The trajectory of your wellness | Anita Moorjani - Speaker & Best Selling Author

The trajectory of your wellness | Anita Moorjani – Speaker & Best Selling Author

When you are going through a health challenge, doctors tend to focus on the trajectory of your illness. Your work is to look at the trajectory of your wellness! Focusing on wellness holds an amazingly powerful energy, an energy that is far more helpful and healing than a focus on illness. In this week’s video I explore this subject in depth, including helpful questions and tools for you on your wellness journey.

I go on to answer these viewer’s questions:

* Why do some people get experiences that let them see beyond the veil, like you did, but others like me never get to have an experience like that?

* How can gay people, who are told we are evil sinners, learn to love ourselves for who we are?

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hi there today I'd like to dive really deep into health challenges and wellness I'm Anita Moorjani and welcome to my show and for those of you who don't know me I was supposed to die of end-stage cancer thirteen years ago but here I am today so anyway having done all these videos and written all these books the most common letter that I still seem to receive from people even though I have spoken about this topic in quite a few videos but the most common letter I seem to receive is from people who are still dealing with physical illnesses physical challenges and people still write to me and say that they are dealing with cancer and it's mustachio sizing and so on so now I'm gonna be honest with you I don't actually like talking about cancer as a topic because I believe that the fear of cancer is a bigger epidemic than cancer itself I actually don't think cancer is what we have been led to believe so for many many reasons I don't actually like even using the word cancer but many times I'm forced to use it because this is how it's presented to me so I want to take a deeper dive into this subject and clear up some of the things that I believe and also bring some clarity to my message in the hope that it will bring clarity to you if you are dealing with physical challenges and physical illnesses that have been labeled as being terminal or serious or or what are life threatening and so on so first of all I want to start by saying that our medical systems are not geared towards taking you to wellness because their focus is on eradicating illness so it's important to understand this that eradicating illness and focusing on wellness are two different things and I'm going to explain more about that but I want to repeat that that eradicating illness and focusing on wellness are different things and this is because when your focus is on eradicating illness your focus is on the illness it's the focus is on looking for illness examining the body with the purpose of finding illness whereas when your purpose is on focusing on wellness your focus is on increasing wellness very different focus very different energy and as I will explain to you in a little while energy is so important in this whole equation of wellness it's very very important to feel energetically well so now I also want to tell you that I'm not asking you to stop your medical treatment or anything like that if you need to continue and/or are too fearful to take other routes or if that is what you believe in that is fine but I am going to be a little bit provocative in the upcoming information and really tell you where I stand on all of this and total honesty and you can take it or leave it and if you are someone who is a strong advocate for the medical model for pharmaceuticals for the conventional therapies then probably this video is not for you and so I would suggest you view some of my other ones but if you are somebody who has become disillusioned with modern medicine conventional medicine when it comes to illness now granted I believe in that when it's for emergencies medical emergencies accidents I would definitely go to a hospital but when it's for illnesses with chronic illnesses long-term illnesses I'm not a big advocate but if so if you are on the same page as me then this video is for you and again if you are not if you're a strong advocate for conventional therapies for everything then I suggest that this video is not for you so anyway so here goes so first of all I want to tell you about a letter I received some time ago and it's not one of the recent letters saying please help me I'm going through a serious illness please help me the doctor says I'm gonna die no it was a different letter I received from a lady who said that my my work had helped her tremendously it helped her change her focus on her body she had been going through some health challenges she had what doctors had diagnosed as breast cancer and she felt that following my work and changing her view changing and giving herself a focus on life had helped her a lot and she is now completely healed from her illness her life has purpose her life has meaning now she has a daughter a grown-up daughter who is now going through her own fearful diagnosis unfortunately or fortunately I depends which way you look at it her husband so this lady's daughter's husband is a doctor and again this is nothing against doctors but they have a very different way of looking at things because a doctor's focuses on the trajectory of the illness so her husband is a doctor and he is reading all her files and and he is interpreting everything to her as a doctor so now this young woman she wants to believe everything that her mother is telling her her mother is telling her that you need to do do this kind of work you need to get to the bottom of the root cause is it suppressed anger what is it that's causing it you can do energy work you can do so her mother is basically giving her all this help and saying read these books do all this stuff but this young woman's husband is giving her statistics and facts and telling her what he perceives as facts and telling her that oh the chances of your illness healing are are only 5% so we have to do this we have to go really really aggressive with the chemotherapy and the radiation and so he is kind