Troydan | Before They Were Famous | NBA 2K19 YouTuber

Troydan | Before They Were Famous | NBA 2K19 YouTuber

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Troy Dan | Before They Were Famous | NBA 2K19 YouTuber
Before They Were Famous:
The Rich Life:

Before Troydan would clock in over half a billion views on Youtube
Before Troydan would build a massive social media following, with 1.8 million youtube subscribers, 425,000 Twitch followers, and over 150 thousand instagram followers.
Before Troydans reacts channel, which also had over 1 million subscribers, would get deleted from youtube

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Before Troydan would clock in over half a
billion views on Youtube Before Troydan would build a massive social
media following, with 1.8 million youtube subscribers, 425,000 Twitch followers, and
over 150 thousand instagram followers. Before Troydans reacts channel, which also
had over 1 million subscribers, would get deleted from youtube Aright guys, the last time I made videos here
on Chris Smoove you guys were roasting me in the comments so this time I reached out
to TroyDan himself. He answered all my burning questions like
what he wanted to be when he was growing up, advice he’d give to someone trying to follow
in his footsteps, and how he got his name Troydan in the first place! I’m here to make up for all my previous
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Program” to start your journey. Hope to see you guys on there. Now before we jump into it our trivia question
today is how did Troydan get his name Troydan? Let me know your answers below and I’ll
have that answer at the end of this video! Bryan Daniel Warren Biers was born on September
15th, 1987 in Toronto Ontario. He’s the only child to Sherry and Bob Warren
Biers, with his dad currently playing in a Jazz Band. When he was just 4 years old, Bryan would
use a cassette player to pretend like he was hosting a radio show. He would make up stories and even interview
his pets. Safe to say the man always had the heart of
a true entertainer. At 6 years old he’d get his first Nintendo
Entertainment system. This would be the start of Troydan getting
hooked on gaming. At age 7 Bryan would move from Toronto to
Nova Scotia, which he said was a total culture shock. Going from a major city like Toronto to a
smaller rural town in Nova Scotia, Bryan had a bit of a hard time fitting in. This would lead to him discovering the internet
in 1997 and learning how to code websites at the age of 10. He was also a shy kid, so he really felt most
comfortable when he was at home and online exploring the gaming communities. Now growing up he was never too into his academics,
admitting to just doing enough to get by, with most of his marks being in the 50’s. Although gym class was his favourite, after
grade 6 Bryan didn’t really learn much during his studies. He would go on to attend Annapolis West Education
Center in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia, which he said wasn’t the nicest of facilities. Since his days it’s believed they cleaned
up the school, but where he grew up, people don’t really make it all the way through
high school. After high school Bryan decided not to attend
a college or university for obvious reasons, he hated school and majority of people where
he was from don’t even graduate high school. Growing up Troydan was also a huge wrestling
fan. More specifically Shawn Michaels and Stone
Cold Steve Austin. He explained that during lunch time while
in school, him and his friends would always try to do the wrestler’s finishing moves
on each other. Funny because I did the same. Even though every wrestling show I watched
always had the warning and told viewers not to try it out. Well, at least they tried to warn us. Anyway, at 12 years old, in 1999 Troydan actually
made a wrestling video game nobody really knows about it. He even admitted that if he had any connections
to the wrestling industry at a young age, he would have 100% pursued a career as a wrestler. But unfortunately it wouldn’t be all that
easy for Troydan. Before youtube he would work in a total of
4 different call centres for a total of 8 years. From working for Sprint Mobile as a support
tech, to selling office supplies, until ultimately selling car insurance for a UK based company
called Admiral, Troydan was keep busy before the youtube days. He explained he got into call centres because
that’s all there really is to do for work where he was from. Either that or live off of unemployment cheques,
something he wouldn’t do. Troydan would first try his hand in content
creation when he got his first camera phone in 2006. Although he didn’t think anything more than
just doing it for fun. Mostly making top 10 lists that would garner
about 100 views. But back when youtube first came out, 100
views was pretty cool. In 2008 Troydan found out about,
a streaming website where he would live stream prank phone calls out of his parents bedroom. He would only stream for about a year on
but as you all know, would start streaming on Twitch in 2013. But before he found out about Twitch, Troydan
was almost a personal trainer. In 2011 he took the course and passed but
never actually pursued training anyone. Aside from personal training, Troydan admits
he might’ve even gone out west to Alberta doing manual labour, something majority of
