Top 10 Most Owned Authors

Top 10 Most Owned Authors

Other things I didn’t mention:
I did not google the key to the Artemis Fowl books. I just figured it out based on a translation in the first book. I was dedicated. And I worry about me.
Also: I have seen Daniel Handler in person. My mother checked me out of high school once because we knew he was speaking at a local elementary school (my mom’s awesome). He was hilarious but I couldn’t meet him because as soon as he was done speaking he said he had to run and then literally sprinted off stage and out of the school. I really love him.

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hey guys it's Cece and today my video is going to be about the top 10 most owned authors that I own so a lot of people have said that this means that these are their top 10 like auto-buy authors but that's not true some of these are auto-buy authors definitely but some of them are just authors that I own more of than other authors I just happen to have more books sometimes it's because there are more books in a series so these are just my top 10 most owned authors also you're gonna notice this moving around a lot because of my top 10 authors many of them are directly behind me I could find nowhere to film that had good lighting that did not have me sit directly in front of all of the books I was gonna have to move so just enjoy the rotating books on the shelves behind me throughout this video though my tenth most owned author is Owen colfur I own six books by him and those six books are the first six books in the Artemis Fowl series there are eight books in the series total and at some point I would like to own the other two but I have read all eight of them this is a middle grade series that I read when I was in junior high that I absolutely adored there are fairies and young geniuses and I just tore through these and I was younger actually okay I'm about to share a super embarrassing fact about me so be glad that I'm trusting you with this because I can't believe I'm gonna tell you about it so on the bottom of the Artemis Fowl books there is the language of the people and in every book there are these symbols along the bottom of the page that you can decipher and you'll get a secret message and when I was in junior high I decided to decode them but because I did so many so quickly I got so good at decoding them that I didn't need a key anymore and I could just read it and that is probably the saddest fact about me that you'll ever learn that at one point in my life I could just read this without any issue I can't anymore let's get that straight I don't know what these are anymore I okay I remember one or two of the symbols but I could not read it I can't believe I'm telling you this so coming in at number nine is another author that I loved when I was younger and I've just collected all of his books sort of as they've come out not all of them there are still plenty that I haven't read yet and that author is Brandon mole Brandon ball writes middle grade fantasy he writes really excellent middle grade fantasy and I've met him on multiple occasions so most of these books that I own are signed by him which is really really cool books I owned by Brandon mol include the five books of the fable Haven series and all of these are signed but the first one I think and the first two books of the candy shop war series I have only read the candy shop war I have not read the second one but I really loved the candy shop war so at some point I'll read this I have read all of the fable Haven books and loved them I was still getting those as they came out when I was younger and I absolutely loved them and hey I'm gonna show you one of his signatures just because I can and you know you might want to see Brandon Boles signature so here we go this is the earliest one that I have my friend got this for me when he came to her school all the other ones I have are from one I met him but there you go through spreadin Bowles signature number eight on my list is CS Lewis I own seven books by CS Lewis kind of the obvious seven and those are the seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia series in this beautiful box set which if you're looking I know you're already thinking this and so people don't comment this I know they're out of order that is according to the box set me and my mother agreed that The Chronicles of Narnia would be displayed in the order CS Lewis wrote tha and the order that we read them in when I was a kid so I know that these numbers look wrong but this is how they're supposed to be and hey actually the movies agree with me because they have been coming out in this order I don't think we're getting any more though not that I'm too upset number seven on my list I also owned seven books item and that is Neal Shusterman I wish I owned a lot more books by him because I think that Neal Shusterman is an amazing writer again I've met him I've actually met a lot of the authors on my top 10 list I've met him he's really really cool um I own six of the books here with me and then one of them is at school the one at school is bruiser the other books that I owned by Neal Shusterman are the first two books in the unwind dostala' G I think is what it's called the unwind series this is one of the ones that's signed I believe it says to Cecilia stay whole because this is unholy I also own all three books in the ever lost series and one of his standalone books the dark side of nowhere Neal Shusterman writes amazing fantasy really cool sci-fi the next author on my list number six is Shannon Hale I own eight of Shannon Hales books all but one of these is signed because again I've met her on multiple occasions and one time I just got to meet her and there was really no one at the signing so me and my aunt just got to chat with her so me and my aunt have all of our Shannon Hale books signed which is really really awesome but the eight books that I owned by her are the four books of bairn books one and two of the princess Academy series book of a thousand days and her adult romance Austen land which is book one in the austin land duology I've read midnight in Austin land but I don't own it both really really great fun romance books all right I pulled out one of the signatures for you so this is Shannon Hale signature this is in the goose-girl oh and it says may you hear the wind which is a thing if you've read this series if you read this specific book each of them says something different depending on which book it is which is really cool Shannon Hale writes middle grade and young adult fantasy series absolutely amazing young adult and middle grade fantasy series her female characters are amazing is one of my favorite writers in terms of writing female friendships and writing female characters because she just does it so masterfully book of a thousand days is probably my fav rich of all of her books but I think the books have been a really incredible Shannon Hale is an auto by author for me I would buy anything that she