The Ten Kingdoms for the last 1000 Years, And, Why Napoleon Failed to Unite Europe! -TDPOTWH 10

The Ten Kingdoms for the last 1000 Years, And, Why Napoleon Failed to Unite Europe! -TDPOTWH 10

Welcome to the 10th part of our study of a very profound little book, written by Albert Close and compiled from the works of five different protestant authors ( Elliot, Barnes, Birks, Wordsworth, and Guinness ) and published by the Protestant Truth Society in Great Britain at the time of the First World War, or The Great War (the name given at the time of the outbreak of it in 1914) The actual day of publication and printing is yet to be discovered in the book, but from what we see of the first part he wrote on May 1st, 1916. So, as always we hope that there are people that will grow and will be edified in the LORD Jesus Christ in our reading and discussion on this work of collaboration between Bret Norman and me, Jörg in this book: The Divine Programme of the Worlds History
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goto now ye rich men weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth-eaten your gold and silver is cankered and the rust of them shall be a witness against you and shall eat your flesh as it were fire he have heaped treasure together for the last days behold the higher of the laborers who have reaped down your fields which is of you kept back by fraud cry the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabath ye have lived in pleasure on the earth and been wanton he have nourished your hearts as in a day of slaughter he have condemned and killed the just and he does not resist you be patient therefore brethren unto the coming of the Lord behold the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth and hath long patience for it until he received the early and latter rain be ye also patient stablish your heart for the coming of the Lord draws nigh grudge not one against another brethren lest ye be condemned behold the judge standeth before the door take my brethren the prophets who have spoken in the name of the Lord for an example of suffering affliction and of patience behold we count them happy which endure he have heard of the patience of Job and have seen the end of the Lord that the Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy but above all things my brethren swear not neither by heaven neither by the earth neither by any other oath but let your yea be a and your nay nay thirsty fall into condemnation is any among you afflicted let him pray is any Mary let him sing song it any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up did he have committed sins they shall be forgiven him confess your faults one to another and pray one for another that he may be healed the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months and he prayed again and the heaven gave rain and the earth brought forth her fruit brethren if any of you do err from the truth and one convert him let him know that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death and shall hide a multitude of sin hello everybody hello youtube hello everyone across this wonderful world we live in well it's only wonderful if you're in the body of Christ and I have two wonderful brethren joining me today your Gliss Minh in Belgium and I've got Darrell Everhart in Pennsylvania noe we're about central Pennsylvania Co thank you yes go right ahead Jarrell yeah Wendy – we were having guy come out shoveling the snow this morning there's a miracle of God me with the right side that was not that long ago totally paralyzed and I got out and was shoveling snow on a still icy underneath sidewalk with about five to six inches and bloat actually almost up to a foot drifted in front of my front in my front yard on the front sidewalk and that is a miracle of God did and an old physically challenged person can get back there and shovel and not fall down and break his back or something so praise the Lord I was able to do that amen to that and my nephew by the way Brett is my nephew rests my nephew did not hum did not come over and help shovel snow this morning uh yeah a thousand miles is a little bit far to travel now how many thousand miles this York away from me that's that's maybe 7,000 no not that maybe five three five I don't know but it's got to be more than three times than Darrell right I'm just assuming I think okay thanks yeah yeah that's a little ways to travel I think okay but wonderful to have you York always a blessing always a huge blessing to have your abilities and talents to to do what you do brother thank you amen yeah you could say I'm blessed right yeah absolutely with this gift to read that's and – but not only yes but your your you're driven you have the spirit of thankfulness and joy in the fact that you have these abilities in this how do you say it the technical skills of actually studying and retaining the information and organizing it on the PC right there at your fingertips I mean that's that's impressive what you do and the ability to speak at least three different languages and do a good job a lot better job in English than most yeah I know that's right yeah yeah so you got enough okay we just want to be sure that we're praising the Lord to have you because you know these things are are rare and Brett and I talked about this yesterday we need an attitude of gratitude certainly towards the Lord for His many blessings and that but also to our Christian brothers and sisters that that labor in the field and that have a desire to learn and share truth there's a lot of people that call themselves Christians I know especially here in the United States of America who don't have that big of a desire to learn about truth especially if it doesn't fit in the mold that they were prepared with by their mainline denominations and/or the Roman Catholic Church etc I mean we have to prepare when we're young Darrell yeah I think it's kind of important to get into God's Word as soon as you can and start memorize memorizing as much scripture as you can as early as you can because as you grow older and I know this from and York knows that too I'm sure from the different languages that he studied the older you get it gets a little bit more difficult with each year added year to learn and memorize things especially to memorize and they found that out in foreign languages the US military in foreign languages than that you start getting up in the 30s and beyond you don't have the same ability to learn as you do in your teens and up up through your 20 so important thing to keep in mind if you want to memorize things do it as young as you can you mean like memorizing all the books of the Bible right yeah all then like I mean like me even memorizing important Bible verses that be Scripture yeah that's right it's probably even more important yeah I can vouch for that I have it very hard to remember a book chapter and verse of certain quotations that I would very much like to keep in the Bible and new from the time when I was taking my confirmation in the evangelical protest in church when I was about 14 years old I had to be able to recite Psalms 23 I think it was oh wow and I did that without it without any problem you know today you not get half of it stuffed in my head I know what it's about I know where to look it up so I'd say the ability of learning changes I wouldn't I wouldn't say as Darrell said that you don't learn anymore but I think you adopt a different way of storing things in your head you know and with the internet today I find it very interesting that you know here and there I just remember a world of the Bible then I throw together kind of a sentence as I think it is almost selling in the Bible