Uta Hagen's Acting Class

Uta Hagen's Acting Class


when I go to the theater if I can see the acting I already don't like it in other words if it's the performer and his mind and his speculations and what he fixes and arranges is visible to me it's bad acting in my opinion when I believe that there's a human being in action up there in that moment alive right there and then I get spellbound she's like a force of nature but she's not gonna I go like a typhoon or anything she's like the summer coming you know you started to realize that it's hot outside so take off your jacket and it's really hard then you gotta take off your shirt and you hope that your undershirt it's okay I'm gonna get really hard and you have to decide whether you're gonna get buck naked what's gonna bathing suit huh how did you feel today soon as I just get so I want to do it all so much then I lose my grounding it's like it just all kind of it once can't get you know what's the matter with you no I mean it because it's true for many of us you aren't functioning as an actress you're an actress you're a born actress you should be on stage all the time and you're not and then we picked up the the underground destination is probably the thing that I think about the most I can't tell you how many times people have been like okay missing you're gonna pace your pacing and you're waiting for the phone haul I'm like no I don't pace I don't think because I'm gonna told me not to ever pay this nobody just walks back and forth without a reason by the way that's what I want to talk about that some of your activities when the activities stay pieces of business you're using them wrong in other words when when you see if I'm hanging up pants hanging them over this thing now when this that they're right becomes more important than what I'm hearing here this is not serving you doesn't mean that I don't do this but you see if I'm doing this and she said say to me I want you to be out of here okay that way I want you to have what do you mean out of here certainly don't keep it that we're going to live here together do you act tonight whatever but then I go on but I don't have to finish my piece of business you bar yes yeah and it's the same with the tooth you thought well that I might do that there so now it becomes the tooth brushing you stopped hearing and you might head here and you might start that then she's saying something you might never get to it do you follow but when that becomes then I have to do that and how does the cap open and how would I do this here when then you stop hearing and connecting okay that's why I always say do all the activities before you ever learn the lines and you know that if you're not prepared for her or if you're gonna get rid of a stir time it's really not a good idea


  1. Thank you Matthew. I auditioned for a prestigious acting school in Atlanta. I thought I did great, but the director put me in intermediate class and told me to brush up on Uta. Now, from watching for a little while, I can see several things that I could have done better! Uta is legendary.

  2. This is a great video for actors! I studied Uta's technique for 2 1/2 years!
    I've been working on a channel for acting and I love watching acting videos. Keep in touch!

  3. I watched this in some college class…boring and a waste of time …i didnt even take an acting class and wound up watching this in like the fall of 09…holy shit

  4. i think your friend should focus on acting. not becoming famous and go all anjelina jolie and help african kids. that is what bothers me most about the entertainment industry. 95% of the people dont do it for the craft, just for fame and money.

  5. you dont go to acting because of money or fame if thats your atitude your gonna fail.Ask your friend would she do it if all of her life she would only get an avarage income of acting would she still do it.Of course its an exaduration put if she accpets with the worst then theres nothing to stop her.Also always have plan b because if she fails she can fall back onto sth.Now what i see in your sentence isnt connected with acting at all.what your saying is she wants to help kidsin africa. not actin

  6. Hey! My best friend wants to be an actress so badly! its her dream to become famous and help the kids in Africa with the money she gets. She had to make a movie/video in one of her classes at our school and she did pretty good for her first time! Her name is Allie. I am trying to help her become famous so please watch her video, like it, subscribe, tell your friends and family about her and the video/movie! Please help me make her dream come true! Go to: Hat Packers The Grinning Strangler

  7. Hey I just did Lancelets Monologue from the Merchant of Venice. I figured this would be a good place to get advice on acting. Please comment and tell me what you think. The video is on my channel.
    thanks 🙂

  8. @OctoberAle They each learned from Stanislavsky and took what they absorbed from him and made it their own, Like so many others around that time. They all put their own stamp on what they learned.

  9. @emergencyexit16 Pacing is an act of indecision. You want it, you don't want it. The thoughts actually go through your mind subconsciously in real life. But you as actor are aware and you must know what it is that you do, physically, and reproduce it naturally, that's why rehearsals exist.

  10. @AtLastOnTheGround Actually, it's "Hear! Hear!" And that's what Ms. Hagen's teaching was all about. HEAR the other actors, and you'll know what to do. Never stop listening when you're on stage, even if it's just to your own thoughts as the character.

  11. @borstalboy1981 She didn't so no one ever paces..she said no one ever paces WITHOUT A REASON. I pace too A LOT..and it's always because I'm anxious about something or trying to figure something out.

  12. @Dion1957 I studied with Sandy as well. My experience was not yours at all. Sandy encouraged us all to find our own way, to develop our own path to "living truthfully". Studying with a good teacher is a great way to keep your chops up and work and experiment in between jobs. Athletes, dancers and musicians have coaches that prod and push them to excel, experiment and grow. There is nothing wrong with an actor doing the same with the ultimate goal being to work whenever and wherever you can.

  13. Studied with Uta and Sandy Meisner, 1 cycle each. 95% of the students were so rapped up in pleasing teacher.
    I learned more about acting by getting up on a stage and getting in front of a camera.
    Always made a living in NYC andLA.Now my Guild pension and Social security always keeps me in the MOMENT and I'm still working…..for what it's worth.

  14. Lindsay Crouse is one of the most underrated actresses in the world and I love hearing Uta Hagen say that she should be on stage all the time. Her performance opposite Joe Mangegna in "House of Games" is so wickedly funny I can't go six months without rewatching that movie.

  15. @trueblue4321 Since when is the comments section restricted to comments of "usefulness?" And your comment is contradictory in itself seeing as its completely pointless to assume I or anyone else would not say such a thing in person.

  16. That advice with the props is a little gem. It sounds like common sense but you see the difference in the reality of the performance, when straightening the trousers on the hanger is a background detail, and she's listening to the actor first.

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