puts out and I know that the third princess Academy is coming out or has come out and I want to buy it because I want all of the princess Academy books number five on my list again the thing is okay these are all utah-based authors that's why I have so many of them and why I've met them all I met a bunch of them all in one go I met Shannon Hale Brandon mole and number five James Dashner all at one event alongside Jessica day George and Ally Condie who wrote the matched series so that is why I have all these sign I'm not just like running off to places they're all utah-based so that's why I've met all of them but James Dashner number five I own eight of his books the books that I owned by James Dashner are the four books in the Amaze runner series and the four books after falling in the 13th reality series I have read all of his books except for the last 13th reality I haven't finished the series yet but I've been reading it since I was in junior high so it's a point I'm really gonna have to get to this and just in case you were curious here's James Dashner 'he's autograph number four is Ted Decker Ted Decker writes adult thrillers you know high on adrenaline really good page turners Ted dunker is an auto buy for me not because I think his books are like amazing and are gonna change the world but I enjoy every single one of them they also have really cool sci-fi or fantasy elements throughout the eight books that I own by Ted Decker are the four books in the circle series I've read the first three and I love them it's in my top five favorite series of all time absolutely amazing but I have not yet read Green which is sort of a prequel story to the rest of the series the other four books by Ted Decker are all standalone books and those are kissed by Ted Decker and Erin Healy because he often does like collaboration writing burn which was also a collaboration with Erin Healy I like burn a lot more than kiss link which I have not read yet but has been on my TBR for a while and I really want to get to and my absolute favorite of his stand-alones the first one I ever read three number three is my ultimate auto-buy author I've read almost everything she's ever written and I own most of everything she's ever written because I've never not enjoyed a book by her and that is cornelia funke cornelia Franck writes young adult and middle grade fantasy books that I absolutely love I've read most of these multiple times I adore them and recently I tweeted her and she tweeted me back and I didn't recover for a couple of days cuz I love cornelia funke oh I own eight books by cornelia funke and those eight are the three books in the Inkheart series which is one of my favorite series of all time it also probably goes on my list of top 5 favorite series ever I read this multiple times if you can't tell young me really like to mark my favorite quotes I also own a green the brave which is a middle grade fantasy ghost tonight which I just barely bought recently and I have not read yet but I can't wait because I haven't read a new cornelia funke book in a very long time reckless which is book one of the mirror world series I have not read the next one yet I don't own the next one yet but obviously after waxing poetic popcorn ad funk you know that I really need to get my hands on the second book in a series the thief Lord which is the book that first inspired me to travel to Venice so this is one of the very very few books that is coming with me this fall when I travel abroad Dragon Rider Dragon Rider was probably my other favorite when I was a kid this is a middle grade fantasies about dragons this book probably started the whole thing with dragons I read it too many times to count when I was younger the number 2 on my list is an obvious one I don't own all of her books but I wish I did and I will at some point in my life and that is JK Rowling I don't own any of her adult fictions or any that she's written under her pseudonym I just don't yet at some point I will but I still own ten books by JK Rowling technically technically so the books that I owned by her are seven books of the Harry Potter series in the original paperback they're obviously very roughed up because I've read them many many times and the other three books that I own by JK Rowling technically cheating but we're still gonna count it are the three books that are in the hogwarts library which is Quidditch through the ages fantastic piece where to find them and the tales of Beedle The Bard I've read two of these I haven't read Quidditch through the ages alright we've reached the end my number one author okay so one of my favorite things about people who do this video is that everyone always has the same most owned author and I think it's hilarious because every time I watch them like I know what number one's gonna be I know what they own the most of just for sheer quantity of the number of books in the series if you haven't guessed it already number one most own books Lemony Snicket I don't even own so many people own more of these books than I do because I don't own any of his books under the name Daniel handler but I mean Lemony Snicket favorite author of childhood I read these books before I read Harry Potter these books are the reason probably that I'm as big a reader as I am because this was the first series the little me got excited about and loved so enthusiastically I own 16 books actually by Lemony Snicket I hope to own more one day because I want to own all of Daniel handlers books and I also really want to own the unauthorized autobiography and a couple of others but the books the 16 books that I own by Lemony Snicket are all 13 of these series of unfortunate events books oh I cut them on-screen I also own the companion novel so sort of there are words and letters two of the series of unfortunate events and that is the Beatrice letters who could it be at this hour by Lemony Snicket which is the first book in the all the wrong question series this is the middle grade book I have not read this and the last book that I own by Lemony Snicket may be a personal favorite and that is the lump of coal this is a Christmas picture book and it's hilarious it's perfectly within Lemony Snicket's brand of humor it's about this really really sad lump of coal on Christmas and I read it every Christmas it's like a ritual and this is just a cute little book it's illustrated by the same guy who does the covers of the series of unfortunate events Brett how Quist and it's just an adorable little book all right let's turn out to be sort of a long video those are my top 10 most owned authors at some point this will probably change because I want to buy a lot more books in my life and at some point rick riordan will be on this list when i actually own all of the percy jackson and heroes of olympus book which is not now but I will so who are the authors that you own the most books from let me know in comments I would love to hear about it and thank you for watching I'll see you in another video on Wednesday bye


