Writing Career Advice : How to Get Writing Jobs Online

Writing Career Advice : How to Get Writing Jobs Online

Getting a writing job online involves searching through the various job-searching Web sites, such as monster.com and careerbuilder.com, but freelance writing jobs are often available through online auctions. Bid on a freelance assignments for magazines and other publications with tips from an ivy league English professor in this free video on writing jobs.

Expert: David M. Harris
Bio: David M. Harris has taught English at Vanderbilt University and elsewhere.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

finding a writing job online is well it's much like finding a writing job anyplace else first of all you have to decide what you mean by a job are you looking for a nine-to-five job there are very very few writing jobs of that sort most writing jobs are freelance jobs well looking for a full-time job let's assume you have the qualifications you go to all the standard job search sites monster.com and career builders i think.com look under writer you'll find very few and most of those are in fact very specialized for specific types of writers copywriters technical writers and so on a lot of those you can set to be national searches and if you're willing to move someplace include that place in your search more likely what you're going to find is freelance jobs and there are a number of freelance websites for freelance jobs Elance is the one that I belong to I think guru.com is another be prepared to bid on the job these are mostly auctions so you're bidding as low as you can this is a race to the bottom not to the top so be prepared to bid and to defend your ability to do the job you can look for other jobs online again we're talking freelance jobs basically it's market research who's looking for a particular type of magazine article so you find out what the magazines are in that area writers market has a database you have to belong to get the the information but it's not that expensive and if you're going to be making money at it it pays for itself there are other databases market lists you can find for the the bulk of jobs freelance copywriting things like this writing speeches for people you're going to have to find the big databases and that's where I would turn to the Elance and and those types of databases


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