The Naughty Librarian: Mostly Historical Romance Book Haul!

The Naughty Librarian: Mostly Historical Romance Book Haul!

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B O O K S M E N T I O N E D:
Temporary Mistress by Susan Johnson
The Courtship Dance by Candace Camp
Moonlight Raider by Amanda Scott
The Laird’s Choice by Amanda Scott
Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis
The Trouble With Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis
Playing For Keeps by Jill Shalvis
Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife by Jane Porter

A huge thank you to Lauren @ The Novel Lush for sending me all the books below. Check out her channel here:

Taming the Scotsman by Kinley MacGregor
Claiming the Highlander by Kinley MacGregor
Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor
Knight of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor
Return of the Warrior by Kinley MacGregor
A Dark Champion by Kinley MacGregor

oh hello youtube today in the 90 librarian I'm bringing you mostly historical romance book oh I say mostly cuz it's mostly historical there's a few contemporaries in there but they're all definitely romance okay let's just get into it I want to get into all this money to lights let's go first things first I picked up temporary misters by Susan Johnson this one in particular is about an libertine Earl so I'm like okay so he's just like all around this continent and you have Isabella who's very bookish and she has scheming relatives and she just wants to get away from them so they kind of team up because basically her family keeps trying to push her into marriage and she doesn't want to do that so she's like hey Earl you're kind of a man you need to make me unmarriageable so let's like hang out people will think I'm loose and then no one want to marry me and I'm like everyone will leave me alone it'll be great and the Earl is like okay and then they do that and then they fall in love for real like I love it I love it ah aiya I'm excited they said libertine Earl so I'm hoping this has money delights in it but they might fool me I don't know I also picked up the courtship dance by Candice camp this one is about friends Cheska and Sinclair Francesca is a lady Sinclair is a Duke and then they had an engagement a long time ago and she got tricked into breaking it and now she's just like I'm through with romance y'all are up I'm just gonna like pair off other people because I'm like good at that and then Sinclair comes back around and she's like oh I feel real bad for breaking your heart and it broke my heart so I'm just gonna help you find a better wife here you go here's the ladies and then they end up falling in love for real that's always how it ends and I love it the cover is kind of suggestive so I feel like this is gonna be a story where these two characters I can't keep their hands off each other and like I'm into it I'm very intrigued I want to see that happen I also picked up two books by Amanda Scott first up is moonlight Raider and this is like a good Scottish Highland romance okay so I just read the blurb and it's written so badly yeah this might be so bad it's amazing like I don't know you read you a little bit of it border Lord Walter Scott ah Frankl burn grief stricken after burying his father goes to the forest seeking solace just goes off into the forest ridiculous instead he finds a half-naked young lady fleeing pursuit okay oh yeah I'm gonna tell you right now the love interest name in here it's Molly Cockburn her name is Molly Cockburn look I can't it's so like it's so bad it's good like that's how I feel right now it's gonna be ridiculous I don't know how to feel like who needs a carrier Cockburn like in a romance like and doesn't like get the joke I don't know basically Molly's running off in the forest because her family forced her to marry this guy who's a scoundrel and I guess he was about to get to assaulting her and she runs off and she finds his guy in the forest finds a guy in the forest and he's just like oh look come home with me I'll protect you it's like oh hi stranger yeah I bet I bet you're definitely not gonna murder me this is makes no sense and like I kind of love it like it might be so bad it's good it might be one of those like I have I hope so that is like become so bad on the spectrum of bad that like it's turned back around and good like that's it that's this also I'm Anna Scott I have the Laird's choice and I don't know if this one's very normal or not because they're saying this girl andrea is like she has like this ability to sense other people's emotions and like I don't know adjust them somehow I don't know if he's like getting kind of paranormally or maybe she's just intuitive I'm not sure it doesn't it's not really specific the love interest here is name is Magnus gale grace salad Nick I feel like she typed in Scottish name into like Google and just picked whatever came up first cuz these are ridiculous names Molly Cockburn that other lady oh my gosh Magnus Galbraith he literally washes up on her doorstep and she's like oh you're my boyfriend now you're so bad they're good it's so ridiculous they're so ridiculous I just grabbed them because they looks kind of Scottish and like they were in good shape these are a library book sale I had no idea what I was getting into it's something weird apparently let's do a little stopover in contemporary land real quick I picked up head over heels by Jill Shalvis I just always pick up Jill Shalvis books but I find a bit library book sales because they're just gosh darn delightful they're so funny and light and fluffy and they have good smut they're just like adorable little reads their perfect little palate cleansers because they're fast reads and they are fluffy 8f like if you're emotionally devastated over a book pick up one of these it's like the equivalent of an ice cream cone if it had pages this one in particular we're following Khloe's kind of like a wild child and then you have kind of a very stern sheriff and then they get together cuz opposites attract and I bet they just they bang the bejesus out of each other that's how it's gonna go I know it's gonna happen and I'm excited to see it happen I also got two more books in the heartbreaker bay series I'm missing like coming into these books I'm excited about it like I get me the library book sales and these was our brand spanking new it's bananas how new they are first I have the trouble with mistletoe also by Jill Shalvis obviously a Christmas story and I don't know like I don't want to have to wait til Christmas to read it because a lot of her stories are very Christmassy so like I might just do like a summertime Christmas jam like that sounds kind of fun actually oh yeah I'm just gonna read you the first