I just typed the tenten's in in Google hit Bible afterwards hit enter and it comes directly with the suggestions that I know that's the one I was looking for I go to the Bible and then I read that chapter and that verse and then I got it so and I yeah I mean when we were younger it was easier to remember those things directly today we have another way of approaching this by we know where to search where to look for it amen at least as long as we have the tools to look for it when they shut down the internet and take away our Bibles and I was 15 again you know yeah imagine that yeah but I just wanted to say this afternoon I did a study all afternoon on a on a paper quite interesting I'm gonna show you if I can open that here this Lisbon here the Vatican Banking for example mmm deals with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and that person here Bernadino Nogueira in red you can read this year financial genius bernardino Nogueira because I have been given a by Eric seventy-seven on a 777 on his YouTube channel he gave me a link to a article from the German magazine Der Spiegel from 1958 that dealt with the financial works of the Vatican and that dealt most and for all with this Bernadino Nogueira who you see in the picture here yeah and then I looked through this article in the internet that's another article in the speaker article and then I looked for another article on Bernardino on Bernardino himself this year Bernardino ring in la guerra that's about himself and his connections to p2 and you know all the all the connections on the church and I was looking these up and working on these articles and then I sent them to brother Victor in Germany to translate them and then to make that our new project to work together on that and that is just something that that hits me you know I said 2:00 in the afternoon I don't have the time of a piece to come to the mic and do a reading in German or whatever as I just saw I'm just gonna do some research and then gonna do some research for a new project and did that one and that's always so interesting when you go then into the Roman Catholic Church and you can connect the dots again because I was making comments in this paper about how the Roman Catholic Church used the financial crash of 1929 which of first they initiated at first which probably nobody knows hmm and then and then took the money they got paid for the letter and treaty by musu a million liras in their time about 100 million u.s. dollars in their time and they took that money they got that and in the beginning of 1929 and in the end of 1929 they crashed the world's financial market and bought all stocks a penny for a dollar and since then the roman catholic church is the biggest erm stock holder on earth yeah yeah and they'd and they just did that because they already owned all the big companies at that time let's be sure about that but they did that to throw all the small companies out they wanted to have that will not related to Roman Catholicism that were not run by Knights of Malta Knights of Columbus or Freemasons and they wanted to get all those and they got all those and since 1929 the whole world economy is in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church that's why I think this article that comes from the speaker which is mirror in English magazine in Germany and a magazine that still exists today that was run by Allah of alkine who was an atheist the self proclaimed and they did that article in 1958 and Eric seventy-seven put that link in in the comment box on one of my videos there I'm very grateful for that and from looking that up I went into a little bit deeper research and the point why I'm saying this and to come to an end because we're gonna go to a reading us you know that I always say in my videos how important I think it is that the people who listen to our videos they do their own research and I just did that this afternoon I did my own research I was visiting several websites I was looking for pictures of visiting with the pictures the the websites that go along with it I did my research too when I read something here I wanted to have it confirmed somewhere else because that's how you do your research you don't just take one source and then blend it out or blur it out as if it is a truce you look for confirmation for us that's what I what I love to do do a little bit research and the little research that I do on my own and then take an article and then put it into a video and probably we will do a video series of this of probably five or six hours Victor and me to do this together and we are going to learn German so I pick up all these English papers and then we're gonna translate it into German and then we're gonna make for our German brothers and sisters a new wonderful informative video about the financial power of the Roman Catholic Jesuit Vatican new world Ola so but please sterile you are sitting on the top of your chair to say something please not really but again we're thankful for people like dr. Ronald Cook and richard Bennett not these folks that are up in their 80s we talked about this before we started officially this YouTube session and we need to again have gratitude for them but also take advantage of their research and that because these guys did their homework they Richard Bennett and dr. Ronald and cook have done a ton antenna surf of research and have written dr. cook is a prolific writer and maybe on later you guys can post on the YouTube channel want to want their phone number or whatever but those are good resources and of course the brand beacon dot org website they changed the articles and the featured audio and the featured video that they have up there on their home page they change that it almost seems like every couple hours but sometimes it is definitely every couple days they changed the featured audio and video so I would say if you are interested in truth about roman catholicism pope talk and all that kind of stuff you need to read these articles that are heavily footnoted in that by richard Bennett a former 22 year Dominican priest and he came out of the Roman Catholic Church and he understands what Pope Francis was saying how he's saying it and the nuances and all that in that and he put posts those up and again the articles the videos and articles articles audios and videos that you find up there on Brie and bacon they're gold if you're interested in knowing the truth about Joshua controlled papal Rome and the truth about the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church many of which are a hundred percent diametrically opposed to what the Holy Bible says and we talked about in the previous YouTube's a couple of the items but one of the key ones is is mandatory forced celibacy for priests which we're all priests by the way it's not a priest craft that as is found in Roman Catholicism but there's a lot of things that you're going to find out that Roman Catholic doctrine 100% diametrically opposed to what the Bible says enforced mandatory celibacy for priests and nuns certainly is one of those and has caused all kinds of problems as we mentioned with the book Lucifer's Lodge satanic ritual abuse in the Catholic Church by a guy named Kennedy William H I believe isn't it guys William – mate yeah William H Kennedy Brett found that on a PDF of that so that's a very good book Lucifer's Lodge satanic ritual abuse in the Catholic Church and this man as we mentioned previously like a lot of people like Auguste Bernard Hassler and others who have spoken out against like Hassler spoke out against papal infallibility these people end up dying premature mysterious suspicious very convenient for