TOP TEN SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS FOR WRITERS // Are you trying to grow on social media? Struggling to figure out Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, YouTube or something else? These ten tips apply to social media across the board and can help you grow your author platform more successfully and confidently. Let me know what you think and if you do any of these already!

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okay let's talk my top ten social media tips for you today this is something that I made for my patrons a while back and I just thought it'd be fun to share a little content so you can see the type of stuff that I post over there on patreon and just advice that I give over there on a regular basis I usually like think of social media with Instagram in mind but I'm also on Twitter and Facebook and obviously here on YouTube and I know there's a bunch of other places that you can be and I think that these top ten things apply across the board a lot of these strategies we're actually gonna dive really deep and I'm gonna give you specific action steps that you can take to implement like right away but before I do that I just want to start out really really basic with something that should be obvious but isn't sometimes number one is be social social media is for being social i I don't know why I'm doing this with my hands but it's I'm trying to get the point across like social media is about relationships it's about forming them building them and keeping them if you use the platform as it's actually intended to be used where you're going out and liking people stuff and commenting and messaging and interacting in general the algorithm is automatically going to favor you more it's actually going to help you to use the platform like it's intended to be used notes that right okay number two is to ask questions now this is similar to the beast social both of them fall under the umbrella of something called engagement so you just want to be engaging and interacting with people and basically building those relationships that I talked about and one of the biggest way to do this is just simply to ask questions the reason that I made this a tip is because engagement looks different across different platforms whether you're liking or commenting or sharing or retweeting or whatever but no matter what asking questions brings on engagement so whether it's like a simple question where you get a yes-or-no answer or like a vote or whether it's like a more in-depth question where you're actually like asking for like vulnerable answers and you want to start a real conversation with people like across the board asking questions gets answer aka engagement in interactions so ask questions number three which probably should have been number one but I forgot about it is never be spammy never spam people like you've all seen it where you've got the account anywhere really that's like buy my book buy my book guess what I have a book here's my book have you seen my book this is my book like here's a sale on my book oh by the way I have a book I think you get the point right so you've all seen it and I just got to be honest I don't think that kind of strategy works I just don't see it working on social media that's just my opinion just going back to the first tip about social media being about being social it's not something that you would do in a real life conversation you wouldn't like sit there having a conversation and they're like hey how's it going today good want to buy my book oh that's cool that's cool so so what do you do for work I'm a writer want to buy my book oh yeah yeah no I got that don't be that guy just don't do it number four is use the platform correctly and I'm going deeper than just like you should be social on social media I mean more specifically each platform has a different purpose so for example on Instagram people are coming there for beautiful photos so you should be focusing on your photo quality if you're gonna be on Instagram Twitter is about those witty punchy one-liners and networking in the traditional publishing industry especially on the other hand Facebook is fantastic for things like forming groups and finding groups of people like beta readers and I don't know running ads and just generally it's a whole other crowd over there that likes different things YouTube is really focused on advice and entertainment which means that you're gonna want to choose really searchable topics to succeed on that platform so you get the idea like if you can't stand taking photos you probably shouldn't be on Instagram because it's just not gonna translate well if you're gonna be on a social media platform make sure you're using it correctly so that you get the full intended use and reach that you could possibly have and then number five is actually to use the correct platform you see what I did there I mixed it up so this is different than the one I just talked about because you could be all over and you could just be spread thin and kind of like dabbling in all the social media that's out there there's so much out there and you could try to do it all but that usually doesn't help you grow it doesn't usually give you a presence in any particular place and if you're going to really truly form an audience for your books then you want to have a presence somewhere specific where your readers are so that brings me to using the correct platform where your readers are like if you are on one rooftop and you are shouting out about your book from that rooftop but all your readers are on a different rooftop altogether it's not gonna do you any good so figuring out the correct platform for you and your book is super super important and something that I probably should have put this first too I feel like all of these tips should be number one for example I really don't spend a lot of time on Facebook because I found that the target audience there tends to be just a whole different group and why a readers tend to be over on Instagram that's kind of the main place that I've found that my readers hang out so I'm not going to like spend a ton of time on Pinterest for example when that tends to be someplace that they just they don't even look there for book recommendations so why would I bother when I can develop an Instagram presence instead and pour all my energy and time into that and actually making that good and reaching my readers a lot better that makes sounds like find out where your target reader hangs out online and then show up there like choose the correct platform I hope that makes sense number six is be consistent this is one that I don't see talked about as often when you look up social media strategies and things like that but I think it plays a massive role in your audience retention and just having people like develop that relationship with you that I talked about because again social media is all about a relation Jib so if you're showing up on a consistent basis whether you choose to post once a week which lead more towards the Instagram line or like six times a day which would be more kind of like Twitter land whatever it is or if it's even just like once a week on YouTube typically it's an average on YouTube whatever it is make sure you're showing up consistently on a regular basis so that your readers come to know what to expect from you because it's just like a real relationship like people want that consistency they want to know they can count on you and just a typical relationship is one where you show up consistently and you don't like say hey I'll see you in three months right oh you guys I could go in-depth on all of these a lot more and I do over on patreon if you're enjoying this content definitely go and check out my social media Club where I'd go in-depth on things like this but I need to keep going I still have a few more let's move on to number seven which is find your niche and this is so so like commonly said but people don't totally know what it means so I like to call it find your focus or find your categories so this just helps my brain kind of wrap around what a niche is better the idea behind a niche or a focus or just creating a bunch of categories that you post in specifically is just basically you're giving your audience a sense of what