Who Is The Greatest Author of ALL TIME?

Who Is The Greatest Author of ALL TIME?

My choice for greatest author of all time. NO, It is not Robert Jordan. Shocker, I know. But when it comes to writing, there are many good picks. Personally I went with what could be considered an obvious choice, but there is plenty of ammo to back it up.

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the greatest author of all time literally thousands of contenders so how could we possibly narrow it down to just one and I know what you're thinking Daniels gonna say Robert Jordan no no I'm not Robert Jordan is my favorite fantasy author but I identify that that comes from personal preference and is limited to genre and if many people want to stick with the fantasy genre they could throw up people like Tolkien but I disagree once again while he was amazing for the fantasy genre I don't think he's had the impact needed on fiction or writing as a whole to be considered up for goat status well you could go with more contemporary writing as well and you can throw out names like JK Rowling which I think you'd be a little crazy to do she wrote some wonderful team fantasy but I cringe when I see her and goat author lists it's just it's not earned there and if you want to go hardcore fantasy there's a whole lot of people who want to throw George RR Martin's name in the mix for greatest author of all time but once again you're constricting yourself to fantasy and while he's certainly in the list for greatest fantasy authors of all time and maybe even in top fifty or hundred greatest authors of all time no he is not the greatest author of all time if you've paid close attention to my channel and been following me for a little bit you know I've dropped Ernest Hemingway's name frequently I do love this man his simplistic writing style used to create incredible stories and convey emotion more effectively than any three or four or five syllable word possibly could this guy knows how you perceive writing but I still wouldn't throw him up for greatest of all time don't get me wrong in terms of my personal respect there's very few people I put above Hemingway if you've not read for Whom the Bell Tolls old man in the sea or farewell to arms I think you're missing out on some of the greatest American literature of all time some people might throw Edgar Allan Poe up for debate and when if you're coming from dark poetry or maybe just poetry straight up in yeah PO could be in for debate but we're talking across all genres all history who is the best I recently saw people throw up names for like Socrates when it comes to greatest author which you're discounted from the debate all together there because if you knew anything about Socrates you know he thought writing and reading was like beneath him he didn't believe in writing things down that's what the Phaedrus is like about read the Phaedrus between him and Plato it's but basically Socrates saying I'm he's right stuff I just take things off the top of my head but I do like this idea of going back a bit throughout history we've been delivered some of the greatest stories that stick with us today Beowulf Canterbury Tales all these stories are remain in our cultural mind and they've influenced some of the greatest stories told in modern times stories like the once and future king would not have been created they didn't have that base of influence from these older stories that have evolved into now our modern literature but where I'm going for greatest of all time is gonna fall in the middle someone who was influenced by the old but then basically became the Beatles of writing and everything after his creations was basically reflected of him Disney retells his stories all the time and so do many other authors pretty directly without changing much in fact it's so widely accepted that no one even accuses you of plagiarizing or stealing it's just oh you're doing a stab at Shakespeare yep we're going with Shakespeare here some people are now again there's this it's popular and it's loved so let's go against it mentality which in some cases you have some basis for doing so but going against Shakespeare saying he's overrated Wow I would love to hear a well-thought-out argument for that because I do not believe you he has things like lyricism in his stories which is incredible to think about this guy was so poetic and so ahead of his time the greatest modern day rappers do not touch his bars he literally invented words that made sense in his audience just understood in context in the way they sounded Shakespeare understood linguistics to a point where it enhanced his plays his stories were mostly original and has such a bizarre turn on them that within his lifetime he became one of the most recognizable names in the world and he was the first author I'm aware of to make jokes by just using the writing and pacing of his stories there's such intricate amazing wordplay happening to tell highly influential and epic stories I've acted in a couple of Shakespeare's plays in college either for classes or side projects with friends and I'd never really appreciated