his friends would end up doing. In 2014 Troydan would stream the popular game
World of Warcraft, seeing immediate traction in the streaming community. Due to Troydan’s increase in popularity
online, he would quit his job at Admiral Car Insurance to pursue streaming full time. It would turn out to be the best thing that
ever happened to him, although after a few months, his popularity started to decline. He would jump around from game to game, after
realizing World of Warcraft wasn’t the right move, saying he felt maybe it was time to
get a real job. All that would change when he would start
streaming NBA2k15 when it first came out, allowing him to gain a whole new audience
from before. Being a fan of the NBA2k series, playing every
game since 2004, he was pretty damn good. This is when things would really pick up for
the 2k master, who would go on to save highlights from his 2k streams and upload them to youtube,
after he noticed the youtube gaming community had a much bigger audience. His first big video wouldn’t come from 2k15
though. It would be a clip of him yelling at the ballboy
in MLB 15 The Show, which would go viral on instagram. Unfortunately he didn’t watermark the video,
so no one knew who he was at the time. It wouldn’t be long before Troydan’s brand
would really start to grow, but when he started to make money off of the videos, that’s
when he realized he was the real deal. He could actually get paid to do something
he was willing to do for free. Incredible. However as any creator knows, it’s never
just that easy. One of Troydan’s biggest obstacles along
the way was to learn it wasn’t a competition with anyone else. Everyone grows at their own pace, and to compare
yourself to other creators is useless, it’ll just discourage you and slow your progress. As he progressed in his career, Troydan also
didnt have much help, if any. To this day he creates his own thumbnails,
videos and edits all on his own. And he credits Angry Video Game Nerd as one
of his inspirations to get on youtube and start creating content. He also credits Eminem who helps him get hyped
before he records some of his videos. Now when it comes to his personal life, such
as Kate, his girlfriend of two years, how they met is actually quite funny. Turns out she was his boss at one of his last
jobs, but they barely spoke while working together. On the day he quit, she was the last person
he saw, but they wouldn’t end up going out until 3 years later when they would reconnect
on Facebook. When talking about previous relationships,
Troydan simply put it, they were all mistakes. Fun fact, this man’s a savage. Now when it comes to some of his biggest achievements
in his career, Troydan said having dinner with Shaq or being body scanned into NBA 2K19
was definitely up there. Especially since Shaq was one of his favourite
players growing up. Now moving forward, although Troydan admit’s
he doesn’t like to plan too far ahead, he told us he’s gonna be all over NBA2K20 when
it drops in September. So be sure to be on the look out for Troydan’s
upcoming videos and streams. Now when it comes to his definition of success,
he said it’s waking up and doing what you love while being your own boss. If he had advice for anyone trying to follow
in his footsteps? “Don’t try to be like anybody. Be yourself. Try to invent something that nobody has seen
before. There’s too many copy and pastes of the
same people out there. You have to be unique in this game to survive.” Safe to say Troydan is definitely original. He even had a reacts channel which amassed
over 1 million subscribers, but unfortunately the channel got deleted after getting 3 strikes! It seems for now his focus will just be on
the new 2k coming up so you guys gotta be sure to check him out of course on Youtube,
as well as instagram where his handle is @realtroydan and twitter @troydan. But before we wrap this one up, I gotta answer
our Trivia question! How did Troydan come up with his name? Well I’m going to quote him exactly on the
story. “This is a good one. The name Troydan came in 1996. The internet had just came out to a library
in town. It was the only way you could have it unless
you were very wealthy. You could book time there and use the internet
for 30 minute blocks. I went with my friend at the time and he knew
more about it than I did. He showed me how to make an email account
on hotmail. I tried to use the name [email protected]
but it was taken. It blew my mind somebody had my name taken. I then tried [email protected] Also taken. I didn’t know what to do but for some reason
I took my friends name (Troy) and put it infront of the dan to make [email protected] I was able to create it. To this day I’m still using that username
23 years later.” So there you have it guys. Hope you enjoyed this one and it made up for
all the mistakes I made on that Chris Smoove video. As always drop your comments below with who
you’d like us to cover next, a huge shoutout to Troydan for taking the time to speak with
myself and Mike, so be sure to check him out, and of course a huge thank you to Raid Shadow
Legends for sponsoring the video. My name is Jarred Bronstein you can catch
me on social media @bronst7. Feel free to dm your suggestions on who we
should cover next and I’ll see you in the next one.


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