The WORST Voice Acting In Video Games History | UNILAD Gaming

The WORST Voice Acting In Video Games History | UNILAD Gaming

Voice acting in video games used to be really, really bad. Here are clips of the worst voice acting in video games history…


these days great video games are often indistinguishable from the very best of film and TV boasting engaging stories and Stella central performances from its leads shout-out to my boy Yuri Lowenthal in spider-man you deserved all the awards sorry anyway back in the early days of gaming the industry seemed to have a hard time when it came to recording high-quality voice acting my ship sails in the morning what's for dinner I'm not entirely sure why but for far too long video game voice acting was bad like really bad like a level media student getting your make to star in your short horror film levels of bad I guess is all three well not much for you or at me be your opponent now we could sit and theorize exactly why that was the case to the cows come home or we could just look and laugh at some of the worst examples so we'll do that instead before we begin with this list make sure you hit the notification bell and subscribe to you know I've gaming for more videos like this one Resident Evil the first couple of Resident Evil games are treasure troves of horrendous voice acting where the first game in the series absolutely takes the crown here stop it don't open that door but Barry didn't you see you're going back to the dining room to do some research Joe here's a lockpick it might be handy of you the master of unlocking taken with you everyone involved sound like complete strangers Capcom pulled off the street and bundled into the back of a van before forcing a gun to each of their head to read out the lines for the very first time but how about you Barry I have this there is serum oh no I should have brought some with me that was too close you were almost a jiggle sandwich oblivion golly you're the best I'm going to follow you and watch you and worship the ground you walk on let's go the Elder Scrolls series isn't exactly known for its impeccable voice acting what's going on with you I ran into a couple of mud crabs not long ago annoying creatures even in Skyrim a good number of characters some more like over-enthusiastic LARPers on the day out than actual believable people from a fantasy realm they respect the law and you disrespected me oh no no this is so wrong we have to give this one to oblivion though not least because bethesda in a move that hindsight lets us dub as a truly bethesda move actually ship the game with a ton of voice acting mistakes and slip-ups left in I heard that thieves broke into the arcane university the Imperial Legion compound and the temple all on the same night oops GTA London 1969 run Theft Auto spin-off London 1969 is a brilliant game combining that must aful top-down GTA gameplay of old with a brand new setting in the form of England's capital city its edge surprisingly well in every area except for his voice acting in which it's a hilarious misstep that represents a far cry from the likes of Red Dead Redemption – listen what we're looking for a light it could early stuff I've heard you're a bit tasty no messing around or you get a slap remember I'm the monkey and you're the cheese grater the characters sound less like terrifying London gangsters who'd happily murder you for looking at them wrong and more like Rodney from Only Fools and Horses doing a series of funny voices in a few years I'll be taking over the whole breadbasket and if you've got that special something you can too now stop loafing around and get to work oh is it boy cooks you've proved your iPad yeah I bet it all sounds hard I'm a FIFA 17 we move very briefly on to a modern video game now there's nothing wrong with the acting in the vast majority of FIFA 17 especially in the surprisingly robust the journey which features some strong performances throughout we're rewarding this spot specifically to England captain Harry Kane whose brief cameo in the journey sounds less like Harry Kane and more like Sir Michael Caine attempting to gargle a cup of warm marbles buzzing to be zelda the wand of gamelon you know link sure he gave me his canteen for a kiss if you haven't heard of this Zelda game before there's a good reason for that Nintendo would rather pretend it never existed one of three god-awful Zelda titles released for the doomed Philips CDI wonderf gamelan looks and sounds like what you might have a fever dream about after being forced to watch that old zelda cartoon for two days straight if nothing else it showed us once and for all but there's a damn good reason link doesn't talk in his games 3 i can't wait to bomb some dodongos hmm aren't you a might puny to go up against Ganon I'll do all right that's the spirit spider-man web of shadows while Yuri Lowenthal effortlessly became the greatest video game spider-man and arguably one of the best spider-man of all time we've still had some genuinely great versions of the wall crawler in previous Spidey games Neil Patrick Harris Josh Keaton and Tobey Maguire have all lent her voice to the iconic web heroine video games past but spider-man web of Shadows presents us with an interesting version of Spidey I say interesting I mean bad this spider-man sounds less like a lovable wisecracker and more like Sonic the Hedgehog pleading for his life panicky and kind of pathetic excuse me don't worry Mega Man 8 mega man 8 was the first game to introduce voice acting to the series and it handled this with all the class of a hurried poo in a service station toilet doctor light is far and away the worst offender here the man is supposed to be a genius the brains behind Mega Man himself unfortunately here he seems to have been voiced by someone's granddad after a scotch and a nap all the energy immediately Megaman but where is dr. wily that's a good question we may be able to locate another energy emission from the radar room when we find that media will find doctor wahwee lust alert oh god the voice acting in lust allure is so bad it's really bad guys it's really really really bad it's so bad I'm too distracted by how bad it is to try and come up with something funny or clever to say about how bad it is instead I'll let this one speak for itself in our first list within a list enjoy five awful lines from lust alert this rivers going to red with your blood how interesting but it's going to be your blood not mine oh I see there's a welcoming committee out for me I'll burn you to death with these flames how do you want it done rarer medium sorry I don't like roast pork the town with no name I don't even know where to start with this the town with no name is an old Omega cdtv game set in the Old West that you'd honestly assumed was a low-budget YouTube parody series if you didn't know better the voice work is so bad it crosses into genius and is especially impressive given that not one of the characters actually sounds like they're from the Old West dang it gotta battle anyhow oh I've gotta buy one now so bad my personal favorites are the barman with a deliriously unconvincing Irish accent there are a great many people stranger but most of them are dead and the main character who sounds less like a grizzled cowboy and more like Topcats give me a drink bartender this sure is a quiet town not many people those are all top picks for the worst voice acting in video games hopefully you agree with us but if not please feel free to tell us how wrong we are in the comments and be sure to subscribe to unit gaming on YouTube for more great gaming content and hit the bell for notifications


  1. Bad voice acting was due to things being lost in translation for a lot of games. For example; Resident Evil, the Japanese wrote a script had it translated then hired the voice actors. The issue being because English wasnt their main language they didn't have a clue whether the voice actors were good or not. Voice acting is big money now and a staple of modern gaming. Back in the 90s there were probably barely any 'voice actors'.

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