Try Not To Laugh With Jim Carrey (98% Failed Before 2:22)

Try Not To Laugh With Jim Carrey (98% Failed Before 2:22)

Every Comic Act Jim Carrey Did #4

mr. Ventura say looking forward to your arrival they're hideous lifeless beady eyes clawed feet huge group death wings burnt you stop her like a Thanksgiving turkey [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] swear if you do anything to embarrass me in front of camp what like this exorcise the demons this house is clear peanut this is a little piece I like to call mr. chair I think you might have to turn it up is anybody hello Clarice it's good to see you again hi ladies my name is charlie baileygates want to see my weasels three hot dogs here are you for me get your foot wrong in a beggin list mr. Ventura we've been coexisting quite nicely with the native cultures for the past 200 years if not the peaceable wachatis will assuredly be obliterated what do twos are bloodthirsty do I have something in my teeth that's when I woke up the back of my neck roger podacter didn't commit suicide he was murdered excuse me it's break here thank you I guess they're right senior citizens although slow and dangerous behind the wheel can still serve a purpose I'll be right back don't you go dying on me so many questions for you like well for starters that day huh me too of course everything's been bad since I broke up with my boyfriend then do you know what the klutz did and I don't care I'm rich and I'm good-looking and I have a rapist wit reason I came over here anyway um yeah about my friend are you doing tomorrow name's egg egg Evans for little girls could could I have just did you have fun what if I go like this why do you think I didn't get the anchor job hey man I don't want any problems I don't is it my hair bill they did not know about disease until the white man came by Oh mingee mingee walk mini Kiki Oh Connor he hundred pennyworth bath Connor Oh leaving India wah chim chiminey chim – room [Laughter] every morning can't Olaf would order the Baudelaires to do a great number of terrible chores excellent yeah let's go would you like an ashtray mm-hmm I don't smoke it's a disgusting habit you're a very nice guy but I just don't have any room in my life for a new friend okay no what are you trying to say peanut yes I have one right here it's bulky but I consider it carry-on peanut oh I see there's only one thing that could make this moment any better was that if you had a nice set of knockers there's two things would ya well because a good thing you're not stacked Harry revving banging you right now I'd show you what a real man can do like an old piece of firewood come on touch it huh I will not touch it what are you doing stop it stop it I know how you're feeling right now stop it don't do that I'm here for you oh my goodness the chief really seems to like you I mean that is a great sign of affection in the wachati tribe I like you letant night isn't it yeah not too bad of course I guess the weather is always pleasant in here the winters are remarkably mild do you need anything just let me know classic I'll fix this Steven now can fix it I can make it cool again Oh take care now bye bye then user just one more thing where's your boo-boo duty AGB is everybody


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