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I never see anybody with him as passionate as my gay a princess we are you gamma soy if you want to sell him market she wanted to be really passionate you need to use my game she will see it – like shop alright so welcome if you just join us now Monday and then today we get it very very accomplished them on their personality with us she's eight Espeon and emission she's a big do stage and all that and she's also a food enthusiast llama says she sabe the art of cooking she saw me she loves fashion – now some of our passions may be that please help us welcome who we call ordered or back on the job by yes and we call out the double-talk want to be a fan please help us welcome huzzah thank you I want me people actually know who's or be tell us although why you decide say you want this peach pigeon top with you okay and loser now where was that from now a B first daughter from my family five family of five and I come from Oboro from economy looking government area for IPS states I go school for Lee goes here Obama for legal see a primary everything I hear finish armful Eagles I finish on four I finished last four for legal State University I studied and Sierra arts and music and before I called John read you I don't deduce much more pidgin Wacha I don't mean do some we do drama pigeon I also do some for evil anguish had also been do some theater and state productions for pidgin language through before I can finally find myself was very speak pidgin now from even from my course not yet it's it shows how to you know speak different languages doctor don't say if you go beer thespian because if you want take up some rules them it would need to enter for it to enter a character where you need to go that story somebody will behave like that or somebody way you feed wait yeah of course we if we fit into that room well you deeply so if they give you PJ roots hoopla for instance I you know savvy speak pidgin you need to go find somebody with this speak pidgin and this ago teach you how to speak pidgin then from there from there you could begin deal and language is not from schools I pick pidgin how to speak pidgin but when I can't tell that was a beer I can't say that I want to and they won't read it for us would be a I love to jam together so possibly help me polish my pigeon well because just yesterday passing me telling me say because I don't speak pidgin for so long say good they very hard to speak English for me to even work in an English to do anything as regards to English you feel passing on the other than just be truthful if you say go they very hard for you to switch to switch yes to English no see before our course for because why do when I come here not be English I know be pigeon I used to and when I fell to talk to them or Gaza not be English pigeon on like this we do speak now and when we enter audition with Indy speaking pidgin if I come over here now go meets in a logo start to be speak pidgin anyway outside here unless you demand see okay ah so you must speak pidgin and I know that's it we do also affect some of our fans the radio outlets when you get like a MC job and a lady you believe they speak English in a they would they look you like this and then this is speak pity job say uniform thank you sitting in your form why do they speak English a uniform you suppose to be switched to plot yes yeah me I know say radio not something that way you really really enjoy and I won't even ask what is it like being a presenter a lot of people just in say when you wake up more money you could just you just come ready then somebody don't tell me but you couldn't laugh know what you're playing have no gets walk how is it like in the day-to-day living of a presenter ah now they cadet experience now MP the but why like fast i depart bc i digits with somebody but he personally see me the only sweets me pass and ideally did he persuaded you or that site if you actually do few me a mr. buddy feeder but we know this yeah i see my like that mystery like you robot they call a bread you not when a seroma hey and you can confide in me you know they're gonna share secret they go even tell you some things already know tell ya mamata was fine yeah wife they're good to tell you come and they never see you before don't wanna be sweet me wanna say with you as it as it presented if you actually touch tools you feel actually make hi dad impacts or somebody life without seeing that person i like that past week and sorry always look forward to radio show every day because i know the ones they might go on like this and i talk somebody would be blessed because see I talk I know say you get at a background where way and I don't see in stage productions I don't see even produce your own productions tell me a little bit about stage and what do you think about it the stagecoach of Nigeria are we bringing it back or you be less editing don't take back seat miss Efendi natural not yet away mismanagement yes oh my god a four-state productions if we could still push more I like what's in em and this week would reduce our dependence we get she actually did try to bring stage back and but if we get gets more than like let's see five ten people like do like tera Cacho kind of person I think we will bring stage back and because stage really don't think drawback even though with the struggle to try bring her because a lot