Think and Grow Rich Interview with Vahid Chitsaz and Scott Leeper Eps | 43

Think and Grow Rich Interview with Vahid Chitsaz and Scott Leeper Eps | 43

Elite Mastermind Presents:

Think and Grow Rich Interview with Vahid Chitsaz and Scott Leeper

Learn how Top Professionals around the world are utilizing the success principles in the groundbreaking book Think and Grow Rich!

Vahid Chitsaz
Entrepreneur, Financial Services

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Scott Leeper
Speaker, Author and Coach

I focus on executives, first responders, veterans, and loved ones of addicts that are ready to level up in a particular area of life. By focusing on the mind to assist the individual to level up, this allows for new habits to turn into behaviors that last! Author – I am a co-author of the book Drowning in Addiction: Sink or Swim. My co-authors, Michael Arnold and Andrea Carr, and I illustrate how addiction has personally affected us, and how we capitalized on our struggles to live the life we deserve. Our mission for this book is to create a movement to RECOVER OUT LOUD!

Public Speaking – I focus my speaking engagements on reaching people at the level of the heart. Through my message, I inspire and encourage people to take intentional action to leap off of their “comfort cliff” and do what they are passionate about. I also speak on masculinity and how men can combine masculinity with vulnerability; as well as, how to utilize our past struggles as gifts, rather than curses!

