Why did John The Baptist eat locust? What is Bdellium?

Why did John The Baptist eat locust? What is Bdellium?

Investigate why others feel John may have eaten manna, The carob tree beans and it’s pulp. honey, or pancakes. Discover why his attire and nutrition was important to include in Scripture. To order the authors book log onto www.findinghealinginGodsbackyard.com.

six yes focus Matthew 3 and 4 and the same John had his arraignment of camels hair and a leathern girdle about his loins and his meat was locusts and wild honey leather and girdle was a belt and it fits on the waist and locusts and honey was his food just a little bit of debate going on about whether John really ate bugs or not and so I find it fascinating that he started to show me here leather and then I seen a video about a man touring Israel and there was a locust tree and I said hmm never heard of a locust tree locusts bugs but not not the tree so then we just kind of followed the spirit I don't know where it was the one really didn't know it's like this does not even like you know sound good so let's see and then Leviticus 1122 is the law yes Bible search tonight eleven yes give everyone a second to get there and see who wants to read it part of the problem that comes from everyone's debate is the language what translates to what the Greek says it's one thing Arabic says it's one thing Jews say it's another thing so here we find that God gets permission to eat certain things so this is a big debate over if this grasshopper or a locust has flesh so who wants to read after his can and meet after his cat and the grasshopper after his can but all that all other flying creeping things which so have four feet shall be an abomination unto you and that leads to a whole other realm of locust topic so it's fascinating to me so here he gives Moses the commandments to give to the people and it says what you may eat locusts flatout I don't have problems that it's right there yep but and white I don't know why we have have such a dream about it over Muslims a Rabia or is that what did they call them I always call them some Iranians okay Iranians now we're together they still eat locusts as a common food source usually they boil it or fry it so we'll go maybe into that a little bit later but let's try to straight let me try stay on one topic so I still care of tree if anyone heard of it so the Iranians believe that John ate a type of beans from the locust tree so investigation leads to that that is also called st. John's bread which is kind of interesting to me thrives in a dry climate and it grows in the Mediterranean believe that the fruit of the tree it's called a pod and it's edible looks like a drop out banana and it can be like 12 inches long and the pulp that comes out of it is sweet and let's see and if you grind it in a grinder you get your powder form at which they mix in drinks or to flavor something it tastes like chocolate they said I highly doubt it tastes like our chocolate but they said hey they say they just taste a lot like chocolate well suppose like I'm sorry won't come to me so Greeks they say that here that locust is really a honey cake and so a honey cake to the Greeks is translated manna and so what would you say about manna what just what do we all know about manna food from heaven and it was brought down buck well to God's people and they were in the wilderness and so therefore it can't be man-made it was God made and dropped down here so I can see how someone would get that mixed up we'll go tune up to Exodus 16 31 and the way that they describe it mana is for Esther I'll read it there and it was like coriander seed and oh sorry it's we're thinking breakfast the title of this is actually what's for breakfast you're just in a group so it's what kind of man are they talking about that's okay so the people rested on the seventh day and a house of Israel called that place mana to place and that's a place of where they picked all the manna up and south now it's a building interesting I say okay what does that have to do with it Lord so and then their next thing coriander seed does not say carob seed it says coriander seed cleanly and it also tastes like wafers of honey okay you can eat I can see how you can easily put that all into one ball of wax and come up with a lot of different outcomes let's turn to X or keep your place you might who might come back there numbers 11 and seven seven and eight still trying to see how this is related to locusts that John ate in the wilderness and it brings me here brings us here how about Sabrina you want to read seven and eight and the mana was the coriander seed and the collar there was the color medallion yeah Delia Delia there yeah and the people went about and gathered it and ground it in the meals and bTW in a mortar and baked it in pans and make cakes of you in the taste of it was as a taste of fresh oil okay you can get oil apparently you call that pulp or you can call that honey depends on what consistency you know I see thanks see that medallion have you heard of that that was one of those Wow really I didn't I've never seen that but I wore before ever and so of course curious minds need to search so we'll get to that what is a mortar very good you know what I thought mortar was you put bricks together with it and I'm like huh I don't make any sense then does it so but yes it is and they would made it out of hard clay mud like a clay pot what I found out was clay pot and they used like a rock to ground same the same way they did with Hezekiah and his boils off of the fig tree same similar situation what else don't this is talk about the axial mana that comes down that over here in Exodus 16 31 is where the people gathered the manna so they're calling that place but you know that's why they did altars and stuff they called them by different names or the same name as something else yeah communion bread is the bread of life the flesh from Jesus and it's unleavened cause of the sin but it's crushed and I don't know if it's but if it was barley or yeah and then it's cooked I do remember that it was cooked with herb so and it was bitter herb so coriander and cilantro are bitter