The Alphabet Soup Book Tag (Women in Translation Edition)

The Alphabet Soup Book Tag (Women in Translation Edition)

The Alphabet Soup Book Tag: A is for Author
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1. A is for Author: A good book by an author whose first name or last name starts with the letter A. (First names are too easy, so bonus points for a surname; double bonus points for first and last name!)
Svetlana Alexievich

2. A is for, well, “A”: The last book you read with the article/one-letter-word “a” in the title.
Notes of a Crocodile by Qiu Miaojin (translated by Bonnie Huie)

3. A is for Angry: A book that pissed you off
The Pine Islands by Marion Poschmann (translated by Jen Calleja)

4. A is for Awesome: A top read of recent years
The Years by Annie Ernaux (translated by Alison L Strayer)

5. A is for Aaah!: A book whose title includes at least three a’s (bonus for more than three!)
Mars by Asja Bakić (translated by Jennifer Zoble)
Bosnian feminist sci-fi short stories

6. A is for Annoying : A character that drove you up the wall
The Faculty of Dreams by Sara Stridsberg (translated by Deborah Bragan-Turner)

7. A is for Ambivalent: A book you’re still not sure how you feel about
The Governesses by Anne Serre (translated by Mark Hutchinson)

8. A is for Anticipation: A book (new release or not) that you’re very much looking forward to reading
The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa (translated by Stephen Synder)

9. A is for Actually: A book you didn’t expect to like, but did
Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel (translated by Carol and Thomas Christensen)

10. A is for Affected: A character, book, or writer you feel is pretentious (oops forgot to include)
Savage Theories by Pola Oloixarac (translated by Roy Kesey)

11. A is for How’s It Going, Eh?: A book you liked by a Canadian writer, or one you want to read
And the Birds Rained Down by Jocelyne Saucier (translator by Rhonda Mullins)

12. A is for Anticlimactic: A book you thought fizzled out at the end
The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli (translated by Christina MacSweeney)

13. A is for All The BookTubers: Tag a swack of people
Literary Libations –
Rachel Louise Atkin –
CooksBooks –
Beyond The Epilogue –