the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church Jesuit controlled papal Rome we should call it they die premature deaths often and get a little assist in leaving this earth maybe a year to five or ten years before they would have normally left it so that's a key note to say so let's get going with York's reading I'm sure he's chomping at the bit there to get at that yeah I really want to start that book and we are here at age 32 in the PDF or 46 in the book we have to start this little subchapter or this little point where the author counts the 10 kingdoms for the last 1,000 years so this is so interesting before we go into that that I wanna first go back and read the last paragraph again that is the second paragraph on the slub paragraph on the page for you Darrell the following list gives the contemporary kingdoms existing in Western Europe at intervals of a hundred years from the ninth to the nineteenth centuries it is extracted from a much longer series in the four prophetic empires by the late Reverend professor TR Burks and is introduced with the remark that a measure of uncertainty must exist as to whether some of these states should be included as it is sometimes doubtful whether a kingdom can claim an independent sovereignty on account of the complex and varying nature of its political relations but as exactly as it can be estimated from the records of history the following list presents the members of the family of kingdoms as they appeared from century to century where a note of interrogation follows the name it implies that there are some elements of doubt as to whether it should be included or not now before we even go into the very first one that speaks of ad 860 until 8950 and counts italy province lorraine east France West France execute Venice Navarre England Scotland total ten and the little horn the Pope of course I want to go into X arcade I put a video feed Wikipedia link and my copy of the book that of course Brett can get or just I give him the link and he can put it in the description box of this video because I remember that we were last I'm already wondering about what that's worth execute means and what that is and you know when I do research I did a little research before we were until the table here for this reading this afternoon or this evening and my time and I couldn't help but find something that I find very intriguing that speaks about as you can see here the Roman Empire created by Diocletian speaking of the time between 418 to 84 and 305 so that's the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century AD and it puts the world as we know it in that time because the Roman Empire was the quota called known world and as you can see it puts these into different dioceses you have the Diocese of Africa you have the diocese HISP Amerian which is learning Spanish of course the VNS because there is VN and that is a place called until the Middle Ages and the South of France called VN just take this NS is at the end MEK away again almost like Vienna the capital of Austria but that's not has nothing to do with it so this is in the South of France than in the north of France you have the dioceses gallery gallery Arum because it's Gallic the dioceses Britain areum from Great Britain you have the dioceses Pelin areum yeah if the dioceses Italia Maurice areum Tricia a Jana Pontic ax and Orientis and those are the very first dioceses now what do you know about dioceses today that the Roman Catholic Church organizes her shadow government in each country where she is in two different dioceses and that is nothing new to the Roman Catholic Church or to the papal Institute of the Roman Empire they already have these dioceses and the time of the pagan Emperor us because Diocletian was a pagan Emperor who reigned between 284 and 3 or 5 that was in the time when the mystery of iniquity as Paul predicted and second Thessalonians chapter 2 of us already in work but these dioceses were made of the pagan Roman Empire now very interesting is when you look up in the cart and northern part where this mouse ears moving now the parks occidentalis you see that is actually where Germany is all this part so here where this goes up here that is today that is Denmark Hamburg is somewhere here where my mouse is pointing here right to now all that do you have here this and this stuff that is all Germany that is not part of any Roman diocese and the time of Diocletian it is not even a part of the Roman Empire this is the part that the Romans never conquered and from here come the Goths the hunts the allamani who hunted down the Romans and brought the Roman Empire to fall in 476 ad just a little bit of a history lesson now let's check another picture and here we see an around 400 AD so that's the beginning of the fifth century and there you see all of a sudden a different kind of dioceses many many more dioceses all of them and all of a sudden because you see this was at first one this was one this was one this was one this was one and now they are all split into different dioceses so the world is more separated as it goes along now in the fourth century where the power of the Pope is still growing and growing we are still not in the time of the Pope's we are still in the beginning of the fifth century and we know we have to go until 606 607 until the first Pope comes to power before it was the Bishop of Rome here you see Roma Rome there you got it just a little bit closer here now Tessa Luna car you see here now you know Tesla mica you know Ephesus from all our readings and Antioquia you know that one of course too interesting to see on the map on the map this detailed where all these stuff lies I to me at least I think this is interesting so and this is what I came up when I was looking at the word ex arcade because the ex arcade that is the the actual X arc as you can see here the term X arc comes from the ancient Greek XR cos and designates holders of various historical offices some of them being political or military and others being ecclesiastical so now you see the collection what that is and this is quite interesting so I leave you with this Wikipedia link you can study that for yourselves I just thought that was an interesting little excursion that we did in the beginning that when now we speak of the ex arc you know that this is a political military or even ecclesiastical realm or that is being ruled in this case by the Roman Catholic Church maybe Brett or yeah interesting the use of words political and before actually or military political or military very very interesting that's all I got yeah I'd like that to add that it's that kind of interesting when you go back in history several popes not a big percentage but several popes were warrior popes and they actually went out and did battle and a number of bishops did Oh like when they went up into Great Britain and that the few of them actually carried swords and stuff and actually participated in fighting course sometimes they were worried about being assassinated so that's why they were carrying a sword with them but anyway go ahead York with your reading ad no are you I think you are making a very interesting point something most people do not know is they have no idea where the bloodlines of the kings of Europe come from they have no idea where the quote-unquote nobility comes from and this quote-unquote mobility or the people that we call you know the guys with the blue blood as it's called yeah because they are quote unquote nobility all of them have gotten their titles have gotten their their realms they ruled in meaning their kingdoms that that dioceses let's call it it's nothing else they have gotten them all because they fought Wars for the Pope