him while I was doing that and I regret that I noted some of the wordplay I thought oh that's clever overall I thought the stories were fine but it wasn't until a stage combat class Believe It or Not where I had everything turned on its head there's one fight that happens with one of his plays or someone gets stabbed in the chest and Shakespeare correctly describes and diagnoses a sucking chest wound meaning he's punctured a lung and the lung is filling with blood and then the character rapidly dies I heard my stage teacher talk about this and I went wait a minute Shakespeare know about sucking chest wounds and he wrote it into his play not only wrote it into his play but did it in a way where anyone who can recognize that type of wound knows what's happening without it ever being directly told to the audience doing a better job than most modern-day Hollywood writers who still do not understand show don't tell but Shakespeare managed to show through his inadvertent telling which is a whole nother level call me pretentious but I just respect giving a medical diagnosis in a play after hearing this I felt the need to go through and re-examine a lot of Shakespeare and he is just next level there are people whose minds stand out during their time Stephen Hawking for science in our modern age rest in peace is one of the examples and I fully 100% believe Shakespeare is that kind of mind someone who transcends what is considered great and lands on greatest of all time fairly undisputed it's not only the originality the wordplay the humor the incredible descriptions the subliminals which he invented doing within plays the way he captured culture made fun of it twisted all kinds of preconceptions and played with basically society as a whole but to me it's the consistency there are some Shakespearean plays that are not considered as good as his greatest but that doesn't mean they're bad in fact Shakespeare's worst is better than most authors can dream of pinning having a flash in the pan great story or album or movie can be done we all know of artists who are one-offs one-hit wonders within what they do Shakespeare manages to be the opposite of that where almost everything he wrote is worth tearing apart and looking into with a magnifying glass now there's gonna be some people rolling their eyes this channel is mostly for fantasy fans and people who just want that genre to be talked about and you were probably hoping I would name a fantasy author well here's what I'm gonna tell you Midsummer's Night Dream is fantasy and it's probably in debate for me in my favorite play of his and I highly recommend you check it out Shakespeare dealt with ghosts and magic and witches and these fantastical elements Branden reading them can be a little difficult but if you read some kind of translated version for modern English you are losing out on so so much of the beauty and creativity of his writing because if you read it in the original way it was written you get all of these little wordplay things that just cannot exist with the evolution of language that's one of the few downsides of his style so packed with all these metaphors wordplay using linguistics to enhance the play that if you pull it out of the era it was written in it dies out a little bit and that's why I think it's so easy as our generations move on to not give his works the credit they are due pick them up and read them but trust me they are worth it actually reading them doesn't even do them justice you need to say a lot of the things he's writing for it to fully make sense and get the entire impact a lot of his cues and jokes are verbal so please go see a Shakespearean play if you're in any kind of populated area I'm sure there's some either school Playhouse college or whatever that would be putting on a Shakespearean play in the somewhat near future and if you're in a major city there's one probably happening within the next month I have a younger audience here my age demographic is actually right about where I am 20 to 25 and a lot of people my age have never given Shakespeare his due please fix that this guy is the pinnacle of writing in a lot of people's minds and I do not disagree I view him more similar to a modern-day MC with his offhanded disses and jokes and just phenomenal wordplay but he results in a storyteller that is just so far above and beyond what any modern rapper has done to this point and I know this is probably common knowledge but a lot of Disney movies are simply retelling Shakespeare's stories so if you love them you might like what happens in what he wrote because they're simply retelling a Shakespearean story anyway just a random rant ramble I wanted to throw one out there unfortunately when you're in high school and I know this is true for me you can't fully appreciate what's happening on the page it takes a lot of studying to finally go oh wow to really get the level of Shakespeare works on but that's all for me today guys I hope you enjoyed the video like and subscribe if you have not already hit the patreon if you want to support what I do here and have a good one you'll peace