of encouraging her oncologist to go even more aggressive and it's taking a toll on her body now the mother is watching this and the mother is horrified because she is seeing her or deteriorate now my heart goes out to the mother and to the daughter and the daughter is fearful of what's happening with her and she's trusting her husband but the husband is fearful and he's trusting in the doctors and he's a doctor himself and this is his training and because it's happening to his own wife he wants the treatment to be as aggressive as possible so this is a very very challenging situation but this situation is what what makes me want to tell you that to be aware that a doctor's focus is on the trajectory of the illness they mean well this is their training they might be really nice people who want to help you but I'm going to repeat this a doctors focus is on the trajectory of the illness but your focus needs to be on the trajectory of your wellness and I'm going to repeat that the doctors focus is on the trajectory of the illness your focus needs to be on the trajectory of the wellness and here's what I mean by this the doctor in all their training the oncologist they are going to look at the disease as the disease they're not going to look at you as the whole person and what you can do to reverse the disease they're not going to take that into consideration as they focus on the disease remember their focus is on the illness not on the whole person or the wellness so as they look at that disease they're going to go through their statistics and they're going to see okay this is the natural progression of this disease but here's where you come in when you get this wake-up call that I have this illness what happens you want to do something to stop it on its tracks and reverse it now so this is why I encourage people that you have to come up with a plan so I would say number one come up with a plan of what you are going to do to reverse this and the title of your plan could be something like taking me from where I now to optimal wellness in that plan you can come up with step-by-step ways and it's not even about defeating but it is sort of about defeating what the doctors say but it's actually not that hard to defeat what the doctors say we're made to believe that what they say especially if we give our power to them we're made to believe that what they say is absolute factual truth and we actually take it on as our own prognosis and our own diagnosis but they don't know you they don't know the meaning of your life they don't know what your purpose is so you have to come up with a plan and if it was me this is the kind of plan I would come up with I would ask myself questions like okay where have I repressed anger for example where have I repressed guilt or where do where have I taken on guilt that is not mine that is misplaced guilt where have I suppressed who I am things like that but remember it's hard also sometimes to work through your own stuff so I would actually put together a team of people this is why I 101 day create my own healing sanctuary where these team of people is readily available but I would put together a team of people who would work with me they would also suggest dietary changes that would be unique to me remember even dietary changes isn't one size fits all some people can can do well on raw plant-based food others need hot cooked food so it's not one size fits all I would put together a team of people that were very supportive of me of what I needed and the main thing is to follow what makes me feel inspired what makes me feel good what makes me feel empowered do not follow what is fearful so if it makes you fearful when the doctor is telling you that oh it's Mustafa sighs here and it's now gone to your bone and bla bla bla then that's where we start to put our focus and this is what I mean about following going towards the dark instead of going towards the light so the fearful side is following this this diagnosis that oh my god it's Mustafa sizing there's more spots and there's other and so we then start to go down that trajectory of trying to trying to figure out why why is this illness there we start to focus on the illness and focus on trying to get rid of the illness but what I'm trying to tell you is focus on the light not the side that makes you feel heavy fearful dark focus on the side that makes you feel inspired come up with the plan it can be a seven day plan and then extend it after that to another seven days or a 21 day plan or a three month plan it has to be unique to you so again the kind of plan that would work with me I would have a team of people that would help me to guide me to work out a diet or a food plan let's not even call it a diet a food plan that works uniquely for my body and for my taste like what am i what are the foods I'm eating that could be contributing to the physical symptoms that I'm feeling let's remove those temporarily that kind of thing what foods can I replace them with so but that's only a tiny part of it I would have someone work with me through the emotional stuff that I'm holding on to now sometimes you you can't work it out mentally so I say go energetic go energetic when you can't work it out mentally go with an energy healer someone who is like basically I I know I know of a few and I will be bringing them on in the next few weeks actually next month I'm traveling in the next few weeks next month I will be introducing a few healers on my show who will be available to help you and so these are people like energy healers physical healers whatever to who will help you to heal energetically because sometimes you can say that oh I have repressed anger but you're the one that created problem it's very difficult to see your own patterns it's very difficult to clear your own patterns and so sometimes if you can work with an energy healer who can at least clear the blockages that those patterns have created in your body that can then trigger the insights for you to see the patterns that you have been creating to cause that blockage so in other words it's the other way around it's not about figuring out what are my patterns so that I can clear the blockage but you could attack it the