of people could tell you seen a cost then deliver the amazing events detection is very high compared to when you go to cut our role for fame II it depends ooh because film true cosna cameras are all that we cost shipping as it comes costumes will go we had to do few productions and all that i think the cost will be you know because just varies depending on your script any kind of production rate these shoots now you determine how much we go spend on top your production where does film what on a stage or even documentary anything at all way these shoots but I think God made me to really do more on stage production I'm about then people detox it ego is ego ego or do I'd never deep and small when they're smooth say they do go go go watch and leave when was the last time now if we tell our peak in defy me I never – oh if I born missing my picking no go get that experience I know go fit elastic ago carry you go national theater go watch stage production and making the exciting he said about and Sigma kuku cinema like my niece if I tell I make with my leg will go if I see let me like same theater so I think we need to really bring back because state not life for its sweet – I totally agree I like the fact that he lost eight people go tell OC is happening dear and Eliza not be all the same mistake God who made the show model he must continue running very interesting I read somewhere say anyway I don't see him see you as a cute um you do so goes to school tell us about that giving back to the society when you do okay don't wanna yeah down one or something we had BC it starts when I go serve for cookies states I Gabby won't even do the first one I did the whole idea of income from when I could sell for this school I cannot succeed you get as the school take be that I'm not Rudy cut yet so I can't you look within a few too difficult rib Utes and to make an impact if I even come out from and my service year so then get one empty classroom where they know they use do anything so you can't think I'm Sookie I think convert the space to be school library but that won't know happen because some kind things we happen for that is the deprecated see the lights of the tea so by time I come back through Legos after service year our Steeda so CD inside head so finally maybe because of my background my primary school education was in a public school earlier fair primary school now public school and I knew it may be like Friday's we know we go close elbow go-go-go house what Congo God I live we got a live Google Google em grind em nigga smooth who can't grind them chapo only to ducking the board good one every week now we did run and it will stay back Anna with our bare hands so I can't look ask for this after many years I don't finish primary school now people see the backing board why we do go front away we do go back so go look at okay nobody will know graffiti wait for governments who can't give us everything within you as an individual to feed you as a citizen to take it better the society says okay loser goes to school let's give back to people with e4 primary school and public primary schools them Nadia with the face probably primary schools then we sue come back to second B school but when we go there with you they do it so goes to school and I tried to provide him with furniture Mac cupboards when they no get Micah boards then we drew toilets renovations to them and we also give their first aid board and first they bought an infested box and we give them with sneaking lights provide em with lights and water supply remember lights light electricity that Lisa seems cool yes like all these schools right except for the last one why walk walk for Russia now them get lights we then I dig a like that and I guess more lights but you'd press through and this is a new get lights at all now we wired the place puts light switch what's our for them true for that Wow very very great project on them now something them we are don't even follow you doin anything yeah something were you they're very passionate about a lot of people they notice see this side bottom is there is this still something ongoing or not something that you just do from time to time no no it's the idiot ongoing well I took a break for this year because we do work on rebranding and the project because it's supposed to be like other people it doesn't make we do like every other time I think they apart from apothem the time it is money in capital intensive because not money you need to carry out all the sky projects so if we do get more funds why would we do five schools in one year talking about phones why do they get ready they get your funds for and I many schools don't benefit from this also goes to school projects and they get forms from funds from individuals or no companies we get one we approached me this year but the about droppin just dog COC would like be part of guzo goes to school I say okay maybe when I do the next edition I go let su not know but they just talk well we never see anything yet from the three schools yes my own school where I finish from hurry or fail nausea primary school for it called suicide then I dig you'll a new route nausea primary school and then the last one for machine Saints Matson's for the main guru for machine now I need to talk on the break is in the one yes we need to go on a break but when we come back and we see have some more questions and she see