  1. I used to think Shakespeare was overrated, but at the time I had also only read Romeo and Juliet, because I was forced to and I hated it. And I saw it preformed in the Sydney Opera House, and fell asleep though it (granted I was also 9 days into a 13 day relatively intensive and tiring tour of Australia and New Zealand (definitely not a vacation. Vacations are relaxing). And I don't like romance literature. And I don't think suicide should be romanticized. Then I read a couple more of his plays, Hamlet and MacBeth, and I like those plays. I still don't think he's the god of literature, the be-all-end-all of the entire history of the world in literature that (at least my) teachers treated him as, but he's undeniably one of, if not the best writers ever.

    MacBeth is pretty high up there for stories that I enjoy.

    I still don't know if I think he's the GOAT, simply because of how much that opinion was shoved down my throat (and when I said I disagreed I was given lower grades because of it), and I'll always reject any opinion or view that someone tries to force on me.

  2. I'm a bit strange amongst my age demographic because I unironically like Shakespeare. It took me a while to truly appreciate him, as I feel many people do. It was the power of his language in such works like Richard III, Julius Caesar, or MacBeth, as well as the scheming in those plays that won me over, it reminded me quite a bit of Game of Thrones, which, funnily enough, he cited The War of The Roses as an influence on Game of Thrones, which Shakespeare wrote a lot about, while taking a bunch of liberties with the material he was given.

    I like Fitzgerald a lot more than Hemingway, as I feel that Hemingway is really pretentious with that simple sentence structure, like there were people doing that before you, and they were the pulps!! Despite that, he has produced some brilliant work like The Old Man and The Sea.

    I'd also throw Charles Dickens, Cormac McCarthy, Mark Twain, and William Faulkner on contenders for greatest authors of all time, that might be a stretch, I know, but they're truly fantastic as well. I'm also a bit of an Anglophile, so I'd add Dickens, William Blake, CS Lewis, Tolkien, Alan Moore as contenders too.

    But then again, I don't think there'll ever be anybody that'll beat Shakespeare, and if there is…well I don't think it's possible.

  3. There is an author I'm sure everyone had heard of but hasn't read much cause he wrote in Bengali and the English translations don't do him much justice and that is Rabindranath Tagore. I think he has written the most out of any authors and if not then he is certainly in the top 5. He has written Novels, Short stories, memoirs, plays, poetry, operas, almost 2500 songs. And the genre he wrote in extends from drama to science to horror, satires, you name it. He influenced the Bengali culture like no author ever influenced a single culture. You might even call Bengalis, the Tagorian People. If you haven't read him, definitely check him out. Oh, and he was the first ever person from the Continent of Asia to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. I think Tagore might be one of the greatest authors of all time. Certainly in the top 5

  4. Of course. Before the plot twist I thought you were gonna say Hans Christian Andersen.

    It's a toss up between Midsummer's & the Tempest for best Shakespeare fantasy in my mind. So glad my parents raised me going to the theatre. See Shakespeare, don't just read it. Some books go a long way towards trying to give you all the context & genius, but a production is naturally the best way to go.

  5. The thing about appreciating Shakespeare is about finding the write avenue. Like Daniel says, sometimes reading it off the page is not enough, and that is so true. I hated studying Shakespeare and just couldn't appreciate him, until the Pop Up Globe company came to my city. The first time I went it was only to accompany my friend, but as soon as I got home I immediately bought tickets to watch the other plays they were doing in that season. I still can't appreciate just reading Shakespeare, to be honest, but as an intimate theatre performance? It can be really good.

    (On another note, I highly recommend checking out the musical cast album of Something Rotten? In particular, the song 'I hate Shakespeare'. It's glorious lol)

  6. Shakespeare; have to admit I didn't think of him going in, but looking back its really obvious. He is the most influential writer of the English language; and we use him every day without knowing him.

    Lines from his play are used to this day, often without knowing it; "The game is afoot", a quote commonly associated with another literally giant (Sherlock Holmes) is a quote from the play Henry V, while quotes like 'Heart of gold', 'Too much of a good thing', 'Break the ice' and many others are used in our everyday lives.

    No other writer I know of has had such an impact on language.

    Other writers I can think of who could be in the running though, include Jules Verne, probably the most successful sci-fi author ever (in terms of what he wrote becoming feasible, even common today) and Sun Tzu, whose writings and philosophies on warfare are still relevant today, around 2500 years after he died.

  7. My boy, my argument against those points is that 1. He invented words and screwed with normal sentence structure to make them rhyme, I wouldn’t even consider him good with that. 2. People barely understand what he’s saying.

    Lol not much more, but in fact I do agree. Those two things do kinda drop his total score.

