TOP 10 WRITER FACTS (about me)

TOP 10 WRITER FACTS (about me)

Here are 10 facts you may… or may not… want to know about me πŸ˜‰


My name is Kelly Martin. I’m a traditionally and self-published author of over 30 books. I started writing in November of 2011 (so, nanowrimo lol) and was published in 2012. It’s been a whirlwind ever since. On my channel, I talk about writing, books, and anything else that comes to mind. I write mainly paranormal books, but have had some romances and mysteries sprinkled in. Welcome to my channel.

I make new videos one to two times a week.


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hi my name is Kelly Martin at my traditionally and independently published author of more than thirty books and welcome to my channel today I thought I would do a top 10 things top 10 rod early things that you may or may not know about me number one I wrote my first original book in 2011 during NaNoWriMo so it was November of 2011 I had written fanfiction before that I've talked about that in other videos and I just wanted to write something original I had finished going through the Bible of 90 days and I wanted a new challenge so my challenge was to write a book and it worked that book was published in 2012 in October of 2012 by estrella Press number 2 I'm definitely more of a pantser than a plotter if you don't know what that means it means that plotters are people that have outlines I'm more of a painter I'm actually that means I don't really have outlines very much I'm better at outlining like story points now that I used to be but I know some people write scenes I write from the very first word to the very last word of a book and I write like I'm watching a movie and then I'll go back and edit to kind of get the hit different beats as I go but my first draft is always the first word to the last word like a movie number three I have written in many different genres I've written in horror paranormal fairytale retellings romance young adult contemporary and young adult Christian number for every video that I start with lately I'm like hi I'm Kelly Martin I'm a traditional independently published author of more than 30 books welcome to my channel that is actually true I'm not just saying that I've been traditionally published three three presses Australia Press which is now clean reads and blue tulitt publishing which is owned by rachel van Dyken and i've been published through monster ivy listen who are amazing and I love them they're the ones that published Trinity wrote so excited and I am independently published – I've self-published tons and tons of books the next series that I have coming out is actually gonna be a self-published series – mainly because it's a five book series and I can get them out quicker than just doing it myself and I met a publisher cam because they have so many other books they need to get out and I want to have them out quicker so definitely going to use Monster I vegan if they'll have me and especially for standalone books and things like that but I think there's pros and cons to both traditionally published and self-publishing indie publishing and I might go into that in a different video if you would like to see it but generally for me I love my stand Alone's with a traditional publisher and my series that I can get out quicker through myself number 5 Laura from PS cover design and author services and Tia Silverthorne Bock are my cover designer my formatter and my editor T is my editor and Laura does the covers and the interior formatting and they are both wonderful oh my gosh me tear this down a little bit this is one of those that Laura made for me she does amazing work and just wait till you see her covers for the new series that's coming out in the fall for me oh my gosh they're beautiful and Ted is so good with my edits she has me think about things that I hadn't really thought about before so and she lets me keep my voice which is really good she's very good editor about letting you keep your voice and I know sometimes editors and writers kind of clash about that but not to yet and Laura is amazing so if you are thinking about indie publishing a book definitely definitely check out Laura for covers and formatting and TF for edits and I will leave their links in the description number six my books are typically between twenty thousand words and seventy four thousand words so I in the beginning when I say thirty books I'm countin novellas and full-length novels so I've only had a few novellas I had a series of novellas and then I had I've been in some anthologies and things like that so those are only kind of the smaller side and then I think my longest book was like seventy four thousand words and that was I think the train ever after which is not available right now but it will be probably beginning to next year it's a thing so yeah though that's my longest book in my shorts book number seven I can write about a thousand words in fifteen minutes and like I said I just go through I don't try to edit that's my first draft a thousand words in fifteen minutes I try to get everything now part of it is I don't want to forget anything because my memory all whoa I write everything down so I don't want to forget and I'm sure you're saying Kelly you could just outline and you wouldn't have to do that true but number eight last year in October I won yes I still keep I carry their work out I don't but if I could I would I won the best horror novel for dark and deadly things at The Imaginarium Awards I was so excited yeah I cried number nine I am currently queer in my very first middle grade core ghost story book hopefully it'll get picked up and you'll get to read it I've been told it's the scariest book I've ever written number ten this one is kind of morbid I have this dream and I don't know if it'll ever happen and you know but you know how people have these big lofty goals okay my big lofty goal is to have the words New York Times bestseller on my tombstone nothing even plan on having a tombstone I'll probably cremated but they can put it on my urn they can put in my obituary that's ha ha ha so that's it that's the 10 rod early things that you probably wish you didn't know about me if you like this video please give it a lot subscribe if you would like more videos subscribe if you'd like to subscribe hit the notification bell if you would like to know when I make new videos you have to get subscribe before the notification bell comes up it's a thing in August I'm doing a four part series on how to write horror novels I'm very excited about it I'm working on it really hard for you guys so be sure to check that out you've all me on Twitter Instagram I'm on Facebook I'm um I'm around I'm around places ah this is gonna be a short and sweet video instead it's gonna take a lot of it I should have outlined it I hope you have a fantastic day and I will see you in the next video number six number eight last year in October I won the Imaginarium best horror novel for crops no for crossing the deep that's not no er


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