what's going on talk to me about thinking garage Napoleon Hill how did you start what's been your experience you know I've been through that book through the audio book twice the next step is to actually go through and actually read it to get both the auditory and the visual learning and I've actually got several notes I mean I could go through line by line all the notes but the biggest thing for me you know one of the things that really stuck out for me is this not necessarily be the general knowledge that you pick up in education the specialized knowledge helps but the one of the big things for me is mindset what you think you know and I don't believe in a lot of Attraction and thinking Grow Rich really plays into this and that's what you think you attract and so if you're if you're possibly living in a scarcity mindset you're always gonna live with scarcity you're always going to have not enough but if you can think from an abundance standpoint your life is always going to be enhanced not only by opportunity by money but I mean you know we're talking wealth here and we're not just talking about wealth in a money sense we're talking wealth and as far as family's concerned who's in your tribe the people in your corner your mentors your coaches you know just the people that that influence you on on a daily basis and so you know that's that is the overarching message that I've really gained from the book thinking Grow Rich I love it I love it you touched up on very very heavy materials you just throw these nuggets out they need a lot of more study so let's go back to how old were you when you initially started with thinking garage I was it was just earlier this year honestly and what you trashed all this yeah well see Kazue thing I do I do quite a bit of reading and I listen to a lot of audiobooks I'm huge in through self-improvement you know I'm now a mindset coach myself and but the thing was once upon a time I used to be a very negative person and you know to give you kind of some background on me I spent 13 years in a Marine Corps and in 2012 I took my dad off life support and I watched him die after that happened I went through I went through a downward spiral myself and really had to I had to see how people were giving me the rope to pull myself out of the hole what I was expecting is people to get or me and push me out of the hole and leave themselves in that pit of misery that doesn't work that way nobody ever wants to do that nor should they and so I'm big into the self-improvement that's really helped me a lot and so the law of attraction was one of the first things that I really latched onto and then when I read Think and Grow Rich it just reinforced and enhanced everything I knew about the law of attraction and what you think you attract you know so you know where I you know we all have our days where we go through you know it's a sign do I really have enough that kind of thing but for the most part you know it's you know I am enough I do have enough there's nothing wrong with wanting more but it's wanting more out of abundance versus wanting more out of scarcity right so let me ask you a question so in Marin Court now were you positive at that point where that was still negative I was extremely negative the Marine Corps scrutiny baby hello I'm an outsider because from outside I look at it these individuals that got their discipline together they work in a group they got one goal they got one mission there's a hierarchy there's format there's discipline so what is it that I'm not saying well the thing is you can have a mission you can have discipline you can have comradery but you still be a negative person and I see it frequently in anything is it does that desert to say that there's no positivity in the military of course not I personally was just a negative person I couldn't pick up rank you know what again after my dad's death that's really when I went through my downward spiral my dad died of an alcohol addiction and I had to take a five support I sat there with him until he died and so from that point forward is more of a what was me mentality and more of a I'm gonna do what I want and I can't get in trouble for it because of what I've been through here's the problem the things that I did basically I cheated on my wife and I had an affair and I didn't think I'd get in trouble for it I was actually kicked out of the Marine Corps with an other than honorable discharge so when I got kicked out I was actually even more negative because as their fault they did this to me I should I should have you know the the the punishment didn't fit the crime or whatever but the truth of the matter is I put myself in compromising positions and I could not grow until I took responsibility for what I went through took responsibility for my actions and once I did that and stopped putting the blame on other people that's when I was able to start personal growth myself that's where the girls started and what was the pivotal point what happened that you see like I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired I'm gonna change this what was that point or what was that what was this situation what was the circumstances what happened so for me it was honestly was a process and and I would say the process took about six years the process realistically started the day I took my dad off life support May 19th 2012 and you know I had to go through my downward spiral to really understand what wealth looked like in terms of family what positivity looked like what I one of one of the things one of my mantras is life doesn't happen to you happens for you I and I had to go through all these things in order for me to see that and so as the process went along you know when I got out I ended up going through jobs I I joke around and say I found this talent I had this talent of finding jobs I sucked that no and so the first job I had it was in staffing and I must have talked to kick game because I didn't know anything about staffing but they hired me and so I started it and the guy that hired me um you know he had built up the skilled trades Department and I suffocated the department like it was horrible so I got fired from that job rightfully so next job was working for Salvation Army the thing I liked about this was I actually got to talk to the guys in a rehab facility that the retail stores that I ran funded and the problem was they shut that facility down within three months I was only able to talk to the guys as a crew twice and anyone and then I was just working a retail I hated retail so I got out of that job and then went taste money chase money working for a garage door company I sucked at that job too I got fired there too right long story short I had to find something fulfilling and the one thing that I latched onto was the fact that the men and the rehab facility came up to me and told me that I spoke to them on a level nobody's ever spoken to mom and so that right there should have been the piece that told me that I need to do fulfilling work I need to do heart work and that's really what's led me to this now the process I kind of got off track but the process for me was I watched a ton of YouTube videos Eric Thomas I can't tell you how many hours I watched that man um Tony Robbins here in him to talk about his mom popping pills and beaten him as a kid and seen where he's at now Gary Vee getting decent in school and seeing where he's at now Eric Thomas being homeless from 16 to 18 years old on the streets of Detroit see where he's at now like I latched on to those guys and last time that their mission that last time to their history I last time of what they did and matters what helped me start to understand that this stuff over here those books that right there as doing is what's going to give me the the growth that I need I drew that and in the process I've been able to become a mindset coach myself and help people find find very similar if not more profound breakthroughs in what I well first of all thank you for your service second is that everything happens for a reason there are no accidents in life and all whatsoever it most of the times we don't know why it's happening we don't