My personal top ten all time fantasy series list.

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top ten let's go so I did the reviews of BuzzFeed and the are slash fantasy subreddits top 50 fantasy books of all time I've not read 50 fantasy series of slash books so what I'm gonna do is my top 10 and what I'd love from you in response looking at my top 10 is to find whatever you think I've missed out on and of course let me know what you think I should read in the comments down below put it in all caps screaming at me that's fine do it I don't care bring it on bite me so of course this list is subject to change depending on my mood and what I read in the coming months and years so first up starting at number 10 we have a Song of Ice and Fire now a Song of Ice and Fire I read once a long time ago and I've started rereading and I'm very much so enjoying the reread drastically more than I enjoyed the original time I read it I find George RR Martin's writing style to be very very distinctive and it really helps envelop you in the world and well I do not feel a connection to any of his characters in any way shape or form I appreciate his writing style and ability to construct narratives so well and a plot that no one can predict I just can't help this fall in love with a little bit so I get its popularity I absolutely respect what it's doing for the fantasy genre as a whole and I think George RR Martin's crafted something that will go down as one of the greatest fantasy series of all time that being said tonally it's not my personal tastes so that's why it is so low on my top 10 it is still great but it's not that great at number 9 we have the gentleman bastards now gentlemen bastards does something a little different for a fantasy series you follow criminals you follow these kind of bad guys and their story is not about being redeemed and becoming good guys they stay see thieves they are their thieves that's not going to change they are bastards it's pretty much the best way to describe them but they're not bad people that are just criminals and following these criminals means that the story is not going to be very predictable because rock going through the steps and the tropes and the walks that we've done before we're gonna be following basically an ocean's 11 style fantasy book in a narrative that I found to be captivating from beginning to end and the last book ended so well I'm looking out for anything written by that author coming out again a cameras name it'll put it here and he's wonderful I highly recommend you pick up gentleman bastards if you have not already the first book the lives of Locke Lamora I guarantee will hook you in almost immediately and you will fall in love with the two main protagonists like that at number eight we have a fantasy series I read when I was very young I read them with my family so they have kind of a special bond for me because of that and that is the his dark materials series and while the characters might may not be the strongest for this series the world crafted or the worlds crafted is absolutely stunning and wonderful and a couple aspects to that world like every person having their own little demon who's a reflection of them but also kind of same and different it's great and this really helps any young reader looking to get into the fantasy genre it's a great introduction and plus it does pull er bears fighting so that's that's just cool at number 7 we have Mistborn if it wasn't for era 2 this would be substantially higher and well I didn't hate era 2 it definitely didn't stand on the level of era one for me era 1 itself would be bumped off quite a few spots but I am captivated by what Brandon Sanderson is doing with the Mistborn Universe jumping it through time progressing this universe to a point or we as readers get to watch it evolve before our eyes I cannot wait to see where the next time jumps gonna take us and the setting and how the magic system will be infused technology coming in we're already having guns and magic come together in this super badass way so maybe we're gonna get laser guns and laser swords down the road and I guess I guess metal burners would kind of just didn't eat badass Jedi cool I'm super excited to see where this series goes and character stands out and Miss born for me wonderfully Ciara – it took a welfare to catch up but arrow one kind of right off the bat has some of the strongest characters written in the fantasy genre within the last couple of days it's for number six I'm going with Forgotten Realms all of it there's too much for any one person to read at this point jumping in but the Forgotten Realms in terms of epic scale and character and world and magic systems and unbelievable amount of lore is king in a lot of ways for fantasy it is huge in scope and the main character for a lot of it is Drizzt Do'Urden or apparently it's pronounced Drizzt which I hate I really hate that apparently wrong saying Drizzt but I'm gonna keep saying my brother and I both love this series and we bonded over it a little bit he even named one of our dogs to visit because why not even though it was a black dog and he probably should have named it after the panther but he didn't my personal favorite here probably the legacy of the Dro but that's just for me we've not really gotten a whole lot of Dark Elves in fantasy and I think they deserve more attention because they are some of the most badass races ever created cool to see an entire fantasy world where a dro takes the lead for a lot of it at number five we have Harry Potter now well this may be for a younger audience I think anyone can enjoy Harry Potter for its incredible magic system great characters unbelievably intricate and well done storyline from beginning to end it's a little basic at times but that kind of helps it's okay to fall back on the basics to just have a good time and I think the number one thing Harry Potter is going for is just having fun it's all about the fun for it and it really just pulls it off well it's full of cliches it's full of predictability but it knows it and it's just trying to do that really really well and you know me if an author's trying to keep it simple and to keep it simple well I'll reward that cuz you're not you know I'd rather you hit the basics well then try to grab something very difficult and miss entirely so JK Rowling did manage to write something that deserves its status as a classic a big fan of Harry Potter not really I mean the main three trio though I find all the back characters their backstories way more interesting then Ron Harry or Hermione but that's just me now before I get any further in this list I want to make one thing clear I am ordering this list by my personal enjoyment not by what I think is the