Violence at South African Universities | Catholic Newsbreak 3-1-2016

Violence at South African Universities | Catholic Newsbreak 3-1-2016

-Pope Francis March schedule is released.
-Violence at South African Universities erupts over inequality.
-Pope Francis meets with child authors of ‘Dear Pope Francis’.

you hello everyone I'm Kate Andrews and here's a look at what is going on this week and the news when we begin from the Vatican Pope Francis's liturgical scheduled for March has been released on march forth he will celebrate a penitential liturgy in st. Peter's Basilica from the 6th to the 11th he will go on a lenten retreat with the officials of the Roman Curia after he returns he will hold a consistory for several causes of canonization and celebrate palm sunday mass in st. Peter's Square there will also be Holy Thursday chrism mass a good friday afternoon liturgy and nighttime way of the Cross the location of the holy thursday mass of the lord's supper will be announced at a later date the easter vigil will be held in st. Peter's Basilica and the next morning Pope Francis will celebrate Easter morning mass in st. Peter's Square before giving the papal blessing herb a at or bay or to the city and the world in news from Rome on Friday Pope Francis spent two hours with a group of young adults at a catholic-run drug rehabilitation center where reports has more time on friday afternoon the Pope visited this drug rehabilitation center by surprise and look how he was received after condemning drug trafficking and requesting that it not be fought by supplying soft drugs the Pope wanted to personally embrace those struggling to get clean they belong to the Don Mario piki Italian center of solidarity some showed the pope photos of their family and children while others told them their story they pray together and the Pope blessed them he gave them an icon of our lady of Luhan with many faces on it and told them that life is an encounter with the faces of others they took a photo together and carried out one of Pope Francis's dreams to eat pizza and peace this visit is one of the surprise gestures of charity that the Pope is making during the Jubilee their works of mercy with a strong human message in news from around the world the spokesman for the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference is blaming the violence and vandalism happening at South African universities on inequality in the country Archbishop William Slattery of Pretoria said that at least four university campuses have been turned into battle grounds Northwest University in mafikeng had to be shut down indefinitely after students burned an administration compound februari 24th at the University of Pretoria protesters are demanding to be taught in languages other than Afrikaans which they identify with apartheid Archbishop Slattery said the objection to being taught in Afrikaans has a lot to do with a feeling among South Africans that their languages are being pushed aside South African President Jacob Zuma condemned the violence last year after nationwide marches uma agreed to student demands not to increase fees in 2016 he said that the government would spend more to help poor students meet the cost of higher education and finally in the news last month we reported that a book of questions from children addressed to Pope Francis will be released march first recently some of the children involved in the project visited the vatican and met with his holiness and they had a few more questions for him room reports has this inside look yeah just look at the warm welcome that clip has received they are the authors of the tender and funny book titled dear Pope Francis these children are from various parts of the world and have asked the Pope a series of questions she has answered Pope Francis wanted to see them personally and they took the liberty and asking some new questions is it hard being a poop its facility fee see it's easy and it's hard como la vida de cualquier person like the life of any person a facile pour que tiene Mucha gente que des jeux de it's easy because you have many people who help you por ejemplo Porteous met Anna Sewell and let me out for example all of you who are helping me right now porque mi corazon tamo feliz y voy a poder trabajar mejor es el mejor de cosas because my heart is becoming filled with happiness and I will be able to work harder and to do more things yay momentos difΓ­ciles porque las dificultades en todo el trabajo sexy teen and there are hard moments because difficulties in every job exists the children asked him about his age and what it was like to be the Pope and Pope Francis responded by saying that what he enjoys the most is to be close to people oh you know the in Senegal cosas de la vita ET favv revita a FIFA s report okanagan yo siempre que estoy con la gente aprendo algo after the book interview with Andre Jordan le the Pope published this other book with questions asked by children from various countries oh yeah apt to santo de cien de sobra ustedes y furman esta para siempre y muchas gracias thank you very much gracias of the power those lucky kids well that's gonna do it for news i'm kate Andrews you can keep up to date on catholic with Catholic News break right here on the Catholic TV network you


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