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hello Internet it is day 2 of the reading rush and today's video challenge is called two truths and a lie I think basically you're either supposed to give like two bookish truths in a bookish lie or pick two books you've read and one you haven't and then the viewers which is you are supposed to guess in the comments which one is the lie and then I will reveal it at the end of the video so I wanted to kind of take this in a different direction and focus on Shakespeare plays I don't really talk about this much on this channel but I actually really like Shakespeare I read several of his plays in school and actually have several more on my TBR that I want to read at some point so I want you to tell me which one of these I have not read and then while I give you some time to guess I'll give you a reading update I guess so at some point in all of my schooling and including college I have either not read Hamlet the taming of the shrew or a midsummer night's dream so let me know down in the comments which one you think I haven't read and I'll reveal it at the end of the video as far as I was reading updates yesterday I actually did pretty good I finished my first book which was the mermaids voice returns in this one I read the entire thing yesterday and this completed a bunch of challenges it was picked for the Reedus book and the same spot the entire time challenge and the five plus words in the title challenge but since it also has a purple cover I'm going ahead and saying I've completed that challenge too because technically I have it just I have another book in mind for that challenge but that book also suffice is for other challenges too so that's fine I've technically completed one book in three challenges that's the short version of that I've also started the audiobook for lady's guide to petticoats and piracy which is my purple book this book also is my book that I'm a to read last year I started this yesterday on audio I'm on chapter 5 which is on page 81 I did listen to a little bit of chapter 5 today but I'm not sure where I stopped because it was like on a break during work and I haven't had a chance to like look it up yet but I do plan on listening to more of this today and yesterday I also started suffer love by Ashley hearing Blake which is my book that is an author's debut and I'm on chapter 5 also which is on page 54 I've not read any of this today yet slacking I was too busy watching Taylor Swift's livestream and freaking out okay sue me so I want to know how many of you guessed correctly the Shakespeare play I have not read is the taming of the shrew this is one that I really would like to read but I have not read this yet I've heard it's really really good my favorite play is actually a Midsummer Night's Dream I read this multiple times once in fifth grade actually because I was in it and then again in college and then I read it a couple years ago for fun and I want to give it a reread because this it's it's a fun time so that is it for my day 2 video let me know down in the comments if you did this challenge as well because I would love to guess which book you haven't read or however you decide to interpret this challenge and I will see you guys tomorrow with another one bye


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