know the reason but it's my profound belief that that those things don't happen by accident and I tell you one thing it's my belief in my faith that God has the believers more than the non-believers so you were just being tested throughout this whole time and think about it if those things wouldn't have happened you wouldn't have been able to help a lot of other individuals you just had if they kept you on at your job you wouldn't be fulfilling in a lot of different ways that you are today so then firing you then letting you go was probably the best thing that could happen to you where you're like okay check mark this didn't work let me go to the next one let me find out what works oh but a lot of people don't get that comprehension that you know it might be tough right now you might go through a little bit of turbulence and challenges but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger comes right there in there what you need to repeat that to yourself kind of brainwashing yourself for success on the right opportunity to come along just because it's not there so you and I need to like I can't go run a marathon right now without practicing so I need to go through a lot of challenges – you know do the five my ten my eight my do go back and forth build up this body then that will take the pressure of running a marathon so you doing that process sometimes we don't know what's going on we might be confused that's why we need you that's what we need coaches that's why we need Mentors that's what we need trainers so they can guide us when we cannot see their life at the end of the tunnel so they kind of hold a flashlight they're like hey you got to go through this you are on the right track whenever your direction I know exactly what the end result is keep moving forward and that reinforces what we want to believe in so we we are willing to give a little bit more I don't know any you got me on the side there's a couple good I'm glad I get out on these conversations all the time you know what a couple things I want to add to this you know you talked about how it was a blessing that I got fired from his job I agree with you but I'm gonna take it a step further and the the staffing company that I got fired from believe it or not a week and a half ago I did my first paid speaking engagement for that company another guy that in this last year has really had a profound impact on my way of thinking well Sean Stephenson if you haven't read I know we're talking about think of Grow Rich but thinking Grow Rich can honestly compliment get off your butt by Sean Stephenson and that man you know we talk about life doesn't happen to you life happens for you everything happens for reason there's no mistakes completely agree and this man embodies that because the guy is three feet tall he suffered from osteogenesis imperfecta and he when he was younger he had something like 240 fractured bones and during his childhood including and yeah but the thing is you know his mom asked him a question he said she she asked him she goes are you gonna make this your burden or your gift and the thing is we can ask ourselves those questions every day with everything that we've been through my dad's death is my gift you know and when I tell people that they're like holy how can you possibly think that your dad's death death is a gift well it's quite simple I would not be here in this interview with you right now if that didn't happen Scott my question is this you brought up a good point my question is this what is your view on drinking do you drink right now at the moment or has that given you different views on alcohol and substances so it's funny you bring up drinking actually because I am I'm actually co-authoring a book myself that will be released it'll be published mid-2nd weary and is called drowning an addiction sink or swim and the three of us are putting in our personal stories about addiction and so the other two they had their own addiction issues with alcohol and drugs and that kind of thing and the story I tell is the story of my dad now I will occasionally have a drink okay but how much you drink that's the difference if you can responsibility go and have one drink with dinner have a drink when you're at a gathering but cut off at one even – like but understanding that you know how much you can have and you know you can cut it off my dad's problem was as soon as that alcohol touched his lips game on my dad was such an alcoholic that he thought he suffered from hepatic encephalopathy that's where the methane levels and the toxin levels build up so much in your bloodstream because your liver is not processing it anymore that you act drunk all right that's it that's it I believe it's easy to be back it's hard to be good so it's it's having that control it definitely comes in place and and I've noticed a lot of people I've experienced that but we're not gonna get into that but whenever you see family members go overboard that traumatizes a lot of people and they're now they're scared of doing it because they know what it does to other family members like I don't want to put anybody through what I went through so I'm not like I'm not gonna I'm not touching it we're not doing it because I suffered and I don't want other people to suffer it and remember me because of that someone like nope thank you so much I'm good no we're gonna I mean I'm a designated driver at all the parties so that's how we do it but you and I are gonna do a couple of more videos because I think your story's gonna resonate with a lot of people that have family members who have issues with alcohol substance it might be mild it might be huge but maybe you talking about how you overcome that or how you cope with that or how do you turn that into positiveness and be able to go and become successful that would be a good video where you and I could definitely do it and I want to know more about marine corpse I don't know about their mentality and their mindset I want to know more and maybe because we get a lot of people that have been in military but a lot of them don't know what to do after they have time they've served their time when they're coming they don't know where they fit in so I want to do a video on it so you're not gonna be in contact definitely we're gonna do this more often two more things I want to add two more things to this it's going on mindset you know when it comes to my dad my dad I remember a conversation I had with him I went over to his house to check on him one day and he was drunk out of his mind he's already four sheets to the wind and I said dad what the hell are you doing faces look at me he starts bawling at this point like my six-year-old son and he says look at me he says I'm fat I'm nasty nobody loves me nobody wants me this is my reality this is what I have and that story sticks in my brain the day that that I took them off life support my brain and that is why I will not allow myself to put my son through that and that is another reason why I think and grow rich and why I am an extremely ambitious and I have the drive that I do because my dad died with absolutely nothing and I refuse to do that I it is my mission to change my family's legacy I agree 100% it's okay to be born broke it's not okay to died broke it is it is your obligation you duty to make sure that you live you you perish leaving more than what you were handed into so definitely argue that work we're doing brother word speak by the way Scott were you out looking what are you location geography where are you I'm in Mishawaka Indiana right on the border of Indian Indian and Michigan some know it does Notre Dame country I don't know Johnny the map so you're on the other side of Mississippi River I'm on this side that's all you have to say it's all good you're like really on that side so what time is it over there right now we got 11:30 in California what time do you over there about 2:30 here 2:30 there so you and I are gonna be in contact I appreciate you taking this time and being with us we'll do more often thank you so much for being with us back I appreciate it take care brother Bo I Oh


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