technically best fantasy book cause I don't think that's nearly as fun so yes the next four there'll be quite a bit of debate ability about positioning but again this comes off my personal enjoyment of reading the series now saying that not in number one but in number four for personal enjoyment is the Lord of the Rings I absolutely adore and love reading the Lord of the Rings it's probably aside from Wheel of Time the series I've read the most again and again and again I get having Assaf annecy list without Lord of the Rings and one is blasphemous but you have to understand it's aged it's old so there's some aspects of reading it they're not quite as fun having a song break in the middle well it does great bits for world building for the reader can be a bit off-putting well I do still love reading Lord of the Rings every couple of years no doubt it's still gonna be something that hampers it in some ways just because it is kind of not my generation style which is why this entire list is very modern fantasy heavy so for the top three I'm gonna make an effort to point out what I think is the strongest characteristic of that series and I'm gonna try and really sell you on them if you have not read them but by god these are amazingly well done series and at number three we have the storm light archive reading Stormlight archive has been literally and I mean this I'm not misusing the word literally watching a classic being made right away after you finished the first book and put it down you just have a sense of this is something that's going to be remembered for a long time and it's raising the bar for modern fantasy in terms of epicness scope ambition character magic systems world building I mean the Kazmir as a whole is really made in my opinion complete with storm I think storm light really is the heart of what makes the Kazmir this multi book multi-universe thing work and I am so in love with this series so far were three books and to us planned to be a ten book series it could go wildly off the rails I could regret putting it this high on my list but I don't think that's the case I put the first two books two nines two tens out of tens and the third one to a solid nine Brandon Sanderson knows what he's doing he's one of the most experienced authors working and this brainchild of his is just something beautiful you can't you can't help but feel that while reading it every character feels so cared for and I think the aspect of storm life that stands out the most to me is how these characters are developed because every character is not starting at Point a they're at B and we get to learn about their a and their C as the book that focuses around them progresses we get to learn about their past and their future simultaneously and I think that is a very interesting approach to storytelling for all of your characters to do that is ambitious and it's working number two we have light bringer this is a series that I picked up because of recommendations from you guys and I have fallen so deeply in love with it and the entire reason for that is the actual characters themselves for storm light it was development but for light bringer it's just the character that even the worst bad guys even the villains that are just horrendously evil you kind of love because they feel so real and you get it you get why they're doing what they're doing and that's just for everyone everyone makes sense in Lightbringer every action and the result of every character feeling so real when the author wants to build Brotherhood like he does with the Black Guard it works Oh bleep I would kill to be on the Black Guard just because the level of camaraderie they share and how amazing it is to watch it develop I cannot praise the character of Lightbringer enough and the ramifications of doing it that well basically mean the story writes itself for the next few books every major plot twist is not predictable but it feels like a natural flowing of events for those characters it's just Bryn weeks I've never heard of you before this series but you know I got to read everything else you do eventually after I get through my 80 plus book list and number one you guys saw it coming I've talked about it so much on my channel it's it's unavoidable Kingkiller Chronicle The Wheel of Time I I'm a Wheel of Time not it's it's in my blood I can tell you the years and dates of events and wheel I'm the whole history of it and the philosophy of Wheel of Time is something that I know by heart the fact that it was futuristic and sci-fi and then everything crumbled and now they're back to the Dark Ages and that's the cycle that's the wheel it's incredible to me I love how well it's done and that is what stands out to me for Wheel of Time I will make this claim now right here on my channel The Wheel of Time is the best-built world in all of fantasy there's no contenders that come close in terms of heroes from previous ages that we get to know even though we're never really introduced to them I think the building of this world was done so meticulously that it beats out things like middle-earth and that's one hell of a claim to make I think if you pulled all of the world building elements out of the pages of the wheel of time and then just stacked the books what was left it would be about half the size it is but it's not done through exposition dumps or just boring dialogue its flows naturally it infuses what the characters are doing in the events so that everything just progresses so as the story we're observing grows so does the world around it in a very organic way and so because of that I will boldly make this statement that The Wheel of Time is the greatest most enjoyable fantasy series ever written thank you guys for watching this video I am currently reading the first law and boy am i enjoying it to the point where it could possibly crack into this list of course I'll have to get further into it before I make any real claims I have to sit on it for a while let it age let it let it simmer to know what I will really end up thinking of it so go ahead and like and subscribe if you enjoy what I do here hit the patreon if you want support the channel I got a lot of support after my last videos I really just had the idea of making a video covering that topic for a while that comment I was just kind of hey let's this is a good excuse to talk about this anyway so that's why I did it I really care about the comment that much it just was a thing to construct a narrative around I hope you all are having an awesome day no video tomorrow but there will be one coming Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday of next week and I hope you guys have an awesome day like and subscribe hit the patreon if you want to support the channel and peace


