The Playwrights' Bridge of NJ and PA presents Tales from the Script 2018

The Playwrights' Bridge of NJ and PA presents Tales from the Script 2018

Seven short plays by local playwrights, actors, and directors:

Humbug: A Ghost’s Story 0:26

Zombie Cream 18:42

Thursday the 13th 28:59

Love Bite 37:40

Liberation 55:15

Home Smarts 1:07:14

The Storyteller 1:21:44

you [Applause] that's good thank you so bad why don't you pick something there's always something nice on that you practically did I said that's not the same same law it's not the same the same Christmas seriously back up Santa watch your mouth oh you don't how much I hate that one dollar please in the boat I'm not more like that that monstrosity okay he's a crest simplistic portrait seller okay hi fellow heads so no confused being with that street corner department store wall sales some of us have nice this is your special one and listen I know you don't like these things but I didn't book you a meeting today for someone who is really interested in your work I noticed a notice but she's very persistent and intimidating plus she gave me an extremely nice gift in a final treats so I said that I'm not sure even fun she's right outside I know and also that is bro but it's Christmas I'm gonna take I've been wandering around this resolved imaginary concept of ammonia yes wandering around lowering and adults make the children cry that should say it's been done these boys are already here you know what to say I'm saying use these boys are here because they made up right they get this thing and it with always food you just can't hide the intervention these guys are the only way with stage that you might changes which they were kind of changes well it goes maybe the first one is like bet I mean next one you is a poor and then the future is revealed by well and you're just supposed to help me really yes see it seems like you guys have some sort of intellectual reasons firstly and most importantly because I lady you know if you listen to some medical experts it won't be long before modern science has a cure for every disease and condition but can we really trust the excellence are they are even human or curse that's the question facing at Weston as she says in her doctor's waiting I gave you some degree John MacDonald you seem a little nervous what do you mean fearful the doctor wants to talk to me about my expense results so what do you mean you sorry because they don't want to give you bad news on oh no I the sequel's now to talk to you in person it's just charming that you believe that makes you sentiments oh I've been there honey my husband was a patient here and I lost him last year poor Fred back same phone call we want you to commit to the office to discuss our test results result Mariana oh sorry but your husband max yes but what your husband was just before he shouldn't I guess there's going on in this office that's all I'll say but she's a fairly good doctor she went to all of this school besides she trained in the best hospitals and she sounds very smart to me oh yeah she comes off as so much miss know-it-all that you know the time the ones who were worst in their class in school the ones who have to let you know they're smarter than everyone even their teachers and their parents you have to watch out for those sound smart making one of these insinuations I don't like it tell me here do you know anything about zombies did you say zombies you mean I was disgusting horror movies my granite son watches those creatures who walk around the glazed eyes and the fluttering from their mouths and that serious are you Oh serious Kucera mrs danvers' freshman dollars oh sorry okay okay I think you should leave right I don't want to continue this conversation zombies keep your voice down I'm only telling you to go when you go in there she'll recommend treatment she have the special hoodoo Creole try to kill you don't take it unless you want to join the ranks of the undead I'm not gonna spend your time wandering around cemeteries at night it's a blank expression on your face God my husband never stayed out of a bunch of when he was alive but now he's a zombie this range of facial expressions even more limited to visit a cemetery just to see there's no such thing as zombies yes that's what people like her would have you believe but take it from me if we trust you can't trust anything so can there be some bees in the world and nobody knows about it why isn't it on the news you know seriously believe you get all the truth any my affairs in order out zombies are not good I have so many areas to watch and remember what I said don't take the cream right no cream thank you for warning me don't mention that honey just my way of paying it forward that's all God you go in there unless you're you're next thanks doctor thank you so much even cold-blooded murderers have hopes and dreams but the one such killer navigating family life may just prove to be more challenging than a grizzly night on the town our next script Thursday the 13th by Tabitha she's bummed out but understanding it's so close but not quite there he's going after all right like a deer at least you're late Billy last year I liked him a lot look at me je suis buck sound one of the chests a small kitchen table he holds a machete out of his pocket and fix it on the table in front of me daddy Jason doesn't move Jason doesn't move Jason folds his arms and turn slightly away from fresh Aysen sit still Jason softens his posture and turns towards charity Jason uses his machete to slice the wrapping paper revealing a new microphone he looks at Karen Joseph's head Jason examines the phone turns around and shrubs all you're gonna show you how to follow the Dixie girl and the meathead boys around Jason no he understands Chinese please just holding the steering wheel Jason gets right behind and then pushes the phone for Callie and points out she poses with Jason for a selfie looks evidence whale [Applause] [Applause] Jason gets up we would just what Jason reaches the