how the food fair will he come upon which you have so many other things to talk to our bouts but we could come back alright welcome back my student got the money Nigel sure I was to get who's the older daughter inside the house actually don't tell us plane to teens consigning and we think she did too how she moved from theater to radio and how even though that she daily duties they do a lot of stage play and she said tell us about how should I give back to the society without also goes to school projects and we talked about will come back go young more consigning Muzo goes to school now I'm saying you don't actually try to refurbish about three schools give their facilities I want my Buffalo up because I I don't they involved in a lot of projects whereby we give a lot of things out and then going back two months we go discover say those things that we give out that or either say Lam oh they don't spawn so you don't need to day to follow up on scientists we did for this cruise and how the follow don't be yes we do follow up like the first very first school that night is screwing me again girlfriend ocean primary school I mean do I belong to follow up on that one because even I had to go back we'll give them first aid box and back again so by time I where I wish the icon cc1 Association won't remain something association we don't even come give them more stops they're gonna give them more tops that time aside the one with me having tubes from more taps and therefore the other school for a jiggly I do follow-up and by the time I do follow-up the es at that time honorary boo adieu we don't even come give them very catchy if we finish because a B no B it would be able to finish the French yes I do defense to a particular level because intimacy anywhere where my power is Mikado a missing GU finish am and he kept his words my time I went back demand o even finish the defense in Finnish army boots one big water and plants for inside school so that nap part of Western attendees the last school I will visit a them last week that now for st. Matt's Estonian primary school for mushing ago da last week and they are doing well I do like the fact that we they do they pick the interest of the right people and yes they draw more attention you know a lot of people go look at us am present us they go t seen only one side then we get I know your side already disco like three or four side I knew that you have a fashion side oh oh yeah tell us a little bit about your fashion I know you they do one watching you wear t-shirts way to show one time so tell us a little bit about your fashion side now wanna force by teasing a forsmappa came down once tattoo is same and I think if you look on when I'm a pop I will pick up from it got everybody for my house we get this swag because sometimes when I see you okay oh no why do you know why no longer criticize people's fashion because I found out that everything is determined by who yeah your style is jumpsuit if you want a coffee then go for power launch she won't keep I know when she appears in a jumpsuit she feels hundred percent confidence is a style another person go look I say which is she the way she knows his can suit there's no seat down she knows he do so everybody's Tanna your personality well just now about them as much as possible to if I love you keep on true simple but make a statement there from there we have now moved to food I have been a recipient I even though that she had not finished we promised miss a man corral and Akashi not give you my person recently widowed by me Ankara show me one and Quranic away she did where you know she's not really do that one but now I know that also loves to cook oh my god a lot of people have told me about your famous legacy soup we're never taste in Kobe I don't like mom as much but I'm eating an Kobe that way we'll know Africans a lot about that about you are very very interesting so tell us about this your new food journey my food journey no new that one don't start TT but just be like movie wasted I am full of for people with me they put fire for my bomb bombs but like two or three years yeah and then I didn't want that say you never taste my food before to see as I be cook why he always the missing week I start this footing why did you never chop my food role so we think they give you that confidence as a bhikkhu you see nobody when you talk about food so the foot beam from house now from mom see my mom my mom not foodie and she can't cook for Africa yes my mother cook for Africa we don't I don't cook outside yeah even before I come with you I don't be the drew but not be professional now like helping out I feel just okay Gandhi like that to be one of my friends we do child dedication so it can't happen save all of us agree to reach the on time to help out the to abdicate trance by time we got there I can't be the first person we reach there at 6 o clock Kate Rosetta back home but younger sisters me they do turkey and all that so icon the icon Komatsu on cotton of Turkey why did he fried your down i season them I watched consisting them I didn't know that they were watching me so as I just this season be something night as I feel this seasoning call given the economy sees a bill I said now you go continue from where we stopped because your own different from the one we do I see no I just seasoned it Turkey so that's Nabu consider what does the ad help out that's