Two Minute Fix - Creative Writing For Fiction 1 - Short + Sweet | Young Adult | Kindle | Sci Fi

Two Minute Fix – Creative Writing For Fiction 1 – Short + Sweet | Young Adult | Kindle | Sci Fi

In this video for fellow writers, playwrights and authors, YA Author, Scott Gilmore, shares a Two Minute Fix #writingtip called Short and Sweet!

After studying a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Queen’s University in Belfast, Scott is passionate about storytelling and creativity. Author of dystopian fiction novels for young adults, Scott’s debut novel is the first in The Iris Trilogy. If you are a fan of YA fiction, and are looking for a young adult book series to read, check out Inside Iris in the Amazon link below πŸ‘‡

Containing strong female characters, Inside Iris is a good book for teenage girls to read. Dystopian fiction is popular at the minute and Inside Iris is one of the best books for teenage girls to read. Jade, the novel’s narrator, and Iris, the book’s protagonist, are two strong female leads that give teen girls female book characters they can believe in.

Aimed at Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Divergent, Hunger Games or Maze Runner reader, Scott’s dystopian thriller novel should be next on your reading list!

You may have ran into the hurdle of not having a lot of time to write every day! Whether you are an indie author, independent writer or traditionally published author, SG Fiction gives his short exercises built to work around you and any hectic schedule you may have! With these Two Minute Fixes, you will always find time to write!

Video Links:

Air and Water –

Silent Reminder –

The Road –

Writing on the Move blog –

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hi everyone and welcome to a series of videos that I'm going to call the 2-minute fix I'll introduce you to a series of short exercises that you can try to use to help fix any issues that you have with your fiction if you haven't done so already we're down to the bottom and click on the subscribe and the bell icon to make sure you don't miss out on any content that I overlooked Peaks from now on it this first study was called short and sweet the whole point of the exercise short and sweet is supposed to be short and sweet at a previous blog that I wrote called running on the moon I align the series of five writing exercises that you can use while commuting when I started using social media I would have used this exercise as a way of warming up for for writing and angry with inside iris so I would set myself a five-minute timer and set sign and allow my mind to write anything that is thought of and the whole point of this writing it was probably completely free of boundaries and aligning your subconscious to express itself you can choose to write about someone you know something that's happening to you that day or something completely rather than doesn't really matter the end our comment not actually the point it is the process that G undertake by the end of the short and sweet exercise you may have something that's absolutely gold or something is complete not a rubbish it doesn't matter the whole point is utilize your mind to wander and fill eight exact thoughts on the page some of the examples that I've used when using the short and sweet exercise are actually already on my youtube channel and I picked them and the links in the boxes below they are called air and water the silent reminder of the road those are three exercises that I use when planning inside IRAs and I decided to record them and upload them onto YouTube when I first started the channel give them a lesson and pop a comment in the box let me know what you think thank you so much for watching this episode of the 2-minute X and put a comment in the comments box just below let me know if you tried this exercise and what you came up with why don't you take that into the box below as well and remember to subscribe and click the bell icon so you don't miss out on any future contact thanks for watching


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