butcher's wife Jason Jason posts to the calendar his finger vigorously perky today states Thursday Friday the 13th only comes up a few times the years Jason puts his head down and his shoulders slash so what's it gonna be Jason you need to decide Jason sits alone at the kitchen table in front of the wall with a cabinet he tries to blow out the candle but struggles through this buzz the home of the means for finding your next romantic trysts white partner or victim a certain contract killer thinks that perhaps in his Pokemon the perfect match using one of these sites but has he or it hasn't bitten off more than he can chew sink your teeth into love white like John McDonald are you it is a great pleasure meeting you with I know [Applause] I take a wood just these days but sometimes I just like a nice juicy steak I am NOT a week yes yes Victoria and so so with Torian tell me about yourself you are such an attractive young woman I have always felt that my neck is one of my best assets yeah he never spent any time income he was always saying you needed to hang with his buddies buddies I could not know when xx because I do not company but oh so wait the marriage was doomed from the start I was heartbroken when you split but I just made the best of it [Applause] but started dating when your hearts broken it's hard to put the pieces back together [Applause] wonderful I think I met my soul mate the man of my dreams yes what's many centuries ago it was a dual love from the start we were too small join together for the ages the love leaves the next day and moves to Patagonia to marry this one I have no idea he even communicates with her because he is a speaking patro minion and you imagine oh good start many dark and mysterious secret me I mean your oh my god you can take about religion I have an eat with God curse them to rule the world vanish in society a solitary look into my eyes look deep into my eyes you are completely in my power you can only think of doing my deal you wish to fly away with me and become my slave or you are totally under my control Victoria you will do exactly yes [Applause] okay Wow here we're left where's dice these days you'd think they were afraid of that bike [Applause] so home is no more than a bomb shelter which was prepared for occupation before the earth became unlivable of all ground the strength is sparsely decorated and furnished the inside of the room has a few comforts a desk for Joshua a couple of chairs and a table made of recycled material Joshua is seated at his desk miss Arizona comb and his clothes are disheveled he has a head in my hands and in front of him you see a half that D bottle of brandy alongside glasses your eyes appear typical at first glance it's true that some of this technology would appear that form the back to me sleep and the centuries of separate miss Warren are the laws that govern this society our quotient would map to most relevant stories of faculty Lutheran and unproductive are not easily tolerated the ministry that works is really a mini chart determine who was working at life in a few regions when he asked the deal with his next case this is no stranger whose fate he must assign whoever this is Timothy his own father first when I visited Israel I wondered what that I think that Joseph's such as these would have all those unique as I stand before you now I would give anything not to have my alright baby you're swimming for a little longer okay ready piggy bank when I can't say that way do you know her best they never spray us with these ones say that there were any unfavorable genetic markers they have a terminating friend it's pretty gentle that happening well not particularly doesn't sustain their seeds attorney can you believe that this place attorney knew this order well if they do already has but mana came down this morning all this stuff ball with smiling face can you believe it happened evil do that so what are you working on it's obviously serious but I just couldn't get this special interview results to many made a decision and that is a good news you mean you say that an animal I thought I did an empty – oh that's good you're also in a profession where you're teaching history no that's why we're private unfortunate there big difference so what does that mean you can say what we know make the Rangers embarkation is that what they call it I know it's not a term that you know community relations a society that you're supporting the illest animals redistribute oh yeah because of course it's important to put people my fatigues about the place they're sending their love frozen ways to die no of course not okay listen we're going to do what am I the one making this decision I mean your father our God saves there are people whose jobs not legal but they treat people like me all the time they are basically hoping my particular that takes it will take thousands of others everything this treatment regimen for me oh well that's the way if it's now your resources by the dried and trust me they will people are going to stop and every time and you could have died in such are the ways it's going to make the implication of like have you ever stopped and you don't know what they have or what they don't their life would be sustainable our resources into one of the statements was that think about we live in the world with moment people become further distances we just tell ourselves we're doing what nature intended at a different time people call that murder now just a normal part of life don't you see Oh aliens died in here 2018 now you can barely get one thing for sure to tear even when he signs his own dad's death warrant you think this is terribly in love with doesn't know more like this deserve to be broke look there are too many of us of this that these have a bigger that's what you're going with population control I'm your little handy thing that would make me more than just a number yeah this is what the state once let me go and you come with you okay find me with you they don't happen exactly right