Touchstone Theatre - Young Playwrights Lab, S8 E11

Touchstone Theatre – Young Playwrights Lab, S8 E11

Touchstone Theatre introduces the Young Playwrights Lab to schools, giving students the chance to watch their original work transform into a real production. This educational program not only helps children discover their unique creative voice, but also provides training to the next generation of theatre artists.

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I think when people finally realize that kids have something important to say magic happens everybody's trying to answer the question how do we improve what students know and how do they learn how can we improve that and you have to start with passion and the young playwrights what they bring is passion everything else flows from their young playwrights lab is a chance for kids to kind of play and to realize that they are bright and creative and fabulous it's an after-school program it's eight weeks long two days a week the great thing about young player arts lab one of the many great things about is that students have a choice students to write the play they want to write it's their idea from beginning to end some kids walk in the very first day say oh I have a play you know here it is and other kids are walking in sort of like i don't know if i can write and it's great to watch both spectrums come to the end of the program and realize that they have learned a lot and that they've been able to do more than they ever thought they were able to do what's wonderful about the process is that the students begin writing on their feet theater is more than just what actors say it's what actors do we get in a circle we play some focus games think of something you want to be like see what do you think of that starts with the letter C so game after game after game and suddenly they have a whole play in their mind and they're just itching to write it down these kids have a chance to really talk about what's on their heart it helps students in their self-confidence when they finish it when they have a one-act play at the end they feel such a sense of accomplishment our children are so into sports and you know in technology that they don't realize that they have so much inside of them that they can get out onto paper some of these kids are ones who maybe during the regular school day are not considered successful kids the ones who regular educational environment it misses something or doesn't get that whole piece here's yes we have knowledge but knowledge without a passion knowledge without emotion what is that what's nice that touchstone has been doing the last couple of years here at freemansburg as they bring some of the ensemble members from touchstone actors and some apprentices and they come and they do an assembly here and they read they do a staged reading of every play that was completed touch alone is a community-based theatre company part of that is really getting involved and we happen to be artists so the way we participate is by trying to use our art to help create a better sense of community it culminates in the young playwrights festival we pick six seven eight plays that are representative of all the place that have been written and then those seven plays are produced with touchstone directors community actors set lights costumes thank everybody who comes to the festival's blown away and what I love is watching the kids faces when they realize that there's a bunch of adults who have taken their ideas seriously the link between the Arts and our emotions bridge is a gap between knowledge and at who we are fundamentally as individuals so to fill in every piece of that it creates something that's going to last forever there was one little girl who one day came up to me was near the end of the program and she said but what am I gonna do and I said what do you mean Natasha said well here I'm smart and I said we'll impassion everywhere you're smart three years from now Natasha may not ever remember young playwrights lab but hopefully she'll remember that she's smart thanks for watching to see more from this episode click over here and to stay up to date follow us by clicking over here


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