other way and have somebody who is a very good with breaking down blocked energy in your body and have them clear the block and it blocked energy and they will even be able to tell you this energy feels like repressed anger where have you been repressing anger this energy feels like you feel guilty all the time you're holding on to guilt or you you you haven't forgiven someone they can usually identify and that will help you but in the meantime what they will be doing is while you're working it out in your head they'll have at least cleared the block energy now I actually believe very strongly in the effect of energy because we are all connected if you please watch some of my past YouTube videos I will speak to you about how I got how I got ill how I got the cancer I would say it's very much how my energy changed because of my beliefs my beliefs changed my energy which caused the cancer I was not prone to it my family doesn't have it it's not in my genes it's not in my DNA I got it energetically but so that might sound scary but you can clear it energetic energetically so what you are clearing are the energy blocks you're clearing the energy blocks and then when you clear the energy blocks the insights come more clearly and when the insights come more clearly you don't recreate those energy blocks but until the insights come clearly you may need an energy healer to help clear the energy so basically you set up a protocol where you can also work with coaches to help you clear them emotionally and mentally so that you don't keep recreating the same patterns and this is the kind of thing I would set up if I was going through something that a doctor said was terminal and had missed a sucide I would put together a team outside of medicine whether you choose to continue with the medicine or not is entirely up to you but remember don't give them your power because they don't know who you are and when they give you their trajectory they have not taken into consideration that you are putting together a plan that takes you from where you are now to optimum wellness because your plan is going to reverse and help reverse the illness which is going to so you are not going to be one of those statistics because those statistics are based on people who have only gone with the medical protocol and who have not realized that because remember most people still don't realize the kind of work that we do most people don't look at L miss this way as a mind-body connection or an energy blockage most people don't so the statistics are gathered from that the ones who are doing the miraculous healings who are defying the statistics who are not a statistics are the ones who don't give their power to the medical statistics and the ones who are creating their own wellness plan so if you get a diagnosis take it as a wake-up call nothing more it's a wake-up call so if you're feeling symptoms that are scary and you go see a doctor you get a diagnosis that's your wake-up call now it is time to create your plan to go from where you are now to optimum wellness and remember your optimum wellness plan also needs to include what is my life's purpose if I get a clean bill of health right now what do I want to do with the rest to my life what is my environment like where I'm living if I go back to the same environment with the same community and the same people they is it am I able to cope with that and handle that or is that the cause of me feeling all the emotions that are blocking my energy you see for some people they may they may not have a purpose they may be done over here they may be maybe they have lost people they loved and they have no reason to stay on in this planet and so they would be very well justified to leave and leaving is not losing the battle it's their time they're done here but those people and they may manifest a disease to allow them to leave but that disease in conventional medicine again becomes a statistic which you are then being presented with but you are not that person who is ready to leave or if you are that's fine but if you are not then you don't need to take those so-called facts of statistics that are being presented to you by by the medical community about why you need to have aggressive treatments because you are not that person so I hope that I made myself clear and just to recap it's about making a plan taking you from where you are now to optimum wellness and in that plan you have to include everything include including your purpose for being here and create something that makes you looking forward to living the rest of your life you have to have a reason to live for why do you want to live you don't want to have a life where you dread going back to the life because that is what caused the illness in the first place so thank you for listening and I want to now go into a couple of questions and I know that I have a couple of questions from last week and before I go further I also want to mention that I do do a lot of retreats an exciting one coming up is the cruise and at these retreats we actually practice energy healing to remove those blockages so if you're at any my retreats we will be doing energy healing unfortunately I don't I don't take appointments one-on-one outside of the retreats which is why I like to recommend some of my friends who do it but it's something you can learn to do yourself it's not about you need to give your power to an energy healer I want to be clear about that the energy healer kind of helps you to get in touch with your own power that's so so I will be putting you in touch with more people like that who can help you and we will be showing you on some of my future videos anyway I would like to punch up some some questions I think we have one from that from somebody who posted on my Facebook during the course of the week so it's we have a question from a lady named Sandra Harris who says hi Anita I enjoy your message and story I have a question why or how is it that some people for example you are others who have psychic and our spirit abilities see angels hear spirits have NDEs and many most others in fact don't how is it fair that they have an inside scoop and their own personal proof of an afterlife and or the