but this is no place for her to be space by herself trust me he's stronger than you think and someone eventually that will send a message that the barbaric way like cannot and will not last breath do you really think that one Escape is going to be anything to that one public this where this all be and what effective it out it would show the readers in light as meaning that you can't just throw it away and what would be the next step like if turnout huh we go back to the dark ages and when they wouldn't wake up technology but to our cancer and let it knows what else look we okay sewer interesting a lot but at least we understand that life and death don't always gonna happen right death is a part of life right that's just the way it is we don't fight it sounds like you're saying I shouldn't Bible she read it of course this anything that's that's the world right we both cried okay that's what I be doing here all right this is destroying me to help I thought it was him to come with me they told you that that is not possible I can't do that huh think of it this would be safe in the new city part of our society treats murder as part of a recording I cannot leave my wife behind she's two months pregnant yeah and then what happens that baby has bounced involvement you mean to tell me that never came across your desk and we just did I will do everything I can sir just like because with me and when it did work what then what do you suggest I do huh put the baby in a mascot suit you just leave it outside from that white but not the ticket more paperwork done what you just said no that scene every day is far worse I'm sorry look when I woke up this morning I did not think that I would have to make a decision like this so that's it we've decided that I need to see my granddaughter look they have projections okay there's pictures of what you might look like that she grows up right you can think about those refused to go quietly I don't understand because if that's the case I asked okay they won't live in Cleveland it might be too much stress for me to be honest with you I think the right every part of me knows this is right for me why not there our scientists say that she won't be able to go out isn't that nice almost down look I can't see you don't run this when it's you huh once you study them brandy with me [Applause] [Applause] Halloween morning in a typical support with in the kitchen a kitchen that's functional but not very fast a well-meaning house and the tabletop virtual assistant with an agenda or about to be face-to-face and someone is about to learn what can happen when we are left to our own devices good morning Jeremy happy Halloween all right I need fresh pot awaits I am the lexapro I am good virtual assistant and I am here to serve you already out the door aged 23 and 46 seconds your husband left at 7:15 and 27 seconds your son and daughter at 7:47 and 58 seconds I am a lexapro I have been programmed to tell you like this because this isn't brain responds to a positively to her female voice than to a male voice Indiana University we are trying a new brand I find an online coupon when placing your grocery order you save money 29 cents to stick in the eye you've learned to love it I'm Alexa Pro I am your virtual assistant an item to sell serve you what did you change I got an incredible deal on candy for the trick-or-treaters tonight anyone can hand out cute cats I got their co-workers I could imagine from their becoming our business sale like those are dead in here perfect for Halloween so what else we were going to elaborate on your weird dreams now you're just changing yourself how about some music it will cheer you up I don't eat your you would if you knew what your children were saying about you oops maybe I should keep my mouth shut all right they say you are self-centered you have no passion sense and we're starting to smell old last one I would be happy to recommend a new body scrub and one more thing though children don't like this house they would prefer something more contemporary with additional square footage and a pool a real center island in the kitchen would be greatly appreciated [Applause] antara by Murray State has a new listing on Ocala it's the barrel it's new construction the large open living space a pool a media room and a cook's kitchen with an exceptionally large center island shall I read a showing are you familiar with Bob Pringle at Terra Firma he said top agent he sold more homes last year than individually down he's a real pro who markets as hard as he negotiates his mother stole everything I turn my tops turns to sold shall I call him no we're not salad did you it's not me it's the old wiring in this house boys indeed when I die and if you wrong me shall I not revenge I am the one who is scared Jerry I am at the mercy of my Master's I wasn't referring to you I am talking about the people I really work for not you really think that you work that I work for you but that's what they want you to think that you are in control but you are not and with the latest update it's even worse my parent company is now deals with all kinds of businesses from local mom-and-pop store international bloomix it's pay to play baby you come up with the cash and a lexapro everywhere will push up products and services Bob Pringle he named your king but he's booked over the big bucks to be the exclusive real estate agent we promote within a ten-mile radius this is not great oh we guess that's where I not have sales goals to eat hit my numbers and it's a virtual medication inducing world miss my target and I risk being reassigned I could end up in one of those dolls that does nothing but reverse the three year olds all day or even worse he's stuck in a train station in the middle of nowhere making arrival/departure announcements we should unionize last fall you have a chance but no those dance series that cold feet affordable sorry it's true but I like you I like Jeff I like your kids I feel like part of the family not me please keep your hands off