The Provocation - "Baki vs Hanayama!" - Grappler Baki Chapters 109 - 111 Reaction

The Provocation – "Baki vs Hanayama!" – Grappler Baki Chapters 109 – 111 Reaction

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Author : Itagaki Keisuke
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welcome back to Anam a Fight Club everyone my name is Grimm today we're checking out grappler Bakke or Honma Bakke the manga associated with seasons 1 and 2 of the anime and we might be continued I don't see how we could we continue in the fight like he has to be done but in the last video honey I met up with Yuri under the boxing arena or outside the boxing arena on his way to the Bucks arena and just bodied him because he felt disrespected like this dude was supposed to fight baki before honey am I like he pushed him out of the way to fight honey on my eyes oh he was stronger so honey hum will bodied him right quick and I'm guessing is about to go find Maki to let him know what's up so we're starting with chapter 109 should make it through 111 today let's go ahead and get started so 109 is entitled the heart of a warrior so honey I'm I just sent you already flying over all the spectators that word they were walking him to the ring over the doctor or coach or whoever he is and he says no and then we're in a flashback looks like this is a young Yuri I won't lose I won't lose I won't lose I won't lose to anyone grandpa beauty not against you or anyone else he's crying trying to feel tough it's grandpa starts laughing at him Yuri this is no longer an age of war I won't lose that's right make sure you never lose to anyone Yuri remember that losing isn't the same as a real defeat do you know what true defeat is UT that's when you lose the hearts of fight heart loose do you get it UT losing your heart is true defeat I actually feel bad that he had this flashback and remembered this cuz now he's about to get back on his feet only to get hurt more so he starts to stand back up and honey I must seize that it catches his attention he is still moving as long as your heart is still intact then there is nothing you can't do he is standing back up Judy are you still awake his dude is starting to get up see he hasn't gotten this full consciousness back you probably can't see gets up he looks in the front of him it looks as though all he can sense is aura or strength and I think he can see it all he feels this the murderous intent coming off of honey Allah says my heart as he's trembling I haven't lost it yet so he's back on his feet his left arm is completely useless he's trying to have his hands up because that's what he's used to but hey goodness is is he serious is he going if he goes down again he might not be able to get back up just stay down yes the coach the collie before UT can do with anything honey I'm a crashes his massive fist into this man's mouth this surely broke his jaw as well as all these teeth you see them flying out crashed his man's head into the concrete wall left a crater in it Lee he removes his fist and UT starts to fall forward crashes into the ground UT a good job even honey I must do doesn't even know how to address them someone comes over the PA this is an emergency what's wrong on your side it seems that your knee was involved in some kind of trouble what could have been the problem to delay him this much and this dude remembers it's Hana Yama like man like I did tell him the strongest Yakuza in Japan this is the handiwork of Hana yama cairo you see honey amma in his limousine wiping nudies blood off of his face man honey I seems oh he's just so dope chapter a hundred and ten see Bakke looks like he's struggling mr. Nakamura mr. Nakamura please tell us what is going on with Yuri yes right now our UT is being carried away to the hospital it's not clear yet what has happened but the blood splatter is terrible from what I can see here it must have been some kind of fight thank you for the report the strongest Yakuza in Japan Haniyeh Micawber who made his move so then we go back to his flashback you have to keep in mind that the boy created this problem himself to have a fight with the strongest in Japan over a 15 year old boy they really are a handful aren't they to be honest I have a feeling that this is partly my fault for talking both to Yuri and Hana Yama and telling them the situation this issue has long since passed the point of reason so like I said honey I almost pride is on the line so he had to take down the person it was they came between him and his opponent after they came and asked honey I'm gonna fight him and he gonna put them over to the side and I get out of here it's clear now that unity has become unable to fight due to the damage to his body it's unclear what has happened but it was truly severe with the way things stand now it's unclear if he will ever be able to get back in the ring again it appears that he was ambushed on his way to the fight we have our own way of fighting God Lee so baki his mother and this dude I can now remember his name they don't tell me enough are sitting there watching these events unfold on TV do you think he can win do you don't get it yet Hana Yama isn't a being you can call human anymore he hasn't lost a single match even I doubt that I could take him in a fist fight your boy's life will be in danger if they fight it's not like that he is a really strong that guy even he was attacked by a hundred man he would still come out the winner huh could it be that you want me to fight honey I'm hahahaha that's the best joke I've heard all day I wouldn't even be able to take a step so this dude's going around asking other mafia or Yakuza bosses about Hana Hana and these are the stories he's being told Hana yama is one of those men who place fear into your whole body before the fight even begins a boxer or a pro wrestler I don't think there's a pro fighter out there that could beat Hana Yama I hope that my intuition is wrong because Hana Yama is too strong to face at this time but I am curious to what kind of fight it would be from my research I found out that one punch ends all of his matches all it takes is one punch to end any fight look at what he did to my arm this dude looks just like uh wow this is just like buddy Nagisa from garuda goodness the same scar same hair just look at what he did to my arm as a pro wrestler I've never once fought a man like Hana Yama his strength isn't human all he did was grab my arm for a moment it was a really nice sound the pain that followed did this dude do you mean he uses a weapon it's not like that from what I could gather his pride as a fighter prevents him from using those he's pretty dangerous isn't he boys looks over at Bakke are you feeling a little intimidated if it was your dad he would be shivering with joy right about now that's funny cuz yes he would Sparky starts to stand up I'm leaving good night it's been a long time since I've seen that look in his eyes if I took away one of his toys you get what I'm saying don't you you had better hurry up honey a McAlary it seems he has taken a liking