Top 10 Spiderman Writers

Top 10 Spiderman Writers

What’s Going on Youtube Fam. In this video, I’m going over my top 10 list of the greatest Spiderman writers of all time in honor of the upcoming Spiderman Homecoming Movie. Of course, I will not be able to touch on every accomplishment of each writer on this list. But hopefully, I illustrated and articulated why I have each writer rated in each spot.


Clone Saga Vol. 1-4

The Other

Spider 2099 Vol.1

Death of Spiderman

Spiderman: Miles Morales Vol. 1

Back In Black

Civil War

One More Day


Spider Island

Superior Spiderman Vol. 1

Brand New Day Vol.1

now tennis star memorizes of all time what's poppin micelle believers it's your boy the wisest and we'll probably all nerds brine eases another bribing these top things where I go over a list regarding top tension and I put together a top ten list regarding that particular subject funny story this is actually the first script that I wrote for my YouTube channel and I wrote this script last year I also asked you got the please excuse a little bit of the stumbling and errors because this is a whole article in a beautiful revise it to this bear with you um spider-man is my favorite superhero and who's next blockbuster movies coming out on July 7th which is are going to homecoming and auto-responder homecoming today we'll be going over the top ten spider-man rise today disclaimer for the sake of time I won't be able to address every single accomplishment of each writer because each and every one of them have plenty that I won't get into and this was in my personal opinion so if you don't agree no worries comment below let me know what you think I would love to see your top 10 list and here a wiggler that I guess I'll have to go this list and watch under that I hope this videos the poorest and that's to a very adult I break it down turning officers you have city catalog there were other words out consider located spot on the list because highlights of more advisers but I felt that 30 counting up need to respond available over always more attacking in the mid-nineties the longest-running Plaza in the start of a missile post on this August did provide some very amazing moments and added some great content to the overall world party man including the fumes plot twist and event that city shock bullied up throughout the pocket life and nearly changed everything that we began to develop off-guard minute but unfortunately the saga ended up money much longer than dependence which ended up causing tons of pot one was in a series that was extremely this life and to the extent most part amendment which the polls to teach for the whole body they were happy and understandable children these help themselves are very long and complicated so I won't go into too much definite video but the focus on the positive alcohol table although there were several other arms of all for the course of the product itself Terry Cavanaugh is the writer that original and the idea of the story where to conquer that we don't avoid love over the last year here find out that comes with escalation past on government early on and we're garroted is grown spider is alive and well worth the product of the top of the field Parker has been robbing run tests on themselves and as a product everyone is revealed that your partner is to be approached and they violated the original PDF you harder Peter Parker their relationship to ban two experiments have been Ronnie Linda's normal life and retire from being the severe Oh however this is later change and discovers that the arch-nemesis of stardom and the Green Goblin more is the results of the tests that may feel Parker to think that he was the clone and he returns to the Western that we all know what we're simply kissing that I do that the biggest erogenous vitamins career coming up this to number 10 spot Roger stern was a counterpart vacuuming marvel at least them 1138 during a run introduced several iconic careful fan-favorite hobgoblins and first black female offender monogram aka Miss marvel at that time period he was riding off in target with independent to name is Oakland where Peter Parker was living on his own going from college and trying to figure out exactly what he was with you which is like real arts education and your career I'll of course this truth to suscribe manifested an object evil as a computer interruption license and points where a single Parker eventually dropped out of college to focus on being inspired man and he's a full-time photographer will interesting the first time in despite of a theory because when that box is not made by this is putting the common with normal awkward for doing today but there's a serious character later commute as Broderick Kingery discovered one of awkward last can be a part of the Opera theorem and the Oscars what we do read a book as the hobgoblin studies from the notable former gobbling sorry and learning coaches they came you're able to pull more of a series currently started in the emergence of the new goblin water turning and covered in the predecessor Scotty's original states leaves partner and expose to uncovering activity of new goblins and bring about the terroristic plans are sort of also know perhaps most heartfelt story in the history of cartomancer and the maintenance program at issues 248 it features two stories first between a battle between farther than they want to toward a long time villains and the true and a second a kid in the hospital named Chucky Harrison who collect magazines articles about spider-man and he is also the self-proclaimed biggest star demands banned so everything goes to visit him in the hospital and then reveals to his secret identity to the young