really make their writing interesting the use of emotion the use of senses for example basically this course helps children develop their writing ability to their maximum potential and the benefit is they can do it from home you don't have to ferry them from one place to the next from tutor to the next they come right in the comfort of their own home being given the tips and being given feedback on all of their writing so another question you might have is does this course just do creative writing because if you've done your research you will know that the eleven plus exam don't just require children to write short stories for example they might be asked to write a report a persuasive piece of writing for example writing a speech to the school or writing to the local MP about why school uniforms should be banned for etc etc there are so many different examples of writing this course covers everything that they need to know and the benefit also is that I'm actually a journalist by profession my motto is that I'm the girl who likes to play with words and that play with words came from my own preparation for the 11-plus where I discovered that I loved to write I loved reading and being able to bring something to life just through words is just so exciting it's something that a lot of children haven't been able to develop because technology has taken over many of them would rather sit for hours on their iPad on YouTube or playing games than to sit there reading one of the classics for example that seems more like torture for many of them can see many of you parents nodding your head because it sounds like maybe I've got some sort of CCTV in your home and it's not the case it's just something that I've seen with the children that I've been tutoring over the years and so this course has been developed to help them and the beauty is because they can use technology with this so they can write their story or write their assignment take a picture of it upload it onto the website feedback is given in terms of a marked essay so they are not to type the essay because it's the course is more than just about the writing for example is their handwriting legible you know how they present in the work are they making unusual spelling errors or common spelling errors obviously if they were to type their essay their spell checkers and grammar checkers on Microsoft Word or Google Docs which ever piece of software they're writing more importantly the exams that they're preparing for require them to write so we're looking at all of this in the marking and the feedback and that's what makes this as good as going to a tutor effectively you have a tutor that's marking the essay and it really helps the children to hone in on those skills in the comfort of their own home and fitting in to maybe a busy extracurricular calendar you know lots of children these days are doing swimming they're learning an instrument for example they might have younger siblings making it difficult for mum or dad to ferry them to tuition so this is everything in a box that puts them through all the different stages of writing that they need to learn and helps them develop the core skills required how could you not sign them up to this so there are different courses for different needs but the first step is to take an initial assessment which will help me to tell you what course would better suit your child and the feedback that you get is a fully marked essay is not just marking that you would see maybe you know in their books at school is more than that you know it's given them pointers in terms of maybe if they're using homographs in the wrong way for example given them examples of what they could have written to improve on the sentence or in a paragraph the type of feedback that you would get attribution you know and then following that you can choose from the weekly the monthly or the crash course but the first step is the initial assessment and it's like gold basically so I look forward to working with you and your child and it by all means if you have any questions please go to the contact us page and send in your queries and I'll be more than happy to help thank you for watching


  1. Which books (reading) would you recommend for Creative Writing? I'm reading Terry Pratchett books and they seem to be doing the job well and stretching my mind, but I would also like a style of which is more classical:)

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