couple sentences could this premise it's just not golden Willa Davis is wrangling puppies when keen winter stops into her pet shop with frustration in his chocolate brown eyes and a pink bedazzled the cat carrier in his hand he needs a kitty sitter stat it literally is like a Romans with puppies and Christmas and they're gonna bang the put Jesus out of each other like it has like so many adorable things it's probably gonna be very smutty and like I love it like I know exactly what I'm getting out of these and I want to see it the other book of the heartbreaker Bay series I got was playing for keeps I think this is actually the newest release in that series so this one was like a find this one is an opposites attract story you have Sadie who is like a tattooed wild child and then you have Caleb who is like an uptight mogul and somehow they get together I don't know where this would actually happen ever in real life it only happens in rom-coms cuz like why would our paths ever cross it makes no sense but like I'm so down for it to happen in rom-coms like I just I want to see that it's ridiculous it would never happen I love it they're gonna bang the bejeezus crime them they're gonna bang the bejesus out of each other so remember a little while ago we're doing a book haul and I found a mystery book on my shelf and my boyfriend's like I think this is yours and I was like that's not mine he's like well it's not mine because it was a ridiculous romance I found another one I don't know where they're coming from I genuinely don't remember getting them they're just manifesting in my house I don't know how it's happening like part of me is worried that it's happening but the other part of me is just like free books so the ridiculousness here is Hollywood husband contract wife it's ridiculous leading man-wolf Kerik is always in the headlines this time the sexy Spanish superstar has taken Alexandra an unknown ordinary girl and turned her into an instant celebrity and then to his Hollywood bride it literally has an exclamation point it literally has an exclamation point but all the glitz and glamour of their lavish wedding is tarnished by a dirty secret and if the tabloids find out they'll be shockwaves throughout the world with an ellipses it's ridiculous it appeared on my shelf like I don't know where these smut fairies were coming from but they're dropping me off these like ridiculous little books I don't remember getting them legitimately just my boyfriend finds them and gives them to me because he finds him on the shelf and I'm like I don't know where these gotten rum last but not least I have a large box here that was sent to me very generously by Lauren from the novel lush because she was talking to me about these historical romances that she's really into so she sent me a bunch of them I have been waiting so long to open this life opened it already but I've waited a long time to unbox it for you guys so let's get into this she sent me six books by kinley macgregor kinley macgregor is a pen name for sherrilyn kenyon she's the author of the dark Hunter series and when she's writing historical she goes by kinley macgregor and I do believe these are paranormal historical x' i believe and i i'm assuming werewolves because they're scottish ii and the scottish people are always werewolves like seriously have you ever seen a scottish vampire no they're always brave walls like it's like a thing so I have taming The Scotsman and in the back is the smutty tab which is a smutty back this one is another woman running away from a marriage and then she's like goes up to this guy she's like hey will you be my guide I'm running away by the way this guide knows both her father and her fiancee so I'm like why are you picking him but um Scottish I'm assuming paranormal as well there might be suspense I don't know I also have claiming the Highlander I feel like the last book in this book are probably part of the same series because they have very similar covers and they both have very similar like a smutty backs they're so 90s romance it's painted I love it I love it all this I'll just read this first sentence it is said that Braden McAllister English Baron and proud Highland warrior can fell an enemy with a single blow and a woman with a single kiss that's ridiculous and then there's just woman named Maggie and she's not having his and she's like I'm trying to stop a war homie like I got better to do and um then they paying the boo Jesus after each other that should just be the title of this video they bang the bejesus out of each other these two books are part of the same series for real these are both parts of the lords of Avalon series so these ones are definitely paranormal so I have sort of darkness and I have night of darkness and they both kind of deal with like Merlin and magic and magic battles and they're all old-timey Scottish II Merlin magic battles it with smut apparently I'm assuming and I mean they seem like you know dark heroes who like me love to save them and that's a stupid plot but like I'm a sucker for it like I love it and I'm assuming they're gonna have like feisty ladies who come along and I am down like I mean already I know I am I just know it last two books are part of the same series this is the Brotherhood of the sword so I have return of the warrior and I have a dark champion definitely different editions of the book because this one has one of those like old-timey painted smutty backs and I'm like I kind of love it I kind of love this muddy romance novel covers these ah I'm not sure our paranormal or not they both seem similar though they seem like women who are very much against violence in war and then they both find warrior dudes who are like that's kind of what I do for a living so opposites attract I got some very fun smutty delights I am excited because some of them like those Amanda Scott ones like legit they sound so bad they might be amazing and then like kinley macgregor is also sherrilyn kenyon I love sherrilyn kenyon books all probably pretty much like those I am intrigued by a paranormal historical cuz I actually haven't read one of those before and also I have sweat fairies who drop off random books around my house because I don't know where these kind from I assume someone gave them to me and I have thrown them on shelves around my house and forgotten about them somehow that's like the science reason the magic reason is that their smut fairies anyway let me know in the comments down below have you read any of these books if so let me know which ones are good let me know which ones are bad let me know what your thoughts are down below if you liked this video make sure you give it a like and if you want to see more videos make sure you subscribe and I'll see you guys soon