kids be at the end of the story when sparda mentally is heartbroken we learned that Timothy is diagnosed with leukemia and only has four weeks to live committing at number eight infinity David is one of my favorite partner writers and also one of the longest axis by early tomorrow the rapers come from I fall when I first started reading comic books was actually friendly neighborhood spider-man issue one which issued back in 2005 there are many I believe that David has accomplished outside the platform of stardom and such as is 12 year run on the Incredible Hulk and working on TV shows such as Ben 10 but in the realm of spider-man alone you know David brings almost degrees of all time Peter David is the creator of Miguel O'Hara with spider-man from the series spider-man 2099 one of the most popular spider-man in the Marvel Universe and still writes the series is every day in designing is confirmed banana from the veins tomorrow continuity and primarily 2099 ad their Bergen County and in 2013 partners company not going to obtain the scampi with Harvard harmonics and then actually reinventing new life employers and private but exactly and once be fine unless in fact this one time discover that whole time period now in apocalyptic wasteland is caused by some event to happen at the apartment online that yes somehow try and prevent from happen and you know for create private Illuminati leaders vote for different part of the house from the games up in social projects never quite becoming a mainstay writers for him / – experiment clearings for very long aside from stardom at 2099 but for music students with the series boney periodically and at number some have dirt on way the tender age experience dirty power already started running out looking special and by the age of eighteen very commonly started writing an unassigned form on colleges and by 1950 became stems birth successor they're writing the matrix partner colleges surrogates run only unintentionally the growers a foundation for aspects of our network our main office terrible publication Conway and accredited was writing the first major Marlene Dietrich or members of the Labour Party created a long title of Tsar advantage as well and also wonderful iconic antihero Punisher both in the unanimous kardama issue 139 the most important Connolly alter one of the most famous comic story is our belief the most important part of an issue of all aside from amazing fantasy 15 makes aspiring once what he wants the death of West Asia Gerry Conway in his three-year run a smart man with the latest program 129 we're smart event and his home they were known as part of their Riley were manipulated into fighting another towards the end of issue lunch warming up putting on things Martinez into Department exercise the work together table plan The Jackal who is a scholar Army Hospital blood comfortable here anyway performance identity this part of it that survived develop comfortable conclusion that is the riddle that that's good for Mary Jane talking that has art after me that was brought by yes this link the groundwork for not only the tones other that would turn the roar of stardom and wanna Ted and the mid 90s but produce platforms a future scribe invited to further and expand on existing characters even if Jerry had no idea at the time they still had a big impact on part of the whole it will leave the poker your scarred man there was no doubt that then we will make it one of this list now Kerry you want to have Marvel comic books we wouldn't be able to enjoy the superheroes that we enjoy today in a very important media that we enjoyed such as economists we chose parts of the movie so therefore we have to honor the greatness that is a marvelous Daily Sun down the hallway several others talented individuals revolutionize the Silver Age of comics in the nineteen fifties sir the stoic Silver Age of comic books and moving engine introduced heroes who had little aspects and meanings of you can see where a star by national and roles and polarizing tributes and even that MBA person shown the dreams of stardom and that was a huge gamble at the time going to get some of the normal conventions about creativity while most superheroes were grown men with extraordinary lives for case path I take ten lives and business didn't feel perfectly not even a man he was he was first introduced he was instead a 15 year old nerd that was severely bullied in high school now let's say New York it had me very modest operating inconsistently dealt with real-life struggle aside from being and extremely intelligent man for his age and besides I haven't transferred there was nothing else except for Peter Parker this picot on top of that starters there were other buzz were on populist Americans where Stanley did however what did Peter Parker a new unique set of superpowers and innovative book practical superhero costume utility identity and name the superhero spider-man Jose Tartabull the majority heroes stand for truth justice and for lack of better words the American Way but would make smart man unique it hits at the maratti and also the most famous culprits part of an amazing all comic books with great power comes great responsibility and also so showing how he of our games are going to sacrifice not only in biggest desires but even it needs of self in order to protect others and good as Cardinal combine this with a down-to-earth nature the results of Stanley's approach including smart man was astounding and may very well have been occurring the most popular and below superhero and all colleague links come near number five is Tom DeFalco legendary thomas otto neurath charged leptons offering a 25 marbled among many other things how many