Who is Wynter Pitts? Wynter Pitts Biography, Life Story, Author, Books, Blog and Cause of Death

Who is Wynter Pitts? Wynter Pitts Biography, Life Story, Author, Books, Blog and Cause of Death

One of the popular authors of several books including You’re God’s Girl, She is Yours is widely recognized as Wynter Pitts. She is the founder of For Girls Like You which gives girls a new devotional showing them a correct definition of themselves, opening their eyes to God’s truth and the difference it makes in their lives. She is a well-known celebrity. Unfortunately, she passed away from this world on the date of 24th July 2018.



  1. I never heard of this lady before that I know of Pitts Funeral Home and I enjoy Priscilla preaching I hope she continue to be blessed into spreading the word of the Lord cuz we are living in the days that we need to hear the word and I hope she continue to spread the word of the Lord to people that really needs to know who he is and what he can do stay blessed

  2. I am so sorry for Wynter's loss and the grief her husband, children, and loved ones are suffering! Doesn't make any sense on this side of eternity, but God doesn't ensure us that it will. I will commit to praying for the family, especially her babies!

  3. R.I.P. my Hebrew Yisraelite daughter of Zion Wynter Pitts may The Most High our Elohim Yahuah bless and keep your Hebrew Yisraelite Husband/ Son of Zion and your daughters of Zion until you met them again in the Promiseland the Most High Yahuah promised our bloodline Ancient Ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Yisrael/ Yabov. We are the Real Children of Yisrael l pray your Husband learns the Hebrew Bible Biblical TRUTH thus saith the Lord thy our Elohim Yahuah and awaken from European Caucasian Christianity. The Holy Bible isn't a Christian Bible from Europe but a Hebrew Bible out of Ancient Northwest African- land of Ethiopia meaning Land Of The Blacks. Shabbat Shalom my Hebrew Yisraelite Mishpacha.

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