every one of the royalty that you have over here in Europe they all go back to bloodlines that forth the fights for the pope and the pope paint them with land and titles and this land and titles they held all through the years this is how the Pope makes sure that his vessels are are true to him that his vessels pay obedience and fidelity to him because they obey Him and he rewards them and because they want rewards they obey Him and they sell their soul for worldly gain all through history all these royalties we have in this world at least here in Europe I don't speak of Chinese emperors on all that stuff I speak of the people that were ruled by the Pope at the time they were only put into offices because they were fighting the wars for the pulp right very true something something else when you Darrell or shall I come – no I just wanted to say that yeah amen that's 100% true ok ok good then we're gonna continue in the reading or start actually in the reading so in 89 50 through 80 1050 so that is as he says always in jumps of about 100 years more or less we have Germany burgundii lombardi execute venice france england scotland navara liam in Tocqueville 10 and the little horn the Pope as the 11 okay now one thing I want to remark here in 860 we don't have Germany here right it doesn't say Germany why well that's a good fest that's a good question I don't know because in the time Germany as a country did not exist but in 950 even Germany as a country did not exist let me refer back to the map that I showed you here here on the top is Germany but Germany as a nation that's also a little bit probably a kind of history lesson that you haven't had yet except for you listened to my reading of the jesuits d routing the Reformation I did so many years ago with wall Stickle and the videos are uploaded on my chakras worn this info channel you can look them up there I gave that explanation already the German nation never became a real sovereign nation until Bismarck in 1871 formed the 2nd Reich the first strike was a combination of here in this place for Germany lies of different kingdoms and duchesses and and Baron dances and then all that stuff so there were accounts Baron's all these quote-unquote nobility ruling Germany everybody having his own little bit little place and different kingdoms the kingdom of württemberg the kingdom of Bavaria the kingdom of Hanover the Kingdom of Hesse the Kingdom of Prussia but there never was a German nation state that combined all these kingdoms into one even though there was always a Roman emperor of the quarter for germination they named that in 1513 we learned that last time I think right and in the Council of Roma where the council took place in 1513 when they claimed all heretics are gone the Pope is now the sole ruler of the whole world remember we did that broadcast then they changed the Holy Roman Empire to the Holy Roman Empire of German nation but then never was a German nation at that time then ever he was a German mutual language at that time the first person who taught quote invented what we call today Hawk dodge which is the normal German language that you learn everywhere in the world when you are going to study German the basis of that German was put together by Martin Luther when he translated the Bible into the vulgar language that's the language that he used he introduced that German huh and then from there it still took 300 years until 1871 that Bismarck when he fought first his war with forever with them with Austria and then afterwards the war with France and then he founded the second German Reich in 1871 that was the very first German nation and that was to be killed by the Roman Catholics with first world war because they wanted to make Germany Catholic again because Bismarck was ruling protest and ISM from Berlin and they had to install Catholicism in Berlin again and they did that via Munich how did they do it they imported a little soldier from Austria put him into Munich and then from Munich they put him into Berlin I don't have to call this name you know who I mean right that's young a dog let's let a little bit history for you guys I mean European history is very very difficult but also very very interesting when you get into it a little bit I can tell you now never gets in a learning curve mm-hmm yeah this part above here which I just said is Germany of course this little part here that you see here that is the Netherlands yeah home as you call it this is Netherlands but from here and then up to here almost because this is the Oder the riff of the Oda after that here begins Poland normally this part here is Germany when we go to you know take away this part here and this here and then you have this part as Germany and here's Poland and Russia and he Bugatti and all that stuff I don't speak of all the other countries but it's very interesting to have a little bit of a history lesson in this regard that we understand much better where this list that we are reading here about is talking about so why does it speak why doesn't it speak of Germany and 860 why does it speak of Germany in 950 I cannot tell you I didn't write this list I can only tell you Germany and this regard as we know it did not exist until 1871 the second reich was the very first reich the german as a germany as a nation had its own state its own nation its own country therefore it was different duchesses and Baroness's and baron aids and turned and and kingdoms and Princeton's and all that stuff okay that's just an I want to make sure that we understand that correctly so why does he speak in 860 not of Germany and in 950 all of a sudden he does I don't know because you know there's other other parts here as we can see for example in 1433 where it doesn't speak of germany either again so I don't know why but it is all speaking of the Roman Empire or the quote-unquote Holy Roman Empire so in 8950 what do we have we have Germany with burgundy burgundy is let's go to the map burgundy that is the South of France is this part and this part here also over where it goes into Switzerland that's burgundii lombardi extricate again venice france england scotland navara leon total ten and the little on the pulp never forget the leavens the little horn that comes out of the ten is always part of it in AD 1050 we have Germany execute Venice Norman Norman Italy France England Scotland Aragon which is in Spain Castile which is also in Spain Normandy yeah that is the coast of French of course Hungary I told her nine to eleven nine eleven and the little horn the Pope in 1150 we have Germany Naples Venice France England Scot arrogant Castile Portugal Hungary Lombardi total ten or perhaps eleven and of course the little horn the pulp in 1250 we have Germany and Naples Venice Lombardy France England Scotland Aragon Castile Portugal Hungary talk to ten and of course the little horn the Pope never to be forgotten right always I have to add the little horn huh now you may be ask yourself but York how does it come that within a hundred years you have these Kingdom changing into that and this Kingdom gone because there were wars that were fought all the time and the ones Kingdom conch of the other Kingdom and Germany took over another one in Naples for example from the south of Italy fought again against Venice and then maybe one of the two disappeared of Verona or whatever I mean it just let's not use this name so you know and and the one Kingdom conquered the other one and then you had a merger let's call it off these two and then you had a new Kingdom that existed out of that but they were all controlled by the Pope and the ones who didn't listen to the Pope's control anymore well they got conquered by the