Walter Scott Prize authors on Young Walter Scott Prize and writing historical fiction

Walter Scott Prize authors on Young Walter Scott Prize and writing historical fiction

The Young Walter Scott prize is the UK’s only creative writing prize for budding historical fiction authors. During the Walter Scott Prize events at Bowhill, a residence of the Prize’s founder the Duke of Buccleuch, we caught up with Walter Scott Prize 2018 authors in the Smoking Room to ask about their books and why they love writing about history. With sincere thanks for their time and thoughts to: Rachel Malik, author of MISS BOSTON AND MISS HARGREAVES (Fig Tree Books); Jane Harris, author of SUGAR MONEY (Faber and Faber) and Benjamin Myers, author Of Walter Scott Prize winning THE GALLOWS POLE (Blue Moose Books).

For more information on how writers aged 11 to 19 can enter the young Walter Scott prize, visit

hello my name is Rachel Mac and my book is called Miss Boston and this whole group and it is set between about 1930 and the end of the 50s early 60s hi my name is Jane Harris and I wrote a book called sugar money which is set in 1765 in the Caribbean and I came across the story I was reading a history book because I loved history and it was on my favorite subjects at school and when I was leaving this history book I came across a little paragraph which had a two story in it and that story affected me so much but I my name is Benjamin Meyers I'm the author of the gallows bulge when the water Scott price 20:18 to novel set in the late 18th century in Coles Dale and West Yorkshire who ever lived writing this book up I learned so much I was able to kind of immerse myself in the world who's that's still evident today in the ruins of buildings and in certain farming names in the area where I live but but actually felt like at certain times like another planet and I think what are the medium boat riding do you get to go visit another planet but historical fiction if you like history if you like writing and I'm sure many many people do you should definitely enter beyond worked at Walter Scott prize it is one


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