you're about and what they can get when they follow you and then it's also honoring a promise so if they're following you for one particular type of content and then you never offer it again it feels like a promise has been made and then you didn't follow through on it but if you are consistently posting and that type of content is consistently showing up in their feed they feel like you're honoring a promise I don't know if that makes sense again let me know in the comments if I'm explaining this well or if you need more information but just to use like a real-life example let's say on Instagram I post something about my outlines and so I automatically am connecting with other writers who want to know about outlining right but then I go on to post a picture of like my bedroom and a restaurant in my mom and my grandma and whatever and and there's no writerly content the people who came to follow me for that are gonna get frustrated and they're probably going to unfollow because you're not delivering on the promise of the type of content that you first drew them in on huh at that time of day this way okay I didn't even realize this time was totally ruining that sorry guys where were we when you think of having a niche or a focus my favorite way to think of it is to create a certain number of categories the number doesn't matter so much as you're just listing them out and you're kind of clarifying for yourself what you're about so for example on Instagram I have I don't know I'm gonna say roughly ten categories without like looking in remembering what I wrote down a long time ago some of those categories might be again outlining but also drafting editing my books as a category like talking about my books but also my current work in progress is a category also maybe penny would probably count as a category all her own or like writer buddies because I kind of try to tie it into my other categories notebooks my computer just writing in general like these kind of things are categories and you so you list out like what you want your account to be about what is your focus what is your niche and the reason I like to call them categories instead of anisha's because a niche or focus feels like one thing and it's like oh this is all I can post on whereas categories is more like a rotation of things and you've got kind of a list I wouldn't go super crazy but like 8 to 12 is a good range and you just rotate between those things and you just go like here's a new thing to talk about today now I'm talking about this now I'm talking about this and it's especially awesome if they overlap so like for example out of the categories I just mentioned if I have penny with my computer and a notebook and I'm talking about writing and I'm talking about using my outline during writing add what else I can't I can't remember what else I listed out you get the idea the idea of categories is basically just you're making a promise to your audience on the content that you like to do and then you're delivering on it okay number eight is be authentic be genuine it all ties into what I talked about in the beginning where social media is about a relationship so if you are clearly fake online people are going to not want that relationship with you they're not going to be very interested in that so that doesn't mean you have to share everything about you it doesn't mean you have to get super vulnerable online it actually just means to be genuine so whatever you do choose to share make sure that it comes from a genuine place whether it's your personal stories and you do decide to go really vulnerable or whether it's somebody else's story and you're just really excited about it and you're passionate about that and that's genuine even if it's not your story and it's their story you're still passionate about it and that's real and authentic well you can't always share everything and you can't you don't want to always share everything like there is no way to share your whole life and social media even with the best of intentions sometimes can come across as a highlight reel because you can't show everything you got to keep that in mind but when whatever you do choose to show the more authentic and genuine you can be about it the better now I got a hurry because the sun's coming back number 9 is use all the platforms features for maximum success that's kind of a mouthful but basically whatever platform you're on try to use all the features for example on Facebook and on YouTube and actually on Instagram as well there's a feature called live or live streams this is something that scares a lot of people and not a lot of people do it so if you notice on any of those platforms when people do go live like Facebook YouTube and Instagram all promote the heck out of that like if you choose to go live on Instagram for example your account the little story circle is going to pop up right at the very front of everyone's feed like if they go on Instagram the first thing they see and not only that not only is it like this person's life but it gives you a little pop-up that's also like hey you should go watch this person they're going live right now so it really promotes it for you same thing with YouTube it's going to let you know same thing with Facebook it's gonna let you know if somebody goes live other features like for example on Instagram again you have the story feature that I mentioned that's something that not everybody takes advantage of so if you use the platform and all its features so fullest you're gonna stand out same thing with IG TV which is something that I'm not gonna and don't totally get but if people do use it they stand out I mean I could go into detail on this but you guys get the idea like whatever platform you choose to use use all of its features if you're comfortable now this is again if you're comfortable no pressure if you're like hey I'm never doing a live that's totally fine you don't have to but just know that for growth if you use the platform to the full extent you tend to grow faster I can only back up a little bit more come this way okay let's hurry and finish number 10 before the Sun comes back which is don't be afraid to try new things slash don't be afraid to fail again I feel like this should be number one but honestly you guys you have to try things to know what's going to work for you everybody's different on social media so what one person says works may not work for you there's no shame in that it's just like you have to figure out your personal social media strategy your personal likes and dislikes and the way that you come across most genuine and form relationships and the best way for you and so the only way to do that is by doing it same thing with writing actually this is great advice for anything if you really want something if you really want to grow on social media if you really want to write a book whatever the only way to truly do it is just start don't be afraid to fail just start and I do have a video on failure I might link it below in the comments for you guys because it's something that holds a lot of us back but the thing is just ask yourself the question what's the worst that can happen if you post a like a picture on Instagram again my favorite platform if you post a picture on Instagram and it doesn't get a lot of likes who cares just post another one the best way to learn what works for you is through trial and error and so seriously if you want to grow stop like holding yourself back stop being a perfectionist and just try things and I apologize for coming across really strong on that but that's how I feel I really just encourage you guys to try things those are my top ten tips on social media if you're interested I could go into specifically how to grow on Instagram like Instagram for authors because that's my platform of choice that's where I love to hang out online and I don't know I just really enjoy it so if you're interested in that go ahead and check out all my social media info below and let me know in the comments what you'd like as usual guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up to support my channel and definitely make sure you subscribe if you aren't already and ring the notification about to get notified every time a new video comes out I will talk to you guys again very soon bye