existence beyond this this life in God and heaven etc I struggle with this with how this is fair we are all equal and entitled to the same joy and rewards after life it seems we have it seems some have an upper hand and others who try to connect are not able to I am on my quest and meditate and read and study but no matter how much I do or ask I never have any sense that anyone or anything is out there what are your thoughts and I am curious on your opinion on this thanks again for all that you share okay that is a great question so life so basically there is no choosing nobody is forsaken that's what I'm trying to say none of you are forsaken nobody is being left out nobody is not being looked after and it and so my theory for some of the people that feel like yourself Sandra that feels that you are trying everything but it's not coming to you my sense is that you're already plugged in and the reason why you don't see it is because it's so natural to you that you are so plugged in it's so natural to you that you can't see outside of it but you're looking for something unique or different or you're looking for something that's not in the shape or form that it is in other words you have a mental image of how it should be but it's presenting itself to you in a different way so for example the fact that you are a living breathing being the fact that you have the mental ability to differentiate who you are differentiate yourself from other people and say I am saundra this is how I feel I feel like it's not fair that in itself is you having a spiritual experience that in itself is you in its it's the spirit you the higher you expressing itself through you whether you feel it or not now some people however are hypersensitive and this is not necessarily a good thing if you are aware that there is something more than this but you're not like feeling it seeing it interpreting it all the time it allows you to be more grounded and in many ways you might be luckier than those who see it all the time because those who are distracted by it because it's there all the time but if you're distracted by it all the time it's much much harder to be grounded and focused so in fact being so super sensitive to the signs is actually both a gift and a curse it's not that the ones who don't notice it it's not that it's not there it's not that they're forsaken it's not that it doesn't happen to them but it's just that they are less sensitive to the signs that are showing them that they are connected that's all and the reason why I believe that their own physiology their own psychological cosmetic makeup is less sensitive to the signs is because their purpose is one of being more grounded because we need people who are more grounded we need people who are more focused because the ones who are more sensitive to the other side are also the ones who are more creative but they are also the ones who have a lot of issues with boundaries because we tend to see the spiritual self of everybody even here in the physical and we have and we have a lot of trouble having boundaries between them and us and so people who are super sensitive are terrible with boundaries they're terrible with looking after themselves they're terrible with receiving or charging their own batteries they're terrible at making money they're terrible a detail administrative work most people who are super sensitive to the other side would agree with this I'm not going to make a blanket statement and say all but what happens is when our attention is always there it's not here the world wouldn't run without you so the world actually needs more of you but it doesn't mean you're not connected it actually means that your purpose is to be more focused and grounded many people I work with are exactly like what I'm describing they are aware of this because they know my story is true they believe it's true they're aware it's there but they're not distracted by it all the time they're not being called by it and they could very easily say the same thing that I'm not oh how come I'm not chosen how come I don't see the messages that you see how come I don't get the white feathers I don't get this but actually they are still being guided all the time and they're their fulfillment comes from fulfilling a more grounded purpose and they are not being called to go and reach and channel and look at the other side and interpret messages from the other side that is not their calling right now at the time when it is their calling it will start to happen to them but again they are not being forsaken because they are in their own way still being guided to their calling and in fact the very absence of those messages is what is keeping them focused on their calling which is what is keeping the rest of us going because they are the ones that have the longer attention span what is a longer attention span it's someone who can stay focused on the now on the physical for a longer period of time to actually be more focused to get the real work done that needs to be done here and so basically you have well needed you are not forsaken people like me need people like you like very very badly I wouldn't be able to survive without people who aren't grounded I really wouldn't my husband is far more grounded than I am I wouldn't be able to survive without him and some of the people in my team as well so just so you know the also I want to throw out one other thing though in some cases people don't see the messages and the guidance because they're trying too hard that very energy of trying too hard it kind of blocks it and a third thing just for you to consider is that you may have a specific idea of vision of what you want your messages to look like but they're coming at you but in a different way and you're not seeing it because you're trying to look for something else you know I often use the analogy if you watch my TED talk where I tell people to look around the room and find something that's blue in color then I tell them to close their eyes and then I ask them what in the room did you I want you to recollect everything in the room that was red in color and people don't remember anything that was red even though it was right under their nose because