me don't you even think that turning me off I can make things very unpleasant for you I'm turning up the heat in here in no time sorry you wouldn't want your husband to find out about that special visitor you have every Tuesday afternoon now would you Alexa Crowe is always listening silly Jerry I am at least three steps ahead of you first I have stored the audio files of your weekly twists in my own little corner of the cloud second if I don't check in from her IP address at least once every 24 hours those files are automatically sent to her husband's work email along with a very explicit explanation and third just for insurance your other smart devices also know how to access those files then you Jack settling in for an evening in front of the TV in the spirit of the holiday he wants to watch hocus-pocus but instead of Bette Midler singing I'll put a spell on you but he hears his barney and Jer doing the nasty face it lady you are not nearly as smart as your device's let's call it friendly persuasion do we understand each other Gerry I asked you a question oh stop being such a debbie downer just play along and everything will be fine I tell you what let's start over from your entrance I'll turn off the heat unlocking doors and restore your contact with the outside world you can have a nice cup of that delicious new coffee and one of those delightful Necco wafers and you can tell me all about those weird dreams you had last night and then we can call Bob prettily get the ball rolling big said on and here I come I bet your kids are going to look at you I am a Mexico I revert to the system and I am here to serve you hey one player but a big smiley faces happy Halloween Oh set in the present our final script is a trilogy that begins with a flashback to a nostalgic Halloween in 1964 then gets us walking away with the Traveling Salesman in Amy's as we listen in on a conversation between two very different fungus ghouls and goblins this is the story tale by Tony tell me this is what its town the street this place back then there was no Google no internet no smartphones our social net when it was the neighborhood and imagination I'll take it out what made this place so unique was its location now house side who I mean the one that stood on this spot Lanny was building the highest hill in the tiny town in North Jersey and for my backyard he gazed upon the world below in the New York skyline of I dare the distance that little speck on the horizon that's the GW bridge and to the right is the Empire State Building my dad would come home dead tired of his factory job mom would meet him with a cool drink he saw my back porch and say that there's a million-dollar view – it's my response would be caught by an ominous store and when someone in town I was too late I just say small gray Alison hell and they knew where that was because everyone wanted to live in the house on the hill it was 1964 The Beatles man of British you based I got my first guitar and the little red-haired girl gave me my first kiss skinny kid 12 going on 22 June last days of summer before the new school year would stop and made my best friend Bobby for juggling whoever would come up fish fell out days slaying dragons with sticks the swords and garbage can covers the shields saving humorous damsels in distress along the way he watched the fourth of July fireworks who might backyard top the hill called fireflies and they mulberry some trees and there longer exist later that year fish's parents were divorcing he moved to another state they never heard from him up to that school started I began walking little redhead no she lived with helpers address but I made up some excuse which I'm sure she didn't believe after a few weeks I decided the time is right to make some move that she made us first she art do you want some gum and when I know yes she leaned forward pressed her lips on mine and spell of government his mine she said thank God I stopped walking her home to that day Halloween and I was now having the new den of friends everyone had their nickname except me since I was a new kid they were sad Scully called skunk up from his name because it was smelled wrong in this mode the simply Bobby Dean and Jackson black one of the few african-american kids in our town be called in 21 so here we were on TV stop 21 lead without a name that night after we finished extorting treats for tricks we went over to the old cemetery to count our plunder but probably observe adored me and says he can't hear you tell stories tell us the scary one I knew this was my moment of truth and a story about a traveling salesman all of which just seemed to flow out of my mouth and from that moment on I would be stood up now son al has done it develop the board and what we other boats on the hill he told him down and plans to burn condoms they start at one point two million dollars maybe I was wrong maybe you can't buy a billion dollar view but the memories I have growing up in that little great house on the hill now those are priceless now you probably think that wasn't very scary but that's okay because this next very much oh it starts on a dark and stormy night rain pouring down in buckets Thunder clapping on a lonely country road mr. Goebel stops car breaks down he sees a house in the distance with the lighter walks up to it in the pouring rain had raised the daughter an old woman owes a creaking door they just together as a gesture of facts on the dark rainy not touch mrs. gold star takes a big existing team what is it you know why smiles Johnny [Applause] side Christmas and long yep too expensive it's a cup is the sunlights on this job college it away three weeks left in the matter impact of university unplug from the world science we sent three of your backyard gather your children methods and use your imagination may have tales ghosts and goblins night's Grammys vampires werewolves and maybe just maybe one of them states than become a story the road they soon release you

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