Tom at the Farm playwright Michel Marc Bouchard

Tom at the Farm playwright Michel Marc Bouchard

Award-winning playwright Michel Marc Bouchard talks about Tom at the Farm, his play which was made into a film by director Xavier Dolan. The suspenseful play centres on a gay man who visits the family of his dead partner whose family was unaware of his sexual orientation. Bouchard also wrote Lilies and The Madonna Painter. Tom at the Farm is being mounted in Toronto at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

hi I'm Jonny Walker for daily extra and I'm sitting here today with Michele Marc Bouchard an acclaimed playwright member of the Order of Canada and the author of Tom at the farm set to open soon at buddies and bad times hello Michele Marjorie great thanks for being here mmm like picture so you've had several of your plays adopted for film at this point lilies by John Grayson beautiful movie and and I think Christina the girl King is currently a kind of development yeah it's it's done oh sure yeah no it's time to release it oh great yeah yeah we thought it was the doorway to trance so let's talk a bit about Tom at the farm in the story tom is a man from Montreal who comes to the funeral of his boyfriend in the country and then gets sort of drawn into a series of lies but the family don't expect him yeah because it was pretty sure Dan and the a prove then the dead guys was in relationship with the woman and the main culture of this play was about homophobia the idea came from an experience and one of my friend past true lost his boyfriend and when he arrived at his apartment his family in law was there and kick out of the apartment oh wow and his grief and warning was told so I was really shocked by the story and that's what you know I decided to write to mana family mm-hmm so a lot of people are gonna be coming to the audience of this show having seen the recent film by xavier de long what do you think the differences are between the version of the story that's in the movie and the version that's in the play the ending of the movie is more maybe bringing more hope at the end of the play it's more tragic and so i don't if you don't give it the punch but it's very different otherwise the definition of the character is still the same but his behavior is different the in the play we have we are in front of is kind of everything is thinking you say it on stage in the movies more quiet observer character but I just said the same DNA than I have in the play so I feel at home and in the play and in the movie so right now the film you know in a wave I think often in reviews it's called sort of suspense thriller or even a horror movie you're right do you feel like the play is it a sort of a horror play or oh it's assessments I must have the plays a suspense but we and that's great you like suspense well I'm glad that Toronto audiences will finally get our chance with those amazing actors mm-hmm and in the direction of it at home so it will be a I yesterday I saw the second readings and I was so trill and move and hurt and it's so sexy so yeah I was really pleased and I said oh my god they are so good now I hope they keep that until the process of the end of the process of your so thank you so much for talking with us today Michele mark and I'm excited to see Tom at the farm at buddy's me – me – thank you the graduate


  1. What a great interview! Kudos to him for using English, as clearly it is not his first language, but he came across passionately, beautifully and intelligently. I hope that the play can be given a greater audience, because as an avid fan (from the little that I have seen), I would love the opportunity to see it live, in the 'States.

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