  1. Yes! I love your romance videos. You just nail the descriptions in a hilarious way 😂. Recently discovered you and been watching all your past romance book videos haha

  2. I mean I TOTALLY assume they went for Cockburn because of the sexual innuendo aha but if it makes it better when you're reading it it's actual a Scottish surname and it's pronounced Co-burn (I know, what?!).

  3. I love when romance novels can be summed up as innocuous plot point "and then they banged the bejesus out of each other"! Those always wind up being my favorite romance novels. Though, seriously, is there a sign up list for the smut fairy? I need one.

  4. A bookish girl with scheming relatives she wants to get away from . . .I feel her . . .maybe I also need a man-slut 😉 😉
    Molly Cockburn!! ROFLMAO Your videos always make my day! Yea, Smut fairies!!
    All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks–Scottish vampires! 😀🧛

  5. Always love the smutty delight 🙂 <3 <3 <3 I read my first Tessa Dare because of you–I can see why you love her! Her writing is so quick and smart and sarcastically funny. I'll definitely be picking up more!

  6. “Bang the bejesus our of each other!” Bahahahahaha! You’ve got me cracking up over here today! I love your historical romance hauls/reviews because those are my favorite books to just inhale read!

  7. Molly Cockburn!!!……hahahahahaha!! Omg, these books are definitely bibliocrack for you. The Southern Vampire series was my bibliocrack (until Book 10) Eric Northman…”Hello, my love” when Sookie would answer the phone. “They bang the bejesus out of each other” Hahahaha… crack me up! I needed this video to get me to face the day!

  8. Hey! I read some Amanda Scott (Border Wedding) in the early spring- I gave it three ⭐️. – Because- it blurbed super funny and cleverly dramatic started out that way and then suddenly I’m reading war sequence. I have the Laird’s Choice- I love when you’re reading/reviewing romance! I always end up reading them over the honking huge ass fantasy books lining up on my TBR. Love Jill Shalvis!

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