thousands between our heroes well the question viral behind the opposition also dependent franchise by all become turtle management is contribution to prescribe injuries is so great that I learned these progress Ocean City is not putting him in my top three and opening I was suffering that pathological anyway active eisenerz Ronald Reagan spider-man he was superseded by the top of a movie added graphics inspiring 2000 follow and bantering addition to the end of time birthing gave us the first significant change in spider-man's costume just robotics flat bottom attitudes the symbolic black firemen 700 populous Secret Wars all over AC that bond with a pre apartment of Seoul it has already existing the door great and sweet and even stones the internal powers had organic webbing and camouflage characters also the ability of the following first one was the Rose hula gal enter in Bavarian of the hobgoblins black box manager tool estate burner also the bowel with some of our heaviest Erica said slowly man and Kenya Silver Surfer Glenda and Carlos the language the bar board and many others the bottle altar game of the most popular incarnation of cardamon it was farted girl without a woman at momentum by reverse and as well as the marble Tom logic takes place around 80 years in the future of the main Marvel continuity prior to girl aka made a trolley charger cases are of a crippled Peter Parker and Mary Jane lodgement are surgeon who then take of the mandible ask the web screensaver of New York City those are their best pillow has not to see their father's footsteps the Spider Girl series is the longest-running solo female star comic book in all of marvelous and perhaps only second to Wonder Woman comics a unique accomplishment more than not to solidify the console on this list number fourteen official media has right and millions rulefive become the name is really I got the opportunity to use him in person and in human Divya the honor of finding problem may be part of an issue three hundred with the gate real middle the industry has done a lot compartment he has little muzzle probably a quarter for the Ironman instantly attorneys the officially need additional with Gatlin ant-man and just examine the makers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also responsible for one of the greatest and fearsome and iconic super villain all Congress venom we had a first period again an event inspired nature three hundred as well as a more powerful offspring of an impoverished in issue 364 one of the biggest event in Peter Parker's life that's a cliche our machines run that's right you guessed it or not Beautif Arbor times not to get married and married link in a very environment annual one one one of the many reasons Parliament is unique to have a superhero's event he places a much bigger impetus monkey news identity keeper for the couple's that's partly D Peter Parker having little expenses Rose gallery and all Congress and all community partners biggest fear which is find out is to identity and very big block they carry that became the first minimum Eddie Brock and in life and career ruin about the Peter Parker's well-made Linum APA and Rockland taxes in modeling money that he obtained this Delia Smith that was originally progress to the partners and not only seeing how is cotton with our team and also the memories of Peter Parker as well as when he had the aliens in view not only that but it was unacceptable to aspartic as the greatest superpower which was expericence which warns of of impending danger reservoir Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote had a personal vendetta against Peter Parker and was the knowledge they had on a scardy man's life they used characters like Mary Jane as bait to openly try to get revenge on spider-man Hank Hill has one of the longest runs in the Sparta man series which is 1987 to 1994 automatically places him on the greatest list of starting a variety but the image does with try to manage well just argue that Brian bustling is the single greatest Marvel comic writer of all time I'm 100% that either Brian Michael Bendis plugged in to the supercomputer somewhere and the bobblehead for this basement or thump ow bouncing way at home itself but this year about stories that you be not a writer produces for the industry on a weekly basis including the recently finished Civil War two story line prior to Michael Bendis list of comic accomplishment those fans with optimism and such an extent being the opulent out – no – bass or guitar to the list an attorney optimum but in the roundest part of an elector obtain begin 3mm pro recognizing the element that co-authorship select an option some of many people in mobile or community groups marvel ultimate spider-man 200 it should be 12 of you to harvest from the moment of our negative content which is believed in the year 2000 in a modern-day retelling of Philip Ardagh tourist-oriented throat they didn't orthography departure die and abuses happen to be in the Green Goblin and coming to the womb repeat from a sniper bullet are about to reality your partner from the 1610 Universal to see about all the relative apartment another teenage spider-man excited by primal physical activity a lighted human power and a much different look it up on my populated by 0 this bargain was creating a claim and extremely clever to drug offense and as well as using beautiful compromise compromise part again in the entirety of Marla's history five in one tool into things along is expiring right above all times all that why Michael things have done the party man in addition to all that it works yet Kirby does become school it played them at mother country what kids for not giving the