other ones who listened and that's why you had every hundred years around changing of these some of these kingdoms so in 1250 I just read to you but then in 1350 we speak of Germany Naples Venice Switzerland yeah and you found the country by the Templars in the 13th century huh Milan which was a papal state Tuscany also in Italy France England and Scotland and Castile Castile stands for Spanish again total nine through twelve and of course the little horn the Pope in 1433 you had Austria Naples Venice France England Scotland arrogant Castile Portugal Hungary Switzerland sir boy Milan and Tuscany total 11 through 14 and the little horn the pulp but then came 15 17 the Reformation here begins to consume the Pope's Dominion Kings throw off his yoke and take on the yoke of Jesus Christ because he said my yoke is easy then you might earn his light that's right Daniel chapter 7 verse 26 s but the judgment shall sit and they shall take away his Dominion to consume and to destroy it unto the end so in 1552 we speak of Austria Venice France England Scotland Spain Naples Portugal Hungary Switzerland Lombardi again 9 through 11 so an average of 10 the Pope's power being consumed there is no little horn here no the Pope's power has been consumed we are speaking in this regard in this time of the spiritual power that has been taken away and of the temporal power that has been taken away because now it starts that a lot of these countries start to found government's that are governments of the people by the people for the people we will see forming the very first democracies we will see forming the very first Parliament's like in England when the King had to was responsible to the Parliament right mm-hmm that's right at erä I'm not pulling some all on my ass right right and I pretend right that's something that we have to understand the king was not that powerful anymore because he was responsible for he yet to agree with this with the things that he ruled he had to put all his his ruling power in front of a parliament and the Parliament decided whether or not to adopt the laws so the people had all of us me sayin it that means the feudal government of the Pope's was gone and the feudal Pavel Bure government of all the kings was gone that's why it says here the Pope's power being consumed it is not totally gone don't understand me wrong but it is transferred into something else it is not the sovereign power that he had from 860 on in the 16th century yeah the last 300 years of the thousand-year Reich that is from the beginning of the ninth century until the beginning of the 19th century until the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1806 that time this one thousand year Reich at the end of that Reich with the starting of the Reformation in 1517 as we read here the power of the Pope was not the same power anymore for the last 300 years of his reign he had to give part of it away that's why he founded the Counter Reformation that's why he founded the Jesuit Order and they went out there to regain the power that the power that was consumed of the Pope's that's why we read here of the Pope's power being consumed now in 1868 e 1648 remind you this is after the end of the thirty year war that war was from 1618 to 1648 cost about 12 million Germans the lives and then eradicated about two-thirds of the German original population in that time in the beginning of the 17th century it was a Jesuit war that involved almost all of the known European kingdoms at that time so you could actually call this thirty year war the first world war okay America was not integrated America was not trying to an active in that war but it was the norm European world that was all engaged in that thirty year war and that thirty year war despite of what they teach you in school was a crusade it was a quote a quote holy war thirty years of destruction of Europe in different countries most and for all in Germany from the north from the south from the east and from the west but then in 1648 we see Austria Venice France Britain Spain and Naples Portugal Hungary Switzerland Savoy Tuscany Holland totally 11 but the pulps power still being consumed ad sip 1750 the midst of the 18th century we see Austria and Hungary because they are now combined it's the what we say in German we speak of the K&K monarchy Kaiser Colonel idea of the Emperor and the King the Emperor and Austria and the king of Hungary the king of Hungary being subservient to the emperor in Austria yeah it was the time of a little bit later CC you know you know that that Queen they made such a Harris out of in movies with Romy Schneider especially over here in Europe everybody knows sissy you know and that comes from the time of Austria and Hungary ruling together where our Austrian Hungary on our map well you have fear about this this place we have Austria and Hungary goes into this electrum in here so this part here was the austrian-hungarian Kingdom that reigned that's why it says Austria and Hungary because you see every time normally the kingdoms are split with a comma here there he writes Austria and Hungary because those are a maybe we can use the word conglomerate in that a term yeah at the bedouin so that's Austria and Hungary to you again France Savoy and Sardinia Venice Tuscany Spain Portugal Switzerland Naples Britain Holland total 10 through 11 this Pope's power still being consumed and then we come to 80 1816 that is after the end of the Napoleonic era because in 1815 on the 18th of June Napoleon was finally beaten in the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium which is some 30 kilometers from where Olivia I've been there a few times to visit that stuff that's 1816 and then you have had in the aftermath of 1815 that battle you have had the Congress of Vienna and you have had the two secret congresses of Verona and kiri letters may be something that Daryl can tell us a little bit about after I read this in 1816 we have had Austria Bavaria württemberg which is bavaria by an emperor of Bavaria and Wurttemberg is also in Germany Naples Tuscany Sardinia Lombardy France Belgium that was founded as a new Kingdom in 1831 Spain Portugal Britain and Switzerland and why did I find that state of Belgium well first of all there needed another king here and second of all Belgium was always a Jesuit high high post for Jesuits Flanders here and in the northern part which was Netherlands they had to deal with so many protest ins and they wanted to split Catholicism and Protestantism so they founded that artificial state Belgium in which I live today and because of a lack of an emperor they imported an emperor from Germany put him on the throne in Belgium and he could rule there that was Leopold and what did he do he went into Africa and killed more than eight to ten million black people in what we call today Congo or what you called years ago in the year huh 8 2 million black people were genocide murder tortured by Leopold and his successors the king of Belgium at the time the Pope's power still being consumed with – 11 to 13 kingdoms that we count here in 1870 16 and now before the author goes into an explanation why Napoleon to unite Europe Darryl would probably do a little bit explanation on what I just said here right no I agree with everything you said in the history and geography were two of my favorite subjects in even in grade school going up through high school and in college that's a kind of minored in history and Americans I just want to make one short comment and that is most Americans as as as York and Brett know our abysmally history challenged especially when you talk about church history European history ancient history we don't have a lot of Americans