  8. Fantasy is Brandon Sanderson if not now I guarantee he will be as long as he sticks around for awhile. Horror is probably Stephen King although I can’t stand King. I’m not a fan of shakespeare sorry. I honestly don’t think there is a best i really don’t. It’s more like flavors. It is in the eye of the beholder.

  9. I know this makes me sound dumb, but it's hard for me to follow Shakespeare's writings. Between trying to piece the "translation" from Shakspearian to modern English and trying to piece together the subtext of the scenes I put in too much work to enjoy it. Respect the man though

  10. I identify with your love of Shakespeare. But I would like to ask if you know of Milton? Also if find the concept of the greatest author of all time difficult to grasp as you would the greatest music artist of all time. How can you choose? Shakespeare was amazing. But so was Donne, T.S Elliott, Blake and if you want to really talk about genius… Milton. Just wondering if you know of them. Big respect for Shakespeare as ever as always x x x

  11. There is no greatest of all time. We are talking about subjective art here so at best you can find a generally appreciated group of authors, but this is again moot.
    I like your channel, so no unnecessary hate here, but I think this is a silly video made for the sport.

  12. "Therefore, much drink may be said to be an equivocator with lechery. It makes him, and it mars him; it sets him on, and it takes him off; it persuades him, and disheartens him; makes him stand to and not stand to…"

  13. I don't know if Shakespeare would even be in the discussion for me, just because I'm not sure whether or not a playwright counts as an author. Playwrights and novelists have different tools at their disposal, and different objectives when it comes to how they aim to please their audience. Shakespeare's still indisputably one of the greatest writers to ever live; I just don't think he worked within the medium of an author.

    For me, as far as native English is concerned, my personal favorite has to be Mark Twain; although, if I'm being honest, Faulkner is probably a more talented overall writer. Vonnegut is also high up in my rankings, as is Joseph Heller for Catch-22. Again though, that might just be my personal taste for satire tipping the scales. I do need to read more from non-American authors. At the moment, the only non-American big name I'm familiar with is Dickens, and he made it very clear that he was getting paid by the word IMO.

    If we're opening it up to all languages, then Russia puts in a strong showing (again, though, that's probably just my narrow range of familiarity showing). Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Bulgakov were all masters of their craft. Bulgakov is particularly great for writing anti-soviet satire during Stalin's regime. I don't know how much ballsier it's possible to be. Aside of Russians, Dumas probably deserves a place in the discussion too.

  14. As far as genre goes, the greatest scifi/fantasy author is Gene Wolfe. Hands down. As far as non- genre goes, I'd say Thomas Pynchon, at least as far as living authors go.

  15. If you put the influence aspect aside and just try to determine who was actually the best at his craft, I'd say no one can top the russians. Dostoevsky was, in my opinion, the single best at exploring character, psychology and morality. Perhaps Tolstoy might be able to compete with him in that regard. However, the best exploration of society, idiology and politics was done by George Orwell, atleast I would think so. Aldous Huxley was pretty amazing aswell. The greatest use of language, symbolism and metaphors would be Franz Kafka, I see no contender there tbh. Dickens and all the old English and Irish ones were all amazing story tellers aswell. Hemmingway, J. D. Salinger and James Joyce all revolutionized the way stories could be told in their time, but could never reach the depth of meaning that can be found in the greatest russian works. Shakespeare, Dante and Homer are among the greatest without a doubt, though I wouldn't say anone one of them was the single best.

  16. everything you said about him still holds true when you read it in spanish as I did when I was introduced to him in high school. Could not agree more after reading him in English, Midsummer Night's dream at that!

    Now I see Puck and Oberon references all around me hahaha.

  17. Have you read the Sandman comics by Gaiman? Shakespeare appears in them as a character and I personally think that it's the best representation of Shakespeare in any medium, ever.

  18. Seeing as we're talking about Shakespeare, there's a channel called "Fandom musings" that has a video called something to the effect of Tolkein hated Shakespeare and that's why Arwyn's a badass. The person who made the video likes Shakespeare so it's not Shakespeare hate, just thought you'd find it interesting.

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