herbs and coriander is in the same family as cilantro so yes if they had that they put that on a man and make bread but it also said that you they're going to gather up some to save for future generations well locust well we can all right so Sumer the holy spirit that's what I thought imma go to Genesis it can't be anything to do with locusts no in all right Lord two and twelve I thought and I'm backing clear back in Genesis 2 I don't know what you're going K I said well or that's great now you know that tells me the de belem could be a stone of some type and the Onyx stone is very important because the Onyx stone is found further exodus twenty eight nine and ten searching out the depth but del young you know or however you want to say it some expert could tell us damn names of the children of the their names good so here we see that the ones that was introduced in Genesis was now being used to mark the government's or the territories that God separated his children in and they say that each government is made of six things even today or made up of 12 most likely you have to have some way to treat medically most likely have somebody running money somebody has to know how to do the communication and somebody has to know how to do armor armor arm army stuff and then there was one other thing that they had to handle consumption I think they list the other one so I'm like hey that really interesting I really like that so let's go back to Exodus not Exodus numbers 11 was that where it told us book that a murder that was like mur so 7 & 8 remember it says the manna was coriander seed was as that's a simile coriander seed and the color thereof was the color of an onyx stone or medallion alright so what is this so let me see what I wrote down about bdellium oh and then I have to take you there I forgot that one that one looks real interesting but it's a fragrant resin produced by a number of trees found in the Middle East so it's myrrh it's used and it grows Middle East it grows like SAP that comes off the tree like myrrh has a teardrop formation and so they call it tears of heaven and so you know the Iranians call it their tree of Tears so the difference is its environment one is in Egypt where they were for a good long time before they went to the wilderness for 400 years this one though Adel YUM you can put it in the Sun and let the Sun heat it and it turns to liquid and a liquid taste similar similar to honey and they also use it as incense see it helps with circulatory things and imbalances that the body has helps swelling and weeping wound to the Jewish [Applause] they say that it was flesh and that eating of the flesh is a sin according to the law of Moses and they also have a problem with the King James Bible believing because they do not believe they believe in James the brother of Jesus they believe in Jesus but they and they don't believe in Paul and they don't believe Jesus is the Messiah so let's look at Romans him that is weak in the faith receive ye but not to doubtful disputations for one believeth that he may eat all things another who is weak eaters let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not and let not with him which eateth not judge him that eateth for God hath received him for who art thou that judgest another man servant to his own master he standeth or falleth ye he shall be hold it up for God is able to make him stand the Jews here are still fighting with the Gentiles and with Paul and Paul just simply says you can eat anything you want to pretty much try not to offend each other that's not the focus of food anymore so but there was people and they were called every night and every nights were they only but Jews will tell you that Jesus and his crew only ate vegetables that they didn't eat any meat so therefore John the Baptist who came before Jesus he didn't eat meat so he surely couldn't eat locusts because locust is flesh so these AB unites AB unites they also believed and they believed some and that they were Christian Jews but they started their ministry at Matthew 30 they admired James the brother but they read they rejected Apostle Paul because he was against the law they just wanted everybody to get along so continuing down the rabbit trail the bread of heaven is called what have a lot because that tells us where this bdellium is and we all know that Egypt Ethiopia Iraq Iran Turkey is the land of gold because it's got liquid gold and gas petroleum or Patrol whatever that stuff is natural so did it say anything about that word all right so it's found in have have have Allah and I recognized that word where the Garden of Eden was and so they would one of the studies so see the connection something is just connecting and stay right well okay let's give it some thought Havana is still in India primarily but there are some there are four main bodies or heads of bodies of water I think is how it is in Scripture and so the now and your eighties River the now goes through Africa and guess where he was he was John came about six months before Jesus he was born from Elizabeth and came here to herald Herod Herod he's he said okay go kill all the two-year-olds because he was a mean and nasty King and I was like way out of his mind he even killed all of his own kids so let's go every else's two didn't matter to him because he had he was worried about people stealing his money and that's what it all stemmed from him killed his wife so so we know that Elizabeth took John into the wilderness and she couldn't have went really far to hide out so that her baby would be second Corinthians 6:17 how about John Sabrina John one and twenty-three yes heretic yes time he said it I am the voice of the one crying in the wilderness make straight the way of the Lord as he said the prophet that he was in the wilderness and what else to wait to me one more time he said I am the voice of the one crying in the wilderness make straight way of the Lord and said the prophet Isaiah Isaiah okay and who has second Corinthians second Corinthians 6:17 okay so somebody tell me second Kings one and eight and then we have Zechariah 13 and 14 only thing at this point that I've seen is a full circle about