why I'm here no no no no no I didn't existed so I took I took over by the time I finished the test I do want okie and that was the end namiko end up to cook the fried rice my time my friends arrive to Corsica travail virtually Kimberly so by time became not the goose is soup a nice emoticon we'd already cool jollof rice we don't do the white refused oh now and also the kitchen industry did very saturated trust me walk out on the road now go see alone like a child waiting you they do to make sure say your kitchen set is they different from the others my own and I tried to stick to some to maybe say no dates you know they everywhere not be something we goof it's no need to come on I did try to stick to something with indigenous to us as Africans and as Nigerians that's why we see well African salad yeah now my own kind of Abacha nobody regular Abacha yes the way I do make my own about shallow be the way we do other people named Emma command everybody we don't chop and don't talk I'm they always come back to ask me say hi they take make your way different nobody know about from the method of preparation a difference yeah you know see we all give your trade secrets why we were to change that hey it is different so now maybe taste a different and even you look when you see different you know they belong or do so a war we burn it I will know it's actually within sight no no no no so why are you hoping for us today like seriously you go Concha powerful somatic food and drink now on a very card what – called a mother of all fiestas yeah because now for Diego judiciary she kind of food because we're getting food vendors and drink vendors we go DJ also shows different niger African kind of food for day ok so right now cardiac on DC Friday Friday put a 250cc because we will get Pete we got sour mash oh my god would we get if I was gonna go put up a Shia dominated a mix oh well maybe nama kusa Davi / – I love nobody karateka be that yes now we get to BA we got got the neck we move teapot Chihuahua can be anything we're just like for monkey bubs right yes your monkey Bob now because yeah but when you see news Obama be passed when I carried away when I she give me give they leak the ball combination Saturday on the second officials on the 2nd of December I tell you chop chop go play game GU play games we go also do the eating and drinking competition there will be music of course you get some artists we go home contact Oreos or top music and commit you a car and win-win season we did 2 freebies booty and so if I take or be fun all the wheels oh in your December the highway do BC can now I'm ready for mobile ad John Cena fine one yes just opposite they go State House of Assembly yeah it did close to land them yes yes I got an idea where you find everything everything a kid is gonna add a way to bring you're picking them calm they're good just what's of those things for free and them you know chop an Iowa to also encourage these people really do this food business and because you know why you patronize them and you also have to also give them exposure although we get some other week I caught the big brands yes we go so calm that's like the Domino's Pizza goodie there Nestea truly calm of course and but others was them that but this one D SME we go didn't attempt Plan C past we also won't give them brand visibility also on let's we could not say these people they reduce on swim say you fee fine am iam dos the case it looks like the final four five please we never see price we want to pop off pop off maybe if you come out sudhi now we'll see because I'm booking the cruise you have to see us again the venue the time for inciting to be see condo pack for mobile ad Johnson Avenue allow site Ketchum Simoneaux 10 o'clock Google party until 7:00 p.m. and then didna 2nd of December yes maybe so any phone numbers your social media handles ok so should we are with a photographer at suzhou Matt's accuser and aDNA for Instagram and Twitter then phone number if he calls there eight zero nine seven six eight nine nine to five to get more information from rap of the century tailgating food mean to you would mean life means fast no okay she fetch another they asked she put out she only had the gift of making people fat no no I will give the making people healthy oh thank you so much Saturday because they already Hanukkah which with us my slow fast very certainly can be very short you didn't want the Tammany money why did you also thank some people to it and you think was obeah FM int and agree before me back on top this one cool FM Nigeria info okay they stand video for me back on Toby's particular Wacka Wacka all media services unleash a photography angel angels crafts we also get a media guide we get free to roam ah and plenty all of them to be stanching for our back alright oh the road leads to new BC Park for inside them I'll outside you know goofy miss I once you get a Lhasa not dare you go see all of us in my nigga he'll be T alright we will go wrap up the show now thank you very much they stay with us it's a beautiful Monday we started it on a very high so trust me the week is gonna be on a high high high IP it's going back oh my god once I see you again tomorrow so I enjoy more of this hour don't get videos when you just watch press this button to subscribe on top of our YouTube page you go love her


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