  1. When I was in elementary school, this other kid and I were reading Dragon Rider at the same time. Thing was, we absolutely could not agree on how to pronounce Cornelia Funke's last name. I honestly don't even remember what my original pronunciation was, because we tried so many. Funk? Fuenk? Funk-ee? Foonk? It got to the point where it was an inside joke and we would just look at each other and whisper "Funky" and start laughing.

  2. Cornelia Funke is my number one most owned author with seventeen physical copies and 2 audiobooks. She was always my favorite author while growing up and I think it's awesome that there are more people on booktube who love her that much. And the inkheart series made it into my top five favorite books of all time as well.

  3. My number 1 is actually JK Rowling not Lemony Snicket (though he would probably make top 10)! I have SO many different copies of the Harry Potter books, it's actually a bit ridiculous… ๐Ÿ˜› (I think I'm on 30-ish JK books with all of them HP related) #bigfan

  4. I just got Thr3e from the library (although they accidentally put Tr3s on the hold shelf for me so I need to return it and get the English version BUT I'm really excited to read it when I finally get the right version (:

  5. This made me curious about my own collection, so I went and counted.ย 
    Tied for 10th with 6 books each are Beverly Cleary, John Green, and Terry Pratchett
    Tied for 9th-6th with 7 books each are Ally Carter, Gordon Korman, Eoin Colfer and Jordan Sonnenblick
    In 5th place is J.K. Rowling with 8 books
    In 4th is Ben M. Baglio with 16 books in his Animal Ark series
    In 3rd is Neil Gaiman with 17 books if we count graphic novels which we are
    In 2nd is Anne Mazer with 18 books in The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes series
    And in 1st, with an astonishing 34 books owned is… Geronimo Stilton, mouse journalist extraordinaire.ย 
    As you can see from the number of middle grade authors, I very rarely get rid of books.

  6. I always feel compelled to comment when I find people who also read Ted Dekker. ย ๐Ÿ™‚
    He's definitely one of my favorites! I don't know how many books of his I own because a friend is borrowing a few, but I currently have 17 in my possession. THR3E is also my first and favorite. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I didn't know Princess Academy was part of a series!!! I used to read that book all the time as a kid, and now I have to get the rest of the series. Also, Cornelia Funke is one of my favorite authors of all time. I own all of the Inkheart Trilogy, the Thief Lord, and the first two books in the Mirrorworld series. I actually don't own any Lemony Snicket books, but I wish I did because I love them. My most owned author is John Flanagan. I have all twelve books in the Ranger's Apprentice series and the first three books in the Brotherband Chronicles. I still need to buy the other two books in the Brotherband Chronicles and also the first book in his new Ranger's Apprentice prequel series. If you haven't read his books, you definitely need to; they are amazing.

  8. Eoin Colfer tried to write a 6th book to the Hitchhiker's series (called "And Another Thing…") and absolutely butchered it. It was one of the worst books I've ever read. For that, I can never read anything from him. He's on my permanent ban list.

  9. AH! The Artemis Fowl thing was wonderful. Don't worry — you were not alone. My mom even would ask me, "so what's that page say in hieroglyphics?" pretty frequently.

    My most owned author is J.R.R. Tolkien coming in at 22, unless I missed one… but that's because I own multiple editions of the same story for some of them. So maybe, without doubles, 15 or 16. Give or take one or two I might not have put back on the correct shelf or overlooked. shrug (:

    This was a most excellent video.

  10. I have Black by Ted Dekker and I've had it for years but I never read it. Maybe I will now haha. My two top owned authors are Cassandra Clare because I own all the the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices even though I haven't read a single one from either series and of course JK Rowling because duh.

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