TOP 10 | Best Foreign Language Oscar-Winning Films

TOP 10 | Best Foreign Language Oscar-Winning Films

Welcome to Smashing UK Productions’s Top 10!
Season 3 Episode 1: Top 10 Best Foreign Language Oscar-Winning Films
Warning: Contains Spoilers

Apologies for the mistake where I mention Michael Haneke as a French auteur, he is in fact Austrian!

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welcome back the season 3 of Smashing UK productions top ten for this list we are looking at the best movies to have won the Oscar the best foreign language film number 10 or more matific war jovially salut coolie do kiss key-value to complete more funny Citroen drag the first film on our list is for 2012 oscar-winning drama from French or term Michael Chanukah amours unflinching story represents an honest and heart-wrenching depiction of deep love and responsibility perfectly supported by towering performances an emotional tale that features a delicate portrayal of an older couple and have wife begins to fail in health and how a husband struggles to support her the entire way a powerful piece of cinema that forces its audience to confront the prospect about living the love of one's life when an adage every deviating depend Mirek Tamia to say don't go up a new room Satori is a passage I told you potato salad she named it with a lock off shortly Schmidty optical modules equity – ROFL a more coarse tip sheet number 9 the secret samurais never like he knows you guess it more le courrier give us it aboard hey Leslie she knows her girl at a morgue on this Argentine crime thriller from Juan Jose Campanella is an unpredictable tale rich with symbolism and an engrossing plot and as a result lives up to its Oscar Campanella is a short direction in the cast mesmerizing performances make for a riveting and endearing for a live it strongly focuses on character development and multiple coherent plots with political subtext a highly intriguing vision the secret mris is a tightly constructed and visually conscious mystery tale a killer would with the monkey little al-assad clara gandhi 'the king will evoke a sick number 8 the nights of Cabiria lynn OCD Cabiria gentle tanto TOA Marta Silencio AB Fionan Federico Fellini's 1950s overlook masterpiece is a tragic portrayal of empty hopes and shattered pride starring Giulietta Masina who had previously worked with the Linney on La Strada Messina is fantastic in her roles for titular Cabiria a prostitute who wanders the streets of Rome looking for true love but only finding heartbreak regarded as one of fellini's most effective an audacious films the nights of Cabiria is an unforgettable tale of devastating misfortunes and frustration number seven a separation when is that a mastaba candy well go to their dish to mother vanish I snowboard Nashville artists are morally complex inconsistently involving this 2011 of raining and drama is simply a masterclass in human story telling as gaffer adi has presented us with a film that features flawless writing acting and direction that gives a solid insight into a different culture dynamically shot and well paced a separation has the density of a good novel that depicts for moral contradictions but a society has to face habañeros hopefully ready does me Mort matter sedan number six Chinna Paradiso director Giuseppe Tornatore's much-loved classic boats commitment to a classic narrative that also acts as an unusual parable story a film that reached a staggering confidence cinema paradiso follows a filmmaker as he recalls his childhood in a small Sicilian village and the theater where he formed a deep friendship with the projectionists an enchanting and sweeping look at post-world War – life cinema paradiso is pitched halfway between unrestrained Romanticism and wide-eyed charm you number five Fanny and Alexander now because of Valium proctolin receive another Marcus Groban you must look fair routing in to use La Barca mere aluminum Poveglia roti paani an Alexander is a 1980s drama from Swedish short or Ingmar Bergman that follows two children as the experience for many comedies and tragedies of the family arguably the best films have come out of Sweden's industry Fanny and Alexander is an immensely pleasurable flick that is possibly bergna's most personal and finely detailed film ever made ornately constructed and hauntingly unusual it is a compelling and witty film that will live on as a masterpiece doesn't ask us loose up its Greeks Kaguya nom who's it feel it deaf or sealed espera in-vehicle cool we are forgetting I would prove my failure occur immediately upon enter it they host a high number for the lives of others an enduring Cold War thriller the lives of others reopens the audience's eyes to the cruel T's and the sold assassinations that were carried out daily in the name of state socialism blondish max dramatic thriller is a powerful but quiet film it's constructed of hidden forts and secret desires and is especially impressive given that the film is about to society obsessively focus on the tiniest of details the lives of others is a truly unforgettable movie but unfortunately up good seemed like he'd never button doesn't punish me she wasn't bloody worth it was not as rosy number three Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon parent imagine your let the georgian unimpressive martial arts film the catapulted Angley into the ranks of Hollywood filmmakers Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon features a perfect mix of amazing battle sequences stunning scenery and tasteful drama the story is an action-packed but also romantic epic concerning several plot lines of love and vengeance all connected to a sacred sword known as the Green Destiny full of stunning visuals next Whitley choreographed fight scenes angley's crowd-pleasing action is captivating and filling from beginning to end yeah number two eight and a half an invented and thought-provoking comedy-drama Federico Fellini's flick represents what is arguably the peak of his towering feat of cinema miss sprawling anything-goes portrait of the artisan the creative process in crisis this Italian masterpiece follows a troubled movie director who is trying to make a film but is constantly being interrupted by personal problems and doubts whilst the film does start off slow when we near the conclusion in the film begins to portray its plot in further detail it does so with a type of profound insight that all filmmakers would aspire to before we reveal our number one film here are some honorable mentions didn't quite cover list the Strada in weather planes every clip the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie yes you miss you a votre santé miss Yuna Haywood noise whatever wooden no-man's land the great beauty number one life is beautiful she said also that crystal eto one of the greatest films of world cinema life is beautiful is a tragic comedy-drama the offers for possibility of hope in the face of unflinching horror set in Italy during world war ii roberta benigni classic fall is a jewish man who must employ his fertile imagination to protect his son from the horrors of internment in a Nazi concentration camp an inspiring and heartfelt comedy set against a Holocaust plotline life is beautiful is a dramatic rendition of the fortitude required to reclaim the violated spirit needed to save a dying innocence is here only silence or I might come in Chicago key chechik ino-chan a tree is like north an emergency and gaunt and is as lie or transported model City chamois labonte people SUV gather we jump right on Marta wait oh oh all right yeah Hillary thank you for watching however any films we forgot about leave your opinions in the comments below and be sure to subscribe for new videos every Monday


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