The BIGGEST Marketers Use The Smallest Words

The BIGGEST Marketers Use The Smallest Words

The BIGGEST Marketers Use The Smallest Words. Have you heard of this saying?

When you have this skill of using small words for your marketing, then you will have people listening to you on the edge of their seats. If you don’t have this skill, you will have people tune out two seconds in. Learn how to use small words for big marketing results!

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See you soon stud.

-Jason Capital


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first things first please write this down the biggest marketers use the smallest part really talk about this today and we're gonna we're gonna dial this in for you the biggest marketers use the smallest words I have a buddy I will not say his name because I don't want to embarrass him he is a New York Times bestselling author very well known writer he got paid over a million dollars for advance for the book that he wrote and yet he has never written his own copy or his own ads and he cannot you can't do it he's tried it fails he is too good of a writer for his own good his ability to use six syllable words that make you intimidated and feel stupid is unmatched but he can't write copy he can't write ads he can't get people to buy things he can teach things can't get people to buy things because he uses too big of words I want to flip that and contrast that with another friend of mine Dean Jackson Dean Jackson I think he's got the best marketing podcast on the planet I've said it before in other sessions I think everyone should listen to it it's called the cheese and whiskers podcast you know listen to it I strongly recommend that you do great marketing podcast Dean Jackson is a brilliant marketing man Tony Robbins goes to Dean for advice Jay Abraham boasts the dean for advice craig ballantyne who has ivan dinner with the other night he had dinner with Dean a few months ago he said it was the strangest dinner of my life because every like he's like you go to dinner with a friend and business friend and you expect to talk some business but you also expect to talk like normal things he said everything we talked about Dean would find a way bring it back to marketing Craig would talk about his Neeson and thirty seconds later Dean would be talking about how the toy companies do their marketing tricks around a holiday like everything would come back to marketing Dean is obsessed with marketing in fact his first podcast was literally called I love marketing so I was with Dean at an after party a few few months ago we had like a mastermind on the part of and then we all went to an after-party after and I'm talking to Dean and I'm telling him I'm like dude you have this ability when you speak and when you're on video with your ads that just I was like I could listen to speak for like eight hours straightening I even told him I was like dude when I listen to you speak it feels like I'm on acid like everything is just so lucid and just like I'm teleported to this alternate universe where time stops and knowledge increases and I just feel good and it's and I'm not the only person who said this to him I've talked to other friends who feel the same way and I said to him do you know why cuz I don't why I'm just curious if you know why and he's like no I haven't really thought about it and I said it's cuz Dean you talk at a grade four level and I didn't mean I don't know like damn that sounds like that backhanded like insult or something I didn't mean that at all I meant that as like the best compliment ever Dean speaks and like a great four level all the words he uses are small they're short they're easy they're bite-sized they're snackable they feel good it causes no strain and no effort on your part to understand all the things that he might be saying and when you have this skill you will have people listening to you on the edge of their seat and they will listen for hours straight if you don't have the skill you left people tuned out two seconds in there's this mint some people think about use bigger words then I'll impress people and they'll think I'm smart and enough use bigger words they won't listen to you I mean ever discover just how effective or smart you are the biggest marketers use the smallest words think about your marketing like a man that was the best mountain that I can draw are you making your audience with these big words you're using climb up this mountain are you asleep or using small words and allowing them to merrily breeze down the slope you need to decide which category your interview let me tell you something I want to live in this category I want on like copy on my marketing all my videos to live in this category I want to speak like Dean Jackson hey why don't you have the time you want for yourself yet why does your job keep letting you down it's because you haven't developed the high income skills yet to create your own high income empire for yourself and your family so at the link below you now have me as your personal mentor completely free for the next seven days you have a free user name and password I'm gonna get started with you right away and if you love it it's only ten dollars a month after that are you paying more for Spotify and I promise you Spotify is not gonna change your life in your business the way that this can never I can do this forever so hit that link and come join us inside right now


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  2. This is a great video Jason and actually a life changing piece of advice for me. Howevr I was surprised you then used the word “arduously”. Most people would not know what “arduous” means

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