anymore that get like Bachelor of Arts degrees where they are required to take a bunch of history courses and that like maybe a hundred years ago or more so again Americans are woefully ignorant of history sometimes even a true American history but for sure of European history there's quite they found out it quite a few college students can't even find Belgium or Netherlands or some of them have a rough time even with France or Spain identifying them on a map some even have trouble identifying where Canada and Mexico are that are right on the northern and southern borders respectively of the United States of America so we've got I'm not saying Americans are all stupid but they are definitely history challenged in many areas and the austro-hungarian Empire was at a time when World War one was coming along the austro-hungarian Empire which I believe was ruled by the hapsburgs and they were Jesuit lovers and they were a very powerful Empire if you would at least their conglomerate if we want to put it that way and they were barracks Emily yes very and they they very much kind of joined with Germany and that as the Axis powers there in World War one in the book that Brett forwarded to me by J a constant and what's that Rome's reefs what was a Brett oh yeah Rome Bihar great war behind the Great War very good book but it shows the machination machinations of Jesuit controlled papacy and austro-hungarian Empire and they brought Germany into it and those were the act forward it's very important tunnel sorry to interrupt here but it's very important that when you mentioned the beginning of the first world war that we go into the reason why the First World War was fought in the first place that yes to annihilate that was to begin to start to annihilate the Serbs on the belkin who were a buffer between the ox Orthodox Church in Russia and the Catholic Church in the south of a belkin like in Croatia yeah what they finished in the second world war with the founding of the ndh that independent state of Croatia and with their ustasha and whisper village and Stepanek and the things I spoke about abundantly in my videos on the secret history of the Jesuits when you go to the numbers 20 21 22 19 even go into that that's a wonderful series on that history that started already in the First World War and the Pope at that time even said that you know all three I should have punished the Serbs already much much before because it was as I told you austria-hungary that was a kingdom now Hungary had a border to the Serbians and they wanted the Serbians to be killed to be eradicated because the Serbians were holding up the Orthodox religion and the Orthodox religion is a psalm in the eye of the Pope's ever since thousand fifty four and that skismo that kept the schism that came when the Orthodox Church departed from the Roman Catholic Church but don't understand Iran the Orthodox Church are also Catholics they are not Roman Catholics they are Catholics okay they are not Christians in the biblical sense but still that doesn't give the Antichrist the right to kill them off just because he doesn't like them because Jesus Christ said that we should kill and harm no man and especially not because he believes something else you know God will deal with that that's why we should not fear anybody who can kill the body here on earth but we should fear the one who can kill the body and the soul in Hell right I think that's Matthew 10:28 I'm not sure you might want to check that possibly I just wanted to go into that a little bit darrel that the people understand that the first world war first and for all was started and you know that was started because of the attack on the successor of the throne in Sarajevo right that right what a quote-unquote official way why they started at war and then Austria had to react and because Austria had a contract with Germany that Germany is coming to the aid of Austria's nuns the war we have had the first world war and who was to blame after all not Austria was blamed not the Pope was blamed not the Jesuits were blamed who for mented the the the assassination on the follower of the throne in Sarajevo no Germany was blamed and paid under a 2010 reparations for First World War 2010 people just nine years ago huh but please Daryl continue I didn't want to interrupt you know know that all good valid points and of course a lot of people died in World War one and a lot of men even more died in World War two where you had a lot of civilian casualties but we've mentioned that and other youtubers but yeah in very important points that that people need to know and that's Jay a Kansas book and for some reason Brett I can't remember that what's the title of it Rome behind the Great War yeah Rome behind the Great War is a very good book to show that people yeah Jesuit controlled papal Rome was very very much behind foam and starting World War one and you we have a second witness to that and that is the wonderful book by Edmund Paris French author who was born Roman Catholic by the way Edmund Paris wrote the secret history of the Jesuits and in that book that shows that Jesuit controlled papal Rome fomented both World War one and World War two very very good book that you can get from chick publications it's called the secret history of the Jesuits if you took it into an honest court in the world you should be able to get a conviction of Jesuit controlled papal Rome for fomenting and starting both World War one and World War two based on the strong evidence that is presented by French author Edmund Paris so yeah go ahead jerk and that's very good point yeah okay I just put out the picture here of Rome behind the Great War the book from Johnny Kenseth because you mentioned that already a few times so people could look at this and then I was just looking for the secret history of the Jesuits I don't know why I don't find that here I have to I think I put it somewhere else and in my computer let me just put the picture up from that in that book that York is very familiar with he read it in what German and English in German in English she Anna in both languages yeah so that's that's here that's the cover of the book the secret history of the Jesuits from Edmond Paris that was published about 1975 if I'm not mistaken right that's correct and again available through chick publications yes and you can get it even for free on the internet as a PDF as on yet so that's that's also interesting that's the way that I have it in that's Rome the way that I read it yeah so ok the divine program let's go continue for a few minutes in this book reading here why Napoleon failed to unite Europe thus we see that amid unceasing and almost countless fluctuations or Wars the kingdoms of modern Europe have from their birth to the present time averaged 10 in number they have never since the breakup of old Rome being united into one single Empire they have never risen to 30 or 40 like the United States of America they have never fallen to 2 or 3 they always stayed around 10 and the meantime you can have a little mad look at the map on the other side here Charlemagne in his day reduced the number for time and the tempted like Napoleon in a later age to restore unity both utterly failed and after a few years the normal ten kingdoms reappeared now this sentence is something that you can read over and say okay that's true I don't think further on this but I want to remind you of something I want that you think of something very very special when he speaks of Charlemagne when he speaks of Napoleon and when I at Adolf Hitler to it all these three had one attempt in of course don't get me wrong in order of the Pope's orders right the Pope always was behind it