the beginning of a locust and it starts with John and the wilderness and it takes us all the way back to manna and Egypt and possibly the beginning of the three heads of water where the people where where God's children at least the leads us right back to the Nile where John was born and raised and so now we need to realize how his dress and what he ate was so important that scripture actually mentioned it because it usually tell us how she wore her hair that day your brush your teeth the other day you know who has it for me second Kings anybody 1 8 k so we see that there's a connecting profit that was also dressed in animal skin with a leather and belt and let's see camel's hair how about Zechariah 13 and 14 who's this one about [Applause] yes have anything to do with address 13 14 14 let's try the ze C reference set remain ringabel ze is that Zachariah and that's where you're at okay I'm thinking that might have been I'll have to come back to that but the fact the fact that there was one dress before him like that because they needed to be identified as God's chosen vessels and it relates to what Jessica read to us because that tells us that we also need to be separate and we need to act and look like Christians and so I have reference for Matthew 11 and in Zechariah 13 54 yeah that's what I was thinking that's what I'm like it's like wrapping up versus clothed in soft raiment behold they that wear soft clothing are in King's houses reading yes yeah for to see a profit yay I say unto you and more than a prophet this is he my face which shall good John question just like we do how am i Lord I'm you know qualified or whatever to lose the shoes shoes of Jesus and baptizing I think it goes with his dress and his raiment most of our prophets lived in the wilderness and they ate what was in the wilderness so I think that yes locusts and he did it have some type of honey [Applause] so let's mention coriander or not coriander but the health benefits of coriander anybody know what coriander does for you and your body I'd use it for two two reasons and I'll try to put it nicely I take a veggie cap and I put two drops and I swallow that and it removes toxins from your body so it helps you it helps me okay I saw that's what that's how and we'll put it it's also relieves symptoms of like indigestion and baby colic so that's what they used for colicky babies and the other reason that coriander is the best is because I have Const trouble with blood clots hmm so does my whole family my grandmother and my mother but it helps your circulatory system work it helps thin your blood and then your arteries so that keeps it clean and your blood can go through which also helps my blood pressure stay pretty even I'm not a diabetic but the curbs your appetite occurs you're one team four sugars so I'm thinking that's going to go somewhere down the line to help diabetics because sugar starch and a bunch of other things I don't know I've read that somewhere but I don't remember where but that's I'd like to say the reasons I done tonight want some more meat hopefully it'll mean for you cuz there let's just we'll say we'll go with describing a locust or what was what was God's purpose of creating the locust the Bible first mentioned locusts with mr. Farrow suppose Pharaoh wouldn't let his people go and so and that was after that after he's already seen like the blood like no now River turned to blood and turned red a few times but he had the locusts come because the locust eats everything I can and I can see just black swarms I've looked on the internet I've just black swarms that come through there and they leave absolutely nothing leaving out the locusts attack Egypt more than anywhere else in the world and they eat all vegetation so therefore the people starve the animal starve so then they started to grind up these pests and feed them to their animals so that at least they would have some kind of nutrition the one in the United States as far as an attack has been the Great Plains and it was around the 1900s into the 1800s and they flew in and took everything and so these people they covered their crops with thick fabric and whatever else leather and they ate through it and still ate the crop they ate wool from sheeps so they're they're really bad there was a grease there's an island off Greece they totally had to evacuate because there was nothing left for the Islanders to eat and all the vacationers everybody was kicked off the island big news and then in Sunday school I mentioned Thomas he's from Arizona and he swears that he was bit by the locusts and five weeks he travelled from Doctor to doctor to try to figure it out and so Fox News has a picture of him with his arms outspread and nothing but bruises so this then connects to revelations and you know maybe one had escaped from the smoke just like as a warning as what Bible people were saying they were kind of a little bit scared about that so they were here to be an army that just Joyce and in Revelations that's exactly what they are and John described him as what he he saw but what truly if you look at a look at one they look like they are wearing armor so and they do make a noise loud like voice of men so there's a lot for us to study on that ends as well and X is 5 2 is where it is 5 2 Africa these communicate with each other and I thought it was interesting that the news reports that I've read about they always refer to the locust swarm as the ancient plague of Egypt they do have a normal flying range migration and in the United States we see them every 7 or 10 years Egypt sees them every 20 but when they see him they see them and it takes down it takes out villages because they just can't feed their people Ethiopia Africa I think that's what I saw description so they probably a good place to stop this was interesting in chronicles 7 13 to 14 it says when I shut up the heavens so there is no rain or command the locust of devoured the land for sin pestilence among my people if my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land it doesn't seem like our government is headed down this path but my grandmother


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