Welcome To Country - Aunty Joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy

Welcome To Country – Aunty Joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy

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this book is called welcome to country it's by auntie joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy welcome words by auntie joy Murphy welcome to country with illustrations by Lisa Kennedy welcome to the traditional lands of the war on jury people our ancestors left their mark on the land for us to follow in their footsteps we have a presence on this earth through the spirits of our ancestors we respectfully acknowledge our elders and the community of this land and all elders and communities of this continent and neighboring islands we thank them for their courage strengths integrity and values we they were under a other manner gun people were in the river white gum and Jerry the grub that lives in the tree bundle the Eagle is our creator spirit bundle created man woman and child from the land bundle created the birds the animals the mountains the rivers when jewel created all things natural from the land bundle watches over the indelible footprints of our ancestors on this land we invite you to take a leaf from the branches of the White River gum if you accept a leaf and we hope you do it means you are welcome to everything from the tops of the trees to the roots of the earth but you must only take from this land what you can give back we thank you for you have now joined with us to pay respects to the spirit of our ancestors who have nurtured this land for thousands of years we are part of the land and the land is part of us we feel the roots of this land beneath the souls of our bare feet this is where we come from our language is the wire wrong in Gulu welcome traditional lands of the war injury people welcome to country


  1. Beautifully written and beautifully read. It would be great if there were close up images of the illustrations so that we could really appreciate the art work. Thank you so much for sharing.

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