What Famous Writer's think of school!

What Famous Writer's think of school!

Here is a compilation of things writer’s have said about school, as well as my thoughts on it!

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hello everyone it's Maya and welcome back to another video I am very excited to show you this video today because there's something that I relate to very much and hopefully you can relate to it as well so today's video will be all about going back to school now don't exit this video just yet because I know it might be like me and the five going back to university or high school or wherever you're going it's probably quite depressing because you just been first summer you just had time to actually do what you want to do and not what a teacher asks you to do and now I got to go back but I'm here today to kind of give you a writerly perspective on going back to school and somebody's because I found the Internet are quite interesting so if up further ado let's go see what writers think about going back to school so before I start giving some quotes from offers about what they think about school I kind of want to get a bit of a disclaimer so I'm not somebody who loves school and I'm gonna say this quite honestly school has always been quite tough for me um I got really badly bullied there was some teachers who believed me true story I won't go into it right now and also I have a different learning style than how schools these days are made to portray schooling so for example I learned better by doing by being able to be creative and many school systems are very rigidly placed so you have strict rules strict curriculum strict way steel to students and all those rules and guidelines kind of didn't let my creativity really flow and let my creativity really be able to expand but saying this if you're watching this and you are younger schooling is very important you do learn a lot to not say skip school don't go to school no schooling is very important you learn some very important lessons if you were blessed of having a teacher that is incredible it can completely change your life I've had many stories about that but one that's really close to home is my sister so she had a teacher who taught her music and before going into her class she had no idea what music was after finishing her class she jumped into the music bandwagon and now she's a music teacher herself out of high school so teaching can be amazing really completely change your life for the better but like I said school can also be really tough so now that I've kind of give him a little disclaimer about how schools good but can also be really really tough let's get into what writers have to say about it so I had this idea for this video I kind of wanted to look through the internet see what I could find and I hit the jackpot so to speak and it's the site called literary hub and has a very long list of quotes from writers about school and they're all very known writers as well sort of credit for finding all these quote schools literary hub and I will put the link to an article down below so if you like these quotes won't check them out yourself you can definitely do that all right let's go to the first quote the first quote I found is from Ray Bradbury so if you don't know Ray Bradbury he wrote Fahrenheit 451 he wrote other books as well but I think that's his most known novel and I'll put it right up here so you can check it out but he has this to say about school let me read it to you libraries raised me I don't believe in college or universities I believe in libraries because most students don't have any money when I graduated from high school it was during a depression we had no money I couldn't go to college so I went to the library three days a week for ten years all right so my first thought on this quote is I completely agree with him I think that for some people University in college is the right route to go but for other people maybe the entrepreneurial route is the way to go and you don't need university or color should be successful though it should in society that we have today having a piece of paper that says you graduated from university will give you more credibility I also have kind of loved that he went to a library of free time three days a week for ten years that is just like amazing I love my library or near my house and I go there to do most of my writing for my novel and so I kind of I could see myself doing that though 10 years is quite a long time and in my last thing I'm thinking about on this quote is how did he afford to not work because I feel like that's the role most of us face we go to university we go in debt and then we have to find work to kind of pay off that debt and then after that's all done then we start taking care of ourselves and following our passions so I kind of interesting to be more research about how he made his income and how he could afford going to per days a week to the library for ten years if you do know comment down below I like to know how we made that up in because let's face it I think all of us watching this video would love to just spend three days a week at the library not worrying about work that would be fun so as I'm scrolling down for this document here on the literary hub website I see another one from Ray Bradbury but it's quite long so I'm gonna skip that one then we have one from Isaac Asimov and I'm not quite sure what he wrote I'm more of a like why a classic children lit kind of thing but you know I probably should know who this guy is and then we have my Anjali I really like Maya Angelou even though I haven't read any of her full works one because she is like a total badass she like shows people that like you can go through such bad times when you're younger or like for your life and then just kind of beat everyone out of the water I also really like her because her first name is Maya and my mom's kind of hinted that Maya Angelou was kind of like an inspiration for my name because she found my angel inspiring she's like oh my could be astronomy of course I wasn't the only reason but like that's part of the reason that she loved the name Maya so here's what Maya Angelou has to say my mother said that I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy that some people unable to go to school were more educated and even more intelligent and college professors she encouraged me to listen carefully to a country people called mother wit that and those homeless sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations I again agree with this I'm loving these goats I feel like it's so true that some people who never go to university or never go to much schooling have so much knowledge maybe not traditional knowledge that you will learn in at university but knowledge that can be just as powerful and amazing I love her she said it the collective wisdom of generations is something really powerful because I really agreed not as well and that's kind of why study history for a bit because I feel like we can learn a lot from the asked we can't we shouldn't we shouldn't be focused on the past and stuck in the past but we shouldn't know about the past so we can move into the future in a more proper way in a more like amazing way because we've learned from the past and we've moved on to be more powerful I feel if we look at my Angela's story and like take that quote into her story about what she's lived through and then she's kind of overcome it yeah very very powerful stuff all right let's go next one all right this one it says often attributed to Mark Twain as the first person who said it was actually first written by Grant Allen I'm not too sure grant Allen is if I can find out what he wrote I'll put it up here but Mark Twain of course wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn so it says you must never let spooling interfere with education and again it's an amazing quote I feel like I could not get these quotes so much because like I said schooling hasn't always been the best way for me to learn I've learned a lot a lot from my life through books because it's a way to let my creative muscles go as I learn so I think it's really interesting the way I would take this and that's not sure if this is how Mark Twain or grant Allen took this quote would probably be that schooling can kind of interfere with our creative education in the way because it's kind of making us all try to fit in these boxes right so you go into school and you're made to conform to these boxes you're proud of the education system then you go into the Abbott role and fit into a battle box so I kind of think in this way what I would interpret as coda is don't want schooling interfere with your personality with who you are in education and becoming your full self without any restraint so that's how let me take it but again who knows how they meant it alright next okay this is a very very very long quote this one's by Ralph Ellison's if you want to check it out just go on that two page Oh Oscar Wilde all right let's see what Oscar Wilde has to say education is an admirable thing but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing is worth knowing that can be taught all right I'm trying to still process that quote I feel like maybe what he's saying is that everything that is worth Wayne can't be taught as in the way that you have to experience it or learn from your mistakes I completely believe in that too you can't learn everything in life from a classroom lots of things you learn outside the classroom by either Pine and Islands you've learned in the classroom or by Triffids that are completely of the box and learning from them that way actually I have a friend here today who said that she'll hurt my biggest essence as a kid by doing exactly what she was taught not to do so she told me how she was told not to run down a stair and so she ran down the stairs and she fell and she didn't get badly hurt but she learned from then on that running down the stairs and falling hurts so I won't do that again so definitely I can understand what Oscar Wilde saying that something just can't be taught you have to experience it to be able to fully grasp the concept of that knowledge all right I'm gonna do maybe we're two more let's see what we have next okay Beatrix Potter I love Beatrix Potter as well she wrote the Peter Rabbit story if I'm correct it is about a rabbit I hope I got it right and I think her whole series is called a tales of Beatrix Potter and she has a bunch of animals kind of doing different things and it's kind of lessons but it's kind of lessons through animals talking as humans in a way so I did study Beatrix Potter and my children Lit class at University and I really really liked kind of how her stories seemed are for kids but there's so much more behind the stories then what's on the surface and this quote right here says it was written in 1929 and was Beatrix Potter writing this word to her friend so let's see what she has to say she says thank goodness my education was neglected I was never sent to school it would have rubbed off some of the originality if I had not died of shyness or been killed over pressure so I kind of loved I shouted that to the end I think like I just said that school definitely can rub off some originality and they don't mean to do it I know Russ definitely some teachers who encourage originality and encourage creativity but I've also had many teachers who if I wrote an essay for example or university about a novel and I gave the novel a different opinion than they had they would say this is wrong not what I thought of this novel at all good evening to myself well the essays about what I think of the novel not what you think of the novel but many teachers it is listen to what I say and spit up what I said and you will get a good mark so I can definitely see how originality can be rubbed off when you have those kinds of teachers or professors and I've had them if you've had them too comment down below and let me know so far this article is getting a 5 out of 5 stars alright let's do one last one this videos going quite long and we have one here by Truman Capote kappahd I can never say that last name wolf wolf Waldo Emerson alright so last one I'm going to read is from Henry David Thoreau and again if I can see what he wrote I will put it up here and he says what does education often do it makes a straight cut ditch out of a free of meandering brook after having read that last quote I kind of see a recurring theme through most of these writers most of them seem to say that schooling kind of squeezes out your creativity and doesn't let you fully be who you want to be in fact as I am filming this I have just watched a video by Kristen Martin which is another offer tuber on this platform and she was kind of saying how she graduated University I'm not quite sure hundred-percent brilliant link to her video down below so you can go check out her full story in her whole full video anyways but you told everyone watching your video how she graduate university went into this corporate job and she just felt like she lost herself and I feel like I have felt that way to you when I am at school and doing what everyone wants me to do and what my real passion is is writing a real passion is creativity my real passion is helping people for the power of storytelling and sometimes it feels like school can just crush out of you and it's really hard and a lot of the point I want to say about this is that I have had friends who loved reading they were avid readers they would read as much as I did and I read a lot and they would devour any book they could get their hands on but Africa way through university and the strict rules of what we had to read when they stopped reading completely and they never went back to it and that's something that I was scared of winning I started University and I was also why I try to inject as much creativity as I can I go through university because there is such strict rules about how a threat essays what you have to do and it doesn't let you much room to just be yourself and just write how you feel things should be written so there's big difference between what people think you should write and what you want to write so I think I'll stop that there because I could go on about this subject forever I hope you enjoyed seeing what some famous writers have to say about schooling and I hope didn't depress you too much about school starting like I said schooling could have many many benefits and for some people it is a perfect path for them for some people it is not the right path for them as you can see in the case of these famous writers so again I hope you enjoy and if you're going back to school like I am stay strong we got this we can beat that semester beat that school year and before you know it we'll be on the path to our dreams and to doing what we love to do if you like this video don't forget to subscribe and comment I really hope you enjoyed and until next time have a wonderful day and I'll see you then bye


  1. Oh wow, that website is awesome! I really love how there's this emphasis on learning and expanding your mind, but not necessarily on that strictly meaning JUST going to school. Not everyone is able to go to a formal type of school, or is suited to learn in that kind of environment, and I think society really shuns that instead of encouraging learning in other sorts of ways. But these quotes DO seem to encourage that and it's really empowering. Love this idea for a video!!

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