Top 6 Times Eric Andre Destroys His Guest... And It's Hilarious

Top 6 Times Eric Andre Destroys His Guest… And It's Hilarious

Some of us at have grown to appreciate André’s absurd brand of humor, so we’d like to honor the most appaling moments with our list of the “Top 6 Times Eric Andre Destroys His Guest… And It’s Hilarious”

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We do not own this footage. presents Please welcome Naturi Naughton, number six Naturi: This…*screams* Oh my Gosh, okay. I can't. Eric: What's going on? You farted? You farted? That's not cool. That's not even funny. Let's eat some tools. (sings in unknown language) You're trying to get me pregnant, and I don't want you to get me pregnant. I don't want to be pregnant And we are back with Naturi Naughton How did you get the notorious B.I.G. movie? You play Lil' Kim? I did. I play Lil' Kim, it was What did you do to get into the role? Oh, I definitely got in character. It was a fun role. I mean, it's vulnerable , she's – You f***ed a married fat man to get into character? No no no no no no. Oh my gosh. Okay. Ummmm Okay I hope this is like not real okay. (screams) Naturi: Okay, Eric: We let a bunch out before; We got a real problem Naturi: Wait a minute, that's actually real It's like roaches Jennette McCurdy number five What's that you dated a basketball player?
Jeanette: I did. Eric: Magic Johnson? Jeannette: Uh, no. And you dated Eazy-E and Freddie Mercury right after that. You had some nudes that leaked Jeanette: In all fairness they weren't nudes Eric: We actually have to have a picture of one of your nudes right here You know I'm really having a tough time interviewing people. It's very hard for me Jeannette: Yeah.
Eric: So you have to make me look good 'cuz I'll…I'll fall flat on my face And I can't face the music, see?
Jeanette: Yes. Eric: I love you
Jeanette: Okay Eric: I love you, I really do. I'm really having a hard time here. Jeanette: I'm sorry Eric: You gotta help me, please help me
Jeannete: Okay. Eric: Please help me out here, please?
Jeanette: All right Civil Rights leader Flavor Flav number four Hey, let me tell you something I'm recording a solo album, son. Aw, man my shit is mo' f***ing top notch. Yeah? Top notch on my right smelling smokes. You don't know about the hustle without it. I'd get what I was broke [yeah], what in the goddamn hell, you talking 'bout? [oh] say Chuck D Said Farrakhan's a prophet who I think you ought to listen to. Isn't Farrakhan also a racist anti-Semite who's responsible for the assassination of Malcolm X? I don't what the f*** you sayin' Yo, don't, don't do that. You grabbed my dick I'll punch you in the f***ing face are we gonna be fighting right here on this mother f***ing stick. I'm dead serious D I'm punching your f***ing face You grabbed my dick I'm not f***ing– Okay. That motherf***er is not joking! hMM f*** number three This looks like a… When you go through those neighborhoods, and they have it they throw out the chair mm-hmm. It doesn't look good layin' in the– What kind of neighborhoods are you referring to? Uh, have a seat George Zimmerman. How we doing? Why don't you do "Rwanda's Got Talent"? I would I would imagine they do. It is the number one syndicated show in the world. In Rwanda? No. Got talent [cuz] Don Cheadle was in that movie and he was fantastic Right. I mean you gotta get Don Cheadle on the show. What are you doing now? (blender) Oh, shit. Woah! Now you're a distant cousin of Itzhak Perlman. I am. He's a world-renowned classical violinist, plays Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall. And what is it like having a f***in nerd cousin? (Audience laughs) Come on, dude. That was a zinger. Bunch of squid in here. Is this real? NUMBER TWO! This next guy, please welcome TI! And I just make a rap song that just goes AAAAHHHHH Bullshit clowns you ever clowning around downtown. Oh, wow, who says I record downtown? ERRRGGGHHH Oh ffff (relief) UHHH (wet sounds) Quick eye contact with Mira. Stay calm. Okay. UUARRRRHGHGHGHH (Electronic music, humming) I would suggest that you don't, uh… shut up. Hey, wait, wait wait. You like Thai food? I'm out this. Bro you like T.I. food you get it like Thai food. Yeah Ladies and gentlemen, NUMBER ONE! Smells like what that's it my crotch smells like wonton soup. All right. We're off the books Ohhh. (Loud sawing noises) Yeah, let's give a quick shoutout to Christina Applegate (Audience cheers) (Vomits) You all right? Lauren what's going on with you? (Slurps up the vomit) Gahh Nope. Pfffuwahh (slurps) Nope. She's a great guest. I like her. (Film reel sounds)


  1. this nigga is retrded im glad im not. famous hd couldnt get me in there for shit ill beat all of them fast fuck are allright except we u cross the line with naked shit

  2. Being redundant in front of a camera isn't funny. Good try though. If you want to call that an attempt. If anyone would care to see a real comedian, check out Mitch Hedberg.

  3. Ok……
    I have Never seen this show before, but after this… I am truly fucking convinced that this motherfucker is the living embodiment of Sheogorath.
    100%. now, if he can use magic this show would be even better and the world Will be the farting and shitting dimension of Rick and morty

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