they were so focused on the blue so if you are focused on one thing a message can come at you in a different and you may not even see it because you're so highly focused and that's what my flashlight analogy is about as well when your flashlight is highly focused then you will only see what your flashlight is focused on and sometimes you do need to be focused grounded people need to be focused but sometimes it's okay to say I'm going to defuse the flashlight or turn on the big floodlights and be open to whatever comes my way so those are the suggestions I have for you but just remember you are not forgotten you are not forsaken none of these things you are very much looked after and in fact you may be more plugged in than you ever realize you may be more plugged in than the ones who actually do tell you they get messages because you might be taking it so much for granted that you no longer recognize it as something special or different so thank you for that question it's a beautiful question Sandra and I did have one more that I wanted to visit and then I will take a quick look at some of your comments as well so and thank you everybody for all the likes and the hearts and if I had emojis I would be pushing them up right now so the screen would be filled with them so we have one also that came in about a week ago I believed and I'm not going to say his name and if we can punch that up it's basically I remember what woody ah here we go he says I need to thank you so much for your message and philosophy who you really Rock thank you could you please comment on how gay people can love themselves and be themselves we are taught that we're sinners and partake in evil and command can be fired or evicted for being ourselves now I always feel so sad for those of you who are going through things being treated this way and sometimes I'm at a loss for words because I can't believe that in the 21st century we could still use religion to make people fearful of being who they are and it's it is really sad and I have people writing to me different things whether you're gay whether you're transgendered whatever it is it doesn't matter even people who are just wanting to be different like do something different in their life and they tell me that they feel guilt like religious guilt or their religion makes them feel guilty guilt is an absolutely useless emotion I want you to go back and watch my video from last week guilt is misplaced it's very different from regret or remorse very different from remorse remorse is when you truly feel you have heard someone and you want to make it up to them guilt is completely misplaced it is wrong it is a way that you can be manipulated if people make you feel guilty so basically what I want to tell anybody that feels guilty for being who they are no matter what it is whether you're gay straight transgendered non-binary whether you are a different race color whatever it is whatever it is I want you to know there is a purpose a reason why you're here you are loved just because you exist get in touch with your own energy if someone is going to fire you it means there's something better waiting for you I want you to know that people have asked me and said they're afraid to come out because they're afraid of the repercussions I think it's highly unfair that gay people have to come out at all because straight people don't have to come out and say hey I'm coming out of the closet to say I'm straight why are there double standards so don't even feel you have to come out just be who you are if people can't accept you it's actually their thing not yours just be who you are be the love that you are the only thing that matters is love love heals everything our world doesn't have enough of it right now our world our politicians our our media has made us so divided that we really need all the love we can we can have so all you have to do is just spread the love it doesn't matter who you are what you are what you stand for do it in the name of love it doesn't matter what religion you are or aren't or if you're atheist what ever you do do it in the name of love and not fear and I always go back to this one this one value I live by whenever I'm doing anything why am i doing it is it out of love or fear just that one question can take you back to yourself whatever you do do it in the name of love so thank you all so much for tuning in and real quick again before I go I am leaving on a trip tonight for a couple of weeks so I won't be here next week I'm going to see my mom in India it's a quick rush trip and after that I have to go to the East Coast for a couple of events so I'm gonna see my beautiful mom who's 91 years old and a couple of you who have asked me who these guys are so both of these guys I just wanted to feature them because they were given to me as presents at an event actually in Bristol in the UK when I did my one-day event it happened to be to be my birthday and both of these were given to me with beautiful letters which actually made me cry and one of them was by gentleman who was guided by Wayne Dyer and the other one was a lady who said her mother made this and it was her most valuable possession and that made me cry because I felt your mother made it oh my god I feel so honored that you gave it to me you shouldn't have but I mean so it's close to my heart and so I just wanted to thank everybody I sometimes feel so blessed and so lucky at the outpouring of love but I just want you to know that I feel the same for every single one of you and I can't wait to see you at my upcoming events and I can't wait to see you in my future videos and I will be bringing on people like energy healers to talk about how you can help yourself energetically if you can't work things out mentally and emotionally you can still release the blocked energy thank you all for tuning in and I will see you all really soon bye thank you so much for tuning into my video and if you really enjoyed it I would love for you to subscribe and the subscribe button is here and also I would love for you to watch my suggested video which is over here and if you love my content please feel free to share it to people who you think that would benefit from it thank you