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welcome back to my channel bye no Sparkle and today I've got it is something I don't EE do and that is a tag and this is the alphabet soup book tag as fat alpha this was originally created by Shonda book Bailey Act and I was tagged by Jacqueline at 6 minutes for B and the reason why I decided to do the tag is Japan bettered that I read exclusively translations and while this is not entirely true it is definitely something that I inspired to buy in real book club really destroys my copic streak of breeding translations and because it's women in translation both coming up very soon I decided that I've got to do this tag easy early women in translation so the first one is I use for alphabet a good book word or four whose first day or last name starts with the letter A and for that I've got to go his sleeve lighter Alexa bitch as she writes a lot of great nonfiction books in translation she is a Belarus author a journalist who really likes to focus on get it to no ordinary people and get it to hear their stories she does kinda guide the questions to forbid era too but it's still a very interesting read the one I would recommend started with his second head type which dives into people's experiences and how they felt about the collapse of the Soviet you just so you get a lot of different people's accounts of what was going on people from different ages said you just really hear a range of different opinions and it's really interested to just see how people thought about the Soviet Union and its collapse so I recommend that one the ugh wobbly face of war is another great one to read and that's talking with women involved in the Second World War these are people that have experienced war but really this toys don't get told and really see just everything about their lives like how it affected them how they were perceived by the other soldiers said just be extraordinary like so we're going to to serve their country in to serve Russia was a Soviet fugitive question two is a is for well a last book you read with an article one letter word a in the title and for that I've got to go with notes of a crocodile by quit motion and this is translated by body home and I've probably talked about this recently I love this book it's the book where explores queer characters in Taiwan and they kind of portrayed as crocodiles it humid clothing so you get this real sense of feeling like Outsiders feeling like they don't belong in society and be a bow should said their struggles to feel a part of the world feel connected to people and do this paid with their double feed unable to be true to themselves said the offer was very young when she wrote this she suicided at 26 years old and just the knowledge of but it's just so heartbreaking to the know that these are the feelings that she had while the book isn't as dark as her own life it does have a little bit of optimism which is what definitely helped drive the book but it's one of those books that I keep talking about and keep thinking about and I'll keep recommending as for a green a book that pissed you off and I've got to go with tied eyelids by very old push mood and this was translated by Jed college and this was one of the books that was shortlisted for the Booker into – no prize and it was terrible I just really hated it I was really annoyed with it for starters you've got a German writer writing about Japanese culture and I really hate when authors are writing about other people's culture it can't be possible it has been done well I could probably give you a couple of examples where it has to be done well but I really feel like especially because of reading a lot of translations I'd rather read a double or a piece of nonfiction by and awful from that culture rather than somebody else's idea of what this culture is like and that's pretty much the core of what really pissed me off about this book in it wasn't a great book it shouldn't have been shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize I would have put Faculty of dreams in instead of backup or the short list but it's what about books that I still get angry about as for awesome a top read of recent years and I've got to go with the years by air draft so this was translated by Alison Australia the reason why I go with this one is because it's a piece of nonfiction even though it was on the bad book were international short list as well about her life afraid's kind of chronically life Drude World War two and beyond so you get to see the changes with technology with the philosophy with the whole cultural swing Zed it's just so fascinating it's very French and very elegantly written which is obviously a reason I joined it but there's something about it that just really stuck with me and it's a book I want to reread because I feel like go back to it I probably get a lot more out of it and I'll be definitely returning to this offer in the future but I think is what that definitely needs to be shouted out as for our a book whose title includes at least three AIDS Fotis footboard and free A's and I was kind of boring so what I did was when awkward that had free A's in it and I've got to go with bars by I sure back ik this was translated by Jennifer so cool and this is a book for feminist press this is a was the in feminist science fiction collection of short stories that's pretty much what you need to do fabulous science pictured short stories from Bosnia it was amazing and what I love about this Richard is there is a lot it's said to be badly women writing it the literary scene there is a lot of women and there's some great stuff coming out for a bit this part of the world a is for a dying a character that drove you up the wall and for this I've got to go with the Faculty of dreams by so Strasbourg translated by Deborah Brogan Turner and the reason why is because this is a fictionalized account of Valerie Solanas last days and she is so extreme so weird so isolating and like you could get really annoyed with her because she does things that you know by really said well she plays by our rule she is never doing what you expect to do and well that could be a dying it's still great to read and I really love this character and I think the way it was this book was Richard is what made this such a great book I would not want to be Valerie in real life even though she is dead but she's a very extreme feminist and she wrote a manifesto called the scum manifesto and a lot of people say the scum says for the Society of cutting up bed so that's the kind of extremists you can expect from her as forever it was a book you're still not sure how you feel about and for this I've got to go with the governess by ad sorry and this was translated by Bob Richardson and there's a lot in this book that I kind of like but it kind of read like a fairy tale and that definitely really baited a struggle it's like a very short book and the topic is really interesting you've got this school full of young boys the girls that you've got this governess but where's Richard the way is tried to replicate an old type fairy tale just really didn't sit well with me and I just don't know if I like the book I don't know if I hate the book and it's somewhere in the middle and I can't make heads or tails of what how I really feel about it a is for anticipation a book you release or not they do very much looking forward to reading and this is a book that's coming out next month it's the memory police by Yokogawa's translated by Steven Snyder as Steven Snyder seems to be working through most of Yokogawa's books and I read four books so far and I think she's a great office I'm really excited to check out the memory place I think is about bid August that comes out a is for actually a book you didn't expect to like but you did and I think this might appear Jacqueline's answer as well but it was what you mention did that video it was like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and this was translated by car loaded Thomas Christensen and I'm not really a band of magical realism I don't really like fantasy type elevated bus breeding so I wasn't sure I was expected as I felt to historical future to popular but I ended up loving this book I think it's a great book great read and one that definitely worth checking out a is for how's it going a I've bought you like by a Canadian writer or what don't you want to read and because I'm doing women in translations I had to find one that I wanted to read because I don't think I've read anything translated frigid Canadian so I went with at the birds raid doub I just was also translated by rod Mullins and I can't remember what this book is about and I really don't care because I rather not know too much about a book up lady to read but it has been a book that to be recommended to me a few times I think maybe from about dusty bookshelf as redditor and there was a few other people like I remember who so it's what I what I get to I need to get a copy of it sometimes a his for anticlimactic a book you thought fizzled out at the end and for this I'm going to go with the story of my teeth my ballerina cellie translated by christina big sweetie and I really love Valerie's bacilli Edie I think she's a great brighter but this one just didn't quite work out it started off really quirky and I thought oh this is gonna be a bud interesting read but it just never came together and started off well just fell flat it's not one of her best books I don't think I can recommend it I had fun reading it but it's not one that I would tell people to read I did every boy her writing so I can't make it as a worse book because there's a couple of books I still need to read of hers but compared to faces of the crowd this book was a disappointment for me and interesting enough it's probably the one most people afraid well baby there Fred Lost Children icon for now but it was a very popular book and the last question is I use for all the booktubers taggers swank of people don't know there's many people out that they haven't been tagged old tag literary librarians because they are due to booktube and probably how I'd get a Getti attention yet if he could step away from doing broadly and talking about Infinite Jest for long enough maybe he could do this tag maybe people that I'm thinking about coming back to booktube and haven't done it yet I'll tag them so maybe Rachel Lewis occurs cooks book beyond the epilogue and anyone else that hasn't made a video for more than six months do the tag make a return I'm sure sure the book maniac would love people to do this one well do something else just make videos if you want to find me elsewhere or buy links to social media are in the description below and there's always thank you for watching


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