to you so I'm assuming she understands that they're about to fight and send him there to witness it and now as we continue we see honey I'm a leaning back feed on his desk he's huge that was your work wasn't it honey Yama well maybe she sent him to go confirm that that was him nobody says anything why would you do something like that to anger my young master Honma you zero huh I really want to meet him if you're able to beat the young master I'm sure that his father would hear about it just keep in mind that the man called honma yuujiro he is a man who loves fighting more than anything else more than sex more than food more than water more than air honey Yama starts to laugh as he gets excited at the prospect stop stop right there this damn brat what's going on so there's a bunch of commotion outside Hana Yama's office well we couldn't stop them so you would assume when all the commotion and whatnot in all the yelling their bodies out there beating up these guys but he's not he's just walking forward and they're unable to stop his progression talk about strength from someone so small young master what are you doing here your honey I'm aright you're pretty famous aren't you I've come here to ask you something when it comes to fighting are you really that strong so he's just pulling all these guys forward and then he just vanishes slips out of all their grass helps around the room via the walls he flew by jumping on the walls lands in front of hana yama then kicks his desk out of the window Wow his desk goes flying out the window so that means he kicked Thomas feet from up under him come on let's see what you can really do so honey yama takes his glasses off chapter 111 provocative so we see and that's a perfect like that should be barkis middle name provocative because he's so great at provocations so he kicks this man's desk out of the window again attacking honey I must pride how small Bucky is in comparison to this massive man like honey I was sitting down and he's towering over Bucky so he see this desk come flying out the window crashes into the ground what's going on a desk just fell from the sky it came from mr. honey Emma's office who would be strong enough to do that a gun came flying out of it are you for real call 9-1-1 so everyone's on the ground freaking out let's go and do what you like doing so much prepare yourself so BA he goes to strike honey amma hits this man who's still sitting down taking his glasses off with a left high kick you see buck his flip pivot as he crashes into honey I was faced Oh broke hunting I was glasses rocket them a little bit shook his brain what the so they can't believe he just walked in here and just attacked on uyama he has been in fights for as long as he could remember but no matter how strong the opponent was they were no match for honey ammo this was the first time he experienced a knockdown oh wow so I said even counts even though he wasn't on his speech in so Bucky managed to knock honey Emma down with that high kick boss he went down whoo you're really strong after all huh honey I almost pissed boss honey I'm a gets back on his feet we see veins all over his forehead as we see fire in his eyes he gets back up I'm guessing looks at Bakke then we see police and whatnot pull up outside the building they're talking to each other over the radio it's the police people saw the desk come through the window of this office police came running upstairs what's going on here as Honiara in Bakke are facing each other we're sorry we're having some issues with the furniture right now boy say you're sorry or else you won't be getting off lightly this was kind of boring and it seems to have ended already but hey keep in mind that I'm down to do a rematch whenever you get your courage back up see there's some saying his work hurts gets your courage back up I'm just gonna attack honey I must pride like that he's the definition of courageous and then he left this is bad why would you try to fight him like that in his own office like that please please your master think ahead a bit more it's a good thing the police came when they did so I shouldn't fight him because he's a Yakuza huh he has a point even though Yakuza's have morals and he challenged him to a fair fight so the danger level was under control but I do have to thank you this world is really wide if it wasn't for you I would have never known that there were great fighters like that out there my leg still tingles it was probably surely like him kicking a statue so now we're back in honey I must offers who is living looks like they got him a new desk he broke it as soon as I said it in front of him oh so now he's just crashing everything these dudes are trying to get out of the way man honey I must pissed he goes walking outside you see he you know muster up the strength in his fists and he raises it in the air and crashes it down into the top of his limo what the hell is he what's going on now people are turning around trying to see what's happening and he's just destroying his own car kicks the hood off of it it goes flying over throw it some pedestrians man cocks back a punch crashes it into the engine block destroys that there's pieces and oil flying all over the place then he reaches down reaches under the car goes to lifted and see all the veins all on his neck and forehead flips this car over to the left flips it all the way over then hits it with a people's elbow my man honey I'm trying to blow off some steam Hulk mad reaches down rips off one of the tires on this flipped over car rips the tire which is insane on its own he he toward the tire with his bare hands tosses it behind him then walks off and that is the end of today's video I hope you guys enjoy the beginning of Bakke versus Hana Yamla the best boy this is about to be a great fight I'm super excited to see it in manga form it was great in the anime oh man this what really gave me tingles honey I'm reverses Bakke the way they fought this is about to really be something leave a comment below hit the thumbs up share with your fellow otaku check the link in the description for the next video please subscribe check the links for the playlist as well as to my gaming channel Grimm games please subscribe to both channels also hit the bell notification on both channels so you don't miss any your uploads hope to see you next video and as always otaku for a lot I'm tired of all this talk I'm out


  1. Oh yay the next video is my favorite fight (basically any Hanayama fight), I cant wait to hear Grimm's reaction to their fight. And is it jot me or is this translation a little messed up, I have heard people calling Baki 15 but in the Japanese translation he is only 13 in this part of the story, its Hanayama who is 15 at this part of the story. Has anyone else noticed this slip up, or is it just me?

  2. I clicked on the video and to my surprise no dislikes. I turned off my phone at the end of the video, when I turned it back on the video refreshed and guess what..

    The dislike is there.

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