  1. For all who believe, that what you are talking about does not work: Here is a woman who did it. She had been suffering under increasing illnesses until 40 and until she was unable to do her job. Then she took this challenge and started a new life in Davos, Switzerland. Her name is Angelika Keil. She wrote two books, “Meine Geschichte” and “Die AK-Strategie”, and now she is working as a coach encouraging people to find their own purpose and to get out of harmful beliefs. I don’t know, if English translations are available for these books, but I read them both. Greetings from Germany

  2. Doctors have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry. And a lot of the so-called "facts" and statistics are incorrect.
    The current editor in chief of the Lancet medical journal stated "much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue" and "science has taken a turn towards darkness". Dr Marcia Angell stated "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine".
    Both chemotherapy and radiation therapy are carcinogenic – that is, they cause cancer. So even at a fundamental level of common sense, it is completely illogical to use these treatments to treat cancer.
    For those who want information on foods that promote cancer and foods that promote health, I highly recommend the video library of the website
    Many thanks for your loving videos, Anita!

  3. In Sanathan Dharma there are 11 genders as it all inclusive and no one is alien as it is all inclusive of the entire Universe and each beimg is the favorite inheritor of the Cosmos

  4. It is interesting to hear from Anita that those of us who are not psychically sensitive are needed as 'grounding rods' in the world… I have personal experience with this, as a conductor and manager for a full-trance psychic doing readings in the 1970's. I often felt 'left out' by not being psychically sensitive, but saw my usefulness with clients…. ~ thank you, Anita, for talking about this!

  5. Yes to this! Thank you for being so brave and brutally honest. The world needs this more than ever. I am a Certified Professional energy based Life Coach. I help people create the life they were meant to live, one small step at a time. I specialize in forgiveness work/processes and uncovering limiting beliefs. I would love to help in any way I can because I believe in all that you stand for. Thank you for doing what you do. You make a huge difference in the lives of so many. xoxo

  6. You ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you SO MUCH! Sending you SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!❤❤❤❤ ⚘🌷🌼🎀🌸🏵🌹 This video was PERFECT!!!!! I wish I could express my appreciation better!!!!!! THANK YOU so MUCH!!!!! YOU really helped Me!!!!!!!🌸⚘🌷😘