  1. These tips are brilliant! I've noticed consistency and authenticity are key. I only post when I want so I can remain genuine. I create content in advance but pick what I feel like sharing. I do this even if it goes against the grain. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. This is why I stopped doing so many things, including my YouTube channel. I just can’t give it the attention the platform needs, when I can really put in the time on Instagram instead. Thank you Bethany! I needed some of these reminders really badly.

  3. I'm loving getting to know people on youtube and feel pretty good with IG. Twitter is where I struggle the most! I need to get better with Twitter though since that's where all the agents hang out and I want to be traditionally published.

  4. Typically when I hit the editing phase for my wips (which is happening now) I often forget to be social. While I still post and make content I often gloss over commenting or even just texting a friend, people don't realize how isolating the writing process can be. So being "social" in the author community helps pop that bubble I sometimes find myself in.

  5. Thank you so much for this!!! I really enjoyed listening to all of your tips and tricks. Especially when you said just because one thing might not have worked out the way you wanted, just keep going. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this!

  6. Being active on social media is definitely a struggle for me (excluding YouTube). Whenever I start to be more active on Twitter or Instagram, I get overwhelmed by all the comments and have a hard time keeping up. How do you manage it?

  7. Great and helpful video. Please make a video about which platform attracts usually which genre and age group, so that we know depending on our genre and target age where to be most active. Have a blessed day, Bethany!

  8. YouTube is my preferred platform since people can get to know how me on a more personal level there. I wish I was better at Instagram! I need all the advice I can get on how to do Instagram!

  9. The sunlight was lighting you up like an angel. This is good advice. I try to stick to a couple things on my instagram. I mix in personal things once in a while cause I like to be human and not just feel like a marketing bot. But it's working cause people look forward to my coffee posts for sure lol.

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