and what was their order to make this what you see in this map here to make all these different kingdoms as we just spoke about about ten kingdoms all through thousand years to make them one Charlemagne was the first to go out and conquer the other countries and make sure that all the other kings are listening to him and he listened to the Pope that would make the Pope the ruler of all these countries and eventually they wanted all the borders to fall and wanna have one big nation Charlemagne was the first Napoleon in a later age about a thousand years even later was the latest and was was the next and Hitler was the latest in the beginning of the 20th century in the third and beginning forties of last century now what do have Napoleon and I eight of Hitler have in common in their failure do you know that well I help you they went out against Russia they went out against this vast territory that you see here that's Russia Napoleon went into Russia and he failed and he had to distract again and went back to France Hitler also conquered almost all of Europe and then even though he signed the Treaty of not attacking with Stalin he attacked style and he attacked Russia and he went almost to Moscow he went I think 30 or 40 kilometers before the borders of of the Moscow City and he was defeated never ever mess with Russia then this alone is just a second this is a lesson the Pope has been taught for now almost more than 1000 years he has been taught that by Charlemagne Charlemagne couldn't get Russia under control even if he tried he didn't do it Napoleon couldn't get Russia under control Hitler couldn't get Russia under control so when you can't conquer them what are you do thought what are you doing you infiltrate you subvert yep and that's what they did in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution where they put Jesuits in charge and threw of the Tsar's and the Tsar's are the protecting family of the Orthodox Church and where the thoughts were thrown off and a atheistic communist government led by the Jesuits was installed blood flew abundantly to kill off the Orthodox who were just wouldn't submit to the ultra Montaigne leading role of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church convert or die as admin Paris set in one of his books now that's the agenda all the time and that is something that many people don't see that is what Napoleon and Hitler had in common they wanted to read night unite Europe with war and they succeeded very very good until they came into Russia and then they found their doom Napoleon did and Hitler did too and I think this is a very nice place to leave it to some closing comments and then continue next time because I know Darrell is sitting already on the top of chair with some comments that he wants to make and I have one glad to hear them but I have to make some comment on the thing that he said a few minutes ago before I went into the next part of the reading Darrell made the point that people are not educated in history anymore and especially in the United States of America and that there are many there are very very few schools and all universities today you have a required history course and that is something that already tapa sauce he tells us in his book rulers of evil from 37 73 and 74 and I want to quote this and then I'm gonna leave it to my two wonderful brothers in Christ to take this broadcast to an end tapper sauce he says in this book quote most colleges today are turning out graduates who have studied liver or no history in 1914 ninety percent of America's elite colleges required history in 1939 and also in 1964 more than still fifty percent did by 1996 and that is about the time he started reading his book only one of the 50 best schools offered a required history course the day is approaching perhaps when the only historians will be amateurs like Daryl like Brett like Tom fruss like me who study history as self help who examined the past and order to make sense of the present and not to be caught unprepared by the future unquote one last little remark on this quote tapas aussi speaks of 1914 90% of American elite college required history then he says 1939 so that's a difference of 25 years right again we go 25 years later 1964 so 1939 and 1964 only little more than 50% of the elite colleges required history so that is a deterioration of almost 50% within 50 years but in steps of 2 times 25 years now why is that important that you count 2 times 25 years because 25 years can be seen can be accounted for as a generation so in America they succeeded within two generations to put in half the number of the colleges that require a history lesson that is another way of deliberately dumping down a whole nation and with that for my part for today I rest my case but I will still be available for comments of you two guys I leave it for my for me alone now I think that Darrel is the first to respond and then Brett probably takes over to end this Norman Broadcasting Network broadcast of today right right I say a big Amen to everything York just said and the history is very important as Spanish philosopher Spanish born American philosopher George Santayana said those who don't learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history and it happens over and over again concerning what York said about both like Napoleon's army and Hitler's army it looked like they were gonna win those wars and they were doing good at the beginning and of course Hitler's army got close to gates of Moscow but both Napoleon's army and Hitler's army had an ally on the Russian side and that was the Russian winter and that was an enemy to both Napoleon's army and it was an enemy to Adolf Hitler's army though though who the winner basically stopped the great German offensive during World War two the gates of Moscow I have to make one little remark that Daryl you are absolutely correct and everything that you say but the defeat of Germany in Russia was planned oh yeah of course when the German soldiers were sent into Russia they were sent without any winter equipment in 1942 they had their summer uniforms on yeah they were not prepared in any way shape or form for the winter the coming winter and don't forget they and that was and that was planned that was planned by even Hitler he sacrificed the German army to the Russia bear because no holdin the French army mm-hmm and don't forget Hitler against the advice of several of his generals Hitler instead of putting the main thrust in the center starting the war a little bit earlier so they would have the warmer weather Hitler deliberately broke the jar massive German army up into three parts one drove to the south towards Stalingrad in that one went into the center and he would have m1 went north and if he would have put all of his forces or good MA or the vast majority in the center he even with the late start on the offensive he would have still taken Moscow but yes he deliberately told him he listened more to the Pope than he listened to his own generals of course yep that yeah people have to understand it is all a Jesuitical theater it is all written it was done to sacrifice the German soldiers first and for all to sacrifice the Russian soldiers when he went in there and then to sacrifice the German soldiers on the retreat with a modern Inquisition roasted earlier because there were all enemies of the Roman Catholic Church the author looks at one end and the protesters on the other hand and that's what people just don't get and they want to make Hitler a hero they wanna make Starling a hero no that's the they just don't get it Stalin was a Jesuit priest educated in tea fleas in Georgia Georgia Russia that is not Georgia