The Best "Expressive Language" Apps - A Review by Speech Therapist and Author, Lois Brady

The Best "Expressive Language" Apps – A Review by Speech Therapist and Author, Lois Brady

Author Lois Brady knows first-hand which apps work best for which need. As a speech therapist, Lois routinely incorporates “iTherapy” with her growing roster of students. As a new app appears, Lois buys it and tries it out. In this, the first of her reports on apps that work best in her practice, Lois discusses and demos “Expressive Language” Apps.

The apps demo’d in this program are:
* Proloquo2go by AssistiveWare
* My Choice Board by Good Karma Applications
* Assistive Chat by Assistive Apps
* Predictable by Therapy Box
* TapSpeak Button by TapSpeak Apps
* Sign 4 Me by Signing Apps

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hello again everybody this is Craig Evans of autism hangout and thank you for tuning in to this installment of the autism Hangout feature program series apps for autism today's guest has been on autism hangout before in several roles speech therapist Louis Brady is the author of the book speech and action by Jessica Kingsley she's also completed a second book soon to be released called apps for autism published by Future horizons you see Louis is a researcher she's using the iPad routinely in what she has termed eye therapy with her patients and her ongoing search for the best apps available Louis is constantly testing new releases for their effectiveness Louis is returning here today to talk about one category of the best of these programs expressive language so autism hangout please welcome speech therapist author and successful app user Louis Brady welcome back Louis it's nice to have you here thank you well you were on the front line of all this stuff you buy new iPads you get your hands on all these new apps you go and you try them out I know that we have an audience of people at autism hangout that are very interested in listening to some of your findings so today we jump into expressive language let's just take a scenario I come in with my child my child has trouble communicating where do you start okay first of all look at your students I see does your child already have any usable language or is your child essentially nonverbal and then I look is he looking at me does he have intent is your child able to reach out and tap something does your child have motor coordination enough to be able to hit keys on a keyboard is your child deaf as you can your child here does he respond to his name and most of all does it respond to me and electronics and if he is techy and 99% of the students I see are techy he'll come right over to me and start playing with the Machine if he's not I may not even try an iPad and I may go for some of the more traditional devices or some picture exchange so I'm gonna look for things in your child where he is here she is right at this moment mm-hmm okay let's actually walk through a couple of apps and then as we're walking through the apps you tell us you know who this particular app might be best for great one of the first and most powerful is the proloquo2go so I'll pull that one up okay for a teacher or an educator who has more than one student I take it and modified my homescreen to include my students let's take a look at arlene and the kinds of things these are the kinds of things Arlene is gonna come and ask me for she's gonna ask me for her backpack and then if she touches the top red she can just say it when are these done I can just touch the bottom button which is the home button go back home and say now it's Joe Joe we can come up touch his name and then these are his particular choices I think grow and learn more these are really easy to add more or to add an I want icon Carl equalities got 7000 icons and is very robust it's a really good program it even has a text-to-speech and let's insert the word so Joey could actually hello my name is Joey I like to do my work on the computer and that's really nice too so you have both options there with your proloquo2go it's very very robust I'm going to take you to another one that's called me my choice board okay this one is very good very nice it has some features that proloquo does not include these are my choices and then at the bottom I can have Joey's particular things he loves computers and he loves to go for a walk I want to work on the computer if I wanted to add an image I would add like an apple this is the really cool thing that this board offer is that not many do you can go to the google search and you can't I the word Apple and you can search it and up here is going to be the most wonderful pictures of Apple and the good part about this is then the student can choose which Apple they want to be represented by Apple and those are the two voice output apps that I would really recommend those are both really good ones one of them is is $189 and one of them is $9.99 the next I category I like to go to its text-to-speech assistive chat this is one of the best test text-to-speech apps that I have found it's really easy for the students to learn and if your students is a little bit past the picture exchange has some spelling ability and you really really have more things to say you're gonna want to step up pretty darn quick to a text-to-speech and they sound something like this and they're very easy to use and you notice that the row gives you word prediction that makes it really kind of fast and easy for the students to to pick their words and to move on building sentences and there's a whole list of things that the students can say because they save them so if you come up to him and you say something like hi what's your name his name or her name may already know my name so she doesn't have to retype it she has a whole Bank of phrases that she's already saved if your students then outgrows that you have one text-to-speech it's called predictable which is really nice and Jeff came out of England it's a very nice app it's it's switch accessible then these students who do not have the motoric ability to reach out and touch the keys can use this with a switch it's very nice and the really cool thing about this that the other one doesn't have is you can store multiple phrases into multiple categories so that's really nice this is the higher level text-to-speech we all know those kids who have so much language in their head and can't get it out and they're very bright kids in this too the way to organize it you build it and then over a year they have every single one of these categories still and then remember where they are and they can go and they can talk pretty fluently about many many of these areas we're gonna go now to switches ok untouched switches these are really good up here if your students can only reach out and touch one switch and is having some difficulty with isolating their finger to be able to touch a single picture we'll go to a really nice one it's called a tap speak button then the student just needs to reach out and tap the red hello and it'll say it for the student and a really cool thing about this app is you can personalize it I have a little picture of Buttercup in there I personalized it and you can touch him you can put in as many phrases as you want down the right-hand side and that allows the student to be able to say many different things so that's kind of where I want to go to would be sign language a lot of our students who who cannot talk yet or maybe are hard of hearing or deaf we teach them sign language one of the best apps I found for my students is this one called sign for me and basically up at the top you're gonna type in another phrase and we're going to just go with good morning again okay then you're gonna say you've done and good meaning excellent so I'm going to touch the word excellent and then he started signing it I'm and you can turn this guy around if you really can't see what he's saying you can turn him so that you can tell what he's saying oh my gosh that was that was just so much fun I dunno you had one more thing you wanted to add in in finding the appropriate expressive app market that are for expressive language but they don't offer voice output and I just wanted to let everyone know that the voice output component is very very important and research is done in fact that I've tried some of the ones that don't have voice and they don't nearly they're not as effective as the ones that do the students really enjoy hearing the voice and they enjoy modeling after the voice so it's a very important feature to make sure it has Lois this has been so helpful to not only me but everybody else at autism hangout today we covered expressive language and you have volunteered to come back next time and talk about receptive language apps Louis where can people go to get more information about you proactive speech therapy excellent thank you again for coming on today oh thank you for that well and is so informative thank you thank you watch ism hangout i'll be back again soon with more apps for autism you


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