border J my decision and that's it before is one these writers good broken strong case you with this number one on this list contrapposto on and head of the great Brian Michael Bendis on any list they are nothing short of having spent coming in second place is J michael Straczynski Kazuki is a well-versed wiring all sorts of media from common most cartoons and even live actually and some of in other words the goal rather than resorting to live tactics for movies in the policy manual encourages you guys running for the Koala experience shell and cotton book an ultimate human who was 12 my privacy prescribing and I said before Barbara Stanwyck eugenics groups those who reject it well notify regardless of which line is you're on the irritated that the world I started after the week of the program three hundred cases permanent trip to the cells of Amazing Spiderman convoluting eight plus zero whereas ignorance is generally run when we started getting in my car again is a compliment ages 12 and it didn't take me long to realize at the end of the work my students ease runs called stardom a through an enormous amount of change that were only topped by the writers that I have at number one as a learner was risky least an apartment at the same tournament and Marvel continuity during time Barban I found out a parking from Letitia shorter than a radioactive particles the encounters encounter one of the most deadliest foes Berlin Vitaly the server and the supervisor on may gain organic webbing officially doing a bigger than and quinoa member died came back to bed without report as good a hint of fed favorite our spies news analysis teacher I did to the world and fought on both sides the first unit little more and so imperative tt state is not Magesty over a furlong I'm leaving out evening other things hesitate to talk about them are on this list but you get the idea frickin Jing this is a flippin I he was genius I love that guys thank you I pray for you it's ordered for Sparta men to make change level of continued success and popularity that you have today calls for nothing short in a prolific and underwriter that advanced line dance lots of the romantic approach we kind of feel apart from the end of civil wars to the start with branding date story on asking the previous mentioned michael Straczynski story line one more day I was a big fan of dance level before he began writing leading spider-man now it was basically green and other titles that broke which was about a vigorous initiative that came out in the way from the first of award as well as money Avengers 41 with Dan Slott does indicating a brandade a Peter Parker who was really very married and doesn't he started man at a height of the physical power and bringing the apartment Baxter's been popular at Lehman 25 as big power unmarried unemployed and dollars left in front of no sort of stability in his life the only remedy a throwback is Bezos Roger stern and Tom Mikado's run an experiment in nineteen nineteen eighties there's a lot of projects president tons of innovative change that were never seen all the issuance of this particular make and that goes to all back to affirmatively fighting crimes the Java code it to even attend matters and luggage nor the court lady Fox Run brought the perfect on a very long time Explorer games and father state and agreement three part is opening in dollars under to be inclusive sigh foundation to start companies make early coming one of the frictions and powerful business in the world we came to try mine is enemy Peter King most powerful or death diseases trick result Peter use work of ways the topic is popular clothing on the Peripatetic Westerners developing impact loving for example toward for instance to miss temporarily lost Protestant adjudicated training martial arts film comedy is the power inside to have the biggest team this really party house in front of it with routine for besides for the second time and instead of a tour of the problem or notice to Skartaris you know taking up the network's frontman Philip arguably the smartest villain in marble tournament demco dr. Otto Octavius and output at which consciousness with the apartment to all of you the perfect memory and conspiring going about our mental integrated life sometimes the Kuwaitis guitar bass and we can imagine very physical ripping the copies of any prior writer and our physical honor on about the great dance box with a year built decibel about dance loss placement let me inform you that he is the longest tactless writer for the amazing part of it theory most toggler book in the franchise is often at the top of the best-selling comic book list on a monkey basis anyway that's my top ten list for trying to be writers I hope you really enjoyed this video do you think that like blank leave a comment below and then will you think about the video tribute of our dear our all three buckets to rock I will also be doing a giveaway for where's our teammate bitches defeated team Camaro every platinum I'll be updating the we're a comfort I'll begin in a way so was an issue on the very common books all you have to do is one volunteer on in the Masters community account when it's shared by video bye if you put have giveaways to go around over 20 inches off your recent experiment often Siouxland need a path room to experiment on the bumps so there'll be plenty of opportunities away it's your voice the wives of problem solvers bribery powers teach you guys tune


  1. OMG wow!! Amazing Video!! I'm so glad I found your channel and I'm very excited to enter your give away 😂 keep up the great work! P.S. I'm the leader of the marvel amino (Steph Rogers) 🙂

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