The Blue Fox | Story for Kids | Infobells

The Blue Fox | Story for Kids | Infobells

Beautifully narrated story time in English with 3D Character animation is sure to implant moral values in Children. These moral stories for children are written with value building themes that children can enjoy.

Enjoy this “The Blue Fox”- Moral Stories for Children in English…

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the blue fox one day a fox was wandering in search of food a group of dogs spotted him and started chasing him the Fox ran for his life as he was running he suddenly tumbled into a big tub of blue dye he leaped there until the dogs were gone that was a great escape set the relieved Fox to himself he slowly came out and threat to the jungle as the Fox walked through the jungle he met other animals on the way all the animals seemed to be scared of him he had no idea why he walked and walked until he reached the jungle pond as he bent down to drink some water he looked at his reflection his whole body was blue and colored he now understood everything the cunning Fox now plotted a brilliant plan he called out for all his friends and said going forward don't be afraid the animals believed the strange creature and accepted him as their king the Fox let a happy life as the king of the jungle one day the Fox King heard a pack of foxes hauling oh what a wonderful music I cannot stop myself to halt to unable to resist his urge the Blue Fox started howling to hearing this loud howl the other animals finally figured out who this strange animal was they smacked him and drove him out of the jungle you can never have your real identity


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