Winter Lectures 2016: Why Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare; why it matters

Winter Lectures 2016: Why Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare; why it matters

“As we mark 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, Professor Tribble examines recent debates about Shakespeare’s authorship of plays ascribed to him and shows why it matters that they were written by the man from Stratford.” – Professor Lyn Tribble, Department of English & Linguistics, Division of Humanities. Lecture delivered on Wednesday 6 July 2016, at Parliament Theatrette, Wellington at 6:00pm. Video via For more information about the series, visit


  1. No chance of these Anti-Stratford types cutting themselves on Occam's Razor is there. In the end though we know the real reasons "I refuse to believe a mere commoner can write such works" or "He must've been from some fancy town like Oxford. I'm from Oxford." Oh and Derek Jacobi is a bloody disgrace, he should be ashamed of himself.

  2. Shakespeare could not have written any of those plays, because I wrote them all. It was very difficult and took me a long time. But it was worth it, and I'm glad I did it!

  3. Utter ballocks…just because the name "Shake-speare" appears on the play doesn't mean Shakspere of Stratford WROTE it! It was widely recognized as a pseudonym even in 1600. Read Ogburn's "Mysterious William Shakespeare " for the real story.

  4. First folios never come up for sale, so no one knows how much they cost. But open the first page and read.

    "William Shakespeare his comedies, histories and tragedies taken from the original".
    That I would suggest is pretty good proof William wrote his own plays.

  5. She repeats the incredibly stupid argument that Greene's "Groatsworth of Wit" is about Shakespeare. There is overwhelming evidence that the passage she cites is about the actor, Edward Alleyn, not Shakespeare. Only someone who has not read Greene's pamphlet could believe otherwise.

  6. Edward de Vere faked his death in 1604. This was because he had disgraced himself at court by mocking King James playing the King, probably in Macbeth. It was said at the time that he "could have been a companion to a king had he not played a kingly part in sport". "Companion" in Latin is Comes, which means Count or Earl. Oxford seems to have lived in the Isle of Mersea near London after faking his death and he seems to have contributed to the King James Bible at this time. Later he moved to Bohemia with his troupe of actors. This is why actors are called Bohemians. Later he moved to Padua near Venice where he became known as Galileo Galilei. Galileo wrote a lot of plays and had a limp and one fake ear like Oxford. The records of Oxfords education show that the subjet he studied more than any other was cosmology. Oxford lived to be 90 and returned to Scotland shortly before his death. He is buried near St Mary's Loch and the River Yarrow near Edinburgh.

  7. Kudos to Prof. Tribble. I have seen many, but hers is the finest presentation yet stating the Stratfordian case. The other side ( whomever they believe the "true" author to be ), it seems to me, can boast no such solid evidence, and their arguments are not only pathetically weak but ultimately delusional.

  8. Most people are not aware that William Shakspere of Stratford was illiterate. People wrongly believe he went to Stratford school. Stratford at the time was a small country village known as a dung heap

  9. The author of Shakespeare played tennis, a game only courtiers could play. Edward de Vere wrote a beautiful poem under his own name, Love compared to a Tennis Play. The author of Shakespeare was also an expert on falconry which only the nobility took part in. Edward de Vere wrote another beautiful poem in his own name comparing women to haggards, wild falcons that had not been properly tamed.

  10. Shakespeare (Edward de Vere) was connected to the Rosicrucian movement, similar to modern Freemasonry. Since modern academia is controlled by Freemasonry and many professors are freemasons they continue to conceal the true authorship of Shakespeare.

  11. Americans love conspiracy theories; it makes them feel clever. The so-called "Shakespeare Authorship Question" is largely an American phenomenon. The English almost universally think it's stupid.

  12. and we will all,as we wait in the one queue that no one likes to be at the front of,one day "shuffle of this mortal coil ",where the answer shall be revealed,that is if one should believe in the place "that we know not of ",and ,after the reunion with our beloved deceased,now being the same ,seek out the truth ,in the only one place where the answer lies…patience,patience…..

  13. 01:18:00 shows the Thomas More Hand D transcribed text, and it is read verbatim by Professor Tribble. However, her recitation alters the wording so that,
    "And that you sit as kings in your desire"
    "And that you sit as kings in your own desire."
     Later on the passage,
    "With self same hand, self reasons, and self right"
     "With the self same hand, the self reasons, and the self right."

    Why the modifications? They break with iambic pentameter – arguably a tell tale sign of Shakespeare. The professor seems a bit at sea in reading aloud.

    But More to the point, the claim that the handwriting has been demonstrated to "virtually" match those famous six signatures fails to cite ample dissent to the contrary. A debate presents both sides, again a Shakespearean trait, as the professor does rightly remark.

    Anti-Stratfordians are not anti-Shakespeareans. We are very much pro-Shakespeare but balk at the Stratford dogma. This is not a settled question, in part, for the very reasons cited. The soul of the age is reflected in these plays. Where Will of Stratford provides no traction, others do.

  14. It's frustrating to me that Stratfordians spend so little time on the evidence that their man wrote the plays, and so much time explaining why there is so little evidence. This lecture is quintessential example.

  15. Excellent talk, in my opinion. The anti-Stratfordians are conspricacy theorists. Not very different to those whose hobbyhorse is the JFK assassination or the moon landing. I think the motivations behind many conspiracy theories are quite similar. That is, a desire to undermine some kind of "official" version of events, especially one held by academics. It seems to me to spring from a desire to be a subversive and to "stick it" to a group of authorities the conspiracies theorists have some kind of anti-intellectual grudge against.

  16. The professor has proven that William Shakspere lived.
    She proved that the name William Shakespeare is associated with the London theater.
    She has failed, like everyone has, to show that William Shakespeare of London was even a real person, much less that the Stratford man was the same as the London one.

    "Scholar" should be in quotes.

  17. Of course it matters.

    Stratford has no qualifications to have a written what Shakespeare wrote, and the insistence that great art can be created out of some ethereal "genius" mixed with book learning has lead to the sorry state of culture that we have inherited.

    Applying the credit properly to Edward de Vere changes our whole understanding of art itself. With Edward de Vere as Shakespeare, ART becomes a highly personalized effort that comes directly out of ones own experience.

    As William Shakspere, ART is merely an effort to make money, divorced from the surroundings in which it was created.

    Stratfordians are at the very heart of the cultural malaise that has infected western culture.02fv3

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