if you're get correct he was a jerk and Daryl it's so interesting how these topics that we're talking about this this history we're talking about right now how it doves dovetails into the Bible and also explains these orders you know the order the military order the what do you want to call it ecclesiastical order you know two sides of the same coin you know the the book of John chapter 14 read the whole thing it has a lot to say about oh I gotta go there I mean this stuff goes deep it's not just a shallow little study here that it it's it just makes so much more sense when we can look at this this term X arc I was looking at that and Wow John 14 verse 15 if he love me keep my Commandments and I will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you forever even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it seeth him not neither knoweth him but ye know him this is why we need to be on fire don't have a spirit of fear gotta be on fire for the Lord he wants us hot he doesn't want us cold he doesn't want a lukewarm he wants us hot and I think a lot of people get the wrong idea when they hear our voices get loud and we start getting very passionate but this is it do you want the Spirit of Truth didn't do your own research right guys there's no there's been a long war on biblical truth and there's been a long war on true what we would call secular history records than that and of course it has pointed out by effed up ur saucy this war on true history any kind of history pretty much but true history has gone been going on a long time in the United States and they've almost like effed up ur sauce he pointed out they pretty well taken history out of colleges and universities in the United States of America and a few colleges we do have to give you a little bit of history give you an edited sanitized Roman Catholic version because we have many Roman Catholic colleges and universities in the United States of America and my little dinky part of Pennsylvania's I've mentioned before in my little dinky town has a Roman Catholic College and there's a Roman Catholic University about eight miles down the road both of which a host Muslim students interestingly that we have a number of Saudi Arabians that are coming and staying in Crescent and that going to the college and the Catholic Roman Catholic College Roman Catholic University so yeah they control history they control the colleges and universities and of course the curriculum they control the textbooks that are brought into even the high school level in the United States of America the little history that is taught is again I sanitized and edited history they make sure that they you'd normally get a Roman Catholic priest on any Encyclopaedia selection committee and on any textbook selection committee you'll almost always have a representative of the Roman Catholic Church even in the United States for the United books that are being bought textbooks and encyclopedias that are being bought for the libraries of these schools and for regular libraries and for the textbooks being bought for these schools even public schools they will make sure that anything negative to papal Rome the few things that did remain there have been erased edited sanitized out so very good points and very good reading today and everything that York's who was saying about this great hatred of the Orthodox people that has been going on for over a thousand years and it has manifested itself in both especially in world war ii where they made waged major war against the russian orthodox people and against the serbian orthodox people that we read about in croatia in the Vatican's Holocaust by Afro Manhattan Edmond Paris covers it the French author in several of his books so take advantage of true history books when you can get your hands on them and read them but most of all read your King James or the old King James Bible and make sure that you're in prayer we all need to be studying our Bibles and we need the operating manual for the human soul and we need to be praying for one another and praying for discernment we need discernment because deception the Lord Jesus Christ said deception is like one of the major things that you're going to find in the end times is just a super amount of deception so thank you both for having me on with you and for striving to get some study and research and get truth and get it out to others so very important task that we have ahead of us and we need to ask the Lord to help us to be more effective and efficient in doing doing our job here in doing that thank you both again for having me on with you thanks a lot just wonder before Brett takes over for the final conclusion I just want to state one thing out of the Bible because we were speaking of the deliberate dumping down not only of America but even of the through the school system all over the world of all of us when we go to the book of Hosea in the Old Testament chapter 4 verse 6 the Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because thou hast rejected knowledge I will also reject thee that thou shalt be no priest to me seeing that thou has forgotten the law of thy God I will also forget thy children Brett a few minutes ago came up with John 14 if you love me keep my Commandments mm-hmm how very fitting is hosea chapter 4 verse 6 in that regard read your Bible right maranatha from whence come Wars and Fighting's among you come they not hence even of your lusts that war in your members ye lustin have not be killed and desire to have and cannot obtain he fight and war yet ye have not because he asked not he asked and received not because she asked amiss that you may consume it upon your love ye adulterers and adulteresses know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God do you think that the scripture set in vain the spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy but he giveth more grace wherefore he said God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double-minded be afflicted and mourn and weep that your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to heaviness humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up speak not evil one of another brethren he that speaketh evil of his brother and judges his brother speaketh evil of the law and judges the law but if thou judge the law thou art not a doer of the law but a judge there is one lawgiver who was able to save and to destroy who art thou that judgest another go to now ye that say today or tomorrow we will go into such a city and continue there a year and buy and sell and get games for as ye know not what shall be on the morrow for what is your life it is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away but that she ought to say if the Lord will we shall live and do this or that now II rejoice in your boasting all such rejoicing is evil therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin go to now ye rich men weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you your riches are corrupted in your garments are moth eaten your gold and silver is cankered and the rust of them shall be a witness against you and shall eat your flesh as it were fire


  1. It is very true that Americans do not know history. It does not help that what little history is taught is so tainted that unless one does their own research it is never known.

  2. hello. What about Decebal, Burebista and Zalmoxes( the last is like a Got an Ancient Romania) The Latine languege camme from Geto-Dacia languege, who are the Romanian Ancient ,not like they tell us .Please reserche this because this is the hiden truth and is very important for humanity.Thank you

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