The University Wits : A group of 16th Century English Playwrights. Lily, Kyd, Marlowe...||FTE||

The University Wits : A group of 16th Century English Playwrights. Lily, Kyd, Marlowe…||FTE||

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hello everyone welcome to FTE, feel
the English feel the fragrance of learning this is air meet your frizz
enter today we are going to discuss about the University wits a group of
English flights who made a notable contribution in the development and
growth of English dramas or in the field of theatre the 16th century England and
so on so the University wits were a group of scholars come men of letters who wrote in the late years of
the sixteenth century all of the university weights were actively
associated with the theater of the time sorry and composed dramas for for the
theater they developed the way a plays the condition of the stage and
introduced a new taste to the English plays with their dramatic work they
paved the way for the great Shakespeare who was indepted to them in numerous
ways they were popularly known as the university wits because they had
training at one or other of the two universities Oxford and Cambridge
they had numerous characteristics in common the university wits were John
Lilly, Robert Greene, George Peele, Thomas Lodge, Thomas Nashe, Thomas Kyd, and Christopher Marlowe Lodz Thomas Nash
Thomas Kyd and Christopher Marlowe they were highly educated and men a bohemian
nation they directed the English drama into a new and more advanced and
successful way miracle mastery and morality all this plays the different
categories of plays were developed and established greatly by the orcs of these
University weights so then the growth and development of
the theater of that time the growth of dramas different types of dramas miracle
plays mastery plays and morality plays the university would have made a great
contribution to this field and especially Christopher Marlowe whose
talent was extraordinary in this field and his Oaks
later on guided the great Shakespeare William Shakespeare Nalini 1554 to 1606
John Daly though a dramatist is well known for his prose Romans Euphues than
his dramatic productions he is popularly known for his prose
romance you face and he is less considered as a dramatist because though
he was a good dramatist a great dramatist of the type and among the
university weights he was also met some contribution to the field of theatre but
his poles are not remarked so well he wrote for the discerning countries with
a little touch of comedy rather to please the audience his plays are the
nature of surgery he wrote for the discerning courtiers he only wrote for
the courtiers not for the common people and that is why his plays are not
related to the common people that his plays are basically related to the life
of kings queens and courtiers because he wrote
composed place to place the courtiers discerning courtiers of the time not to
place the common people or the audience his plays are the nature of mass quiz
which were very popular with the kwid ad the court his play is broadly divided
into three though all the eight of his Flay's are broadly speaking at comedies
these are number one those which are illegal and mythical by tickle in tall those the battle those who is display
realistic fissures and those who is mark the introduction of more or less
historical features now Robert Greene 15:58 to 1592 Robert Greene wrote five
plays in all out of which prior bacon and fear boogie was the most important
and interesting and drew the attention of the people with three our bacon and
fear Bungay and Szell's for them stop or grain contributed in the establishment
of romantic comedy his plays were the comical history of Alphonsus King of
Aragon a looking-glass for London and England written jointly with Thomas Lodge the Honourable history of fear beckoned
ad-free urban gay which was always can be considered as his masterpiece
in this field the history of Orlando Furioso and the Scottish history
observes the port Zor Swilley
15:58 to 1537 zorse polly was a versatile dramatist who produced
different types of play but his Flay's failed to gain technical brilliance and
capture the atmosphere of the theatre of the time and also the capture the
attention of the audience his pleasure The Arraingement of Paris historian Flair
the bottle of Alcazar a romantic tragedy the famous chronicle of King Edward the
first a chronicle history the love of King David and fair Bathsheba the old
wives tale a romantic cetera so from this list we
can easily understand the versatility of George Feeny in the field of drama
he composed different types of plays but he basically failed to gain technical
brilliance and critical appreciation now Thomas Lodge and Thomas Nashe the dramatic
work of Thomas Lodge and Thomas Nashe is minor and inconsiderable as they have
not contributed any notable mark to the theatre of the time according to cousin
laws was little better than a vagrant looser than Liberty lighter than Ben
Bennet itself and according to nickel he was the least of the university weights
as if ethically gave nothing to the theatre of the time.he firstly composed
only one player the owns of civil war but laws and meshy are much more
important for their fictional ork than their dramatic productions Thomas Kyd
Thomas Kyd was one of the active university wits who concentrated his
mind in the world of theater and clay his only play is the Spanish tragedy
which is modeled on silica ribbons in who is his tragic hero is an ordinary
person rather a royal person is now Christopher Marlowe the most important
of the university waits who contributed in great a notable contribution he
contributed a notable contribution to the field of English drama of the time
and also paved the way for the great Shakespeare Christopher Marlowe 1564 2 &
3 Christopher Marlowe was a different talent in the field of dramas his plays
are moral and interesting in the plot in Nicholls world he is the most talented
apprecia spear Ian's Marlowe corrected and reformed the chronicle plays of
table his time which were formless and pour in characterization Marlowe
humanized the puppets of displays and introduced motifs in them we find a
greater unity in his flies he felt the way for great Shakespeare to create
zinnias flies but comedies and tragedies Marlowe established blind balls
as an effective and pliant medium of tragic utterance Marlowe's plank bars is
immensely superior to the blind bars of coure verdict which was the first
play employing this major Mulla found the blind bars lifeless and
inactive and he decorated it with the lightning energy and left it a
fashionable way of delivering dialogues in the place all what he made a
remarkable contribution in the field of English plays and in decorating the
theatre of his time he was the inspiration to all those who were the
upcoming drama teachers lights including the great Shakespeare Christopher
Marlowe's plays are timberline the great Tamburlaine the great dr. Foster's which
is the morality play a morality play the tragic history of dr. Fosters an
interesting play composed by Christopher Marlowe that tells the story of the
termination of dr. Fosters as he was away from the attention of God and to
become rich and Tomas he committed black magic and he his six health of the devil
and he came into the touch of of the great grey of up greatly Lucifer and
mephistopheles then the Jew of Malta another
interesting claim Edward the second and parcel the massacre at fairies and Dido
queen of Carthage so it was the discussion of the university weights the
university weights Joan Lila Thomas Kyd czars Polly Thomas
loze and Thomas nashe Christopher Marlowe all these were the oldest
playwrights of the 16th century known as the university weights because they were
university educated person they were scholars highly educated and they were
graduates from the universities either from Oxford or from Cambridge they were
the man of good manner and they were very gentle in nature they were the men
of bohemian nation and they they have made a great contribution in the
development of the drama of the time in the field of English literature reflecting the various situations of the
human society historical and present situation also basically the development
of the Maestri morality and miracle plays were taken place in the hands of
these university wits so we can easily understand the active
presentation of the University weights in the growth and development of the
theater of the 16th century they all made a remarkable contribution to
English literature showing the way of producing vital place and basically
Christopher Marlowe is especially notable for his contribution to this
field when we study and read the plays of Christopher Marlowe we fill the
motivation in ourselves and there is moral kissing in them and that they are
is great unity there is great unity in the characterization and plot making Christopher Marlowe is very serious in
his writings and making a plots giving the greater unity to the characters so I
hope you liked this video and they have learned something from this video
presentation about the university Waits a group of playwrights of the 16th
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