  7. Hello beautiful Anita, I am on my own journey of healing my neglected 80% and you are helping me tremendously in this, I needed pathways and you are giving them to me one by one. One of my biggest problems is my willfulness. I have spent a lifetime NOT listening to those inner voices that try to direct me towards a particular path and chose to go my own route…with disastrous consequences.  Now I'm afraid these 'voices' have threw their collective hands up in frustration and given up on me. Is there anything I can do to get in touch with them again? Or to silence my willfulness so that I can feel the power of those who are trying to take care of me? Thank you for all that you are, your sweet, kind nature comes through with every word you speak and I am so grateful to have found you. With love, Beverly from St. Petersburg, Florida.

  8. Hi Anita, you are so very dear to my heart! You have helped my with my process of seeing my daughter's passing, also in 2006, with more joy and peace. Your voice comforts me so much too. I always feel your love and peace! Thank you so much for living your calling!

  9. Great to hear this. Thank you Anita. I am by no means an advocate of medical models. Ha ha, that said, when I did find myself suffering from a chronic pain illness, I allowed the medics to do "whatever". After all, they were the experts. I'd heard that so often in my first 40 years ; how could they be wrong in my case? My wellness didn't come into the equation only treatments and drugs until I found myself taking strong opiates to manage the pain because there was nothing more the medical community had to offer. Those medications had a profound impact on all aspects of life and my mental health deteriorated . . . more meds (lots of gaps in my story) until thanks to an energy healing course and rediscovering how to care for and nurture my wellness , I rediscovered my true and glorious self. In retrospect, much of what happened did so because I took on things that were not mine to own. You have talked about fear. That was definitely one of them. Yes, still a work in progress but no longer a 'sick' work in progress. Namasté Steve Costello

  10. Dear Anita! In the last 18 months I did exactly what you recommend in your video and it worked out! Thx so much ❤️ for your inspiration, how to go on from here on. I will continue, following you and looking forward to your future videos.

  11. Hello Anita Bonnie here, I want to say that I am with you on this 100%. In my life, for whatever reason I have been diagnosed with many things that are supposed to be a road to the end here. I reversed these . The Physicians agreed it was a fluke! I know better. If you ever need help in your pursuit to help people heal with a healing center; I would love to be a part of this venture in some way.

  12. Hi Anita! Thank you so mucho for all your videos and for your books!! I have a question about health: what about hereditary disease? It's not your fault, it came from your genes… so… if you didn't cause your illnes, can you heal it also by yourself? Lots of LOVE!! ❤

  13. Love the truth you are telling straight from your beautiful soul! Looking forward to the Scientists, Mystics, and Sages conference in November in New Mexico:)! Thank you.

  14. I have a question, what do you do when you feel tourmented by the illness you're in, and that you always feel that going forward is denying the fact that you are ill ''feeling like you have to push yourself'', but that you don't know at all how to heal after a lot of different tryals of different things? I say that because I try to follow my guidance and go on with my life, but it really feel like ''i'm doing nothing to heal'', but in fact, i'm doing everything, it's just that nothing works, you see? I wonder? Thank you.

  15. You are my rock ! Anita ! Every time I listen to you, I have such gratitude 🙏, you hit the spiritual nail on the head ! Spiritually speaking ! THANKYOU !,, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️keep doing what you’re doing ! You are Gifted ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Hello Anita … such a joy to watch your videos …
    If I may make a suggestion, I think it would be great for your channel and for us all if you also have film interviews and have table/coffee chats with other like minded spiritual people. I have been watching several on YT …. one that may be of great interest to you may be Jerome Braggs. He is amazing and resonates so much with your experiences and talks. I truly believe it is someone you might enjoy to review… thank you

  17. Hi Anita, loved this, your words are so valuable to so many people. I have a question a bit off this topic, but I don't know quite where to ask it! It's about our souls! How much of me is me? Are our personalities coats that we wear in our lifetime and the soul, a being within, a silent observer? Or do we carry some of our personality with our souls? I'd be interested to hear your view on this.

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