  1. Since I had to think up my own list before watching this, might as well share it. So here goes my own list with deepest recommendations:

    Top 10
    Robert Jordan – Wheel of Time
    David Eddings – The Belgariad (and The Malloreon, too)
    David Eddings – Elenium
    Jim Butcher – Dresden Files
    Steven Erikson – Malazan Book of the Fallen
    Roger Zelazny – Amber Chronicles
    Terry Pratchett – Discworld
    George R. R. Martin – A Song of Ice and Fire
    David Gemmel – Drenai saga
    Raymond E. Feist – Riftwar Saga

    Almost there:
    Charles Stross – The Atrocity Archives
    Ben Aaronovich – Peter Grant
    Scott Lynch – The Gentlemen Bastards
    Charles de Lint – Newford series
    Steven Brust – Vlad Taltos
    Stephen R. Donaldson – Mordant’s Need
    Joe Abercrombie – The First Law
    Lloyd Alexander – The Chronicles of Prydain
    Susan Cooper – Dark Rising
    Mike Carey – Felix Castor
    J. R. R. Tolkien – Lord of the Rings
    Glen Cook – The Chronicles of the Black Company

  2. Saga of Recluce would be my addition. Love the world building, and the sense you are following a world throughout its history. Plus the magic system is by far my favorite in modern fantasy.


  4. WoT is my favorite series. Does the world building beat out Middle Earth? Good god no. Just…no. Not even close. No. This isn't a debate, it's not even subjective.

  5. Spellmonger series medieval magic
    Bobiverse scify futuristic post apocalyptic
    Destiny's crusible alien transfer MC to different world circa 1800s advance knowledge
    Abhorsen series "good" death magic
    King's Dark tidings get over the "friends" issue an is a great read
    The Vegrant series
    Chronicles of the Unthewn throne

    All different genre but all great books pick one and dive in.

    Litrpg books
    The ten realms
    Chaos seed
    Realm of arkon
    Ready player one

  6. What is the first Brandon Sanderson book you should start reading? I've been trying to decide which one while trying to find them in my bookstores, so I would really appreciate to know which one in your opinion is the best starter point to his books.

  7. I just started The Stormlight Archive and it's pretty sweet. I started after reading The Wheel of Time.

    What do you think of Stephen Kings Dark Tower series?

  8. Gentlemen Bastards was good but i felt there was too much descriptions of every scenes and surroundings. I found myself reading The Lies of Locke Lamora for hours only to realize the story hadn't progressed much but i had picture-perfect ideas of every nook of every rooms the characters had ever walked by.

  9. ANOTHER FINE MYTH by Robert Asprin. Light, fast and fun series. More importantly, Asprin blows Rowling out of the water by simply making magic practical and limited rather than "swish and flick" and brewing potions.

    DISCWORLD by Terry Pratchett. More of a collection of series with overlaping characters rather than just one giant series. I highly recommend GOING POSTAL and MAKING MONEY or GUARDS! GUARDS! and the rest of the Night Watch books as good starting points.

  10. My personal list:
    1. Simon R. Green: Hawk and Fisher series
    2. Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman: Dragonlance Legends
    3 R. A. Salvatore: The Dark Elf Trilogy
    4. Michael Moorcock: The Corum series
    5. Guy Gavriel Kay: The Fionavar Tapestry
    6. Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman: Dragonlance Chronicles
    7. Troy Denning: Dark Sun Pentaprism series
    8. Roger Zelazny: The Chronicles of Amber
    9. R.A. Salvatore: Crimson Shadow series
    10. Dan Parkinson: Dwarven Nations Series
    11. David Niall Wilson: The Grails Covenant Trilogy
    12. Terry Brooks: The Shannara Chronicles

  11. If you like lies of locke lamora as much as you do, you should give the six of crows duology a go. Its similar in a lot (oceans 11 style heist in fantast world) of ways and moves a little faster

  12. As an avid fantasy reader. I've read petty much everything in your comment list. And I agree with all of them. Lol… I just want to give a shout out to the author that started the passion for me. I was 15 years old and tired of the "same old..same old" books available. THEN…. I picked up The Sword Of Shannara.. OMG… I haven't been the same since. Thank you Terry Brooks for not only making reading my passion but in creating a world I came to love…. Many may not agree.. He's infantile etc….. But he is still a star in my eyes….

  13. Black Company by Glen Cook
    Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon
    Abhorsen by Garth Nix
    Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb
    Memory Sorrow and Thorn by Tad William's
    All of these are fantastic fantasy series imo

  14. Hello, I came across one of your videos and I just wanted to tell you that I thought you very cute , and im loving your millennium falcon in the backround. hmu would love to talk to you.

  15. David Gemmell was really good, he died in 2006, The Morning Star was my favorite book of his, he is one of my top 3 authors along with David Drake, & Robert Jordan. I really like Drakes space opera, I have no clue if you like those.

  16. The fact that Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings isn’t in here or at least #1 shows that you haven’t read it (or just have different opinions but since I’m always right that’s not valid /s)

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