William Shakespeare's Venus & Adonis

William Shakespeare's Venus & Adonis

Adonis lies in the lap of Venus. As she caresses his hair she sees two horses in the distance. As their passion inspires Venus to speak of the powerful nature of love the story returns to the earlier events of the day and Venus’ struggle to get the attentions and affections from the principled Adonis. After a harsh rejection Venus must decide whether she can go on without him. Based on the epic verse poem by William Shakespeare, Venus and Adonis laid the groundwork for the Bard’s famous later work, Romeo and Juliet.

Venus – Amelia Gardham
Adonis – Marcus McSorley

Director – Edward Lui
Cinematography – Edward Lui
Based on poem Venus & Adonis by William Shakespeare
Screenplay – Kieran Bourne
Editor – Kieran Bourne, Edward Lui
Makeup Artist – Sarah Waycott-Marr
Hair – Sarah Sandwell
Music – Dominic Mason
Boom Operator – Rupert Phillips
Dialogue Editor – Saxon Cave-Berry

W: edwardlui.co.uk
T: twitter.com/edwardlui

you throws fairer than myself the fields chief flower sweet above compare staying two or NIMS more lovely than a man more white and red than doves or roses our nature that made thee with herself a strife says that the world have ended with my life in Paris Lee he leaves he nays he bound now his wave and girths he breaks his under the baring earth with his hard heavy wounds whose halloween resounds like heavens thunder the iron bit he crashes twin his teeth controlling what he was controlled with he sees his love and nothing else he sees nothing else with his proud sight degrees jaimé young and so unkind but bear excuses make his vow to be gone the Sun doth burn my face I must remove the Sun that shines from heaven shines but warm low alright lie between the sermon be the heat I have from hence does little harm let go let me go my days delight is past Oh pity lint hearted boy tis but a kiss I beg ha Bhau ashamed to kiss no lady no but my heart longs not to grown but soundly sleeps whilst now it sleeps alone what am i that thou should can tell me this Oh what greater danger dwells upon my suit what were the lips the worse the one for kiss Oh peanut proud no brag of thy might for mastering her that foiled the god of fight his love so light sweet girl and may it be that thou eatest think it heavy unto thee I have been booed as I entreat me now even by the stern and died for God of War yet he has been my captive and my slave and begged for that which that one earth shall have then woo thyself we have myself rejected well I had favoured foul or wrinkled old it will nurtured crooked cherish harsh in voice a worn despised rheumatic and cold the excited leavin lacking juice that white is our Boar's but then I would not for thee it's having no defects why daughter poor me thou art no man though of man's complexion let us part and leave this idle theme this bootless chat remove your seeds from my unyielding heart what cars I'll talk has our tongue Fair Queen if any love you owe me measure my strangeness with my unripe years more I could tell you but more I dare not say the text is old the orator too green therefore in sadness now I will away my face is full of shame my heart of teen my knee is that your wanton talk attended to burn themselves for having so offended make use of time let not advantage slip beauty that lies within itself should not be wasted fair flowers has not gathered in their prime rotten consume themselves in little time the mellow plumbed off all the green sticks fast and if plucked early is sour to taste give me my hand why dost thou feel it given my heart national habit against the tide it seems she stops his lips and kissing speaks and while quick his love for stir content but never to obey hold up thy head look and then eyeballs in their beauty lies and why not lips on lips and eyes and eyes bold to play a sport not in sight these blue-veined violets were unruly never complain nor know what we mean the tens of spring on my tempting lip shows the Emma yet may sell well be tasted fondling since I have haven't been here within this circuit of his I'd repair I should be a park and thou shalt be my dear feed weather boat within this limit is relief enough sweet bottom grass and high delightful plain ground rising hillocks the world to comfort her with wary gate this days hot tar club anything the West sweet boy this night are wasting sorry tell me loves master shall we meet tomorrow I intend to hunt the boar with certain of my friends the boar fee fee you crush me let me go you have no reason to withhold me so well you shall not rise I'm wanted by certain of my friends lay quietly in here a little more fee no more of love give me one kiss and I'll give it thee again one for interest as there will have Twain then you will fall again into your idle over handled theme the kiss I gave you is bestowed in vain and all in vain you strive against the stream I hate not love but your device in love love that lent embracement son to every stranger she's loved she loves yet she is not loved how that is kill me death was lively joy kill me once again their eyes Schrute Rooter that's heart heart of mine have taught them scornful tricks in such disdain that they have murdered this poor heart of mine if love has lent you twenty thousand tons and every tongue more moving than your own bewitching like the wanton mermaids songs yet from my near the tempting tune is blown for know my heart stands armed in mine ear and will not let a false sound enter there love comforta –the like sunshine after rain but lusts effect is temper starter son loves gentle spring dove always fresh remain lusts winter comes air summer half be done love surf it's not lust like a glutton dies love is all truth lust full of forged lies where does Audrey kiss the albergue is such we've known each account of thy mortal worker since her best work is ruined with I reckon he burns with bashful shame he says she is a mother planes Herman what follows more she murders yes for where love reigns disturbing jealousy to cool himself affection center now gives false alarms to justice mutiny and in a peaceful hour doth cry kill kill this tempering gentle love in his desire his air and water do abate the fire poor flower my throbbing heart shall rock the day and night there will not be one minute in an hour when I will not kiss my sweet love's flower you you


  1. No. Her accent is far too strong for such challenging poetry. That plus the far too loud music makes the clear hearing of this otherwise beautiful work to difficult to enjoy. Poor choices ruined your effort.

  2. wonderful bro… just touch my feelings! I am in conflict between lust and love… not only that me, whole univers in this situation. good job bro.. love u bro…. uncountable thanks.

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